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  • CallMeRiki21
    CallMeRiki21 Ora fa

    after hearing what shroud said i really do wander what would be the results of players like device simple twistz and other players who are known to have good mechanical skill, yes shroud used to be at the top of the category at least for NA but since then he quit the pro level and started streaming, doing so (imo) provably made his aim and overall performance in these kind of test be a bit worse overall I really enjoyed the video and now can laugh even harder at people who say the human eye can only see 30 fps

  • Kona Tri
    Kona Tri Ora fa

    Do not hire her.

  • BobFronk
    BobFronk Ora fa

    3:43 YEA..YEAH, YEAH..

  • Catson
    Catson Ora fa

    I only know Paul

  • Surgical
    Surgical Ora fa

    Please hire her. This video was hilariously entertaining

  • Lihuang Zheng

    this is amazing! thanks linus for making it happen!

  • Talented Tech Guy

    Dear Linus, I love ur videos. My only request is to message me on Insta. It's my request, please. Instagram: talented_tech_guy Please just message me.

  • SciTk
    SciTk Ora fa

    No wonder I get killed in FPS all the time I suck and I game at 60hz

  • Jakub Zubaj
    Jakub Zubaj Ora fa

    Noone: "Oh boy this 144hz monitor feels great!" Boomers: "But human eye sees only 24hz"

  • TheSchougen
    TheSchougen Ora fa

    I dont know who she is and what she does. But hire her and make this a regular thing! :D

  • Deon Spates
    Deon Spates Ora fa

    Shroud is a GAMING LEGEND!!!

  • corner liston

    Was hoping to see reaction time also and there you go. Everyone thinking you need 1 ms input lag on your monitor please think again because even the best differ quite some in reaction time.

  • rmp5s
    rmp5s Ora fa

    Phoenix 4 LYF! Don't have to shovel sunshine!! 😁

  • Gurkirat Gaming

    Ok boomer

  • Ari Feannor
    Ari Feannor Ora fa

    out of sync by a few milliseconds

  • Ryan Cornell
    Ryan Cornell Ora fa

    Just hire her already Linus.

  • danut ilasciuc

    can you play Minecraft with it ?

  • Dominik Ruoff

    This is highclass comedy. It's amazing how many puns are in this video. I really had some laughters.

  • Hasan Akdoğan

    Is audio at the beginning of the video out of sync? Or is it just me :S

  • Can Erkin S.
    Can Erkin S. Ora fa

    You should have tested: FPS / Hz 60 60 120 60 180 60 240 60 300 60 120 120 240 120 360 120 480 120 144 144 288 144 432 144 240 240 480 240 I think that is a much more "sensible" test. Mixing matching 5 attempts each. leaving out 120/144 would've worked I guess, but this would say so much more

  • Salz Stangl
    Salz Stangl Ora fa

    *Cries in 250ms ping"

  • P.M.
    P.M. Ora fa

    I'm better pro playing on my xbox I get 25 fps in 720p in monster hunter world suck it.

  • Silvar55x
    Silvar55x Ora fa

    The training effect could have been mitigated by... training? Have everyone familiarize themselves with the test for 5 - 10 min (or until they felt comfortable) before actually testing?

  • Murko Oneeightytwo

    Why do I have a feeling that LTT has gone corporate darkside?

  • Omar Ezzat
    Omar Ezzat Ora fa

    9:16 he looks like a male mia khalifa

  • Esser Gaming
    Esser Gaming Ora fa

    Just sent this video to my dad who thinks that I dont need a monitor higher than 60hz :/ WELL NOW I HAVE A REASON!

  • Pitipu Corrado

    She needs to get hired!

  • J T
    J T Ora fa

    Is there some reason LTT doesn’t feature or hire transgendered folks? This is Canada after all.

  • Aufnahmen aller Art - Medienproduktion. Tonstudio, Fotografie, Video.

    I am actually watching this the second time now. Ganz großes Kino!

