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Top 10 NEW Zombie Games of 2019
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Outer Worlds: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW
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15 EA Mistakes They Want You TO FORGET
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How Are MASSIVE Open World Games Created?
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Witcher 3 SWITCH - Before You Buy
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Grid - Before You Buy
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Modern Warfare 2019: 10 BIGGEST CHANGES
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Top 20 NEW Sci-fi Games of 2019
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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint - Before You Buy
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Top 15 NEW FREE Games of 2019
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10 NASTIEST Little Enemies In Video Games
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10 Little Gamers Who Did INCREDIBLE Things
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10 Things Borderlands 3 Players HATE
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of September 2019
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Code Vein - Before You Buy
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Top 10 NEW Games of October 2019
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20 Overhyped Games That FLOPPED
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The Surge 2 - Before You Buy
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Top 20 NEW Single Player Games of 2019
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Borderlands 3 - Before You Buy
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SEGA Genesis Mini - Before You Buy
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Greedfall - Before You Buy
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Gears 5 - Before You Buy
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Hunt: Showdown - Before You Buy
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Astral Chain - Before You Buy
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Control - Before You Buy
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Top 10 NEW Games of September 2019
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Top 10 NEW Games of GAMESCOM 2019
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What Made MASS EFFECT A Big Deal?
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No Man's Sky Beyond - Before You Buy
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Top 10 NEW Stealth Games of 2019
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Top 15 NEW Exploration Games of 2019
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10 WEIRD Gaming Stories of JULY 2019
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Top 10 NEW Games of August 2019
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  • ILikeHoodies
    ILikeHoodies 57 minuti fa

    Soooooo am I the only one that thinks it looks like the game character is saying the same shit he is at 5:27 ?

  • Directorix
    Directorix 57 minuti fa

    Mass Effect also wasn't too long at least the better entries haven't been and I rather have a well paste game than an endless mess for my pile of shame.

  • Mun Chee Hong
    Mun Chee Hong 57 minuti fa

    You love The Black Masses? Seriously?! It looks dumb!

  • Hazzard Unholy
    Hazzard Unholy 57 minuti fa

    For number 14, square Enid did the same thing with ff xiv

  • Axocotl N
    Axocotl N 59 minuti fa

    Its sunday night. Im on the toilet, home from work. And it hits me, did i watch the friday show?! No. I did not. I knew something was missing.

  • Pineapple Pizza

    I've often wondered how they create a city like in GTA 5 with all the different layers and taking into account uneven terrain. That must be a nightmare to plan out, especially a city like Cyberpunk.

  • Neko Pee
    Neko Pee Ora fa

    Anything is better than days gone

  • Tdesk Infinity

    dislikers are the cheater

  • thesilentsith 01

    I know is videos kinda old but saints row 2 is getting a patch in the near future

  • LIMP stick
    LIMP stick Ora fa

    The first game os shit

  • Pestilence1026

    it tickles me that most of the top 10 are EA :3

    BO3_KAMIKAZ3 Ora fa

    Thats gourmet shit if i stayed up late and told my mom the house is on fire she wood beat my ass cuz she will think it was me

  • Emperor Ehryn

    40 hours is like nothing

  • Ethan MacArthur

    Definitely forgot to mention 7 days to die it has its quirks but it's on a solid track the one real complaint I have for it is them damn dogs don't know if just me but they come out of nowhere scares the hell out of me everytime and seems to be the strongest enemy in game

  • Michael Ingerslev

    I still make deathloop saves :/

  • Siva suriyan
    Siva suriyan Ora fa

    Bro, you remember urban regien 92 level very hard difficulty! Lol very hard

  • elisa alvarez

    D- bad grade 😂I got all F’s 😂

  • Frosty Leech3

    As soon as EA closed visceral, I was done with their bullshit and can not wait for them to shut down because they really need to if theyre not going to stop all the bullshit for money

    ARSH JORDAN Ora fa

    Dying light 2

  • Consequence No. 62

    What's the music playing in the background in the beginning? Sounds good.

  • Sourav Mitra
    Sourav Mitra Ora fa

    "Chef's kiss is a weird things to do on the toilet"....-Jake Baldino 2019 😂

    JAKE T0NIC Ora fa

    Seriously?? So far? Wtf am I here for

  • Aiden York
    Aiden York Ora fa

    Wow so us console players don't get the realistic games like Arma 3 or games like those the only good realistic game we have (well the biggest I know) rainbow six and games by Tom Clancy

  • souradeep banerjee

    The thumbnail reminded me of Emilia Clarke

  • kylerstrickland

    Bethesda took an offline rpg and made an online battleground out of it? Does that fit into their list of crimes?

  • The Only Theoron

    Medievil ain’t even a zombie game

  • Edwin Paez
    Edwin Paez Ora fa

    RIP NFL2K5 ❤❤❤

  • Glitch Shark
    Glitch Shark Ora fa

    I hate his explanation for apex. "It takes the non mech combat and puts it in the battle royale genre" Uh, no it doesn't. If it did, I could get across the entire map in less than a minute and the EVA-8 auto would not be the weakest piece of shit I've ever held

  • Pinball warehouse

    Loading ...

