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  • graphideia
    graphideia 6 secondi fa

    That's doesn't make sense, but its cool

  • SEXY 1111
    SEXY 1111 28 secondi fa

    Mmm yes leaked payday 3 beta!

  • Puppu Jinks
    Puppu Jinks 53 secondi fa


  • Benedict Pepino
    Benedict Pepino Minuto fa

    So the story is r6 Quarantine base has been overrun and thermite is now patient 0???

  • Kyle Kerr
    Kyle Kerr 2 minuti fa

    Yes lads

  • McbigMac No.5
    McbigMac No.5 4 minuti fa

    So is this like a 1v1 on bank?

  • peanut potato
    peanut potato 4 minuti fa

    Payday: *Am I joke to you*

  • Murtaja SaM
    Murtaja SaM 4 minuti fa


  • glick glack
    glick glack 10 minuti fa

    I'm just wondering why the outfits arent given to mira and jackal.

  • Mordashka
    Mordashka 10 minuti fa

    what time it will be released?

  • dF ZepTro
    dF ZepTro 12 minuti fa

    Amazing show

  • Fantasic killa
    Fantasic killa 13 minuti fa

    Payday 2 collab Yay

  • Aleksandras Čupinas
    Aleksandras Čupinas 16 minuti fa

    finally some good exexution on shinobi but it got nerfed and it is basicaly useless

  • TheQuacKING
    TheQuacKING 17 minuti fa

    Bella ciao!

  • C W
    C W 20 minuti fa

    So do you get all the weapons through game progression or do you have to actually by them with real money ?

  • 1 Zorrie
    1 Zorrie 21 minuto fa

    Doesn't look exciting for me, I can't find anything new or unique here

  • Damn Smoothskin
    Damn Smoothskin 22 minuti fa

    Why is an Italian song playing?

  • NinjaKnight671
    NinjaKnight671 24 minuti fa

    Ah, kind of hoping for an actual heist event where 5 Heisters take on a LOT of reskinned terrorists to get a 5 bags of money all guarded by reinforced doors which require thermite, hibana, and blowtorch guy. If all three die before bags could be retrieved than game over. Also the difficulty is set to realistic with tactical realism on with the up side being all 5 players are tanky and have doc and finka to keep everyone alive.

  • Yeet The beat
    Yeet The beat 25 minuti fa

    It’s not on console yet

  • Milky
    Milky 27 minuti fa

    Am i the only one jammin to the song?

  • Itz AJ
    Itz AJ 27 minuti fa

    Im a fan of la Casa De Papel a.k.a BELLA CIAO, BELLA CIAO BELLA CIAO CIAO

  • Itz AJ
    Itz AJ 28 minuti fa

    Why cant i play the event

  • Forbiiidn v2
    Forbiiidn v2 29 minuti fa

    I’m redownloaded this game

  • tango
    tango 35 minuti fa

    I NEED A MEDIC BAG! This isn’t payday 2, isn’t it?

  • AiM Is Bro ツ
    AiM Is Bro ツ 35 minuti fa

    Как на иксбокс запустить кежуал бесплатно в эти дни

  • Christopher Larkins
    Christopher Larkins 35 minuti fa

    Christ this game DESPERATELY needs a Roadmap for the coming year.

  • ImBasicallyKing
    ImBasicallyKing 35 minuti fa

    since when is rainbow age restricted tf

  • Psychotron26
    Psychotron26 38 minuti fa


  • Qwixr
    Qwixr 38 minuti fa

    Oh sheeeet

  • Wazor
    Wazor 41 minuto fa

    Season 4 leaked

  • Wolf Cub
    Wolf Cub 41 minuto fa

    Left 4 dead definitely inspired this to some degree

  • MEGA
    MEGA 43 minuti fa


    KING of KINGS 43 minuti fa

    This is so lit

  • Vex
    Vex 43 minuti fa

    Who else has watched Money Hiest?

  • DarkZerol
    DarkZerol 49 minuti fa

    So basically R6S meets Payday.

  • 이승재
    이승재 51 minuto fa

    Rainbow day

  • freder ?
    freder ? 51 minuto fa

    ''I NEED a medic bag ! ''

  • Mommann
    Mommann 51 minuto fa

    I love the voice

  • 둠가이
    둠가이 51 minuto fa

    Let's do this

  • 둠가이
    둠가이 52 minuti fa

    It' payday fellas!

  • Rohan Andrew
    Rohan Andrew 53 minuti fa

    Not as good as Doktors Curse or the April Fools event.

  • Noah Noble
    Noah Noble 53 minuti fa

    Warden needs a JFK mask

  • Andre Wilson
    Andre Wilson 56 minuti fa

    Please fix the invaded toggle switch. It’s been gone for a long time.

  • lol
    lol 56 minuti fa

    Guys, the thermal drill, go get it.

