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The Hot Ones Holiday Special | Hot Ones
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  • Evel Queen
    Evel Queen 5 secondi fa

    Netflix needs to pick up Charlie’s angels as an episodic series. I can’t with movies. It’s always gonna be the same recipe. But I can do like a half hour same meal. Easy.

  • Queen Vee
    Queen Vee 7 secondi fa

    11:19 - when i eat my abuelita's food

  • Nogger Fogger logger 69

    Oh look it's the SLUT...

  • Zachary Salas Burgess
    Zachary Salas Burgess 16 secondi fa

    Kristen is a REAL person <3

  • Steph H.
    Steph H. 17 secondi fa

    "You do this all the time, what the fuck is wrong with you??" 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Stone Age Aquaponics
    Stone Age Aquaponics 24 secondi fa

    This girls whole persona is cringe asfuck.. only retards that like stuff like twilight like this type of actors👎

  • Erika Taylor
    Erika Taylor 25 secondi fa


  • Jerusalem Sales
    Jerusalem Sales 30 secondi fa

    i haven't seen this bitch in 10 years and i finally decide to look her up and i see this thing.

  • Mary Narcissus
    Mary Narcissus 33 secondi fa


  • josh benedict
    josh benedict 35 secondi fa

    Good movie I assume....LOL

  • Matthew Foster
    Matthew Foster 37 secondi fa

    If you told me in 2008, when the first Twilight movie came out, that in 11 years Kristen Stewart would 1) still be famous, 2) be on a IT-clip show that involved celebrities eating progressively hotter wings while they answer questions and 3) that she was super fucking gay (I mean that as a 100% compliment), I would have only believed the third one.

  • Anastasia Pastuszak
    Anastasia Pastuszak 39 secondi fa

    One of the best interviews that I genuinely enjoy watching. This guy def brought out the best in kristen, she seemed relaxed

  • Crashburn 32
    Crashburn 32 49 secondi fa

    Kristen "Like, I'm" Stewart.

  • Praise TheMagicConch
    Praise TheMagicConch 57 secondi fa

    Downed 10 wings. Not one sip of any drink. Kirsten Stewart was one of the toughest guests on Hot Ones 🔥🔥🔥

  • TheIosif
    TheIosif Minuto fa

    First Hot Ones I fell asleep on. Out of who knows how many, I'm willing to blame this on the guest and not the show. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • mrmongo673
    mrmongo673 Minuto fa

    Kristen thinks that she's a rapper, with the backward baseball cap, and bling around her neck...

  • Lea De Vargas
    Lea De Vargas Minuto fa

    Y’all the way she licked the glass shook me

  • mya woods
    mya woods Minuto fa

    The outfit she’s wearing reminds me of the baseball scene in twilight. Lol

  • the scoobs
    the scoobs Minuto fa

    "It's the show with hot questions and even hotter wings". Anyone else getting the vibe? "Angels"? ... "Wings"? No? ok.

  • sincerelysophy
    sincerelysophy 2 minuti fa

    Wow, her answer about being candid in interviews with people you don’t know was actually quite profound. I was never a fan of hers but this interview really changed my perception of her! She’s grown into herself so much!

  • Ness Castro
    Ness Castro 2 minuti fa

    My girl crush! Loved this episode ♡

  • James Rooker
    James Rooker 2 minuti fa

    Your head is floating!

  • Chris Gutierrez
    Chris Gutierrez 3 minuti fa


  • Max
    Max 3 minuti fa

    I don't care what anyone says about Kristen Stewart. She's a smoke show.

  • Thiqq Boi
    Thiqq Boi 3 minuti fa

    This dude is so white

  • matt dasch
    matt dasch 3 minuti fa

    Am I the only one who hates these pretentious , non wing eating fucktards?

    • Dusty Fred
      Dusty Fred Minuto fa

      No. They really just need to eat the damn chicken.

  • luc mondo
    luc mondo 3 minuti fa

    I swear I thought it was Justin Timberlake 🤦‍♂️

  • AnAsianbr0skii21
    AnAsianbr0skii21 3 minuti fa

    Erina was very smart about this japan village move. It couldve been anyone else. I was always wondering why there was no japanese type of area here. There is chinatown, little italy. Etc but finally japan. Im definitely going next week. Cant tomorrow cause im going to AnimeNYC.

  • el giee deee
    el giee deee 3 minuti fa

    Childhood crush

  • Glenn S. Harris
    Glenn S. Harris 3 minuti fa

    Disappointed to see the silverware.

