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Brave Fun Facts | Pixar Did You Know
visualizzazioni 28K5 giorni fa
Sadness at the Beach | Pixar Doodle Duels
visualizzazioni 46K12 giorni fa
Soul | Official Teaser Trailer
visualizzazioni 9M14 giorni fa
Onward | Official Trailer
visualizzazioni 6MMese fa
Toy Story 4 Ever
visualizzazioni 7M4 mesi fa
Make a Friend With Tony Hale | Pixar
visualizzazioni 54K5 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | Now Playing
visualizzazioni 1,1M5 mesi fa
"Giggle McDimples" Clip | Toy Story 4
visualizzazioni 824K5 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | In Theaters Friday
visualizzazioni 261K5 mesi fa
"The Plan" TV Spot | Toy Story 4
visualizzazioni 351K5 mesi fa
"Gabby Gabby" Clip | Toy Story 4
visualizzazioni 2M5 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | In Theaters June 21
visualizzazioni 530K6 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | In Theaters June 21
visualizzazioni 96K6 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | In Theaters June 21
visualizzazioni 153K6 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | In Theaters June 21
visualizzazioni 204K6 mesi fa
Onward Official Teaser Trailer
visualizzazioni 7M5 mesi fa
Toy Story | "Meet Forky" Clip
visualizzazioni 608K6 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer 2
visualizzazioni 22M6 mesi fa
"Duke Caboom" TV Spot | Toy Story 4
visualizzazioni 735K6 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | Official Trailer
visualizzazioni 59M8 mesi fa
Monsters, Inc. | Pixar Side By Side
visualizzazioni 329K8 mesi fa
Kitbull | Pixar SparkShorts
visualizzazioni 37M9 mesi fa
Up "Married Life" | Pixar Side by Side
visualizzazioni 2,1M9 mesi fa
Smash and Grab | Pixar SparkShorts
visualizzazioni 4,8M9 mesi fa
Purl | Pixar SparkShorts
visualizzazioni 14M9 mesi fa
Toy Story 4 | Big Game Ad
visualizzazioni 3,3M9 mesi fa
Introducing Pixar SparkShorts
visualizzazioni 258K10 mesi fa
A Pixar Fireplace
visualizzazioni 202K11 mesi fa
Incredibles 2 Clip - "Edna"
visualizzazioni 368KAnno fa
Incredibles 2 Clip - "Cookie"
visualizzazioni 21MAnno fa
Elastigirl Vintage Toy Commercial
visualizzazioni 941KAnno fa
Frozone Vintage Toy Commercial
visualizzazioni 270KAnno fa
Incredibles 2 "Suit Up" Sneak Peek
visualizzazioni 2,3MAnno fa
Incredibles 2 Official Trailer
visualizzazioni 129MAnno fa
Bravo, Edna - Incredibles 2
visualizzazioni 399KAnno fa
Incredibles 2 - Olympics Sneak Peek
visualizzazioni 55MAnno fa


  • Zach Johns
    Zach Johns Ora fa

    She's just as gloomy as Eeyore.

  • blazin.kalinnn
    blazin.kalinnn 2 ore fa

    I think it looks great OKAY.

  • hustle bustle
    hustle bustle 2 ore fa

    what song is 0:22

  • LUCA$ELMZ123
    LUCA$ELMZ123 3 ore fa

    the two peters from the MCU XD

  • Eva Khr
    Eva Khr 3 ore fa

    Зато мне жалка сабаку 😭

  • Blu Orangeade
    Blu Orangeade 3 ore fa

    No matter how many times I watched it, I always crying :’3

  • Eva Khr
    Eva Khr 3 ore fa

    Оооо какая милашка 😊

  • Hisaudience
    Hisaudience 4 ore fa

    his brother is just the guy from flushed away

  • Dennis Wolf Cyclist

    Manly tears have been fallin'

  • John Neal
    John Neal 4 ore fa


  • Sultan The cool dude

    I was about to crie this is so sad

  • Ashley Jadeee
    Ashley Jadeee 5 ore fa

    I never watch this Movie but this Clip can Make me cry.the way The grandma sings

  • Ivanriadi
    Ivanriadi 5 ore fa

    Just "coming soon"? I need it now

    CG GAMER 6 ore fa


  • Lana
    Lana 7 ore fa

    Thanks Purl 💜

  • Schwitz
    Schwitz 7 ore fa

    that thumbnail reminds me of Abbey Road of The Beatles

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 7 ore fa

    What truly amazes me, is that there are a lot people leaving comments of hate towards this animated man, while one man was found guilty of this very thing and he receives paychecks from the NFL. Where's everyone's pitchforks there. Shame on Vick, the NFL, and the fans.

