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Picco Pictures Contest | Adult Swim
visualizzazioni 7K4 giorni fa
TruthPoint: Darkweb Rising | Adult Swim
visualizzazioni 25K11 giorni fa
1 Minute Academy | adult swim smalls
visualizzazioni 23K7 giorni fa
Xbox Revenge | Robot Chicken | adult swim
visualizzazioni 130K7 giorni fa
SCUM: Pizza | Channel 5 | adult swim
visualizzazioni 15K10 giorni fa
Robot Chicken: A Retrospective | adult swim
visualizzazioni 283K11 giorni fa
Picco Pictures Contest | Adult Swim
visualizzazioni 9K11 giorni fa
Feudal France | Robot Chicken | adult swim
visualizzazioni 263K13 giorni fa
Neko Case | Sorry for Asking | adult swim
visualizzazioni 15K15 giorni fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 8K18 giorni fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 9K25 giorni fa
Gen Z's Popeye | Robot Chicken | adult swim
visualizzazioni 252K27 giorni fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 12KMese fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 12KMese fa
Mister America - Trailer
visualizzazioni 120KMese fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 9KMese fa
Fashion | Off the Air | adult swim
visualizzazioni 132KMese fa
Robo Shinto | adult swim smalls
visualizzazioni 32KMese fa
Uzumaki Teaser | Toonami
visualizzazioni 1,7MMese fa
Picco Pictures Contest
visualizzazioni 11K2 mesi fa
Urges | adult swim smalls
visualizzazioni 50KMese fa


  • Rogelio Cepeda
    Rogelio Cepeda 3 ore fa

    What do you mean 5 New Episodes? Aren't their more than that?

  • Snowdoll567
    Snowdoll567 3 ore fa

    This feels like a copy of the craked vid, but they all about the same time so technically is just coppied homework

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 3 ore fa

    The little girl looks like Dora the explorer. 😎

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 3 ore fa

    The part where James gets wasted and depressed gets me every time. 😂

  • green beedrill
    green beedrill 3 ore fa

    Revenge HAHA

  • spacekitt3n
    spacekitt3n 3 ore fa


  • Flex Bumpchest
    Flex Bumpchest 3 ore fa

    You hear that slick beat playing in the first clip? I love that shit, but the guy talking obscures it, impeding my enjoyment. A year ago, I mentioned this predicament to a chill girl I’d met recently. She downloaded audio editing software, removed the voice and sent me the file. It was fresh. I was like “aw shit, she’s a keeper!” Fast forward to now and we’ve almost hit our one-year anniversary! I love that girl! Thanks Adult Swim!

  • Sly Cooper
    Sly Cooper 3 ore fa


  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 3 ore fa

    King Randor is just straight up hilarious. 😂

  • Sauro
    Sauro 3 ore fa

    will have 2 season?

  • A Person That Likes Memes

    Yes pistols make shotgun noises

  • mateus oliveira
    mateus oliveira 3 ore fa

    Ele fica locão quando come tinta kakskskskskakksksksks

  • Sailor MoonStone

    It’s so wholesome🥺

  • Lego master
    Lego master 3 ore fa

    This when my depression starts 0:03

  • Melbufrauma
    Melbufrauma 3 ore fa

    Joe Pera is a national treasure.

  • Kofi. gil
    Kofi. gil 3 ore fa

    As a kid, I can confirm to you that yes I was having insomnia after reading uzumaki

  • quasimeowdo
    quasimeowdo 3 ore fa

    But Joe, my crush didn't become my bae and that's why I can't sleep!

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 4 ore fa

    Dig Dug will always be a classic. 😎

  • Lord Vader
    Lord Vader 4 ore fa


  • Anonymous S
    Anonymous S 4 ore fa

    What if they made fan art of beatmunk

  • Mediawatcher
    Mediawatcher 4 ore fa

    Pinko does realize that it wasn’t the toys who strapped lotso to the truck right?

  • Aurora Marie Almeara

    What the literal fuck did I just watch???

  • The Jolly Johnson

    2:29 we all know that's not all they are gonna do to her in the stockade....