  • John Jackson
    John Jackson 3 minuti fa

    She’s more alive and personable here than any of her movies.

  • cynthia chiang
    cynthia chiang 4 minuti fa

    Would like to see mike chen on hot ones

  • american desert
    american desert 4 minuti fa

    I love Paul Rudd

  • Stephanie Monasterio

    My wife is from the sfv??

  • Sir Ashley
    Sir Ashley 4 minuti fa

    6:59 favorite/sexiest kristen stewart line "dude you are eating this, *PUT IT IN YOUR MOUTH* " _Sploosh_

  • 🌏Gamer's World🌍

    Damn idk why i love her so much...

  • MaxiPC
    MaxiPC 4 minuti fa

    legit question: is there anyone else that can truly say "I had a meal with a crap ton of celebrities"?

  • simplegreen
    simplegreen 4 minuti fa

    San Fernando valley also known for folks that drop 7 "likes" per sentence. Filler words folks. if you speak in public learn to drop the fillers. painful to listen to.

  • Ed Bert
    Ed Bert 4 minuti fa

    Kinda hot to see the tall one in pink panting and short of breath with her lips out.

  • April Rush
    April Rush 5 minuti fa

    I didn't want this one to end !

  • MonieLue78
    MonieLue78 5 minuti fa

    I love this

  • ᅳlɐıɔosıʇuɐ ʇsıɯıssǝd

    When she said "everything is always not as bad as I think" I felt that.

  • Daniel J. Patterson
    Daniel J. Patterson 5 minuti fa

    Still a better love story than

  • Sifu One
    Sifu One 5 minuti fa

    She mentioned Taft! 😍

  • Henry Smith
    Henry Smith 5 minuti fa

    Kristen Stewart is cool af

  • Techtonic
    Techtonic 6 minuti fa

    God I have the hugest crush on her, I would literally do anything for her

  • Amy Cook
    Amy Cook 6 minuti fa

    I love this channel and Sean is a fantastic interviewer. I've watched about a dozen of these - mixed guests - and has anyone else noticed that he's adorably flustered by the women he interviews. So much more comfortable with men... not a criticism just an observation.

  • Cristiano Souza
    Cristiano Souza 6 minuti fa

    Shes really eat this nuggets? I think they CUT in some funny parts

  • Robert Neel
    Robert Neel 6 minuti fa

    Kristen putting her arm around a girl to wreck her palate with hot sauce is big queer energy and I am so here for it

  • Skeye
    Skeye 6 minuti fa

    Is that just a persona???

  • Velocity
    Velocity 6 minuti fa

    "Calabasas High is where my brother went to school and I kind of made fun of him for it, y'know like 'oh come on, what, you can't go to Taft?'" as someone in woodland hills this made me laugh my ass off

  • Jakub S.
    Jakub S. 6 minuti fa

    I'm not sorry, I hated you while reviewing Twilight for my highschool critical standpoint, as weakest possible vampire movie/book of all time. Not only bad in that regard, but Kristen 'playing her role' killed the film. It's so bad I wish it never existed. Imagine shining vampires, it's such a joke I can''t stand it. Next thing is pink hair and finally they sing in boysband, gods save us from such fate.

  • Supreet Sahu
    Supreet Sahu 7 minuti fa

    >Kristen Stewart is an actress and director with more than 20 years of dominance in the movie business what?

  • Luis Rivera
    Luis Rivera 7 minuti fa

    Did she go lesbian

  • Sylvia Rosales
    Sylvia Rosales 7 minuti fa

    I hope people know that If i can make a small difference in humanity I Will god blessings I’m the one on the right

  • Yvette Muhammad
    Yvette Muhammad 7 minuti fa

    Between her and Halle Berry they actually ate the wings...the smallest ones handled those wings!😜🤔

  • lightning bones
    lightning bones 7 minuti fa

    lol, she's totally trying to flirt with him, but sean is way too professional for that shit lmao!

  • Simon Bauer
    Simon Bauer 7 minuti fa

    aaron carter that you?

  • Horror fan 4 Life
    Horror fan 4 Life 7 minuti fa

    Love me some Kristen Stewart!!!!

  • cynthia chiang
    cynthia chiang 7 minuti fa

    Loved this!

  • C R
    C R 7 minuti fa

    wow I have a crush on Kristen Stewart who knew

  • Jman Gaming4311
    Jman Gaming4311 8 minuti fa

    Matt stonie!!

