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Dev Doodles: Sylas | League of Legends
visualizzazioni 1,5M8 mesi fa
Season 2019 Teaser | League of Legends
visualizzazioni 2,2M9 mesi fa
2018: The Playlist | League of Legends
visualizzazioni 1,6M10 mesi fa
Ashe: Warmother | Comic Series Preview
visualizzazioni 889K10 mesi fa


  • Mini_ Mazzer
    Mini_ Mazzer 3 ore fa

    Onde vai sair ?

  • Sebastián Guzmán Eusse

    En recomendados :v 2019

  • Silver
    Silver 4 ore fa

    Yeeess tft Cross platform with pc is okay

  • hieu minh
    hieu minh 4 ore fa


  • jhonn andrade
    jhonn andrade 4 ore fa

    para los 2.7M que dieron dislike todo bien en casa?

  • Chips
    Chips 4 ore fa


  • LC72
    LC72 4 ore fa

    They should pull a Blizzard and include the characters from one game in another. Overwatch to Heroes of the Storm... *but in reverse...*

  • Dipali Mishra
    Dipali Mishra 4 ore fa

    Be legendary never give up

  • Alperen DOĞAN
    Alperen DOĞAN 4 ore fa

    It's so powerful. I'm hyper-motivated with it.

  • Aelcvideos
    Aelcvideos 4 ore fa

    all these time he needed just for a 1min video ... thats actually sad xD but sick draws he got there

  • diwakar dayal
    diwakar dayal 4 ore fa

    0:07 Who the fock is that Guy?

  • DDCamelias nace
    DDCamelias nace 4 ore fa


  • Arancar11
    Arancar11 4 ore fa

    I had the first penta with him :( i want him back rito. That rework was completely inecessary.

  • Shi Hou
    Shi Hou 4 ore fa


  • Lethal 4th
    Lethal 4th 4 ore fa

    So.. Lucian had sena’s gun witch he broke thresh lantern now he has ine gun i mean his gun bcs sena’s gun is gone. Wtf rip logic

  • Weverton Andrey
    Weverton Andrey 4 ore fa

    senna e aedc ou sup?

  • Pale
    Pale 4 ore fa

    1:19 your welcome

  • dario macana gutierrez

    10 años de flameo troleoafkers problemas de server bugsplat gracias x tanto riot perdon por tan poco

  • Uma louca Qualquer

    Stan Lee

  • The Saltiest Nation

    What is the song when riot shows the new games? The hype music after Legends never die??

  • Szopek
    Szopek 4 ore fa

    Poor Uzi ;(( It's another time

  • edisaian31 _
    edisaian31 _ 4 ore fa

    Exijo otra cancion de kda

  • Anthony Hadiwijono

    How does viktor work Pls

  • snowy head
    snowy head 4 ore fa

    Please just give me my old mordekaiser i don't anything else :/

  • sugar cookies
    sugar cookies 4 ore fa

    dear ML and AOV.. LOL in PC : now u see me LOL in Phone : now u don't..

  • Ejderya Gaming
    Ejderya Gaming 4 ore fa

    I am just here for if any human think camille can win against jhin. If you say "of course camille win" look 3:07 jhin hiding 4. shoot :)

  • Gabriel F
    Gabriel F 4 ore fa

    Create a new game mode in a old game patch (season 2 or 3)

  • Gabriel F
    Gabriel F 4 ore fa

    Riot please give back the old ranked game song theme and Lee Sin splash art

  • Hoàng Hùng
    Hoàng Hùng 4 ore fa

    Im from viet nam

  • Bedirhan kılıç

    Yıllardır bu anı bekliyordum

  • menino prodígio

    legendas em portugues pff

  • Jacky Tsai
    Jacky Tsai 4 ore fa

    1:55 That glasses makes me smile : )

  • Gibz
    Gibz 4 ore fa

    that bow was so clean....

