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DO NOT Swing Your Friends at Home!
visualizzazioni 101KGiorno fa
Reacting To When We Got HYPNOTIZED!
visualizzazioni 318K4 giorni fa
Confronting Online Bullies FACE To FACE
visualizzazioni 265K13 giorni fa
visualizzazioni 181K17 giorni fa
this will never happen again
visualizzazioni 196K25 giorni fa
Found My Future Wife's DREAM HOUSE!
visualizzazioni 376K27 giorni fa
biggest regret in my life...
visualizzazioni 510K29 giorni fa
I Don’t Like Girls Anymore
visualizzazioni 507KMese fa
do not ask me about my ex
visualizzazioni 876KMese fa
dear future girlfriend...
visualizzazioni 550K2 mesi fa
His First KISS!
visualizzazioni 194K2 mesi fa
Surprised My Fans With ICE CREAM TRUCK!
visualizzazioni 180K2 mesi fa
WE GOT NEW HAIR! *never again*
visualizzazioni 286K3 mesi fa
Rating YouTubers' PUPPIES! (1 to 10)
visualizzazioni 426K3 mesi fa
Please Don’t Push Me!!
visualizzazioni 595K3 mesi fa
our first kiss
visualizzazioni 1,4M3 mesi fa
They Won’t Let Me Kiss Her!
visualizzazioni 398K3 mesi fa
Freezing Ice Bath Dunk Tank Challenge!
visualizzazioni 883K4 mesi fa
i really like this girl
visualizzazioni 860K4 mesi fa
Our First DOUBLE Date!
visualizzazioni 513K4 mesi fa
World's STRONGEST Fan VS Parachute
visualizzazioni 1,7M4 mesi fa
How I Gave My Mom The Best Day Ever!
visualizzazioni 194K4 mesi fa
Never Seen Him This JEALOUS!
visualizzazioni 295K4 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 720K5 mesi fa
How to get Perfect Abs in 10 MINUTES!
visualizzazioni 253K5 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 188K5 mesi fa
Transforming Into Bretman Rock!
visualizzazioni 1,9M5 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 894K5 mesi fa
You're So Immature! *BOYS VS GIRLS*
visualizzazioni 7M6 mesi fa
She did a handstand ON MY FACE!
visualizzazioni 410K6 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 243K6 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 312K6 mesi fa
You're So Immature! *VALENTINE'S DAY*
visualizzazioni 4,2M7 mesi fa
My NEW Favorite One!
visualizzazioni 910K7 mesi fa
My Heart Hurts
visualizzazioni 541K7 mesi fa
Cute BABY BUNNY Surprise! (ft Caeli)
visualizzazioni 619K7 mesi fa
Calling My Exes for DATING ADVICE!
visualizzazioni 1,1M7 mesi fa
Ready For A New Girlfriend
visualizzazioni 679K7 mesi fa
Found My Greatest Love!! *EMOTIONAL*
visualizzazioni 326K8 mesi fa
Looking For Love in The Philippines!
visualizzazioni 416K8 mesi fa
Time To Move On *LAUREX IS OVER*
visualizzazioni 1,7M8 mesi fa
Wassabi Kitchen ft MOM 2!
visualizzazioni 319K8 mesi fa
They Really Didn’t Like This 🤣
visualizzazioni 561K8 mesi fa
You're So Immature! *CHRISTMAS*
visualizzazioni 2,2M9 mesi fa
Got Him EYEBALL IMPLANTS!! *Emotional*
visualizzazioni 301K9 mesi fa
visualizzazioni 264K9 mesi fa
I’m Getting A Divorce?!
visualizzazioni 234K9 mesi fa
Never Doing This Again! *SCARY*
visualizzazioni 281K9 mesi fa
Do Not Sleep in Water OVERNIGHT!
visualizzazioni 714K9 mesi fa
Stranger HIT My Car and RAN!
visualizzazioni 223K9 mesi fa


  • Sukh Gill
    Sukh Gill 4 ore fa

    1:32 girls singing in class 1:35 me

  • 4k Ex
    4k Ex 4 ore fa

    why not Vanessa and Veronica

  • Joanne Montecalvo

    Sik kick

  • Kathryn Robinson

    Omg those stairs gave me anxiety someone react to how many times they could of died.

