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No Time - The Guess Who (1969)
visualizzazioni 25KAnno fa
These eyes - The Guess Who (1969)
visualizzazioni 1,8MAnno fa
One way or another - Blondie
visualizzazioni 20K4 anni fa
Groovin' - The Young Rascals
visualizzazioni 14K4 anni fa
I can see clearly now - Johnny Nash
visualizzazioni 15K4 anni fa
My sweet Lord - George Harrison
visualizzazioni 8K4 anni fa
Bread - IF (With lyrics on screen)
visualizzazioni 5K4 anni fa
Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
visualizzazioni 1,6K5 anni fa
Lima, the perfect place for your event
visualizzazioni 5985 anni fa
Amazed - Lonestar (Lyrics on Screen)
visualizzazioni 32K6 anni fa
Andy Gibb - Shadow Dancing
visualizzazioni 9K6 anni fa
Dido - Thank you (Lyrics on screen)
visualizzazioni 3,2M6 anni fa
Caramelos de Cianuro - LA CASA
visualizzazioni 5586 anni fa
Honey (I miss you) - Bobby Goldsboro
visualizzazioni 95K6 anni fa
Venus - Shocking Blue
visualizzazioni 4,8K6 anni fa
Pamela Rodriguez - Amorcito
visualizzazioni 2,1K6 anni fa
Bread - Make it with you (1970)
visualizzazioni 20M6 anni fa
Malika Ayane - TRE COSE (Con testo)
visualizzazioni 4,5K6 anni fa
visualizzazioni 3,9K6 anni fa
Black Magic Woman - SANTANA
visualizzazioni 5K6 anni fa
Bellita jugando
visualizzazioni 866 anni fa
Peter Frampton - Show me the way
visualizzazioni 8K7 anni fa
Ray Charles - What´d I say
visualizzazioni 7K7 anni fa
Shantall - "All by myself"
visualizzazioni 11K7 anni fa


  • Sabrina marie
    Sabrina marie 2 ore fa

    We all come together as one on youtube listening to great music with memories sad or happy each one of us

  • arthur green
    arthur green 3 ore fa

    Escape From Dannamora,NY Prison

  • Mike Fiolle
    Mike Fiolle 3 ore fa

    I was 15 when this song was out

  • Mary Anne Nagle
    Mary Anne Nagle 3 ore fa

    best tomrs EVER

  • Bree Lovexoxo
    Bree Lovexoxo 3 ore fa


  • Ladybug
    Ladybug 4 ore fa

    One of the most beautiful song of our time.💕

  • Hank Bridges
    Hank Bridges 5 ore fa

    Thomas Gregory Jackson. Tommy James REAL name! 😇

  • Curtis Jones
    Curtis Jones 6 ore fa

    Love the song "Just like Starting Over ". One of my favorite love songs of the 80s ; it has that sweet , mellow , romantic fee,l but a sad side to.

  • Kathy Stephens
    Kathy Stephens 7 ore fa

    I played this song a million times in high school and beyond. Got in my Dad 's old car, that I am driving, yesterday and this song came on. Instant time machine.

  • lisaann1213
    lisaann1213 12 ore fa

    I am very angry at the responses by ignorant, incorrect, and uneducated Gen Yers. There is absolutely NO incestuous undertones here!!!! GOD HELP US ALL IF ANY OF YOU KIDS ARE STUDYING CHILD PSYCHOLOGY!!!! Here are the FACTS...most young kids, I would say between the ages of around 3-6 develop a deep natural attachment towards an opposite sexed person in their lives For a boy it could be his mom, an aunt, or a caretaker. For a girl it could be her dad, an uncle, or an older male relative like a cousin. Oftentimes, it manifests itself in pretend interactions where the child expresses a strong desire to marry that person. Normal adults feel flattered, but ignore it, and in most cases the kids figure out on their own how things are meant to be. In the case of boys, they end up going through a phase where they don't want hugs and kisses from their caretakers as much. Girls turn their pretend interactions towards things like Barbies and little boys at school. Very rarely does a child carry these sentiments toward the object of their affection beyond 6, and those that do benefit from a gentle talking to about boundaries and family relationships. What young children are developing is a sense of the traits that might appeal to them later in life as they begin dating and eventually enter into more lasting relationships. It's a NORMAL and NATURAL phase. However some of you here are posting things that are highly disturbing about INCEST, which is not what this song is about at all. All I can say is if that's what you're reading here, then please, do us all a favor, don't have kids and go to therapy. I swear, this is why I dislike Gen narrow minded and always sure they're right!!!

