The Herd with Colin Cowherd
The Herd with Colin Cowherd
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  • Tyrone Marshall
    Tyrone Marshall 4 ore fa


  • edgardo034
    edgardo034 4 ore fa

    PLEASE!!! Kawhi just won in Toronto because KD and Klay were injured. STOP LYING.

  • Junpyo Kim
    Junpyo Kim 4 ore fa

    I mean it is obvious that they are just playing good cop and bad cop for viewership. He compared pac-man to e-sports games, which is like comparing throwing rocks to basketball

  • Mike Solomito
    Mike Solomito 5 ore fa

    Brady threw a pick to end that game? Weird, I just looked in the box scores and it doesn't show that. And my memory might be hazy, but I could've sworn he was holding some kind of trophy after the game ended. You can't use "could of, would have, should have." The facts are that Brady won and then went on to win ANOTHER Super Bowl. Those are facts.

  • Jonah Lynch-Pitrof

    That is sad RIP Patrick!

    OCPARKWAY 5 ore fa

    He's 3 and 1 going into the Sunday Night game. Good Job Colin .

  • Michael Haburay
    Michael Haburay 5 ore fa

    This is the only Colin Cowherd episode I agree with

  • hollister lowe
    hollister lowe 5 ore fa

    Brady has done more in his sport than anyone else has in the NFL. Jordan has not! The 3/3 is amazing but there is still a Russell, Jabbar and Magic that is in the debate. Jordan hasn’t made the separation in his sport that Brady has made in his and he’s still playing! Ridiculous! Oh and Belichick had something to do with it as well!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 5 ore fa

    Clemson the best team in the country???? They are good but not the best sorry bro... buckeyes and LSU look the best so far

  • Jacob Parker
    Jacob Parker 5 ore fa

    Did he call Jarvis Landry a TE?

  • Dmitry S
    Dmitry S 6 ore fa

    Golden State will be lucky to be in the payoffs let alone 4th seat. And where are rockets wtf?

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross 6 ore fa

    Wtf did Colin just say Michael was the greatest ever? What is going on lol

  • Sam Ross
    Sam Ross 6 ore fa

    Not long ago Collin said kawhi was over rated

  • Daniel Lare
    Daniel Lare 6 ore fa

    Thank you for the great guests. YOU are just hard to listen to for very long.

  • Michael Mroz
    Michael Mroz 6 ore fa

    All the Indy haters lmfao

  • Thomas Lequesne
    Thomas Lequesne 6 ore fa

    To say that LeBron might have been 9 and 0 in the finals is ridiculous, cause those shots went in. They won those championships. However, there's still an argument to be made about this. LeBron needing his teammates to hit very clutch shots to win doesn't mean he's a choker, it means these series were extremely close. MJ never even played a game 7. He was more dominant, yet he played against better teams (4 60+ win teams, while LeBron only played the warriors).

  • Mr. Pokey
    Mr. Pokey 6 ore fa

    Move to an 8 team playoff and take the top 4, non-playoff teams out of each of the power conferences and put them in 10 bowl games. That would be the top 28 teams in the country. All other bowl games should be stopped and the 10 bowl games I would have should be played between the 27th of December and New Years Day ( allowing for one of those days being a Sunday). I am not interested in watching most of the bowl games with mediocre teams. But I would watch two of the better teams from the top conferences. This would give teams an incentive to play well. Even though a good point is made about Oklahoma and Ohio State, if 8 teams are taken there is no argument about anyone being left out. Notre Dame was not one of the top four teams, but with 8 playoff teams I am fine with putting them in.

  • rizednb
    rizednb 6 ore fa

    Giants really!!! Cost me $200

  • Bryan L. Morrison


  • Justin
    Justin 7 ore fa

    Not to mention he “dominated the league” in the regular season on a load-managed scheduled where his team did amazing without him and a playoffs where the other two top 3 guys were out from injuries. Love Kawhi but come on this is absurd hype

  • Jack Hullihan
    Jack Hullihan 7 ore fa

    colin acts like the pelicans traded anthony davis for peanuts just to get rid of him. they led the league in top 100 players this season zion and JJ reddick were also added to a roster that in a few years should be a good team

    JMANNY 7 ore fa

    Nick is an absolute clown... Like bro youre an idiot.

  • John Tamburino
    John Tamburino 7 ore fa

    This aged fantastic for Colin!

  • Lewis Cypher
    Lewis Cypher 7 ore fa

    They're dependent on Mahomes? Of course they are, why wouldn't they be?

