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  • liliana
    liliana Ora fa

    alright i know everyone’s voices dropped but when jack asked, “have you ever heard of a staph infection?” in his new, low voice it really made me realize how fast these kids are growing up 🥺

  • Manash Baruah

    Smoke together with her mom and husband....

  • Sangheili Entertainment

    “I’m Barbra. And for that reason. I’m out.”

  • Jescy Ronia
    Jescy Ronia Ora fa

    I'm I the only one who have watched the diary of a mad woman..more than twice...but still wants to watch it again😂😂😂

  • Kylie Bailey
    Kylie Bailey Ora fa

    Mark Cuban lookin rough

  • New Haven News
    New Haven News 2 ore fa

    Press like to kill Billie Ellish and give us back 2Pac, Eazy-E and Biggie Smalls

  • Mobile games_nl
    Mobile games_nl 2 ore fa

    Why doesn't she smile?

  • Revierie
    Revierie 2 ore fa

    Bert Kreischer confused the two, Anne Frank and Helen Keller as well. He was making Helen Keller jokes in the Anne Frank house.

  • Minikido Hussain

    “I like doing math!” 😂💜💜💜❤️❤️❤️💖

  • Sabel Kalalo
    Sabel Kalalo 2 ore fa

    2019th please 🙁

  • Hot Shame
    Hot Shame 2 ore fa

    This guy has a lot of attitude perfect for a director.

  • Billy McGee
    Billy McGee 2 ore fa

    He's very calmly flamboyant and feminine. It's interesting

  • Lama Imam
    Lama Imam 2 ore fa

    What she does in a day is promote war

  • Martii Martii
    Martii Martii 2 ore fa

    I hate his new hair

  • Pawel Mlynarczyk

    Brody Foxx? JOE!!! MAMA

  • Mythus
    Mythus 2 ore fa

    "human caused climate change" miss me with such crap.

  • Mariah
    Mariah 2 ore fa

    The weird thing about this video is that all the schools are schools that some of my friends go to...

  • Barbara Bueno-Welton

    I ABSOLUTELY love her honesty and love her personality! There is something so pure about her!

  • Barbara Bueno-Welton

    Groupon Tour! I ❤ IT!

  • john Dean conway

    To gain in the forex market, depends on the knowledge and capabilities of trader to produce consistent profits.

  • Tom Morgan
    Tom Morgan 2 ore fa

    Jesus, that was an abrupt ending.

  • bouje kidd
    bouje kidd 2 ore fa

    why i had to see my country barbados 🇧🇧🥺😭😭😭😭

  • Sue Sally
    Sue Sally 2 ore fa

    She was very fashionable, but not very attractive !

  • HyenaComedy
    HyenaComedy 2 ore fa

    I like Flula. But here in Germany nobody knows him. 😂

  • Varis 08
    Varis 08 2 ore fa

    I'm not sure Rachel is qualified for this. ;)

  • grey shady
    grey shady 2 ore fa

    This is why adolescence sucks

  • Stacey Zemskova
    Stacey Zemskova 2 ore fa

    its amazing to listen to your fav actor about her career. omg she inspires me so so much.

  • unkwn
    unkwn 2 ore fa

    I had to rewatch the video because i was too distracted by her beauty.

  • Amal
    Amal 2 ore fa

    You’re really good at making this boring. Also, nice job wasting Joaquins talent on horrible editors. Could have been an iconic film.

  • I'm not trynna be rude, okay?

    I love Emma she looks like such a good friend. Plus she’s a great actor!

  • Pincho Paxton
    Pincho Paxton 2 ore fa

    Is he Jewish? I always picture him having a part in Curb Your Enthusiasm at some time.

  • Carly Crays
    Carly Crays 2 ore fa

    So much love and care went into this show! We better get a Seasom 2!

  • Suzannah Johnson

    Wow this director is a genius.

  • heather adeline padilla

    Wow i dint know Happy’s the director of the lion king.