  • VipeZz
    VipeZz 4 ore fa

    Why are all of the lol WM songs soooo good bro wtf

  • whisoer
    whisoer 4 ore fa

    I just cry watching it! Thx u Riot!

  • Grand ElBrunixUY

    *Tracer refference uff*

  • Kyler Giroux
    Kyler Giroux 5 ore fa

    slowed down too 0.5 speed. This is terrifying

  • TelBM 12
    TelBM 12 5 ore fa

    That's like infinity stones

  • Jessie vroom
    Jessie vroom 5 ore fa

    Waiting for a comeback with photocards and a photo album.

  • Shett head
    Shett head 5 ore fa

    That moment when you’re about to win against Ire and her E got you and you got outplay with 10000 dashes 2:02

  • Lpeez •
    Lpeez • 5 ore fa

    Cadê os BR 2019+???

  • Gabriella F
    Gabriella F 5 ore fa

    While I’m not a fan of the song itself (it’s not bad, just not my style and I heard it being played too much) I love this choreography. Ellen kim is killing it as always!

  • Marvelest
    Marvelest 5 ore fa

    "It turns out, you guys do actually have phones" :D

  • omsi b
    omsi b 5 ore fa

    i really want to see the series

    TENECRAFT 5 ore fa

    Jinx >:D <3

  • livbival 123
    livbival 123 5 ore fa

    Ahri: Rose Kai'Sa: Lisa Akali; Jennie Evelynn: Jisoo

  • Aria Rifaldi
    Aria Rifaldi 5 ore fa

    Woow :)

  • ღ Anime Valley ღ

    The moment neeko uses her ult and Hiroyuki sings I just get chills and goosebumps every time.

  • 안태현
    안태현 5 ore fa


  • Babore Thiccson
    Babore Thiccson 5 ore fa

    The next KDA song needs to come out already like me 😔

  • haru ewe700
    haru ewe700 5 ore fa

    no soy lolero pero queria saber ella es su novia o es su hermana :v

  • Anh Minh Lê
    Anh Minh Lê 5 ore fa


  • Lucas Eduardo
    Lucas Eduardo 5 ore fa

    Bora 1 milhão de likes

  • Jack Pack
    Jack Pack 5 ore fa

    People say league is not as good as it once was, which may be true, but I still stand by the fact that lol is a legendary game.

  • Pako Lim
    Pako Lim 5 ore fa

    Not garena plz

  • sparkqz
    sparkqz 5 ore fa

    This ahri is ugly, in the splashart is pretty

  • Azalyas c:
    Azalyas c: 5 ore fa

    Waw so many renembers

  • Rice Bowl
    Rice Bowl 5 ore fa

    I don't even play League of Legends I just come for the music videos😗

  • Dohvakin
    Dohvakin 5 ore fa

    3:09 que momento meus amigos, que momento

  • Taha Waradi
    Taha Waradi 5 ore fa

    who's waiting for the oppening cermony ? Hope it'll be lit :p

  • Dragon's Fairytales

    Thanks riot. I'm crying now

  • BlackKanyeWest
    BlackKanyeWest 5 ore fa


  • Marius Spoeala
    Marius Spoeala 5 ore fa

    yeah but pls remain like this... don't introduce pay to win for the other games!

  • Нивх Амурский

    Давайте реще на мобилки! Я в больнице надолго, компа рядом не будет!

  • InfamousT
    InfamousT 5 ore fa

    This is the video that got me into kpop. Been so long since i watched it. Almost forgot Miyeon was even it it...

  • Wed FLow
    Wed FLow 5 ore fa

    Шота вы шибко много уделяете времени девченкам...Где же монстры, громи,круши?)))Ладно. Давайте танка - девушку. Тож ниче ...