  • Debbie Razavi
    Debbie Razavi 12 ore fa


  • Vania Mattos Mattos Amor


  • Let'sPlay game
    Let'sPlay game 13 ore fa

    Es maravilloso recordar los buenos momentos con esta bella cancion!!

  • Elizabeth MC
    Elizabeth MC 14 ore fa

    OMGosh. I had the biggest crush on my best friend's

  • Elizabeth MC
    Elizabeth MC 14 ore fa

    I was a tanned

  • RGkong
    RGkong 15 ore fa

    *Who’s here from Breaking Bad?*

  • Walter White
    Walter White 16 ore fa

    Remember my name......

  • Kristen Timo
    Kristen Timo 21 ora fa

    How does a broken heart mend or really does it? I think we learn to live with it and try to get through what comes our way, it's not easy pretending I'm ok when I'm dying inside. Now I know why my Mother took her life her broken heart never mended. RIP Mom nothing or know one can brake your heart anymore 💔

  • Signe rudberg selin

    Just love this song!

  • Leslie Lundquist
    Leslie Lundquist 23 ore fa

    One of my favorite songs. So many memories attached to it.

  • Monique Côrtes
    Monique Côrtes Giorno fa

    13 outubro 2019 RJ. Brasil 💖💋💋💋

  • Monique Côrtes
    Monique Côrtes Giorno fa

    💗... Muito lindo 💖

  • Skinflintster
    Skinflintster Giorno fa

    OMG! I am so old!!!

    • Maria Mercieri
      Maria Mercieri 13 ore fa

      Skinflintster Many die young 😥

    • Peta Murphy
      Peta Murphy Giorno fa

      Haha, me too. Oh but what great songs we had back then. Can kind of relive our past for a few minutes now and then :)

  • Christine Zikowitz


  • Christine Zikowitz

    beautiful song sounds about right

  • leo_ 2277
    leo_ 2277 Giorno fa

    I'm now seeing this

    • hamzah zainal
      hamzah zainal Giorno fa

      Me seeing this nice relaxing song..since first time heard this melody in 1975

  • Delfina Ledezma
    Delfina Ledezma Giorno fa


  • PreTSD
    PreTSD Giorno fa

    Where is a nearby tower when you really need one...for sightseeing of course, what did you think i was going to do?? Seriously though, i'm really just all talk anyway, I guess maybe a lot like this guy is...?

  • Linda Marie Marie Marie Ortegon

    Timothy Ivan Martinez

  • Tiramisu
    Tiramisu Giorno fa

    Walter White 👍

  • NostalgicUnderground

    I just discovered this band. Its awesome

  • Tony Bramhall
    Tony Bramhall Giorno fa

    Aint it beautiful..

  • Bang Doel
    Bang Doel Giorno fa


  • Brandon Luck
    Brandon Luck Giorno fa

    If only hank wouldn’t have went to the fucking bathroom

  • Sinead Butler
    Sinead Butler Giorno fa

    Listen to the lyrics , it’s words of wisdom, the music is beautiful, older songs are gold .

  • Kris Euribe
    Kris Euribe Giorno fa

    such beautiful music. and look at all the thumbs down. Thanks for sharing this lovely music.

  • Robert Klineyoung

    my safe place

  • Peter Horner
    Peter Horner Giorno fa

    Bread and seals and crofts

  • Peter Horner
    Peter Horner Giorno fa

    This song takes me back to when I was growing up.

  • Xenomorph Lad939
    Xenomorph Lad939 Giorno fa

    Still relevant!!! Dumb f* music nowadays sucks! And I'm a 80s/90s kid... Sh1t, they can't even write cursive nowadays... lmao!

  • Lawrence Ahern
    Lawrence Ahern Giorno fa

    I Know a Girl Named Kim I call Her Kim Carnes

  • Cesar Jeopardy
    Cesar Jeopardy 2 giorni fa

    "I won't let you leave my love behind"

  • Eric Washington
    Eric Washington 2 giorni fa

    Love this song so easy and smooth.

  • audiophile man
    audiophile man 2 giorni fa

    It's a classic for sure! I saw it in the new Joker movie, so just had to check out the lyrics in detail here. They're great lyrics. Thanks for posting this classic!

  • jandiz dia
    jandiz dia 2 giorni fa

    I love this song, it reminds me of when I was younger and this kind of music was just the best ever!