  • Coltimus Prime
    Coltimus Prime 7 ore fa

    hulk still gets emotional seeing Andre footage

  • ScoDucks2019
    ScoDucks2019 7 ore fa

    The only thing worse than Michigan is the big game is Clemson’s schedule

  • Ya Boy
    Ya Boy 7 ore fa

    Bad take, every team is reliant on their great quarterback just ask the packers

  • 54321Newcomb
    54321Newcomb 8 ore fa

    Best Wisconsin team, lol that aged well

  • monique marshall

    Well giants offensive line got killed by Chandler Jones !

  • Johnathan Patrick

    LAR @ ATL -- Win!! 😁😁 (Stone cold lock of the week IMO.) HOU @ IND -- Win!! 😁😁 ARI @ NYG -- Lose!! 😫😫 BAL @ SEA -- Win!! 😁😁 (Pick 6 and a scoop and score were the difference.) PHI @ DAL -- Pending...

  • Michael Theodore

    This is why I stopped watching colin 🤦‍♂️

  • Randall Marcum
    Randall Marcum 8 ore fa

    Kawhi is mentally and skillfully GOD MODE but his body is a bit fragile

  • rip93ford
    rip93ford 8 ore fa

    Hope nobody took Colin's advice on the Cards at Giants game! Watch out NFC West here come the Cardinals!!!!!

  • M Rowland
    M Rowland 8 ore fa

    Why did I listen to his Giants pick.... ruining my 4 teams parlay.

  • King EB
    King EB 8 ore fa

    First of all.. if you're starting a franchise what his TEAM did means nothing. It's about that 1st pick.. THEN, you build around him. That wasn't so with them. Luka is GREAT! Just saying.. K.L. got lucky with injuries. Just saying..

  • USF1
    USF1 8 ore fa

    It’s easy to police the payment/convincing the player to go to class suspend him. Just like they would on any given day anyway. Same with a miss have consequences/loss of pay. ::

  • Mason Z
    Mason Z 8 ore fa

    Yeah the lions could have made mor plays,but that doesn't change the fact that the refs cost them the game.

  • Tariq Jordan
    Tariq Jordan 8 ore fa

    Orr you just dont like Russell westbrook

  • Mr Hollister
    Mr Hollister 8 ore fa

    Between him & Whitlock, got me considering betting

  • Greatest Laker Ever

    ok, the rockets not making the playoffs is ridiculous

  • Yvans
    Yvans 9 ore fa

    Colin : 4:34 “never forget these GM’s voted best player in the league Karl Anthony Towns” Me: Never forget last season before the playoffs Colin said that Kawhi was the most overrated player in the league" 😂😂😂

  • Greatest Laker Ever

    colin is right on this one, cause kawhi is the most dominant player in the league right now and he's still only 28 years old. ad is 26 and giannis will be 25 when this year(2019) is over and neither giannis nor ad have proven they can lead a team to a title.

  • Pedro Flores
    Pedro Flores 9 ore fa

    Too much credit for the raptors championship.. GSW was full of injuries.. if KD was playing we would be talking about something else

  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool 9 ore fa

    Kawhi is the second best player in the league but he’s getting way too much credit for his playoff run lol. He didn’t break up the heat. He was on a super stacked team and averaged like 17 a game in those finals. The heat broke up because wade was getting old. Bosh was overrated and the heat team as a whole was old and bron knew it was time to bounce. The warriors would have swept the raptors but didn’t have kd at all and Klay missed game 3 and the end of game 6 or that series goes 7 and who knows who wins

  • Alejandro Navarro

    It’s absurd to have the rockets outside the top 4 in the west, let alone not having them in the playoffs. Barring any injuries I expect the seeding to be as follows Nuggets Clippers Rockets Lakers Jazz Portland Warriors Kings/Spurs

  • Revelation Gaming

    If KD and Klau would have never gotten injured, no way the raptors would have won. I’m sorry, but anyone who says other wise are crazy. Kawhi is not the best player in the league. Two best players in the league are KD and Lebron.

  • RJ Maddawg
    RJ Maddawg 10 ore fa

    I think that poll made sense Clemson should not get votes just bc they are currently reigning champions. What have they done against legitimate competition? Obviously Wisconsin lost ND should be 11-15 tops that loss at ga doesn't look good now that ga lost to USC and was tied at ky for 30 minutes. Fl is the Best 1 loss team and probably better than some of those undefeated teams they have played through more adversity than just about anyone out there. I doubt Ga as a top 10 team Auburn is top 10 ultimately LSU has the best record with multiple top 10 wins and should be number 1 I don't think Alabama is top 3 either

  • X N
    X N 10 ore fa

    GMs just don't think Kawhi has many years left in his prime, that's completely understandable.