  • hashknight1
    hashknight1 2 ore fa

    how about a banana flavour

  • Le Kien
    Le Kien 2 ore fa

    Oct 18th 2019 anyone? Oh wait, it is 22nd already

  • FR Bmp
    FR Bmp 2 ore fa

    Tommy Wiseau should be up there with Martin Scorsese

  • Samuel Sitompul
    Samuel Sitompul 2 ore fa

    Great scoring. Really well produced.

  • Rex Kenny
    Rex Kenny 3 ore fa

    The trick when he walk between two doors is film trick, but after reading about some older illusions made with mirrors where they can get a human to apare in a empty room I think would not be impossible to do that trick, the idea that he walk through the doors first, at the same time they shorten the distance between the doors but the audience have just seen a reflection of the door the whole time, if they switch the light all the time the audience will not see the doors moving or notice the change in size. But mirrors is so 1921.

  • matjaz povalej
    matjaz povalej 3 ore fa

    whell dear Billy you can come to Slovenija people wil maybe recognize you but will leave alone. Also mayt get you out of the blues

  • Beans and avocado

    Are you here just to check if part 3 was out ? *Cause I am*

  • Indi Genius
    Indi Genius 3 ore fa

    Fiona > Maleficent

  • Vincentia Stella Anggoman Jacobus

    Is there any otha expressions than WOW??? Heard it like big times here!

  • J and C Gaming
    J and C Gaming 3 ore fa

    I feel like this is Toronto wannabe rapper slang

  • sickboyb05
    sickboyb05 3 ore fa

    Nice video Ubbe

  • izzy
    izzy 3 ore fa

    anyone here waiting for the one year after this one (due out soon) here!?

  • Kathy Liu
    Kathy Liu 3 ore fa

    Omg when a young Garrett Gee pops up 😍

  • Josh Bryant
    Josh Bryant 3 ore fa

    So beautiful.

  • Thanos The destroyer

    I’m 15 and I’m dying in school

  • Eclectic Vibrations

    If Todd or Joaquin don't get Oscar nominations or actually win, then there is something seriously wrong with Hollywood.

  • the mighty blue duck

    gaten talks way too much

  • A Frica
    A Frica 3 ore fa

    I love how she embodies effortless upper-class white privelege - no struggle, just breezing into her first role and then the next, being on the same page as directors and being called for parts.

  • Kourtney Daugherty

    I broke my nose doing this lift 😂

  • ChrisVonToph
    ChrisVonToph 3 ore fa

    Well, check out pictures of japanese radiation victim Hiroshi Couchi. The near-dead workers were quite well done movie effects-wise: (Not for the faint-hearted...)

  • Clarity CloudstheMind

    God, it’s awful to see how frequently Barbara is interrupted. And when she tries to reassert herself, they laugh and joke about it. Just awful. Let the lady speak!

  • Chels Atara
    Chels Atara 3 ore fa

    I feel really bad for joker❤️

  • DFlix
    DFlix 3 ore fa

    This Sheila could have my dag any day

  • megbro
    megbro 3 ore fa

    Omgggg they’re so hot

  • Once Upon A Spiritual Alchemist

    Inspektah Deck's Voice is deeper than I knew

  • Elsa Labouret
    Elsa Labouret 4 ore fa

    I know this isn't the point of the video but God, everything about Allen Leech is so incredibly attractive.

  • Crystal
    Crystal 4 ore fa

    I wish they would’ve made a documentary with this women. She’s very easy to listen too and obviously knows what she’s talking about when it comes to radiation.

  • TimeFliesAway
    TimeFliesAway 4 ore fa

    The dark brown eyebrows with this light red hair looks weird. 😂

  • No Name
    No Name 4 ore fa

    Isn’t that the guy that faked his show??

  • Finn Burt
    Finn Burt 4 ore fa

    99% of these are also northern English smh

  • Hillary Chiccia
    Hillary Chiccia 4 ore fa

    1:42 pessimism🤝

  • ReflectionEternal2

    This is the real reason we're all here: 4:15

  • Marco Davinci
    Marco Davinci 4 ore fa

    Might be more of generational slang cause I've never heard any of these expressions and I've lived all my life in Toronto.