  • D Scott Burry
    D Scott Burry 2 giorni fa

    good stuff

  • Cliff Herren
    Cliff Herren 2 giorni fa

    Just a really good 60's classic and timeless song. I can't imagine people giving a thumbs down to it.

  • patrick garvey
    patrick garvey 2 giorni fa

    I love this song. It takes me back to a better place ✌🏼💕

  • mark hausz
    mark hausz 2 giorni fa

    Fuck, I miss the 90’s..... Yes, the 90’s.......

  • Jose Muñoz martinez

    Escuchar esta Preciosa canción hoy octubre 2019 es un lujo. Estas canciones nunca tendrían que olvidarse, tienen que perdurar siempre

  • Jocelyn Cruz
    Jocelyn Cruz 2 giorni fa

    The Conjuring😭

  • hugo josé capodicasa aranguren

    esta es la mejor cancion del grupo bread con david gates epoca inolvidable

  • mackfhey Aguirre
    mackfhey Aguirre 2 giorni fa


  • Tommy TOMMY
    Tommy TOMMY 2 giorni fa

    Te extraño mi Venezuela 😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭y sobretodo a mi familia te amo mi Venezuela ojalá salgas de esa crisis

  • André Hue
    André Hue 2 giorni fa

    2019.....Salvador-Bahia, Brasil.

  • Linda York
    Linda York 2 giorni fa

    This music was simply beautiful and brings me back to when I was young in an instant...hard to believe that so much time has passed

  • Roberto Pastor
    Roberto Pastor 2 giorni fa


  • Frank Denardo
    Frank Denardo 2 giorni fa

    Great song. Harry Nilsson left us too soon.

  • Jake Molten
    Jake Molten 2 giorni fa

    always good :D

  • Clifford Reaux
    Clifford Reaux 2 giorni fa


  • Jipsie Mune
    Jipsie Mune 2 giorni fa

    I am

  • J.C. Tavares
    J.C. Tavares 2 giorni fa

    only assholes give thumbs down to a song like this

  • Thomas Russell
    Thomas Russell 2 giorni fa

    I was 6 and at my gdad's in Sunnyvale for the summer

  • bob johnson
    bob johnson 2 giorni fa

    Jimmy's brother sung this song way better

  • Marcos antonio Nascimento

    Quem e desta epoca nunca esquece boas musicas bons tempos tempos de amor e paz

    • Vania Mattos Mattos Amor
      Vania Mattos Mattos Amor 13 ore fa


  • omkar Spy
    omkar Spy 2 giorni fa

    Hit like for this flag🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴🇧🇴

  • elias melese
    elias melese 2 giorni fa

    It is unforgatable,bab

  • duskmystic blackman
    duskmystic blackman 2 giorni fa


  • Steve Scott
    Steve Scott 2 giorni fa

    I was 12 years old in 1969 and thought this song was quite groovy and extra far out man!.Still do!.Growing up in SF Bay Area, Mom used to take us to see San Francisco, and the Hippy's down on Haight street, like going to the zoo!.Was quite a scene back then.We were in Fremont, a little Cowboy town back then ,about 35 miles south of, what was , the beautiful city of San Francisco.

  • Kanz Khudori
    Kanz Khudori 2 giorni fa


  • alfonso jose ramos garcia

    hermosa melodia del recuerdo beautiflor

  • Jose Luiz Lopes
    Jose Luiz Lopes 2 giorni fa

    Curti muito essa música, ainda bem que encontrei. 👏👏🎸

  • Webster kaguda
    Webster kaguda 2 giorni fa

    sounding good all the time

  • Kairi Ali
    Kairi Ali 2 giorni fa


  • Richard Howe
    Richard Howe 3 giorni fa

    I was 18 and in love and the army was breathing down my neck..I lost my love and then tried to join the army but failed my physical..that was just the beginning of a screwed up life.. now I am moving to the Philippines and hopefully I can die in peace in Paradise and I might even find a love before I die..who knows? I don't care if she loves me. I just want to love her.. I just want to be in love with someone when I leave this Earth!!

  • Alexandra Rayandayan

    Me: *liking this* People: but you're fiftee- Me: yas

    • Jim Campbell
      Jim Campbell 2 giorni fa

      Hi Good Morning, So I am just having Fun Time with Music I wish I could sing and have a with a Guitar!!! So I Love so many People as I survived and I Flew to The NWT as the North Yellowknife so have a look with I Think It Joe Buffalo With “ICE PILOTS” so Myself I was 1970 I had my only 4 only Airplanes as I owned my owned a Beach Baron Twin Engine, so after the fact, so a later I leased to Ontario Fire Water Bombers So I got Myself to my Lunch Time so Thanks neverbody, So Love you Take Care! James Campbell Jpc

  • dede misbahudin TV CIAWI TASIK


  • claudivan nonato da silva

    Uma das muitas músicas que eu me amarro, desse grupo que marcou a década de 70, e até hoje essas marcas estão aí. Indeléveis. Parabéns pelo bom gosto. Tô nessa!

