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George Harrison - "Flying Hour"
visualizzazioni 31K4 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Country Dreamer"
visualizzazioni 7K4 anni fa
John Lennon - "Rip It Up/Ready Teddy"
visualizzazioni 2,1K4 anni fa
The Beatles - "It's Only Love" Mono
visualizzazioni 23K6 anni fa
The Beatles - "Glass Onion"
visualizzazioni 6K6 anni fa
The Beatles - "The Word" Mono
visualizzazioni 2,4K6 anni fa
John Lennon - "Scared"
visualizzazioni 21K6 anni fa
George Harrison - "So Sad"
visualizzazioni 38K6 anni fa
George Harrison - "Unknown Delight"
visualizzazioni 37K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Watching The Wheels"
visualizzazioni 4,1K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Dig It" Stereo Remaster
visualizzazioni 1,2K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney&Wings - "Blackbird"
visualizzazioni 1,6K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Run For Your Life" Mono
visualizzazioni 13K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Honey Pie"
visualizzazioni 1,7K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Dear Prudence" Mono
visualizzazioni 5K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Far East Man"
visualizzazioni 66K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Michelle" Mono
visualizzazioni 11K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Calico Skies"
visualizzazioni 2,7K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Lovely Rita" Mono
visualizzazioni 9K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Good Day Sunshine" Mono
visualizzazioni 3,5K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Let It Be Me"
visualizzazioni 23K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "This Boy" Take 1
visualizzazioni 18K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Ballroom Dancing"
visualizzazioni 2,1K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Matchbox" Mono
visualizzazioni 14K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Hear Me Lord"
visualizzazioni 2,8K7 anni fa
Traveling Wilburys - "Maxine"
visualizzazioni 69K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Dr.Robert" Mono
visualizzazioni 1,9K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Souvenir"
visualizzazioni 1,1K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Flying" Mono
visualizzazioni 1,9K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Dance Tonight"
visualizzazioni 2,2K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Free As A Bird"
visualizzazioni 71K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Bangladesh"
visualizzazioni 35K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Julia" Mono
visualizzazioni 2,9K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Get Back"
visualizzazioni 8K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "For No One" Mono
visualizzazioni 5K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Be-Bop-A-Lula"
visualizzazioni 7K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "You"
visualizzazioni 7K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "One Day At A Time"
visualizzazioni 83K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Hello Little Girl"
visualizzazioni 8807 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Hope Of Deliverance"
visualizzazioni 142K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Fish On The Sand"
visualizzazioni 11K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Intuition" Demo
visualizzazioni 4,6K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney&Wings - "Wild Life"
visualizzazioni 4427 anni fa
John Lennon - "Real Life"
visualizzazioni 6K7 anni fa
Ringo Starr - "Bad Boy"
visualizzazioni 2,7K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Hold On" Take 31
visualizzazioni 7K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "One Of These Days"
visualizzazioni 6K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Teddy Boy"
visualizzazioni 10K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Any Road"
visualizzazioni 3,1K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Misery" Take 1
visualizzazioni 4,5K7 anni fa
George Harrison - "Nowhere To Go"
visualizzazioni 4,6K7 anni fa
John Lennon - "Love" 2010 Remaster
visualizzazioni 2,6K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "Uncle Albert" Jam
visualizzazioni 6K7 anni fa
Paul McCartney - "That Day Is Done"
visualizzazioni 13K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "I Need You" Mono
visualizzazioni 14K7 anni fa
The Beatles - "Another Girl" Mono
visualizzazioni 17K7 anni fa


  • Bob Mccartney
    Bob Mccartney 2 giorni fa

    Que bien!!

  • Bob Mccartney
    Bob Mccartney 2 giorni fa


  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 4 giorni fa

    Hearing from Bangladesh

  • Ian McKinnon
    Ian McKinnon 5 giorni fa

    Harmony master ,that can rock & sing so sweet 😎✌

  • hadeel s
    hadeel s 5 giorni fa

    I'm speechless.

  • Mike C
    Mike C 6 giorni fa

    Live Aid was playing catch up to George.

