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  • Luciano Quijano
    Luciano Quijano 9 minuti fa

    Is the source material 35mm? Would love to see this in HD some day if it is!

  • kYmkym3583
    kYmkym3583 48 minuti fa


  • Joseph Momma
    Joseph Momma 53 minuti fa

    tRump was just as big a corporate whore scumbag then as he is now

  • Shirley Thomas
    Shirley Thomas 56 minuti fa

    I think you are the best president america can ever ever have. Meeting with all villain and threats to the USA. I know we won't have to worry for a least another 50years somebody wanting to war with America. Because they are not gonna want to talk. And I hope I can make it to your furnual when you die. I voted for him and he was no punk.👌 hemorrhoids🕵

  • Sharon Henderson
    Sharon Henderson 59 minuti fa


  • Hart

    The sun must’ve screwed this orange mf up, what a pure asshole of a man.

  • Edward Hester

    Like an angel

  • Hever Morales

    Trump regardless of his money he's such an educated man, he's very ignorant of issues right now as back in 1980. He's very corrupt man he's a wheel dealer!. he clearly said he's bankrupt!

  • Jeff Siemens
    Jeff Siemens Ora fa

    He seems so much better spoken, well meaning, and level headed in this video than I’ve ever seen him present himself before.

  • Panos Tzelepopoulos

    You are all sheeps. It's time to wake up

  • julian carmona
    julian carmona 2 ore fa

    He sounded less arrogant and less stupid .

  • orlando valencia

    nice song!!

  • summerdying111
    summerdying111 2 ore fa

    She’s talking to him like she wants to suck his dick.

  • Paul Welch
    Paul Welch 2 ore fa


  • x l b L o O d l x

    Who else is reminded of their entire childhood by these two geniuses? Love them both.

  • Dan Brown
    Dan Brown 2 ore fa

    My President

  • Judy Ledbetter
    Judy Ledbetter 2 ore fa

    George, "The Quiet Beatle". Love His Shy, Gentle Way. Rest in Peace, Dear 👼. God Bless.

  • Eddie Ohearn
    Eddie Ohearn 2 ore fa

    Even then he didn’t understand the Iran and how we got to that place in time.

  • Laura Hiller
    Laura Hiller 2 ore fa

    He gave praise to Lincoln in this video clip but has denigrated him and his implementation of politics of late. He touts himself as the greatest president in American history but in this video claims that there was exemplary leadership in our past. Which is it? Is he the best or was this video a manipulation tactic? Clarification would be most appreciated.

  • JuneGDP
    JuneGDP 2 ore fa

    He was always very sensible in his thinking. He was very right it is a very mean life.

  • JuneGDP
    JuneGDP 2 ore fa

    He was always very sensible in his thinking. He was very right it is a very mean life.

  • Donald JP
    Donald JP 2 ore fa

    Lol, let's be honest. Now all Republicans say he's a great person but just when he announced that he was running for president, everybody, and I mean everybody, considered him a clown. Everybody undermined him because he wasn't, isn't nor will never be the right person for that job. Even if he is reelected, he'll always be considered the worst president of all times. Mark my words, after he's done with his first term or second, he'll be on the history books as the most corrupt, dishonest, liar, and traitor in US history.

  • Rose Al Kamisi
    Rose Al Kamisi 3 ore fa

    It's sad when people don't evolve, or worse yet, regress

  • Ace Acevedo
    Ace Acevedo 3 ore fa

    My president

  • Marcia Cruz
    Marcia Cruz 3 ore fa

    Eddie vedder 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • govtom4
    govtom4 3 ore fa

    One of the great rock songs of all time. Actual musicians, playing actual instruments. My kid’s music is total shite. Shite. My daughter wears my concert shirts to school and can’t even name two songs from the band. What a poseur.

  • World Champion
    World Champion 3 ore fa


  • L2K TechGuy
    L2K TechGuy 3 ore fa

    I really feel bad that she just couldn't get through to Marc Moreland. Alcoholism sucks ass.