  • Alpha Werewolf

    I'm here only for Corey and Shroud lol

  • Mr.krillboy
    Mr.krillboy Ora fa

    Linus tech tips Helping you do your taxes since scrapyard battle 7

  • Daniel R
    Daniel R Ora fa

    I really thought shroud was small and scawny lol

  • Noppa
    Noppa Ora fa

    198ms(average) reaction time with 120hz screen/long button push mouse,but i am already around 40y old.. so i would say pretty good still, when i was younger, my reaction time's was a lot better clearly.

  • Peter 3337
    Peter 3337 Ora fa

    60hz is way better on a CRT because there's no motion blur, everything is still clear and crisp when moving around unlike an LCD where it's all smeary and motion sickness inducing

  • Plant Aiden12345678

    I have never gamed on a monitor that was above 60hz, when I upgrade to 144hz I'm probably gonna be like "woah"

  • En be
    En be Ora fa

    great Video! Thumbs up.

  • sogetsu60
    sogetsu60 Ora fa

    Most 240 hz monitors have more input lag at 60 hz compared to native 60 hz with decent input lag.

  • Yui_chan298
    Yui_chan298 Ora fa

    Shroud just forgot to turn on his aimbot.

  • Nadz Addiction

    Dafuqq? I thought grimmzz is just using a hoodie OMFG LMAO

  • Sean Jenkins
    Sean Jenkins Ora fa

    The video we thought we’d never see

  • Night Bleeding

    i have a AMD Ryzen 5 2600x and a RTX 2060 and if i play games that use CPU and GPU over 50% usage, like 3h-4h my room is 3 degrees celsius warmer !

  • Shonak Khan
    Shonak Khan Ora fa

    Paul mvp

  • Gaming Vasta
    Gaming Vasta Ora fa

    Nice thing about overwatch ur aim rly translate very wel to other games! Speacilly hitscans like AWP or desert eagly. But with ak47 ur aim wil be rly bad it wil be hard to get used to patrns

  • SCSotU
    SCSotU Ora fa

    To summarize::

  • Hakanai
    Hakanai Ora fa

    grimmmz looks like beaulo with more hair

  • EternalChaos000

    Can we get a comparison of: 1. gsync/freesync + vsync capped 3 fps under the monitor's refresh rate 2. no gsync/freesync at ~same fps as refresh rate vs 3. no gsync/freesync uncapped (ideally 300+ fps) for 144Hz/240Hz? I've noticed a lot of people using option 1 for optimal input lag similar/lower than option 3 as it is less gpu intensive and fixes screen tearing

  • SnackySmacky
    SnackySmacky Ora fa

    This would have been better with bugha

    IIARROWS Ora fa

    11:00 meanwhile at Google... "No lag on Stadia!!!111!!!11"

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos Ora fa

    They did it !!!!

  • João Marques

    Totalbiscuit would be fucking proud.

  • ShintyShinto
    ShintyShinto Ora fa

    Everything was okay or at least interesting except that kitchen!!

  • A C
    A C Ora fa

    Thank you Linus for this. Gamers need to see this

  • innominata
    innominata Ora fa

    We are going to P-hack until our results are meaningless! Seriously linus, you need to set the parameters before you conduct the science.

  • Daniël Hemmen

    31:42 Linus, your plants have microstutter.

  • Bam Holian
    Bam Holian Ora fa

    What do you mean "too hot" in Phoenix?

  • Pabumake
    Pabumake Ora fa

    This women does an epic job in entertaining AND pissing of Linus :D Totally love it 11/10 :D

  • Uday Paul
    Uday Paul Ora fa

    1440p at a better go now

  • Jerry K.
    Jerry K. Ora fa

    Aaaaaand than there's me, playing at 20 FPS (when I still played CS:GO)

  • Thomas Hentges

    Excellent science

  • Beast Wolf
    Beast Wolf Ora fa

    Why is wish still existing and still kinda of a thing

  • Casual
    Casual Ora fa

    That background music at the end...

  • PJ Smigliani
    PJ Smigliani Ora fa


  • Baku Laku
    Baku Laku Ora fa

    Grimz proves that shroud is an overrated shill ahahahahahba

  • jblps
    jblps Ora fa

    0:08 That "but" out of sync for anyone else?