  • Chris Israel
    Chris Israel 10 ore fa

    I like Kawhi but he benefited with the Spurs having Pop and the veteran players. He beat Golden State because of injuries.

  • Ondrej Petyniak
    Ondrej Petyniak 10 ore fa

    Burr is biggest hypocrite and snowflake. Presenting himself like the man, while complaining about anything. Real man goes silently and makes things happen...

  • sydIRISH
    sydIRISH 11 ore fa

    Tua is fragile...

  • Joey Morini
    Joey Morini 11 ore fa

    You’ve called LeBron the greatest ever for years. Stop pulling back on it

  • S-One gwopgetta
    S-One gwopgetta 11 ore fa

    Because kd was injured and klay. Both healthy you would not be talking about Kawhi.

  • Roderick Julius
    Roderick Julius 11 ore fa

    Love me some joy

  • ebony nerd
    ebony nerd 11 ore fa

    Kawhi DID NOT destroy the Warriors...STOP IT... they were hurt, the Heat were not hurt...all respect to Kawhi but we ALLLLLLLLL know what would have happened if KD and Klay were healthy...Again, STOP IT

  • donut
    donut 11 ore fa


  • Luke Endorf
    Luke Endorf 11 ore fa

    Ok the reason they didn't beat the warriors because they didn't have jd and they had a bunch of injuries

  • Underrated0men3376

    Hey Colin did you see that your almighty Wisconsin lost yesterday to an unranked team? 😂😂

  • Jose Cabrera
    Jose Cabrera 12 ore fa

    Everytime I hear that kawhi destroyed the warriors 😂😂 without KD Klay half of the team was injured and by the way Pascal was key too.

  • Giovanni di Capo
    Giovanni di Capo 12 ore fa

    Ask the 2 whiteboys who never played a snap!!!

  • New Era
    New Era 12 ore fa

    Every time we play in Jerry's world it's........Eagles vs. Cowboys ((AND)) The Ref's!

  • Josh Romain
    Josh Romain 12 ore fa

    Guys missing the point , youll get a decade more play outta those players cmon

  • Livick Williams
    Livick Williams 12 ore fa

    I agree with the general managers they knew that he got lucky

  • DukeGamin ENT
    DukeGamin ENT 12 ore fa

    The subscriber's are asking ESPN to check Mr. Colin's coffee everyday before shooting.

  • Livick Williams
    Livick Williams 12 ore fa

    Insane it was a fully team effort Kawhi Leonard missed multiple games that was a well rounded team Kawhi Leonard never carried that team...

  • xRaviing
    xRaviing 12 ore fa

    Colin gets to look at Joy every day, that's a W in my book.

  • Sal Shakeri
    Sal Shakeri 12 ore fa

    Wow! Colin you nailed this Cam analysis. Im here today mid season and Cam had to claim hes not all healthy and his back up has gone 4-0 and potentially taken Cams job. Colin is underrated for his bold analysis of big time athletes. Loved how Cowherd did this before the season even started.

  • DukeGamin ENT
    DukeGamin ENT 12 ore fa

    # ## LeBron James vs Warriors series 1-3 comeback championship was greater then Player number 2. beating Warriors. No kd, Klay, boogie, One game for LeBron no Draymond Green🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Connor Monday
    Connor Monday 12 ore fa

    You wanted to fix a locker room problem so you got Jalen Ramsey???

  • jimmy5634
    jimmy5634 13 ore fa

    You stink Colin

  • jimmy5634
    jimmy5634 13 ore fa


  • Alex .Pruyn
    Alex .Pruyn 13 ore fa

    What’s so bad about Seattle? Lmao Minneapolis isn’t really that great and LA sucks. Seattle and Minneapolis aren’t that different

  • J L
    J L 13 ore fa

    Now you're embracing this Colin? 5 years ago you were bashing the business.

  • Thomas Dunne
    Thomas Dunne 13 ore fa

    What is he even on about ? Mahomes went down and the backup was great. Did more than just finish the game

  • The Hilarium
    The Hilarium 13 ore fa

    Colin Coward is a Oklahoma hating clown, He wants Lincoln to leave Oklahoma so they will fall.

  • Enayalator
    Enayalator 13 ore fa

    Steph kawhi or zion

  • Positive Inner G
    Positive Inner G 14 ore fa

    He represented Black people. Hip hop community is a code word for the ghetto! I can say with certainty a majority of kids in ghetto America wanted to be like Mike!