  • Ava 1929
    Ava 1929 7 giorni fa


  • Yocokjhon23 gatdula
    Yocokjhon23 gatdula 7 giorni fa

    Nobody loves you when you're old and grey Nobody needs you when you're side down Everybody's hurrying about their own birthday Everybody loves you when if you are in 6 foot on the ground

  • Federico Meléndez
    Federico Meléndez 7 giorni fa

    For evamo' and foreva

  • X Garcia
    X Garcia 8 giorni fa


  • Wdkontvid
    Wdkontvid 8 giorni fa

    This song is amazing!

  • Fatima Satrr
    Fatima Satrr 9 giorni fa

    Meu lindo Ringo cantando lindamente!

  • Dave J
    Dave J 9 giorni fa

    I haven't heard this take, but this could also be the Beatles practicing it with John. There's another partial version of this song on the tail end of the "Something" sessions and I can't remember which take it was, but it was just the piano loop of this song over and over....the part where he says "always" ... "always"...

    • Dave J
      Dave J 9 giorni fa Here's the version with the Beatles in it. After 3:15

  • beatles fan
    beatles fan 9 giorni fa

    now this is good music for a 11 cuz i hate new music

  • Arnaud FAUCHERE
    Arnaud FAUCHERE 9 giorni fa

    Thanks !!!

  • catsarereallycool
    catsarereallycool 10 giorni fa

    Excellent. Thank you.

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 10 giorni fa

    I have heard this on several Macca bootlegs and LOVE this....

  • Marco Zucchi
    Marco Zucchi 12 giorni fa

    I'm sorry that adter the "Mind Games" album he stopped doing political songs

  • Viviane Silva
    Viviane Silva 13 giorni fa

    Valdemar Rocha

  • pdp313
    pdp313 13 giorni fa

    Everytime I listen.. I cry.

  • Deschanels 07
    Deschanels 07 14 giorni fa

    Fifty first dates

  • Nazmus Sakib
    Nazmus Sakib 15 giorni fa

    LOVE U SIR...

  • Morriah McDonald
    Morriah McDonald 15 giorni fa

    you can hear his soul

  • Pawn Hearts
    Pawn Hearts 16 giorni fa

    Vocally ringo’s best song Mostly because in this song he actually sounds like he could blend with the others Mostly because it’s double tracked

  • Pawn Hearts
    Pawn Hearts 16 giorni fa

    Vocally ringo’s best song Mostly because in this song he actually sounds like he could blend with the others Mostly because it’s double tracked

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 16 giorni fa

    John would have made the 1980's amazing...

  • nelson costa
    nelson costa 17 giorni fa

    just forever

  • Ashit Roy
    Ashit Roy 17 giorni fa


  • Choudhary Nirma
    Choudhary Nirma 17 giorni fa


  • Storeisclosed
    Storeisclosed 18 giorni fa

    Ball was cool

  • Eric Beaulieu
    Eric Beaulieu 18 giorni fa

    Good lil' boy/girl relationsHip/dating numBeR.

  • gilang rizky abdillah
    gilang rizky abdillah 18 giorni fa

    Cowboy relax

  • Teeroo Sam
    Teeroo Sam 18 giorni fa

    This makes me think of Edna Krappabell!😂

  • Kathryn Wilson
    Kathryn Wilson 19 giorni fa

    Oh man what a song !!!!!! He has the most perfect voice !!! There's nothing he can't sing , brilliantly - PERFECT!!!!! He has one of the best screams in music ..makes me tingle all over - then the goosebumps come .....UGH !!

  • Kathryn Wilson
    Kathryn Wilson 19 giorni fa

    ANOTHER brilliant album of Maccas !!! Great song --as they ALL are . I am having a McCartney afternoon today ....and it has been MAGNIFICENT. I am covered in goosebumps -- all his songs do that to me. I LOVE reliving all this fantastic songs. Thanks for posting

  • Carlos Velasquez
    Carlos Velasquez 19 giorni fa

    Would have been a number one if the Stones had recorded it

  • aaroniouse
    aaroniouse 20 giorni fa

    another song youtube doesn't want you to hear. F%#@ you IT-clip.