  • Rafi Tanzim
    Rafi Tanzim 8 minuti fa

    I wanna see Elon Musk at Hot Ones 🌶️

  • Orlando Hernandez
    Orlando Hernandez 8 minuti fa

    I just want to try them too

  • Rudy Salcido
    Rudy Salcido 8 minuti fa

    The Newsman vs Apes sounds hilarious

  • ᅳlɐıɔosıʇuɐ ʇsıɯıssǝd

    Who finna watch Charlie's Angels when it's released in theatres?

  • Langosta Negra
    Langosta Negra 8 minuti fa

    Girl in the pink looked like she was gonna fuck Sean right there in front of everyone hahaha

  • Jared Konior
    Jared Konior 8 minuti fa

    this movie will bomb hard

  • Jephte Cardenas
    Jephte Cardenas 9 minuti fa

    I wasn't going to go watch the new Charlie's Angels movie. But I feel like I have to now out of respect. She did a good job.

  • David Hyndman
    David Hyndman 9 minuti fa

    And still no emotion from her

  • Jose Diaz
    Jose Diaz 9 minuti fa

    Has Tiger Woods done this already?

  • sam-aquarius
    sam-aquarius 9 minuti fa

    Ramsay: FUCK. YOU. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO ME. SHIT FUCK FU-- Also Ramsay: Would you like a piece of donut?

  • Tyler Mitchell
    Tyler Mitchell 9 minuti fa

    All these chicks wish they had dicks

  • Angel Jc
    Angel Jc 9 minuti fa

    What a cutie

  • Carlos Ventura
    Carlos Ventura 10 minuti fa

    Is not normal that I get bored on this show but it finally happened 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Jason Meyer
    Jason Meyer 10 minuti fa

    Sean is quite possibly the BEST interviewer I've ever had the pleasure to watch.

  • Shane Rechner
    Shane Rechner 10 minuti fa

    I have to admit I had a preconceived idea of what KS would be like and I was wrong! What a great guest and interview!

  • Tru Lulu
    Tru Lulu 10 minuti fa

    dis b is so damn high

  • Eduardo Chavez
    Eduardo Chavez 10 minuti fa

    can she please STOP biting the fork every time.. geez,

  • Winnaman
    Winnaman 10 minuti fa

    I cant tell if this is kristin stewart or justin bieber

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams 11 minuti fa

    i really like the female interviews more! they just always seem better

  • laurmidi
    laurmidi 11 minuti fa

    Wait. He didn’t say deep dive on Instagram! So thrown off haha.

  • Stephy
    Stephy 11 minuti fa

    LMAO! Down to earth? No. The opposite. I think she is pretentious AF and tries to hard to be cool.

  • yeet
    yeet 11 minuti fa

    I got a hot ones ad on this lmao

  • Imani Celestin
    Imani Celestin 11 minuti fa

    I think this show allows all the guests to be the most 'themselves' if that makes sense. I have never seen this much of Kristen's personality in an interview before and it's great. I think that with so many of the guests Sean has on.

  • X0X0
    X0X0 11 minuti fa

    *how to get really good, FREE, lipstick* eat hot chicken wings

  • Ken Clarke
    Ken Clarke 11 minuti fa

    Norm MacDonald!

  • Arleen Ruiz
    Arleen Ruiz 11 minuti fa

    This is the most comfortable I’ve ever seen her 😍 this chick is dope.

  • Jeremiah Fitzjurls
    Jeremiah Fitzjurls 12 minuti fa

    Am I the only one that thinks she’s closely resembles the character “Rocket” from the movie Sucker Punch?

  • Kristopher Gardner
    Kristopher Gardner 12 minuti fa

    Damn it, Shaun gets a 4 some with Charlie's Angel's....

  • nathan0717
    nathan0717 12 minuti fa

    Keanu Reeves on Hot Ones! Make it happen!

  • Annalisa Blake
    Annalisa Blake 12 minuti fa

    David Dobrik

  • peyton clemmer
    peyton clemmer 12 minuti fa

    i love that she did this interview because she has so many bad interviews because they ask to many stupid questions! but your the real mvp

  • ernie garcia
    ernie garcia 13 minuti fa


  • Rogelio Herrera
    Rogelio Herrera 13 minuti fa

    I didn’t think you had the cajones but great job!

  • Gioart23
    Gioart23 13 minuti fa

    wow this bitch.......