  • Marten Dekker
    Marten Dekker 3 ore fa

    Emotionally detached, shrill tones...focused on "PERFORMING" ...UGH 👎

  • Alexander Bemar
    Alexander Bemar 3 ore fa

    I now understand why the L EFT are so afraid and hated Trump so much. They knew him as much as he knew them and he is for the best, right and just for Americans and America. The left are the devil followers, and you can't make Satan to be Christ follower, will never happen!!!!

  • Boris the Spider

    Well, he definitely has long standing principles. *TRUMP 2020*

  • Living Free
    Living Free 3 ore fa


  • Jeffrey
    Jeffrey 4 ore fa

    Every leftwing bedwetter on the media infused Trump hate train should see this. #walkaway



  • The Bitch is Back

    The grifter grifting... Go to hell Drumpf. 🖕

  • Gem3850
    Gem3850 4 ore fa

    Hard to believe he would look so gross in the future. Ironic he’s concerned about being mean!

  • Elizabeth Jayne
    Elizabeth Jayne 4 ore fa

    Hindsight is 20/20 He should practice what he preached back then!!! What has he done so far but mess up things! He’s a narcissist and his mask was in place back then!!! But now his narc mask has slipped and we see the true person!!! Narcissist are backwards because they have a problem for ever solution!!!!! He’s disgusting. Not my president!

  • Lets do this
    Lets do this 4 ore fa

    A mean life? He creates mean in America everytime he opens his mouth or tweets. He grew up to be a Russian asset although. Deplorable person.

  • Cheryl Ernst
    Cheryl Ernst 4 ore fa

    Although he sounds different he still talks stupid. Nothing has changed much. Now we know more that he was a huge fraud even as he spoke during this interview. What a joke this man has been his whole life.

  • Rosanna Bananna
    Rosanna Bananna 4 ore fa

    He really loves the word TREMENDOUS

  • Claudia Katz-Palme

    Hello from Berlin, Germany., the Everlys are my one and only. What i did not know - even the Rolling Stones loved and met them😍🎸

  • Joshua Lagrimas
    Joshua Lagrimas 4 ore fa

    "The greatest tragedy in life is that we're old too soon and wise too late."

  • alybel velez
    alybel velez 4 ore fa

    So, he said that if he looses his fortune then he’ll become president... 🤔

  • turbine
    turbine 5 ore fa


  • Freedom Lover
    Freedom Lover 5 ore fa

    I think the interviewer had a crush on the young, handsome, rich Donald Trump

  • tanabata60
    tanabata60 5 ore fa

    Hope they fired that drummer.

  • Maria Robles
    Maria Robles 5 ore fa

    As president he did opposite of what he said at the interview!

  • Stephanie Wright

    Can someone PLEASE kick this lady? Like she may have totally been "the one" to make him think he should run 🤢🤮💩

  • DrGargani
    DrGargani 5 ore fa

    when you have tone that good, combined with such control, you can sustain words in a song like she does...always has been an amazing singer...

  • LunarJane Global WarmingIs Real

    Sounds as stupid as trump is now so guess he’s always been a complete moron

  • emya098
    emya098 5 ore fa

    Trump 2020! We love you Donald Trump! (Strength Peace Prosperity) The world is taking notice!

  • Rog cree
    Rog cree 5 ore fa

    Evil bitch

  • Je t’aime
    Je t’aime 5 ore fa

    🤢🤮 sorry... he definitely is not fine 🍷...

  • Nelsinho G. R. Junior

    2019 salve

  • Mark Robinson
    Mark Robinson 6 ore fa

    Does anyone know who the interviewer is??

  • ginger cox
    ginger cox 6 ore fa


  • Sin SinaT
    Sin SinaT 6 ore fa

    So he was a cunt from the first place.