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 20 giorni fa

    This song title sound normally start the PID trolls, but I have found except for those who troll Paul individual IT-clips, that they cannot get out of their old Beatles death clues....most are like a rat on a circle ⭕️, stuck on pepper, an album that really perplexes the tinfoil basement kids who are rigid and concrete in their thinking, square alt righters...

  • MrSnout5
    MrSnout5 20 giorni fa

    Paul, you're the definition of the diligent man - who shall stand before kings! You also got to play 'Her Majesty' in front of Queen Elizabeth II and 'Michelle' at The White House, in front of the Obamas. Talk about lucky!

  • Flink
    Flink 21 giorno fa

    Letra en español: Toda la gente dice que lo tenemos hecho ¿Acaso ellos no saben que tenemos tanto miedo? Aislamiento.... Tenemos miedo de estar solos Todo el mundo tiene que tener una casa Aislamiento... Sólo un niño y una niña Tratando de cambiar el mundo entero Aislamiento... El mundo es sólo un pequeña pueblo Todo el mundo tratando de anotarnos Aislamieeeento... No esperó que entiendas Después de haber, causado tanto dolor Pero de nuevo, no tienes la culpa No eres más que un ser humano Una víctima de la locura... Tenemos miedo de todo el mundo Miedo del Sol Aislamiento... El sol nunca desaparecerá Pero el mundo no podrá tener muchos años Aislamieeeeento....

  • Chris Drummond
    Chris Drummond 21 giorno fa

    The song I can relate to on this album is Maybe I'm Amazed.

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 21 giorno fa

    One of my FAVORITE Macca, wings solo songs, music and lyrics...not on egg album but I had maxi pic’s actually Macca’s hardship since thing then another now mercilessly trolled online as an imposter

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 21 giorno fa

    May have already said it downthread but had the single and WORE IT OUT.....seriously raw ripping Macca stuff..

  • Leide Pereira
    Leide Pereira 21 giorno fa

    Melhor música do Paul😍😍

  • Joshua Arzaga
    Joshua Arzaga 21 giorno fa


  • Joker Benny
    Joker Benny 21 giorno fa

    I'm literally crying. Music was that much powerful and Musician was not only do concert they do something more I'm listening with my tears I'm Bangladeshi Wanna thank him from bottom of my heart ❤❤❤ Thanks for uploading with greatest images

  • Therein lies your first problem

    *So sad* It's just another day love.

  • katoness
    katoness 22 giorni fa

    Always thought Lennon's debut solo was his best

  • Giuseppe Grasso
    Giuseppe Grasso 22 giorni fa

    This version is far better than the version released for the 50th anniversary of The Beatles. It's the best version I've ever heard so far. It's a pity that George's talent as a songwriter has been considered by John and Paul only at the end of The Beatles' career. According to me, it would have been a fantastic track if only they'd let him put it on The White Album or maybe on Yellow Submarine, but it would have been a great single too, if they'd backed it with It's All Too Much or even better with The Inner Light instead of backin' The Inner Light with Lady Madonna and rejectin' this brilliant song of his. This is just my point of view.

  • Gordo Fat
    Gordo Fat 22 giorni fa

    Every day I wake up for work I play this song

  • ReBecca O
    ReBecca O 22 giorni fa

    I prefer the early takes where I can hear Hughie play.