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 14 ore fa

    Shouldn’t the #ClevelandBrowns have already offered UrbanMeyer a 4year $40M deal with a coaches option for years 5-6 , just so he doesn’t feel trapped for a decade , he would have likely said yes and even if it didn’t work out every1 would know that the Browns gave it their best shot and Urban made his last bundle , No losers in that scenario that I can see #FoxSports #FS1 #TheHerd #ColinCowherd

  • Connie B
    Connie B 14 ore fa

    Ok you went off the boat when you mentioned SF. They were lousy without Garrapolo.

  • Todd Chinh
    Todd Chinh 14 ore fa

    I want to slap a taste outer his mouth

  • James Melton
    James Melton 14 ore fa

    I would take Urban or Lincoln over coach clap..

  • Iron Force Gaming 1

    Madden cover curse Lol

  • THouston82
    THouston82 14 ore fa

    Can we stop acting like he beat a full strength Warriors team. If Klay stays healthy they lose that series hands down. Kawhi knows that that's why he left Toronto.

  • Brandon Viirre
    Brandon Viirre 14 ore fa

    He looks like Opie.

  • El Chavo
    El Chavo 14 ore fa

    Colin "stats guy" Cowherd. Comes off 1-4 record in week 6.

  • just thisguy
    just thisguy 14 ore fa

    Nuggets clippers jazz rockets lakers blazers warriors spurs in that order

    AARON STOFKO 14 ore fa

    Failed to mention Pat P is back for this segment but your not showing Kyler Murray enough respect...Cards are not gonna get blown out by Giants. Cards are gonna win.

  • Big Travis
    Big Travis 14 ore fa

    No sympathy for #CBS ,,, In #NYC they will show #NYJETS games even if their season is over after week 11 while quality matchups with meaningful consequences are played all over the country, They won’t even cut away if the games get out of hand, They get what they signed up for

  • teddux
    teddux 14 ore fa

    so the rockets will make the playoffs cause u r usually wrong on predictions

  • Northeast Film Group

    Kiko isn't paid to hit people. He is paid to tackle players within the rules of the game. If he was paid to hit people he could lay out a WR before the ball gets there.

  • OFF The BackBoard

    No Stanford was running out the clock the refs made multiple bad calls that gave the packers points. And there’s also is a bad o line.

  • kahlil tomlinson
    kahlil tomlinson 15 ore fa

    Kawhi dominated the league? The battered and bruised league after losing about his injuries playing on a team that had the top record the year before. Dude is great but dont act like he didn't struggle and didn't get lucky.

  • metalman5
    metalman5 15 ore fa

    Just think if Cam put as much effort in Football as he does with his outfits, he could be very good!

  • rickyz shoortz
    rickyz shoortz 15 ore fa

    @1:35 mike zimmer? huh?

  • metalman5
    metalman5 15 ore fa

    Dude i cant wait till the Pats play a playoff team!!! Bet that will be a good one!! Well guess we will have to try week 8

  • Vivek Gupta
    Vivek Gupta 15 ore fa

    Why this fool acting like kawhi beat the fully loaded warriors... kawhi beat curry, green, and a bunch of scrubs 😂

  • Eric
    Eric 15 ore fa

    a broken clock is right twice a day

  • Aldin
    Aldin 16 ore fa

    Let's be honest here, If you where a GM and you saw the type of control Kawhi displayed in San Antonio, Toronto and The Clippers you would stay away from him because those things gets GM's fired.

  • Yomali Martinez
    Yomali Martinez 16 ore fa

    This is the last time I watch Colin. The Garbage he spews out his mouth is ridiculous. Kawhi took "marc Gasol and Kyle Lowrey to the Finals." First of all it wasn't just them are we really going to act like Pascal isn't better than both those dudes. The Raptprs had a really good team. Remember the previous season they had the second best record in the NBA. Next he said Kawhi "pushed Giannis all over the Court" again garbage. He sagged off and they trippled team Giannis in the Paint. Kawhi had some great Momments against Giannis, but he sure as heck did not do it by himself. Then He said "Kawhi is the thanks of the NBA. Broke up the Heatles and Warrior's" Nothing about that is true. But most assuredly he did not best the Warrior's, Injuries beat the Warriors. Had KD been there it would have been a sweep.

  • Adam Tennant
    Adam Tennant 16 ore fa

    “bakers a way better thrower” 😭😭😭