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73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue
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  • Fabery,  Lauren  (12A)  [Ac+]

    she's such an icon, I live for all of her stages perioddd

  • m z
    m z 10 secondi fa

    Put the glamour away girl? Your old and married and have 5 kids waiting on you to feed

  • Habiba Dalal
    Habiba Dalal 21 secondo fa

    The only one who shows her background on vogue🤷🏻‍♀️🙃😅

  • Sahiry Moreno
    Sahiry Moreno 23 secondi fa

    y’all had the most basic celebrity break down her outfits? tuff

  • m z
    m z 54 secondi fa

    Kim's future is old age and 5 more kids

  • Fluffy_ Kinz
    Fluffy_ Kinz 55 secondi fa

    Beautiful and spirited!

  • m z
    m z Minuto fa

    Your upcoming decade of looks is more wrinkles white hair and more black babies?

  • thankyouforreadingmyname

    I think im not the only one who thinks that shes the daughter of camila cabelo amd shawn mendes

  • hann arca
    hann arca Minuto fa


  • Code 68
    Code 68 Minuto fa

    The bike shorts are still not cool Kim !

  • Marisol Perez Bermudez

    Vieja cochina

  • Tom Tam
    Tom Tam 2 minuti fa

    If Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes had a kid

  • m z
    m z 2 minuti fa

    A cockroach wet coming out of the ocean its has the same shape and color of a cockroach

  • 笑み
    笑み 2 minuti fa


  • Aisha.
    Aisha. 2 minuti fa

    I love you Kim 😘

  • Leilani D’alessio
    Leilani D’alessio 2 minuti fa

    this the most realest 73 questions i ever saw. ever. the flow of the convo, how natural it felt, everybody elses seems so fake and rehearsed, every move lol she just let them into her gma small apartment and started answering questions lol more celebs need to do this. instead of it being so over produced an rehearsed.

  • litSlimmer! !
    litSlimmer! ! 2 minuti fa

    Her lips are starting to look abnormal as she is aging... :/

  • Nastassjia Guice
    Nastassjia Guice 3 minuti fa

    Her personality is so sweet. Like she has this kind genuine energy about her and it makes me really enjoy watching her. She seems so pleasant to be around

  • Uchenna Esomonu
    Uchenna Esomonu 3 minuti fa

    “Oh how cute, I was so clueless “

  • Lavender Blossom
    Lavender Blossom 3 minuti fa

    Her backyard is sooo beautiful

  • John pepperoni
    John pepperoni 3 minuti fa

    People hate Kim cuz it's trendy to hate certain people nowadays

  • m z
    m z 3 minuti fa

    All it is is FLESH strapped down into skin tight fabric????

  • Ja'Mari Newell
    Ja'Mari Newell 4 minuti fa

    Kulture and this bonnet💀💀💯

  • Snehaja Sawant
    Snehaja Sawant 4 minuti fa

    She looks way too old for her age... Guess that's the effect of extreme dieting and continuous application of products on herself

  • LovelySounds ASMR
    LovelySounds ASMR 4 minuti fa

    Her voice gives me Asmr

  • Smiley G
    Smiley G 4 minuti fa

    Doesn't matter what she says about the flower dress it was stupid!!!

  • BoneCheeseSauce
    BoneCheeseSauce 4 minuti fa

    Surprised they didn’t have the break the internet photo

  • Tatiana Harris
    Tatiana Harris 5 minuti fa

    me as a celebrity,

  • Bianca Hernandez
    Bianca Hernandez 5 minuti fa

    Is it me... Or did her lips get bigger ?

  • April M
    April M 5 minuti fa

    This is how many people think Camila Cabello Is beautiful. 👇🏻

  • Suzanne Hollingsworth

    “Ooh my first met ball...” “Ooh my first vogue cover...” We get it girl, you famous 😂

  • Madeline
    Madeline 5 minuti fa

    I actually love the red dress on her!

  • Leilani D’alessio
    Leilani D’alessio 6 minuti fa

    kultures baby bonnet is sending me!