  • walendxweg
    walendxweg 22 giorni fa

    NICE PELOTE THEM COURT BUISSONNIERES combinaisons de culotage KLASS TEXTE IMAGINE ACHTUNG TANZ MEANDRES SANS DETOURS kx 7 EST MAGIK tout ne ffees que commencer ///////////The Beatles - "I've Got A Feeling" Early Take //LE 29 09 2019 FORMIDABLE ALBOUM Paul McCartney - Magic ////Hey Grandude!' visits Waterstones Piccadilly//////1709 2019 Rêves de Rêves de l inachevet Beautifull story. MAGIK pur Génial Inimaginable et pourtant''''''''' Tout était plus que par fées🐴👍🎈👻🐺 ( De ce côté Court '''''🐴👻📡🐰🐺👠👜☔🐻🐮📞🔔🎎👢💌 on a simplement lèvè (Pour que la Magik et surtout le REVE reste intacte ET c est peu dire Qu IL EN RESTE LARGEMENT ''''ce qui n est pas du aux intentions des épieurs enfileurs TOISEURS plus A présenter et ne fera jamais pour ce qui me concerne et concerne ma pensée profonde pas seulement à l écran au pays de tous pays un cautionneur ou partisan de la méthode , du secteur là-bas dîner trames élogieuses pétales filets banquetages etc, ni de la CITY de l onde again ses oeuvres plumanitaires évolutionnaires olivette croches aggravées cantates auréolées virages voltages mirages etc demandez pas le bouquet Personne n' est dupe,,,,,,,,, ') un tout petit bout de voile sur la PELOTE le strict minimum utile au maintien FUTUR du developpement accès sans déviations ou égarements au SENSE """" 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 Es war einemal TROZTHEM 👏✋📡👢👜👜🎼restons dr0les TOUT NE FUN People QUE COMMENCER one more TIME kx pour ce qui me concerne sur ce pelote et à titre personnel je n 'associe néanmoins pas non sans raisons cette pensée profonde et concrête mirages voltages prises trames pétales programmes étiolants divers de nos univers politicomediatic peu importe l 'écran les Midinettes les oeuvres et les gesticulations 👉 voilez voilez

  • Steve Parris
    Steve Parris 23 giorni fa

    I think this is him screaming about the way the press treat him and his love

  • প্রথম প্রহর

    I can bleve love then

  • EineFaserImGewebeDesLebens

    The guitar work on this song is outstanding

  • Maria Svard
    Maria Svard 23 giorni fa

    Quisiera un hombre que se deje amar así como Yoko se dejó amar por John en esas maneras tan locas..

  • Domingo Zavala Marttini

    Frank Sinatra la definió en su tiempo como uno de los mejores temas de las últimas décadas

  • Tinthia Clemant
    Tinthia Clemant 24 giorni fa

    Thank you, Paul and Linda.

  • Adolph Naimo
    Adolph Naimo 24 giorni fa

    Thank you for this. :D


    Creo que son unas versiones maravillosas, con una frescura donde se refleja todo el talento de los cuatro monstruos de la historia de la música 👍👍👏👏

  • Yvette Clark
    Yvette Clark 24 giorni fa

    Beautiful xxxx

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 26 giorni fa

    Wore this album out and young teen hippie I was so glad to get it...

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson 26 giorni fa

    Ah, Macca being naughty again....hi, hi, hi banned. Macca being naughty is a nice thought to this old boomer gal.

  • Leonardo Barbieri
    Leonardo Barbieri 27 giorni fa

    This version makes me cry...

  • Judy Ledbetter
    Judy Ledbetter 28 giorni fa

    Deep & Sensitive George, We Miss You. May You Rest in Peace. God,Bless.

  • cricklekid
    cricklekid 28 giorni fa

    Mind . . . blown!

  • Chantelle Adlington
    Chantelle Adlington 28 giorni fa

    As much as I like this song, you'll find that what John and yoko had was actually fucked up. I mean come on! In the double Fantasy album version of this song you can hear him complain at the end of the song about how yoko doesn't spend time with him or Sean. And I'm losing you which is a song from the same album is about John realising their relationship had turned shit. Don't let their fake fairytale story fool you all

  • p m
    p m 29 giorni fa

    Vocals aside, this sounds like any other band in the world at the time. The master version sounds like the Beatles. That's why they kept refining it, and that's why they are the best band ever.

  • Antonio Sorbo
    Antonio Sorbo 29 giorni fa

    Simply genius!

  • ThinWhiteAxe
    ThinWhiteAxe Mese fa

    Lovely chord progression

  • Joy Stinson
    Joy Stinson Mese fa

    Dude blew it out on this first solo album all done by himself, hated by critics and berated by many bitter Beatles fans, I bought it at time and remember how powerful it was. Really holds up...this song blew me away at time came out. I was 13 or 14....then came Ram, when he took the house down. If Beatles had to break up, got some SERIOUSLY good solo music from all of them....