  • ron simpson
    ron simpson 6 ore fa

    Saw her once live, her voice punches the room like a twin reverb set to 10.

  • Neil Redmond
    Neil Redmond 6 ore fa

    Tom petty had class !! Happy birthday Tom you’ll never be forgotten 🙏

  • Orlando Polanco
    Orlando Polanco 7 ore fa

    Rigth there and then that Asshole should have been executed!#

  • Think about it
    Think about it 7 ore fa

    His hair has messed up for decades 😂

  • Teresa Mack
    Teresa Mack 7 ore fa

    Who knew back then that he was a complete moron??!

  • Dorri Olds
    Dorri Olds 7 ore fa

    Trump gets his donations from billionaires and millionaires. They own gas companies, drug companies, media outlets. Are they the "elites"? The definition of elite is: "a select group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society." So who are the "elites" - aren't they the people with the most money, education and power in this country? Those are Republicans. You and I pay taxes yet we don't have enough money in the bank. We have to save to buy an iPhone, or new airconditioner. We have to save for Christmas presents to our family. Please tell me what Trump has done for you personally? Do you have more money now? I don't. I work. I have since I was 15. I've paid taxes my entire adult life. Shouldn't millionaires and billionaires pay taxes? Why is that wrong? Why should we middle class and lower classes pay taxes when we don't have enough money? Why shouldn't the wealthy 1% of Americans pay an equal percentage of their income to taxes? If you pay a third of your income (33%) shouldn't rich people pay 33% too? And why don't you want to see a higher minimum wage for your friends and families who work until they're exhausted but can't afford a hotel suite at Mar-a-lago? Please help me understand what Trump has done for you that I am not seeing. I really don't see what he has done to help his supporters who are regular middle class people. Forbes is a middle of the road outlet. It is not Republican or Democrat. It reports facts. Forbes has calculated that Trump's golf trips could add up to 340 million dollars. Taxpayers pay for that. You and I. Do you think that is fair? Close your eyes and pretend for a second that we are talking about Barack Obama playing that much golf and you are paying for it. Would that be ok with you? Are all Trump supporters millionaires who don't need medical insurance, food, school supplies for your children, vacations, Christmas gifts? Has trump solved your financial problems? Employment is up but salaries are not enough to support a family. Please give me answers by that give me facts. And please tell me where you read those facts. Calling each other names will not get us anywhere. I think we Americans need to agree on how we want our taxpayer dollars spent. Do you? Is it ok with you that Trump and Mitch McConnell will not protect our elections from foreign interference? Why is that ok? Trump and McConnell want to deny social security to all of us who've spent our whole lives paying into it. That is money so we can retire at 65. If you've paid that money, why is it ok, if you won't get it? It could make a difference between having a home or living on the street. Why do Trump supporters feel like it's a good idea to deny the middle class taxpayers health insurance? That will put many Americans, including you, into terrible debt and possible leave American banks to foreclose on your home, your car, on anything you own. What if you or any of your family member need to go to the hospital? Without health insurance you will be wiped out financially. Or hospitals will turn you away. Why is that a good idea? Please help me understand. Democrats want everyone, EVERYONE, including YOU to be able to vote on where our tax money goes. Taxes are supposed to provide our government to help us taxpayers. You are paying taxes, right? Shouldn't you be protected? Fact: The military parade for Trump cost American taxpayers 5.4 million dollars. Trump is your patriotic hero? But he has never served serving in the military. Instead he said he had bone spurs. He doesn't limp, right? Bone spurs can be fixed with operations anyway. Do you know anyone who served in the military? Do you think tax money should leave veterans homeless, and without health insurance, without food, but instead should be spent on cheering Trump for being great?? And if that's ok with you, can you tell me why? Shouldn't patriots honor the people that served to keep you and your family safe? And isn't patriotism about helping other armies that helped Americans? The Kurds helped us. So why should they be left slaughtered. Doesn't patriotism mean we have an honor code to help those who help us? Can you please answer my questions in calm answers based on your own research that I cannot find in any fact-based outlet? Please. I so want to understand Trump supporters. I really want to but I don't understand why they think Trump is is a great president. All facts say otherwise. Do you read fact-based neutral outlets? I do. They are not for the Democrats or for the Republicans. They do research and find facts for ALL Americans. These are the most trusted bipartisan outlets: Business Insider, Forbes, Reuters, Associated Press (AP). Do you read those? Or do you only believe FoxNews and Breitbart publications that are extreme right and not based on facts. I understand that Washington Post, The New York Times and New Yorker might not be your favorites outlets because they lean left. That's ok. But what about the middle outlets and facts? Isn't that worth reading before voting? If you've read this far, I know that you care about America. Please help us all pull together as patriots. Thank you for reading this. And I can't wait to read the answers to each point!!