  • Anne-Carmelle Longang Fotso élève

    I love the way she talks about Kanye🥰

  • Joshua Marshall
    Joshua Marshall 6 minuti fa

    She looks like her mother soo much

  • m z
    m z 6 minuti fa

    Gucci Prada yaddddi dada your still a middle aged mother of 5

  • Dani Lloyd
    Dani Lloyd 6 minuti fa

    7:21 - did i just hear-- wait

  • Sheffanessea Brown
    Sheffanessea Brown 6 minuti fa

    What Fruit is that ?

  • khizottt88
    khizottt88 7 minuti fa

    Honestly I love her. I think she is sooo sweet, pretty, humble, funny and smart.

  • Jay Gonzalez
    Jay Gonzalez 7 minuti fa

    Every time I see Kim I just see sextape 😂 she fine though

  • Manuel Nogueira official

    Love her style she’s amazing !!!

  • Martin Henry
    Martin Henry 8 minuti fa

    pretty legendary if you ask me

  • Ariana
    Ariana 8 minuti fa

    Love her. Her style, her personality, her demeanor, the way she carries herself. Everything. Very impressed with the new and improved Kim. Awesome video.

  • Eric
    Eric 8 minuti fa

    13 years of looks is nothing

  • M A Y A B A R B I E
    M A Y A B A R B I E 8 minuti fa

    Okay so it's either the camera guy is really tall or she's really short

  • auq21
    auq21 8 minuti fa

    Her guilty pleasure is smelling her what?

  • Markiie Vlogs
    Markiie Vlogs 8 minuti fa

    Wassup Yall🤘🏼 This Yo Boy Markiie😎 I Would Appreciate🙏🏻 If Yall Check Out My Vlogs About My Daily Life An All The BS I Get Into. I Go Into A Lotta Of Adventures An Cant Wait To Share It With Yall. Its All Love Gang!!✊🏼💯💛

  • Chitown Sha Sha
    Chitown Sha Sha 8 minuti fa

    If you pay close attention, A LOT of people men AND women copy Kim K. But the credit cant go all to her. Most is because of the mastermind Kanye.

  • Jocelyn Bustillo
    Jocelyn Bustillo 9 minuti fa

    imagine being that pretty wow

  • Peytonfan
    Peytonfan 9 minuti fa

    I love how she remembers who...what...where...designer...❤

  • Lucy_123
    Lucy_123 9 minuti fa

    How could they not include VMAs 2016 💔

  • m z
    m z 9 minuti fa

    Also khloe did hand surgery because she used to have chubby body and hands

  • Chris Joseph
    Chris Joseph 9 minuti fa

    I can't associate Kim with anything iconic just yet. She's big, but not to that level.

  • M H
    M H 9 minuti fa

    1963: I have a dream.... 2019: God help humanity

  • Blind Beaver
    Blind Beaver 9 minuti fa


  • Hailee Heart
    Hailee Heart 10 minuti fa

    This has ASMR vibes. I Iove Cardi.🥰🍁

  • The Joker
    The Joker 10 minuti fa

    Kim is a fashion icon

  • m z
    m z 10 minuti fa

    Is it just me or does Kim look like a transgender in blonde and in half of her photos including her hands

  • Brittany Vest
    Brittany Vest 10 minuti fa

    I have no doubts that Paris's bag looks like like pharmacy.

  • Siid Nicole
    Siid Nicole 10 minuti fa

    I’m dead at the way Kim was looking when ask about a pair of yeezys lmao

  • Victoria Juarez
    Victoria Juarez 10 minuti fa

    Her voice is so soothing.😌

  • Hedda Dybvadskog
    Hedda Dybvadskog 10 minuti fa

    Her ability to look back at her past self and always having something positive to say is pretty cool. Like I always judge myself a lot in old photos so I envy that

  • Michele Blais
    Michele Blais 10 minuti fa

    Love you Kim!💞💖👑

  • Aracely Rubio
    Aracely Rubio 11 minuti fa

    Yes! 🙌🏼 cardi and Kim back to back! Thank you for making my week! 😍😍

  • Melis Corakkum
    Melis Corakkum 11 minuti fa

    Is it just me that liked her red outfit I mean I don’t think she looked bad in any of them

  • Gerald Duh
    Gerald Duh 12 minuti fa

    Imagine if Beyonce did one of these😩😩😩

  • Victoria Hollingsworth


  • Leah Ginsburg
    Leah Ginsburg 12 minuti fa

    Her voice is so calming

  • Mary-jane Chidinma
    Mary-jane Chidinma 12 minuti fa

    Kim has a good heart with time dress code would change. Kanye was right.