  • Seshnie Naidu
    Seshnie Naidu 4 ore fa

    Andrew is so cute

  • Keemmah Kitane
    Keemmah Kitane 4 ore fa

    Omg i was laughing so hard

  • Azlynda A Manaf
    Azlynda A Manaf 4 ore fa


  • Gacha_life potato


  • Jia Tejada
    Jia Tejada 4 ore fa

    I low key ship Alex and the girl in the orange t shirt

  • Avocado Shrek
    Avocado Shrek 4 ore fa

    Umm... Wut bout nezza?

  • Princess Jimenez

    Alex: up up!! Aaron: we're trying!!

  • Nathalie Lenore Eduave

    Hey Alex how about u will remake Andrews video next time😂hahahahahahaha

  • Arena Gaming
    Arena Gaming 5 ore fa


  • Little Sparkle Blue Wolf

    Before I didn't notice anything but now I kinnndddaaaaa ship you guys now But not really

  • ana ricky
    ana ricky 5 ore fa

    yass pls do another hypnotized😊💛

  • Mckenzie Collins

    Who goes to bed with a full face of makeup Lol

  • Jeremiah Jimenez

    Danggg rois beatboxing is so good!!!

  • yee et
    yee et 5 ore fa

    Alex trying to prove that he's strong 😂😂

  • Jennifer Wijaya
    Jennifer Wijaya 5 ore fa


  • Lisa Joseph
    Lisa Joseph 5 ore fa

    Please come to tik Tok Alex .......it would mean the world to me ...please make an acc

  • britney padarath

    Couldnt watch the video out 😭😭😭 my anxiety went from 0-100 real quick when matt had to stand on alex shoulder 😭😭😭 love you guys tho ❤

  • Ilana Chandler
    Ilana Chandler 5 ore fa

    whej is your so immature part 3 coming😹😭

  • Accio1173
    Accio1173 5 ore fa

    I didn't realize that it's been 7 years

  • Omar Ibrahim
    Omar Ibrahim 5 ore fa


  • Mossie Williams
    Mossie Williams 5 ore fa

    “There’s a ghost and it came out of your butthole”😂😂😂

  • Cheesy Potato
    Cheesy Potato 5 ore fa

    Alex can you read fan fiction with Aaron,roni,and nessa pls love you btw

  • Gaming WithJeffery


  • Andrei Playz
    Andrei Playz 5 ore fa

    Reyan higa and joshua grega

  • Dawn Rosales
    Dawn Rosales 6 ore fa

    Are you still together with caitlyn ( wrong spelling) ????

  • Anna Thompson
    Anna Thompson 6 ore fa

    Alex, I love you soooo much!!!! I truly think you are AMAZING!!!!... But... No offense I think you should stay in your lane a not do a TikTok so Andrew can get famous on his own! Again, love you no harm meant. ~True Wassabian Anna

  • The GachaGamerJazzy


  • Sarah Amiot
    Sarah Amiot 6 ore fa

    The sound doesnt work for me the sounds is on and ive reloaded the video a few times and it still doesnt work.

  • Hulianna JACE
    Hulianna JACE 6 ore fa

    I thought he was Bretman Rock... omg

  • Random Fan
    Random Fan 6 ore fa

    “Don’t swing you’re friends at home” Me: ok.... i don’t even have friends.

  • Mtr Retiro
    Mtr Retiro 6 ore fa

    Hahaha i like the sound of the fart that starts every video it so funny

  • Yovany Ayala
    Yovany Ayala 6 ore fa

    I was crying 😭😭😭

  • Mtr Retiro
    Mtr Retiro 6 ore fa

    Me when i fail getting into the pool 3:45

  • Alana Abudawood
    Alana Abudawood 7 ore fa

    So cool

  • Golden galaxy wolfie

    Omg roi i liked this video because you two are my favourite youtubers

  • kaw tar
    kaw tar 7 ore fa

    The way he said "ey ey don't touch my legs "😂😂😂😂07:21 🙈

  • The challenge tv show!


  • Alcy Escudero
    Alcy Escudero 7 ore fa

    "Were just friends" 😂😂😂

  • Jamie
    Jamie 7 ore fa

    I ship it!!