  • John Stolback
    John Stolback 4 ore fa

    The first 2:20 of this is the epitome of my life. Thank you, Hemingway's, I can officially die happy now. 👍

  • Lorenzo and stikbot Animations

    1:40 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • 623
    623 4 ore fa

    WTF comedy at its finest

  • Bubblymiaa sksk
    Bubblymiaa sksk 4 ore fa

    I was just trynna find happy glenn scenes for my edit and this pops up and I’ve never laughed at jokes about glenn’s death and this made me wheeze

  • Toonyman Base Studios

    Can you sholve smart pipe up your ass? I think it's all that smart!

  • paul hickie
    paul hickie 4 ore fa

    Funny 😂.

  • B B
    B B 4 ore fa

    Tim looks so much healthier since he started Germ Shield-X

  • The Geek Freak 39

    How to avoid demonization "Baker smurf was smurfed!"

  • Jared Pahl
    Jared Pahl 4 ore fa

    9:32 Johnny and Tom Burton. Tim's knucklehead brothers.

  • Joseph Harrison
    Joseph Harrison 4 ore fa

    life in australia

  • Jon Sudano
    Jon Sudano 4 ore fa

    I'm fucking panicking.

  • EvanStickman
    EvanStickman 4 ore fa

    IT-clip: we are a family friendly platform Also YT: Reccomends a Robot Chicken sketch of a kid sniping somebody

  • Sean Lugo
    Sean Lugo 4 ore fa

    Blade meets Buffy the vampire slayer Please Robot Chicken!!!!!

    MLGODZILLA420 4 ore fa

    Considering that they know Godzilla lives in Japan means that he’s real in this universe

  • Nick Malachai
    Nick Malachai 4 ore fa

    I think it's kinda funny how Rick is apparently completely blind to the fact that Morty playing Roy was happy and content with his life by the end, whereas Rick's version immediately dives into treating it like a competition or something for short-term, moment-by-moment enjoyment.

  • Murph
    Murph 4 ore fa

    This man was only 32 when he died. Almost 33

  • Justin Ohea
    Justin Ohea 4 ore fa

    Pico de guy go

  • Firestar 12
    Firestar 12 4 ore fa

    The kid at 7:15 is me

  • Eman Gamer
    Eman Gamer 4 ore fa

    I want this

    • Eman Gamer
      Eman Gamer 4 ore fa

      But not with me in it except if I was hosting it

  • MrCnote1993
    MrCnote1993 4 ore fa

    The chocolate salty balls are fuckin RAW!!!

  • XxxVintaqex DannYxxX

    Lol the voice of chucky from rugrats

  • D. Norbut
    D. Norbut 4 ore fa

    Love how Gregg is always furious that he doesn't have time to critique, but when he gets his chance, he gives the most inane reviews and gives everything 5 bags anyhow. 😂

  • T-Rex official on yt

    Does this explain robot chickens orgins?

  • Quincy Jones
    Quincy Jones 4 ore fa

    Its a beautiful song to be honest.

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 4 ore fa

    "They have repair kits!" 🤣

  • fruitypeebils
    fruitypeebils 4 ore fa

    joe pera is the only celebrity impression i wish i could do. i would do it all the time

  • Murilo Freitas Rodrigues

    Cadê a temporada rebando de felheas duma puta

  • gacha fitri
    gacha fitri 4 ore fa

    Oh yeah the keys *Throw on zombie eye*

    ROBERT LANE 4 ore fa

    If only they made this a video game ;-;

  • Dominic & Damien M

    😆😂😂😂 get lost you blue weirdo were on a date

  • Yugi the gaming pi

    i used to watch the show as a kid but omg! i see panty shots from a 14 year old now i feel old and dirty as hack thank you robot chicken you dirty hentai *looks away*

  • Keagenator 2000
    Keagenator 2000 4 ore fa

    1:03 His left hand is in the shape of a swastica

  • I LikeTrainz
    I LikeTrainz 4 ore fa

    0:54 who noticed the holy o's cereal leave a like

  • tbone
    tbone 4 ore fa

    I'd like to recommend this to my friends, but how are you supposed to explain art? Especially art that has 11 seasons. I give it a vague, but not insubstantial amount of popcorn.

  • Brandon Michaels

    Isn't even using the right amount of cards for Texas Hold Em

  • ImPickleRick
    ImPickleRick 4 ore fa

    The Supermans' drink and popcorn disappeared when they said "Superman" at the end.