  • dA.RebelliousArc

    a man who wore his heart on his shoulder for the world to ''see and hearr'' his story was is own and we thank him for sharing his hardship and sWeet moments through his pain and happy-ness - cheers brother and thankU kindly")

  • Garou Ojisan
    Garou Ojisan Mese fa

    I like the ukulele version where Paul is singing along with him. The harmony is so good.

  • walendxweg
    walendxweg Mese fa

    Texte kx n oubliez pas de tirer les rideaux

  • walendxweg
    walendxweg Mese fa

    1909 2019 herbstzgun c vu 👉📷🎂🐑📺💼🔭🔌💣📬🍼🇪

  • vasiliki Bouzopoulou

    He was wrong only about one thing: This world will never forget about him

  • Kenny Raicherter

    My bud Nancy is from Bangladesh she is a beautiful lady inside and out.

  • Funny HRA
    Funny HRA Mese fa

    While John Lennon and Paul McCartney were busy engaging in their ego/power competition, after the breakup of the Beatles, to prove who was the "best", George did something for hundreds of thousands of suffering people in the world, to help them get some relief, and save some lives. Good job George, you let the attention whores focus on their own careers and images (though I appreciate their music), and put something together on fairly short notice that really made a difference. Kudos to Eric Clapton also, for showing up the night before the concert, in serious withdrawl from heroin addiction, and managing to perform anyway, and do a good job. Read more

  • ashu krishna
    ashu krishna Mese fa

    Bangladesh is free now. Hope someday India Bangladesh Bhutan Nepal srilanka and Myanmar will be like EU

  • Saucy fish
    Saucy fish Mese fa

    I miss ya every day John. Every day.

  • roger bell
    roger bell Mese fa

    Quite beautiful - life affirming

  • Luis Urtaza
    Luis Urtaza Mese fa

    I keep thinking this song is about Paul.

  • Luis Urtaza
    Luis Urtaza Mese fa

    I keep thinking this song is about Paul.

  • Eric Beaulieu
    Eric Beaulieu Mese fa

    Great eARLy-BeAtLes tune.

  • XXXToxic
    XXXToxic Mese fa


  • Pallab Shikder

    In our liberation war the USA was against us but despite of being a markin citizen George Harrison fought for us. Love you friend ❤🇧🇩

  • Ryan Burns
    Ryan Burns Mese fa

    Play this for the people who try to take your soul, life, wife, girlfriend, ...ect and be at peace with all time right or wrong in this rat trap race for the prize over ourselves or building something inside, they cant take away in your ambition intuition faith god lord karma buddha whatever. There is a light that shines inside if we dont give in to their hate and satanic rythem

  • Dino Silvani
    Dino Silvani Mese fa


  • Dion Zares
    Dion Zares Mese fa


  • Hunter Zolomon

    You will always be in our hearts George ❤️ 🇧🇩🇧🇩

  • Kala Plante
    Kala Plante Mese fa

    This song is great. I love his voice when it's pure like this.

    • Steve Jerome
      Steve Jerome Mese fa

      He was always so worried about his voice and putting effects on it.

  • Kyle O'Bryan
    Kyle O'Bryan Mese fa

    John Lennon spoke to the human soul like no one else could.

  • Takao Suzuki
    Takao Suzuki Mese fa

    They all loved Greek music. Six years later they quoted this song's melody in the ending of "The Ballad of John and Yoko". You can also hear the famous "Never on Sunday" melody by Manos Hatzidakis in George's instrumental music titled "Greece".

  • Vagner Souza dos Santos

    Alguém mais acha essa música mais bonita que Yesterday?

  • Joyce Tyner
    Joyce Tyner Mese fa

    Plus plus Sir(s)

  • Ray este
    Ray este Mese fa

    Govinda jaya jaya Gopal jaya jaya :-) Who is listening in 2019 ? Greetings from France.

  • raman narayanan

    Great song from Paul..........

  • Hasina Lipi
    Hasina Lipi Mese fa

    Our proud

  • Pinch loaf
    Pinch loaf Mese fa

    Robben Ford yes!

  • Rakhan Gurung
    Rakhan Gurung Mese fa

    He should have visited Nepal , trust me we would find him more spiritually awakened