  • 1963zinnia
    1963zinnia 12 minuti fa

    I actually loved more your look when you first started! I followed you because of your curls era... 💆🏻

  • Bella Boo
    Bella Boo 13 minuti fa

    ITs CuTe !!😬

  • Ivan Petrovic
    Ivan Petrovic 13 minuti fa

    greyt job

  • Natasha Christabella
    Natasha Christabella 13 minuti fa

    Kim and kanye are a perfect match 👌🏿 love them .

  • Elias Foster
    Elias Foster 13 minuti fa

    that tongue wider than my future.

  • dlxe
    dlxe 13 minuti fa

    I ❤️ Kim as a blonde !!

  • B Bob
    B Bob 14 minuti fa

    She worked hard to be where she is today I’ll give her that ❤️

  • Laila Kitty
    Laila Kitty 14 minuti fa

    I can’t help but love these girls. They’re just so genuinely caring. It makes me happy

  • Key Royale
    Key Royale 14 minuti fa

    Kulture and her lil silk hair cap

  • Diana K
    Diana K 14 minuti fa

    I like the more mature older Kim

  • Forest McMillin
    Forest McMillin 14 minuti fa

    She pronounced Giuseppe Zanotti wrong

  • Hannah Tanner
    Hannah Tanner 14 minuti fa

    Why has grandma not been bought a house 🥴

    • Vivi H-B
      Vivi H-B Minuto fa

      Hannah Tanner I thought about that too but maybe nana doesn’t want to move, memories & all her friends live next door. Keepin it real. Grandma’s are wise.

  • Mariam thahsin
    Mariam thahsin 14 minuti fa


  • Ellie Malm
    Ellie Malm 14 minuti fa

    Kim: I don’t drink, I don’t even know why am here 2 mins later: Becomes spokesperson for a liquor brand. Lol jokes asides I love Kim’s style, such an icon!

  • L Henn
    L Henn 14 minuti fa

    *points to nonexistent pimple* “This guy gets really red” Me: uh where

  • Rob kg 3
    Rob kg 3 14 minuti fa

    I love kim k

  • EuphoriaEffect
    EuphoriaEffect 15 minuti fa

    How she just put Paris on the spot like that "Have a whole pharmacy in that bag" lol wow

  • Darryl Williams
    Darryl Williams 15 minuti fa

    Loving You Forever. 😍😍😍

  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua 15 minuti fa

    Kim I love you with the hoops and sweat pants you gave relaxed a glam look!

  • Maggie Lopes
    Maggie Lopes 15 minuti fa

    No matter what she wears it's always going to look good !!

  • LEZA Rose
    LEZA Rose 15 minuti fa

    She's just CUTE. Go bb go

  • Lucre Sant C
    Lucre Sant C 15 minuti fa

    Camila is so beautiful 😍 i'm in love

  • gryffindorgemini
    gryffindorgemini 15 minuti fa

    14:10 as someone who always gets bullied, I really needed to hear that

  • Christie Neese
    Christie Neese 16 minuti fa

    Cringe!!! Kim talks about the thing she adores most....talking about Kim. Ugh.

  • Maroua K-r
    Maroua K-r 16 minuti fa

    Who is here after harry styles interview?

  • Amelia Earhart
    Amelia Earhart 16 minuti fa

    Can you do an episode of this with LADY GAGA. It’d be cool to feature someone who understands fashion.

  • channel of everything ian

    This video is really good and i suscribed

  • Autumn Bramble
    Autumn Bramble 16 minuti fa

    Kim Kardashian is one of the fakest, most plastic people on this planet a long with her sisters Kylie and Khloe. And they all have photoshopped their pictures. It's crazy how you can have so much money and still be insecure like that. I could care less about this. Her most regrettable look is the person she looked like before her and her family discovered plastic surgery, lol

  • Marcela Lozano
    Marcela Lozano 17 minuti fa

    Say whatever you want. She is a humble person & so down to earth. Just compare her to Kylie !!!!!!

  • Sierra Smith
    Sierra Smith 17 minuti fa

    Her voice is soo relaxing and soothing.

  • i amissangel mua
    i amissangel mua 17 minuti fa

    I wish y'all still had dash