  • CupcakeVe
    CupcakeVe 5 ore fa

    Imagine SAO and now imagine being able to play the same way but with League of Legends 🔥🔥🔥

  • iomel Dakila
    iomel Dakila 5 ore fa

    The cancer was born Pinoy kid haha

  • Krevoy Matheson
    Krevoy Matheson 5 ore fa

    Report lucian wasting E after thresh uses hook

  • Nicolás Blanco
    Nicolás Blanco 5 ore fa

    riot me saco de la cocaina

  • Cory Summerz
    Cory Summerz 5 ore fa

    All league needs now is an open world MMORPG and they will climb their way to domination, the biggest and best games company in the world. I wonder if they realise just how close they are. If anyone at Riot reads this, take inspiration from WoW and GW2 as a foundational basis, mix it with the league classics, art, strategy, rewards system, and allow customisation of characters, have the current champions guide us through the lore and missions from beginning to end, allowing us complete customisation of our own heroes/champions. WoW's recent failures have created a huge opening for another large company to swoop in, I'd say you have 5 years to get teasers out to shock the world and compel enough people to build up a huge early player base. Just some ideas.

  • Martin Castro
    Martin Castro 5 ore fa

    So... what is so great about that rapper? Telle is way more impressive

  • naya muo
    naya muo 5 ore fa

    Oh shat oh mu god!!!!!!!!!

  • 매일통장잔고-10000

    루시안 존나못컸네 우리팀루시안인가

  • Nicolás Blanco
    Nicolás Blanco 6 ore fa

    Que epico es riot

  • TetraitesNN
    TetraitesNN 6 ore fa

    Please Nerf the Senna ;-;

  • Clemintine
    Clemintine 6 ore fa

    Im so excited for the winter map this year!

  • Chandler Frahm
    Chandler Frahm 6 ore fa

    This feels like people raging in fortnite

  • AndresxSword
    AndresxSword 6 ore fa


  • vladmar
    vladmar 6 ore fa

    esse client n tem acessibilidade para pessoas portadoras de problemas como tetrpelegia e paraplegia :(

  • masterxDh20
    masterxDh20 6 ore fa

    but will you pardon my banned accounts tho?

  • Gustavo Ferreira

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhjjjjjaaaaaqaaaaqqqaaaaaaa BRASILSILLLLLL

  • Lets Dunk
    Lets Dunk 6 ore fa

    28:05 "True Damage" has to be awesome since this this tiny part of it sounds so awesome :D

  • ModiKM
    ModiKM 6 ore fa

    His theme sounds different here, I would like to hear the full track for this one

  • shyguy brad
    shyguy brad 6 ore fa

    is she any good???

  • 잉여아이디
    잉여아이디 6 ore fa

    이 영상은 찬밥형이 얼마나 고생해서 삼성을 롤드컵 우승하게 만든 지에 대한 그런 영상인데 외국인들은 페이커 라이즈에 패배라는 전적을 남긴 세체정 앰비션은 기억조차도 안하고 영상에 나온 페이커만 찬양하는거 너무 아니꼽다.

  • Ronnie Things
    Ronnie Things 6 ore fa

    Riot Games breathe* Montoon: take that note!!!

  • Александр Павлов

    Moscow 5 will never die.

  • Foxy WorldYT
    Foxy WorldYT 6 ore fa


  • Carlos Andrade
    Carlos Andrade 6 ore fa

    me sinto no futuro assistindo isso

  • Aweo aweos
    Aweo aweos 6 ore fa

    Bring old League of legends back season 1 and 2

  • Natan Jose
    Natan Jose 6 ore fa


  • flamma
    flamma 6 ore fa

    So just copy of games with a twist....

  • Taha Bouziane
    Taha Bouziane 6 ore fa

    Omg ❤️😍

  • 앙기모띠
    앙기모띠 6 ore fa

    So we were all wrong that kindred is Lucia's dead wife lol

  • João Victor
    João Victor 6 ore fa

    16 milhoes de views e contando

  • Rhacles
    Rhacles 6 ore fa

    On va finir par croire que c'est que on botlane que l'on peut avoir une meuf

  • Mike Boswell
    Mike Boswell 6 ore fa

    Best song ever

  • hyakkimaru
    hyakkimaru 6 ore fa

    Mola mola