  • D Scott Burry
    D Scott Burry 3 giorni fa

    MC was a fun movie as well

  • Enio Luis Dos Santos

    2019...Brazil...Im here. Excellent music.

  • Kanz Khudori
    Kanz Khudori 3 giorni fa


  • Chitnos Bnois Bnois
    Chitnos Bnois Bnois 3 giorni fa

    Sdds de tempo que não volta mais

  • Veno Singh
    Veno Singh 3 giorni fa

    Absolutely many memories..❤❤❤

  • mark Rogers
    mark Rogers 3 giorni fa

    i love this.

  • Nilmani Khulal
    Nilmani Khulal 3 giorni fa

    But not now.. even president.. music can change or make straight path for life time without derailed.

  • Douglas Batista
    Douglas Batista 3 giorni fa

    muito bom demais,saudades do passado,nao sei voces mas bread me lembra florestas e rios maravilha mesmo

  • Jerry The Mouse
    Jerry The Mouse 3 giorni fa

    Listening in anticipation for El Camino tonight

  • Arnold Lutchman
    Arnold Lutchman 3 giorni fa


  • Stefanie Contreras
    Stefanie Contreras 3 giorni fa

    Why is music not like this anymore?

    • Richard Bool
      Richard Bool Giorno fa

      @Stefanie Contreras So Bread Would be one of your Dads records then, You keep listening to your dads he has good taste.

    • Stefanie Contreras
      Stefanie Contreras 2 giorni fa

      @Richard Bool there are only a few musicians now at day that are worth it, otherwise I always get back to my Dad's music or the 90's the music I heard growing up

    • Richard Bool
      Richard Bool 2 giorni fa

      Stefanie Contreras : It is because when you write music you have to have lived a little or you cannot feel it in your body in your soul in your heart, how can some body write a song if they cannot feel it, ANSWER they cannot, all the young musicians of today don't wait until they feel some thing because they only care about Money and what they may get when they are rich, Older musicians didn't care so much about money and had to wait some times for ever for their first hit.

  • Martine DanDanfa
    Martine DanDanfa 4 giorni fa

    thank you chèri i love you

  • gianzito L R
    gianzito L R 4 giorni fa

    Guasu k buena cancion los tiempos de mis viejitos 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢 😢

  • gianzito L R
    gianzito L R 4 giorni fa

    K buenos tiempos k quedan

  • gianzito L R
    gianzito L R 4 giorni fa

    Buenos tiempos y el tiempo demoraba un monton k buenísimos tiempos quedan historia 😢😢😢😢😢😢a quellas personas k fallecieron

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 4 giorni fa

    oooohhhh yes -girls

  • Glenn parent
    Glenn parent 4 giorni fa

    time for a coldbeer in bufallo or or toronto

  • gianzito L R
    gianzito L R 4 giorni fa

    K buenísimos tiempos de mis viejitos 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Maria de Fátima Viriato

    Gosto desta música ano 69 e estamos em 2019 🍃😉🥂🇧🇷

  • Sebastian Eloy Briozzo

    Lennon es lo más grande que hay, de muy chico tenía unos discos suyos que no paraba de escuchar y me hizo llorar mucho cuando me enteré que Lennon había muerto hacia varios años.

  • lukeslc
    lukeslc 4 giorni fa

    This was "our song" in high school, if you know what I mean. Sadly . . . she married someone else.

    • I Q
      I Q 2 giorni fa

      lukeslc Heh heh nah man. You can do. You can hope, you can do, and you WILL do. Believe in yourself

    • lukeslc
      lukeslc 2 giorni fa

      @I Q I can only hope . . . . . .

    • I Q
      I Q 3 giorni fa

      One day

    • lukeslc
      lukeslc 3 giorni fa

      @Rami7605 You are exactly right. Good-looking or rich -- the 2 main ingredients to finding a wife. Sadly, I am neither. Oh well . . .

    • Rami7605
      Rami7605 4 giorni fa

      Maybe you should have been taller an richer

  • Carlos Rivera
    Carlos Rivera 4 giorni fa

    Breaking bad and the meth brouhgt me here.