  • Mexhonduran madness

    Cannot wait my "soul" to see this movie

  • Lisa M
    Lisa M 7 ore fa

    I needed to hug my pittie after watching this! I rescued my girl 5years ago from CA, who had been through this and I just can't bare the thought that people are out there that have no heart 💔😔😢

  • dzgtnbz
    dzgtnbz 8 ore fa

    They should make Michael Vick watch this and read all the comments. I will always be in disbelief that they let him play in the NFL again.

  • VideoOverload
    VideoOverload 9 ore fa

    Is it bad that I can already see Shädman?

  • เอิร์ธ ธธ

    Welcome to oscar baby

  • SuperMario Zavi
    SuperMario Zavi 9 ore fa

    Pennywise dance 1:15

  • Stewart The Accountant

    I heard AJR and got excited, and I don’t really see what everyone’s so mad about. I think it should be given a chance

  • Alex Ambu-an
    Alex Ambu-an 9 ore fa

    inequality is really an awful thing.

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina 9 ore fa

    :'v :'v :'v :'v


    Can someone explain to me what happened at 1:26

  • Kamal Mohd
    Kamal Mohd 10 ore fa

    10/10 amazing

  • Autumn Fern
    Autumn Fern 10 ore fa

    Sweet Baby Angel Kitty

  • Andy Fan
    Andy Fan 10 ore fa

    Start of the movie: *everyone liked that* When he turns into a blue blob: *nobody liked that*

  • SuperChase 64
    SuperChase 64 11 ore fa

    She bested the keyboard control with her booty!!🤣 0:20

  • Natalie Cottle
    Natalie Cottle 11 ore fa

    My Boys AJR over there making a sick beat for the trailer!!

    RURAL DIARY 12 ore fa

    this was not in the movie right ?

  • Mobushra Ismail
    Mobushra Ismail 12 ore fa

    It's amazing !!!

  • Heavenly Bananas
    Heavenly Bananas 12 ore fa

    Tags: *comedy*

  • triniti korneli
    triniti korneli 13 ore fa

    This movie suppose to be named Jack, Jack.

  • Rod25
    Rod25 13 ore fa

    When i saw this, I tought ot was monster inc, but a remake

  • Ashton melbye & Odin Melbye

    1:39 looks normal 🏹

  • Chloe Burrescia
    Chloe Burrescia 13 ore fa

    2:15 it worked! The can is huge and the van is huge and you're.....oh no 😂😂😂😂

  • Kamdenquinn Johnston

    Today Is The 9th Year Aniversary Of This Video

  • De la art
    De la art 13 ore fa

    Pixar: *Makes trailer showing realistic animation and beautiful scenery Viewers: Wow, really nice. Pixar: The second the blue guy comes up Viewers: I hate you

  • Dinora Zometa
    Dinora Zometa 13 ore fa

    Anyone from tiktok 😁?

  • Luna M
    Luna M 14 ore fa

    Honestly I was so interested and felt inspired about the plot of this movie till he fell😑😑

  • Trobo TicTac
    Trobo TicTac 14 ore fa

    Super mawio in weal loife *S E P A G H E T T I*

  • Brooke Jennings
    Brooke Jennings 14 ore fa

    No...no why would you use such a good song for this and tarnish it with blue blobs making cowboy jokes that have zero humor

  • Ella Wants to Be famous

    They shoulda just told the story of this guys career and him becoming a successful musician. I would live for that movie.

  • Kingston_x Animate

    i love the song

  • dvferyance
    dvferyance 15 ore fa

    I get the sense that Oozma Kappa was perceived as the laughing stock team at Monsters U.

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa

    ♡♡♡☺😁😃😻👍🌸🌼🚌🍦🍨🍧love you♡

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa

    《》to athalia

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa

    Comeing in June 21 in lots hour 1,0000

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa


  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa

    it's fall in toy story 4?

  • Leroy Dickson
    Leroy Dickson 15 ore fa

    To a movie June 21 2019

  • Toys are So much fun

    Funny Russel got bandages stuck everywhere

  • Gewoon Luca
    Gewoon Luca 15 ore fa

    Amazing that they use a song from AJR. Its so good

  • QuazzleTheQaz
    QuazzleTheQaz 15 ore fa


  • cdorberlee
    cdorberlee 15 ore fa

    I cried this is so sad and based on real life

  • Tatum W
    Tatum W 16 ore fa

    me: hey, this actually looks good and seems like it might be entertaining to my age group (a teenager) *guy falls down a whole, turns into a blue blob and watches another blue blob doing a “cowboy dance”, and now it just looks like an inside out 2* me: alright then nvm

    SNAP BROWN 16 ore fa

    There was an episode on itchy and scratchy from the simpsons that was based off this.