  • Skellington
    Skellington Ora fa

    15 MISTAKES EA WANTS YOU TO FORGET: 15:EA 14:EA 13:EA 12:EA 11:EA 10:EA 9:EA 8:MY DAD 7:EA 6:EA 5:EA 4:EA 3:EA 2:EA 1:EA

  • Nick H
    Nick H Ora fa

    EA pay to enter the game pay to open this

  • Charles Johnson

    #1 thing to know, it's free on game pass

  • Changefullstew 36

    Am I the only one who noticed the game is exactly what the child of Borderlands and No man’s sky would be? I mean like litteraly, guns, gameplay, world, animals, spaceships,... I’m hyped, but just sayin.

  • Brandon Ocampo

    Bro number 1 it is not that hard you can just flip the puzzle

  • Michael Grimm

    To those who may have missed it when it came out, 7 Days to Die has had a major overhaul in the form of the alpha 18 update. If you glossed over it in the past, pick it up again if you like zombie survival games

  • Christian Lopez

    I stopped playing Days gone after two hours in. The motorcycle sucks balllllllsssssssss. They really should have focused more on that mechanic. Specially if the whole game is around it.... smh I basically threw money in the trash :/

  • Daddy Fat Sack

    I’ll rather have split screen games

  • David Park
    David Park Ora fa

    Microsoft is a joke, 1 billion dollar lawsuit.. I went thru 6 Xbox’s.

  • SleepingElite4

    "Hey Joe, wanna play a zombie ga..."DAMNIT THERE'S ALREADY LIKE FIVE COMMENTS LIKE THIS

  • Guinea Tug Gaming

    Where’s jake?

  • SlipperyRPGman YT

    What about the kfc dating sim

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    Hey joe wanna play another zombie game?

  • Chris Sykes 4220

    Bring back the Megaman battle network games. And reboot StarForce

  • Dylan Hawken
    Dylan Hawken Ora fa

    I bought it and didn't realize it was a always online game. Thought the game would be like wildlands. Pretty disappointed Ubisoft

  • HaskaMoosic
    HaskaMoosic Ora fa

    One question i have that wasnt answered is the linearity of the game, is it completely linear like there is only one direction you can move or is it like borderlands where its all different locations that you can explore and backtrack too if you so choose?

    • grumpychris
      grumpychris Ora fa

      It's more like Borderlands in that regard.

  • Spurs_
    Spurs_ Ora fa

    Since you dont hear anything about sandbox-elements.. this game will be finished after ~25 hours if you're experienced with games like that.. which is a huge bummer.

  • Eye Walker
    Eye Walker Ora fa

    Dauntless is sooo good

  • Aldrian Cano
    Aldrian Cano Ora fa

    Its free now in ps store

    PROFESSOR X Ora fa

    You keep saying new there is nothing in this game that was not in the original modern warfare did you play that game you would than think again about saying new this is all old hat bro

  • Hooligan Tim
    Hooligan Tim Ora fa

    That number 10 looks like it was thrown in for filler. That game looked ROUGH. Enemy just stood there getting wacked. Haha.

  • Jh Jh
    Jh Jh Ora fa

    I’m worried about this game because apparently it’s a... comedy? Reminds me of Borderlands, but borderlands is decently funny. From what I’ve seen so far the humor in outer worlds is very predictable and just well.. not complex. Kinda feels like this game was designed for 9 year olds. Sorry but that’s just my impression. I would’ve much rather had a serious, adult game with an adult plot line. Mass effect is a good example. Maybe I’m wrong about this game, but ima wait for some reviews first.

  • k1ng g2unt
    k1ng g2unt Ora fa

    The only game I’m most excited to play right now

  • Alpha Snipez
    Alpha Snipez Ora fa

    What about the outbreak in r6s

  • Zane Jackson
    Zane Jackson Ora fa

    CoD ghosts was a flop I’m surprised it didnt make it on here

  • lany
    lany Ora fa

    Days Gone deserves the top spot.

  • Cygnus Orb
    Cygnus Orb Ora fa

    "Much better camera." Yeah, and it's still trash. Seriously. Half the time it fights you or gets stuck behind things that block the view. Pure garbage camera.

  • Nookie
    Nookie Ora fa


  • John Smith
    John Smith Ora fa

    No one: Gordon Ramsey: 5:03

  • Troy Welch
    Troy Welch Ora fa

    I thought it was just flesh overall?

  • Sam Hall
    Sam Hall Ora fa

    holy shit non of the DOC games are playable at all

  • vogonp 42
    vogonp 42 Ora fa

    Morrowind has a tiny world. It feels massive though. It's all about how the developers make the player interact with it.

  • Deadeye HorrorGamer

    Zelda I love you! But I hate Nintendo!