  • Flyby Gaming
    Flyby Gaming 58 minuti fa


  • Auntie Jeff
    Auntie Jeff Ora fa

    R.I.P Ethel

  • Heat-_-Surge007

    Idc give me BOSG ACOG PLZ

  • AnonymousAlex YT

    I fucking hate that teplar but l will get the game

  • Crusader
    Crusader Ora fa


  • Owen Palmer
    Owen Palmer Ora fa

    It’s the 20th, where’s the event?

    • Jahn Berrios
      Jahn Berrios 40 minuti fa

      probably like they always do with events at 10am East time

  • TheLindeN
    TheLindeN Ora fa

    Maverick with sniper rifle

  • A N G E R Y SlavPotato

    I hope the professor will be the narrator

  • Taiga Aisaka
    Taiga Aisaka Ora fa

    Rainbow is good but the series is trash

  • Sohai Dllm
    Sohai Dllm Ora fa


  • Coby Lane
    Coby Lane Ora fa

    Love it

  • TimeswithChris!

    No way...

  • A N G E R Y SlavPotato

    Oslo's death is so fucking sad

  • Luigi Perucchini

    Oh bella ciao bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao

  • 44pyon ss
    44pyon ss Ora fa


  • Aseen
    Aseen Ora fa

    That so cool

  • l xmanu l
    l xmanu l Ora fa

    Bella ciao bella ciao ciao ciao

  • oh yeah yeah
    oh yeah yeah Ora fa

    I swear ubi reads my fucking mind! THANK YOUUU

  • R ami - Fps 편집

    이제 베를린이랑 도쿄 닉네임 넘쳐나겠네 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • ChuckNorris Ok

    Payday looking at the distance

  • The Gaming Arceus

    Its 20th not here yet

  • 정기정
    정기정 Ora fa

    태극기 머여?

  • GriekseGamer
    GriekseGamer Ora fa

    Guys if all operators have a fist fight with each other who do you think would win

  • xxKungFuManx 1

    I see payday and rainbow did something

  • KrOWD
    KrOWD Ora fa

    Payday DLC really good.

  • KrOWD
    KrOWD Ora fa

    Mario in real life

  • Nakiafaszagyerek

    When is this event coming out? What time?


    Should’ve been suits for characters though

  • つじんぼーテーブル


  • Fruchtkebab
    Fruchtkebab Ora fa

    So its basically just hostage on Bank?

  • Sir Camo
    Sir Camo Ora fa

    Teacher:We’re going to France Girls:yay! Boys:

  • Sir Camo
    Sir Camo Ora fa

    Teacher:We’re going to France Girls:yay! Boys:

  • IAN
    IAN 2 ore fa

    new payday 3 game looks awesome

  • Агент Тюленьчег

    The sad thing is you cant find this "Bella Ciao" song in good quality. I think ubisoft edited it themselves or something. All the versions of this song i found are honestly awful, this one is the best but its only in this short video(

  • Meloves toplay
    Meloves toplay 2 ore fa

    It's the next day and I don't see it ;(

  • Karl White
    Karl White 2 ore fa

    This is the best update ever

  • MixSona Productions

    There better be clown masks

  • Vítek Le Quoc
    Vítek Le Quoc 2 ore fa

    "Guys, the thermal drill go get it" intensifies.

  • King Joker
    King Joker 2 ore fa

    ... controller support

  • Helpy Boi
    Helpy Boi 2 ore fa

    Fake,there’s no cloakers ignoring hostage protocol and jumping through walls trying to ninja-kick somebody.

  • irfan nasim
    irfan nasim 2 ore fa

    this was the hacked skin that i got lolololol

  • Milly Bays
    Milly Bays 2 ore fa

    I can't wait to miss out on even more limited-time cosmetics 😔

  • 雨時
    雨時 2 ore fa


  • Breno Maluf
    Breno Maluf 2 ore fa

    Nice content

  • Liamz Aliaga
    Liamz Aliaga 2 ore fa

    Ok cool but why not payday?

  • Angry Dude Who Hates Everyone

    Me: Can we have payday2? Mom: No we have payday2 at home At Home:

  • leo
    leo 2 ore fa

    the serie is awesome go check it out too

  • Efe Piyade
    Efe Piyade 2 ore fa

    ubi when will be your fuckin event begin

  • Aspen Formentera

    They should have alibi’s holograph things in the same uniform with the mask, that would be awesome

  • apex XD
    apex XD 2 ore fa

    only 6 days?

  • Stormyyy 2020
    Stormyyy 2020 2 ore fa

    its the 20th and its not out yet?... 12am uk

  • Dony The Drugo
    Dony The Drugo 2 ore fa

    Ngl this show looked pretty trash on netflix, but know i wanna watch it lmao

  • Xbox Addicter
    Xbox Addicter 2 ore fa

    For some reason I thought It said MONKEY heist...lol

  • Darth Ludicrous
    Darth Ludicrous 2 ore fa

    There was a time when such events happened on.......... Payday 2 (R.I.P)

  • LF 5:32pm
    LF 5:32pm 2 ore fa

    what time

  • Sea Cheetah
    Sea Cheetah 2 ore fa

    Why rainbow six siege and not payday