  • ジョネーJonét

    It wasn't until I watched DazzReviews, but if you watch the dancing soul guy in like 0.5 or 0.25 speed, it's an actually funny scene.

  • Habien Abraha
    Habien Abraha 16 ore fa

    Are u serious he turns into a ghost lol

  • SuperNova Plays
    SuperNova Plays 16 ore fa

    Why did I have to do a essay on the movie???

  • Angie Hiddleston
    Angie Hiddleston 17 ore fa

    One day I'll be there

  • AndriuxAs
    AndriuxAs 17 ore fa

    Will there be toy story 5 ?

  • Rainbow 77
    Rainbow 77 17 ore fa

    This still ain't bad but I wish the story was about the main character teaching someone younger what music truly is...

    FTW_MADMAN 17 ore fa

    Nobody pixar: What if fish had feelings :nemo What if cars had feelings:cars What if feelings had fellings:inside out What if toys had feelings :You story What if black people had feelings:soul

  • Mason P
    Mason P 17 ore fa

    Moana,Elsa and Anna- We don’t need a man Merida- I’m I a joke to you?

  • Summer All day
    Summer All day 17 ore fa

    When Disney made a black movie the main character turned into a frog When Pixar made a black movie the main character turn into a.... blue blob

  • keren Lopez
    keren Lopez 18 ore fa


  • Lydia Hanger
    Lydia Hanger 18 ore fa

    Fullmetal Alchemist: "They will never learn..." Felix, I found your legs!

  • S Adams
    S Adams 18 ore fa


  • Texting Story
    Texting Story 18 ore fa

    ❤️i love animals❤️

  • LazyUggugg -
    LazyUggugg - 18 ore fa


  • Galaxiam
    Galaxiam 18 ore fa

    I watched this like 20 times

  • TheStarsDon'tDance

    Blue Sky and Pixar apparently don't like having their lead black characters, stay black.

  • Shaela Gillen
    Shaela Gillen 18 ore fa

    aw this is so cute

  • Angelo Sarmiento
    Angelo Sarmiento 19 ore fa

    I curled up next to my two pitties when I watched this. As soon as the pitbull came out with scars, I started crying 😢. Well done pixar !

  • Just Spongbob panting

    *When are you guys gonna make a normal movie that's about normal humans*

  • WolfWoot
    WolfWoot 19 ore fa

    instead of going UP he went DOWN


    every filipino only talking about float” for the sake of nationalism and representation completely misses the point of why it’s so good. “float” uses the imagery of a superman origin to tell the story of a parent struggling to raise a child with autism. it’s everything that “brightburn” and dc tried to do with that character and failed. this story is about anybody who grew up with a medical condition and has nothing to do with being filipino so stop making us look like idiots that only care about things when our race is involved.

  • Will Parkinson
    Will Parkinson 19 ore fa

    How 12k people can dislike this is so beyond me.

  • 3myr Ryamo
    3myr Ryamo 19 ore fa

    1:41 why am i getting KH vibes

  • Kyro
    Kyro 20 ore fa

    And then they die because their battery ran out.

    UNCHAINED SHAMAN 20 ore fa

    This shows about 0.002% of what a day at PIXAR is like lets be real

  • pez chingon
    pez chingon 20 ore fa


  • AlexDeGhost
    AlexDeGhost 20 ore fa

    2:17 That face 😂

  • 100and1percentCotton

    Am I the only one who thinks this is going to be really good???

  • Justin Hopps
    Justin Hopps 20 ore fa

    I cried

  • TisNessie
    TisNessie 21 ora fa


  • MajorityK5 -postsmemes

    Sooo cute

  • Captain FanGirl
    Captain FanGirl 21 ora fa

    Peter Parker & Peter Quil

  • Shaira Mae Loreto

    My dream is to become an animator at disney pixar ❤ i hope someday 😊

  • Carbon_the_fox
    Carbon_the_fox 22 ore fa

    Id love to see more of this the robots the world i cant even begin to think of possiblitys that they offer

  • Darcia
    Darcia 22 ore fa

    "Fun" fact! Did you know that this movie was written by Brenda Chapman who was dismissed mid production and replaced with Mark Andrews by John Lasseter? Thank god for those executives, always protecting us from creative vision.

  • NNN
    NNN 22 ore fa

    Brave 2 pleaseeee I'm on love with her so much 💕

  • Scott Egbert
    Scott Egbert 22 ore fa

    I love Pixar but why can’t they make a normal movie not a stupid movie about a annoying little blue thing Pixar needs BETTER ideas

    • Mexhonduran madness
      Mexhonduran madness 7 ore fa

      That'll be a live action about normal humans. Do you got any better ideas than commenting like a a**hole?

  • Ördek
    Ördek 22 ore fa


  • boxsct the super cool

    Toy story 4 was on this year