  • Maggie Browder
    Maggie Browder 4 ore fa

    Jesus is like a teenager! It's so hilarious.😅

  • I'm Charming
    I'm Charming 4 ore fa

    Who the fuck is Seth Green?

  • waterandafter
    waterandafter 4 ore fa

    Dude's be busting Joe's balls.

  • Bellio Trungy
    Bellio Trungy 4 ore fa

    Happy birthday Tom Cruise!

  • Tragoudistros.MPH

    Reminds me of finding one of my older cousin's transformers, and it too complex for me to change haha ... 😤

  • waterandafter
    waterandafter 4 ore fa

    Gravy makes me sleepy too.

  • Beel
    Beel 4 ore fa

    Imagine the willpower it took for turkington to not laugh presenting his "oscer" grand finale

  • ken Tang
    ken Tang 4 ore fa

    * 28 STAB WOUNDS*

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 4 ore fa

    She-Ra does not play around. 😐

  • David Williams
    David Williams 4 ore fa

    Gregg is like wtf dude

  • Nan0SMM?
    Nan0SMM? 5 ore fa

    Once i saw the Buzz Cup Straw i knew what i was in for.

  • TheEVN7
    TheEVN7 5 ore fa

    S U B L I M E 😑😌😴 *Read more*

  • Lancer is Confused about you

    2:36 sheen is that you

  • Jammu
    Jammu 5 ore fa

    Need to stop watching anime, I saw this and I was offended that goku seemed intelligent

  • branchyapple
    branchyapple 5 ore fa

    Looks like a cool dude lol

  • Cajek
    Cajek 5 ore fa

    This is the future with Ay-n Ra-nd - It's totally obj-ect-ive!

  • Loving - Bunny
    Loving - Bunny 5 ore fa

    Why were there songs removed from Deezer??

  • Connor Surette
    Connor Surette 5 ore fa

    0:11-0:16 😂😂😂😂 1:11-1:21 😨KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!

  • Devon Rusinek
    Devon Rusinek 5 ore fa

    1:05:27 "Gotti. Got E." Electric Sun 18 RIP

  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 5 ore fa

    Poor BeastMan! 😔

  • Jerry Snoor Jr
    Jerry Snoor Jr 5 ore fa

    "So much meat; so little time. Now is that an addendum?"

  • Terminal Bungus
    Terminal Bungus 5 ore fa

    Why are you reposting this rather than giving us NEW Pera material? I need to know that he's alive and well

  • José pirocudo
    José pirocudo 5 ore fa

    Uma coisa mais pior do que essa ta pra existir

  • Michael A Watson

    I prefer the medical opinion of Dr. Second Opinion

  • Joseph Johns
    Joseph Johns 5 ore fa

    Miss frizzle is the boss teacher

  • Amaris Dixon
    Amaris Dixon 5 ore fa


  • IAm Zest
    IAm Zest 5 ore fa

    But I wanted to know how Duck Week ended.... But on the other hand, iNipples.... 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • R A
    R A 5 ore fa

    Gregg has been so unruly of late. Cannot believe it, he better hope tim doesn’t smack him one.

  • The Scary Hound
    The Scary Hound 5 ore fa

    Nigga Dammn! dancing looks like Michael Jackson

  • Auzz
    Auzz 5 ore fa


  • Young MC
    Young MC 5 ore fa

    I see Gregg is a man of taste. He sees that A Good Day to Die Hard is a true popcorn classic

  • Celeste Pater
    Celeste Pater 5 ore fa


  • DonFolaskoTV
    DonFolaskoTV 5 ore fa

    Love how he's dressed in a woman's shirt! The attention to detail is insane!!!!

  • Evan J
    Evan J 5 ore fa

    Choey clo glace mortrez

  • Dead Memes and Weird Dreams

    I will never refer to Black Ops as anything but BLOPS from now on

  • Kiyosuki
    Kiyosuki 5 ore fa

    I like to think of this as the canon ending lol

  • NeoPad A
    NeoPad A 5 ore fa

    Race car is next I think, cars don't look like that anymore.

  • gacha fitri
    gacha fitri 5 ore fa

    Why there is no tartar souce


    Thank you joe *tears up* thank you

  • Ratchet 260
    Ratchet 260 5 ore fa

    0:04 when you walk on a lego