  • Jeremy Wolfe
    Jeremy Wolfe Ora fa

    Where was the 2x?

  • Anthony McCue

    i have saw all these people win a ASUS build with you in a lot of vids. but i have not seen how they where entered i love to win something like this.

  • Jeesp
    Jeesp Ora fa

    Linus out here on the IT-clip grind making quality content

  • Gfish
    Gfish Ora fa


  • Brian Spragge

    Who else plays at 30fps?

  • Tanmay Rane
    Tanmay Rane Ora fa

    Shroud you say ? I liked your video straight after lol.

  • TheMetalGuy852

    Short answer: yes Long answer: yes, it does

  • Erickkach
    Erickkach Ora fa

    Why overwatch and not rainbow six siege. ?

  • Robo Redneck
    Robo Redneck Ora fa

    this is like a hipster meeting a legit geek and I love it

  • Alpha Gamma Dingdong

    Results seem to indicate that 240 is actually MORE useful to amateurs than pros, which is super interesting! Thanks for this content LTT this was really well done!

  • Hamza Rehman
    Hamza Rehman Ora fa

    She was annoying

  • Hoppebold02
    Hoppebold02 Ora fa

    When you feel cheap with a 8 core CPU...

  • Goarden Freeman

    Is it possible that LTT got into some trouble with MSI latley ? Since they're not mentioned (while Alienware, HP and even Clevo are) and we've never seen that glorious "MSI Dragon" again, also they stopped uploading quite a lot of reviews where MSI could've been at least a choice. (e.g. current Gen Titan Notebook Series, WQHD 165Hz 27" VA Display, etc) Last I remember them working together was back at Computex and reviewing all the last Gen Parts (beginning 2019)?

  • Placeless
    Placeless Ora fa

    I saw the thumbnail and immediately thought it was Corey but then I was like "nAaa couldn't be" I guess I was wrong lmao

  • thedesk
    thedesk Ora fa

    Santa Ana? "I think you mean" SA NTA A NA - Sincerely Peanut

  • Kevin Sanders

    Riley's pent up rage? Maybe? or just fulfilling a fantasy of putting a light-saber through someones head?

  • Abid mir
    Abid mir Ora fa

    Damn all these gamers look THICC af when you see their full body compared to that small window we see while they stream 😂

  • Zechexs
    Zechexs Ora fa

    17:23 Hmmmmm...

  • coltrain Dontworryboutit

    Shroud is getting plump

  • Rusty Heckler

    This is the kind of thing why I watch LTT

  • TheRealDerohneNick

    This was very entertaining to watch.

  • --
    -- Ora fa

    shroud has a big fat cock

    IIARROWS Ora fa

    No doping!!!

  • Phantohm ghostyy

    Why is it that 240hz is full speed but 1000hz is slow mo ?😂 I've never understood this

  • Joe D
    Joe D Ora fa

    The sound on the video. About 30 mins into video, when it's just Linus, it feels like Linus's voice isn't balanced between my left and right ears. Left seems louder or more clear or something.

  • Mastah George

    is Linus secretly a god at gaming ? looking at his results kinda shocked me

  • Chebron
    Chebron Ora fa

    Bullocks, gaming skill is actually directly proportional to the amount of RAM in your system with RGB coming in at a close 2nd.

  • Gussix
    Gussix Ora fa

    The only ROG thing in my pc is the wallpaper

  • TimmahOTool
    TimmahOTool Ora fa

    This was an amazing video thanks guys!!

  • channel channel

    seriously though, Corey is one of the sickets Hitscan players

  • Patrick Backford

    I think Linus was having a tough time with a female version of his sarcastic self 😆

  • JoshuaLieghio

    I was like, man.. a 28 minute video? That's a bit long. I don't know if I'll watch it... I'm so glad I did she is great

  • Mohamed Zahidin

    How much did Nvidia pay shroud?

  • ulrest
    ulrest Ora fa

    I thought the title was “I Sold Her $5000 Gaming PC For $20!” Like you took her PC and just YOLO BITCHSed it.

  • Richard F
    Richard F Ora fa

    Wow you really listened and got shroud! Awesome!