  • Fire Flash
    Fire Flash 7 ore fa


  • inah guerrero
    inah guerrero 7 ore fa

    I wish they did the door thing on tiktok

  • Tina Chin
    Tina Chin 7 ore fa

    "she tried to put her fingers in my eye sockets to hold on" 😂

  • [ツ]Mawgii
    [ツ]Mawgii 7 ore fa

    they're like the new *sister squad-*

  • xxmidnightwolfiexx 1

    Yes I want fan fiction

  • nacho cheese T_T

    When their channel was good

  • Miko Michico
    Miko Michico 7 ore fa

    It's paco from yellowpaco 1:13

  • Aj Playz
    Aj Playz 7 ore fa

    Going back to the old days 2019? 👇🏻

  • bearbearxo 14
    bearbearxo 14 8 ore fa

    Don't do this at home Okay I will do this at school

  • Dylan Medcafe
    Dylan Medcafe 8 ore fa

    If they were a couple

  • Dylan Medcafe
    Dylan Medcafe 8 ore fa

    There a good couple

  • Galaxy Walker
    Galaxy Walker 8 ore fa

    Wat happened to babe girl I took a break

  • random fluff ball

    funny part 2:41

  • Kesler Chan
    Kesler Chan 8 ore fa

    Racka Racka wants to fight u

  • Gracella Angel
    Gracella Angel 8 ore fa

    Do anybody else also got SIX 😁

  • Meryem Omar
    Meryem Omar 8 ore fa

    Yk what gave me anxiety? The fact that they were doing all that right infront of the stairs. Hello?

  • Janice Macalinao

    Alex the second last video is kinda inopropiate must say

  • Tamia Roar
    Tamia Roar 8 ore fa

    I know I may late but I just realised that this video was made to tell all #alessa fans like me that they have no chemistry!!! But as you can see Alex and Nessa you guys are flirting the whole time! We know the secret feelings you guys have for each other 😏 no need to hide it btw!

  • asdfghjkl
    asdfghjkl 8 ore fa

    Your awesome

  • kycat s
    kycat s 8 ore fa

    I think jp and aaron is the strongest one than Alex?

  • Mudii
    Mudii 8 ore fa

    Ateez did first pose too

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    SANS - 8 ore fa

    I also like My Hero Academia and I'm as Momo Yaoyaruzo

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    SANS - 8 ore fa

    I als

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    Eedie Hanns 8 ore fa

    #alessa! Love you guys ♥️🤞

  • Sephora Charles
    Sephora Charles 8 ore fa

    That was a whole exercise. I could never do that

  • melanie eilish
    melanie eilish 8 ore fa

    tia and alex are dating ugh

    GOOD BOY EDIC 8 ore fa


  • Julia Calypso
    Julia Calypso 9 ore fa

    Look at Matt's face at 2:02 🤣😂

  • keylinepie XD
    keylinepie XD 9 ore fa

    I hate the girls . _.

  • Hearty Sara Sunil

    do with roni and nessa

  • Salve Venice
    Salve Venice 9 ore fa

    I want the Harry Potter thingy lol pleaseeeee

  • Crazy Fangirl
    Crazy Fangirl 9 ore fa


  • Julia Calypso
    Julia Calypso 9 ore fa

    Do you not watch Henry danger?!😕

  • Ronald Pablo
    Ronald Pablo 9 ore fa

    Hi! I'm corain . Mr guava I want to be your fan. And a assistant ..pls?

  • Julia Calypso
    Julia Calypso 9 ore fa

    Valex or anessa

  • Cruz Vaz
    Cruz Vaz 9 ore fa

    Please make a tic toc and collab 😍

  • fatima 1
    fatima 1 9 ore fa

    You should do this with the Merrell twins

  • Clipxz
    Clipxz 9 ore fa

    Your chanile is dieing

  • Kara Blanka
    Kara Blanka 10 ore fa

    Anyone else get second hand anxiety from watching this? Like my palms and feet are sweaty and I feel like the muscle strength in my calves and arms are depleted...am I dying? 😂

    KAIROS MARICAN 10 ore fa


  • JLジェイミー

    Caeli is cute and the baby bunny

  • Glacha Galツ
    Glacha Galツ 10 ore fa

    11:01 thats not hundred, Alex.

  • Mtr Retiro
    Mtr Retiro 10 ore fa

    Alex just poped Rolandas ballon boobs and so is Richard hahaha

    JESSA ROBECK 10 ore fa


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    #alessa haha

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    Alex said butthead to roi

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    james daley 10 ore fa

    that was funny

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    Mike Raymundo 10 ore fa

    Alex: look were safe we have an offsifer Me:😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔😳😳😳🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔 Alex: yup lets go

  • Mike Raymundo
    Mike Raymundo 10 ore fa

    I live there

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    R.I.P The Aviator Alex got shot by a group of pirates 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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