  • Ricky Katzer
    Ricky Katzer Ora fa

    Watch Dogs came out in 2014 not 2013...

  • DonHewgodooko

    The story and humour has to be pretty damn good to make up for the clunky looks. I'll wait to see how this one turns out before putting cash down

  • Twomity
    Twomity Ora fa

    I haven’t even started the video and I know zombieland is going to be on the list

  • Joshua Long
    Joshua Long 2 ore fa

    Outriders, Tales of, crossfire x, deathloop, rainbow six, bleeding edge, gods and monsters, ghostwire Tokyo, carrion, elden ring.

  • orbitaldragon
    orbitaldragon 2 ore fa

    I prefer a shorter game honestly.. I used to love those long ass games.. but these days I get bored after a while especially when so many new games come put all the time.

  • Botz xRB
    Botz xRB 2 ore fa

    I got banned for cursing in a message

  • Jeremy Stone
    Jeremy Stone 2 ore fa

    Don't care about cross-platform compatability.... Because who actually plays older, dated, games with less visual qualities?? Don't care about cross-company compatability because none of us really want hackers to take advantage of console users. Its been a number of years since the ps4 was released, so I'm ready for a new platform...just don't expect me to buy a ps5 "pro" in 2 years from now.


    I need a midnight game now

  • Abby from Wii Sports

    Quick answer buy it

  • Not Uploading
    Not Uploading 2 ore fa

    Undead nightmare 2???

  • Njason Flores
    Njason Flores 2 ore fa

    Wait where is the Dying Light 2??

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith 2 ore fa

    I personally loved generation zero

  • Shadow
    Shadow 2 ore fa

    omg the first game that showed looked horrible

  • Ashley Halls
    Ashley Halls 2 ore fa

    Reloading every 5 shots

  • thatbratshinji
    thatbratshinji 2 ore fa

    Its #10 really need to know?

  • DCIsGold
    DCIsGold 2 ore fa

    Hey uh, dude, I knew how to do everything on this list

  • Bobcatgold
    Bobcatgold 2 ore fa

    I dont do any of these things

  • CLAY DOG 001
    CLAY DOG 001 2 ore fa

    0:17 Siri Not Available


    Used 1 bullet out of 30 then quickly reloads

  • Roma Bystriakov
    Roma Bystriakov 2 ore fa

    Having 2k hours after only gaving in for 3-4 months

    • Roma Bystriakov
      Roma Bystriakov 2 ore fa

      and having long ass DM conversation with the games devs because you played a litle too much and fround a shitton of bugs

  • The Brownie Man
    The Brownie Man 2 ore fa

    The video just started and I’m already crying

  • Og ChikNugg
    Og ChikNugg 2 ore fa

    i have the bongos

  • Bobby Simmons
    Bobby Simmons 2 ore fa

    I really appreciate these educational videos. I’ll always figure I was a major process but damn. Now that they fixed the issue with free up time to build on top of the ground, I hope they figure a way to get rid of the bs missions that u do 1000 times for similar npcs. It’s like y’all could have made this map smaller and kept the good stuff but instead I made it bigger just to say “hey our open world is 5x bigger than our last one.”

  • ExplosiveTemper
    ExplosiveTemper 2 ore fa

    great video, can relate to all of these lol...

  • Josh S
    Josh S 2 ore fa

    You forgot there is a Switch version of this game coming.

  • Matt W
    Matt W 2 ore fa

    I have a modded version of Duke Nukem 3D Atomic edition with 3d models instead of 2d sprites and I would love a way to ad RTX to that.

  • FlippinFudgeYT
    FlippinFudgeYT 2 ore fa

    You forgot Minecraft....

  • Paiu Catalin
    Paiu Catalin 2 ore fa

    We already know the number 1 for next year list The last of us part 2

  • William Knaupp
    William Knaupp 2 ore fa

    1:44 I'm the p2 but the thing is once I do that I somehow end up killing literally everyone

  • Eggy Patrick
    Eggy Patrick 2 ore fa

    Most of these are older

  • Ryan Dillon
    Ryan Dillon 2 ore fa

    can we a controller for people with big hands

  • Ni ck
    Ni ck 2 ore fa

    I bought this, should I play

  • Gamer Of The Skies

    Notice: ALL buttons are in use

  • The Baylis Code
    The Baylis Code 2 ore fa

    The main thing I want to see is Sony to resist the urge to release the console early to do a money grab. Even if they miss the holiday season, they will garner more sales if they release the system without bugs

  • DevilGames
    DevilGames 2 ore fa

    Game looks a bit meh to me tbh but let's see how it goes.

  • Alex Tanaka
    Alex Tanaka 2 ore fa

    They should make a system that everthing go ......NO BANNED Because you bought it, that would be the best game system ever.. F#$k SONY & X BOX. Long live the new system????

  • ObjectivelyInoffensiveUsername

    How very original.

  • DCIsGold
    DCIsGold 2 ore fa

    When watching these Easter egg videos I just wonder how people find these things