  • Daniel Williams
    Daniel Williams 4 ore fa

    She doesn’t mention it, but I’m certain she was a part of the decision: when the Queen originally sees the Hartnell dress it is strapless, but when we see it on her broad straps have been added. So she took a conservative dress and had it made more conservative. I thought that was a great little detail.

  • ReflectionEternal2

    I have no idea why, but I like hearing actors'/actresses' actual voices and accents after I've gotten accustomed to hearing them play their characters. You expect them to sound like their character(s) but they don't and it feels delightfully weird

  • 1R0N W0LF
    1R0N W0LF 4 ore fa

    Thay said his dead 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 waaaaaaaaaaaaat?

  • Toasty
    Toasty 4 ore fa

    And 2016 🙈

  • jasper kent
    jasper kent 4 ore fa

    Please Stop, it's just a Movie, enjoy it, don't question it.



  • Charlie Charlie
    Charlie Charlie 4 ore fa

    I came to this video to get out of 24/7 loop of watching Bill Hader’s interviews and all the sudden David Harbour said ‘Tulsa, Oklahoma’ ( which is Bill hometown) and I lost my mind. We live in a matrix y’all

    DARED GD 4 ore fa

    Look what one song with depression makes to her and all 14 yrs old

  • Charlye Charlie
    Charlye Charlie 4 ore fa


  • Pascal Huizing
    Pascal Huizing 4 ore fa

    7:33 is jesse still using?

  • Kris Hammer
    Kris Hammer 4 ore fa

    She is arguably the best actress in Hollywood

  • Ebony Williams
    Ebony Williams 4 ore fa

    Hurry up season 3 I’m waiting on you💜

  • Java Boy
    Java Boy 4 ore fa

    that part where Arthur got bullied and smashed by the sign, my heart aches for him

  • Deb Roy
    Deb Roy 4 ore fa

    You did a good job and Joaquin phoenix of the year

  • Karen From Finasse

    Dan levy is the most attractive man I've yet seen in my young adult life.

  • mdma
    mdma 4 ore fa

    Aaron Paul

  • Barclas
    Barclas 5 ore fa

    were they in front of chiswick house?

  • David of Yorkshire

    Bins can also be a more general term glasses. Tight can mean - mean with money, drunk, uptight/stressed out...

  • roflmows
    roflmows 5 ore fa

    who cares about lighting and makeup?? she's a gem. beautiful today as ever. the soul never ages.


    Are all of these slangs!!? I mean, really?

  • S Ka
    S Ka 5 ore fa

    The way he talks about his daughter makes me want to have a family YESTERDAY 😍😭

  • Summer Maginn
    Summer Maginn 5 ore fa

    Definitely not crying watching this because of how much she has grown this year

  • Scott Niman
    Scott Niman 5 ore fa

    Just hit a fat bowl and Kevin is tripping me out I can't keep up with him ☺

  • G&MM
    G&MM 5 ore fa

    Exactly! Dogs aren’t human beings. They’re better.

  • supernatural nickname

    Shut up meg..!!

  • M o A z05
    M o A z05 5 ore fa

    *A fagiolio*

  • Danièle lezay
    Danièle lezay 5 ore fa

    He's always acting, Sam so natural, adore him, he is a top Actor, hope he will never let it go to his head, it would be a shame. So manies get a Pumpkin after a while big but hollow in the centre??? Shame

  • Michael Doyle
    Michael Doyle 5 ore fa

    BOBBY FIRMINO *duh duh duh duh duh* BOBBY FIRMINO

  • tommy Bull
    tommy Bull 5 ore fa

    This was amazing!

  • Marshmallowmonster 77

    Chloe Werben Jagerman Jensen.

  • Random Chicanery

    Yes there is a connection to the DC universe. That is through the show Lucifer where Jay and Silent Bob were moving valuable antiques. And Lucifer is a DC character

  • Nimmi DVlog
    Nimmi DVlog 5 ore fa

    She’s promoting all the apps as well

  • Nimmi DVlog
    Nimmi DVlog 5 ore fa

    Does anyone notice her right cheeks are darker than her left cheeks and this is not her life in a day it’s more like her life during shooting the sky is pink and 3 days before her wedding.. lol.. we ain’t stupid