  • Gary Partain
    Gary Partain 7 ore fa

    Wake up to the real world , open your mind and see, all politicians are corrupt, all government is corrupt, you just have to go in the direction that represent your values, goals l, and priority. “ No there’s not one righteous, not one” apostle Paul said that.

  • Amy R
    Amy R 7 ore fa

    Not much has changed in his vocabulary. It was weaker then. He's learned about 10 new words.

  • Samantha 78
    Samantha 78 7 ore fa

    Even back in the days he sounds like a traitor!

  • Adam Sobh
    Adam Sobh 8 ore fa


  • Smokey McPot
    Smokey McPot 8 ore fa

    Fluffy-hair man bad. Fluffy-hair man bad. Fluffy-hair man bad. Fluffy-hair man bad.

  • Ailin Ochoa
    Ailin Ochoa 8 ore fa

    She literally talked to her fans shared feelings through the lyrics of her music 😭💗 she made everyone feel loved and equal

  • Andrew Hunt
    Andrew Hunt 8 ore fa

    “Respect” hold on I’m just gonna grab some pussies first, and make people who are disabled

  • No Name
    No Name 8 ore fa

    The Hollywood pedophiles sure knew how to use actors and others in sooo many ways back then. *Do your own research!

  • eddie willers
    eddie willers 8 ore fa

    This has to be before she met Gram.

  • Salli Francis
    Salli Francis 8 ore fa

    Wow. Savvy young man

  • eddie willers
    eddie willers 8 ore fa

    Jesus....she's so impossibly young.

  • Richard Shane
    Richard Shane 8 ore fa

    Trump 2020!

  • Free Thought Pittsburgh

    Funny how he thinks respect is so important. Yet now his actions make us a laughing stock.

  • Richard Shane
    Richard Shane 8 ore fa

    Smiling faces

  • marialiyubman
    marialiyubman 8 ore fa

    I find that the politicians I respect are the ones who looking years back in their past - sound exactly the same. It shows they’re not pandering. It shows they believe in what they’re saying now.

  • Emma Lopes
    Emma Lopes 8 ore fa


  • ToR. Edge
    ToR. Edge 8 ore fa

    NICE to remember back to the days when no one held up their phones during a concert... Flea only wishes he could be that good on a BASS.

  • Knife Shark
    Knife Shark 9 ore fa

    I didn’t like him then, and I really hate him now but he is a master of manipulating all forms of media

  • Blublu
    Blublu 9 ore fa

    This was before I was born

  • John-Paul Nagel
    John-Paul Nagel 9 ore fa

    Two Great Actors who Knew The Importance of Being Humble. R.I.P. Richard and Gene God Bless Thank You 😊

  • cyndy t
    cyndy t 9 ore fa

    But WHY were the Iranians holding hostages??

  • C. VMLMT
    C. VMLMT 9 ore fa

    Ugly then ugly now ugly tomorrow…………gorgeous dead‼️

  • Sweetpea 3399
    Sweetpea 3399 9 ore fa

    Who knew one day he would be the greatest President in American history. I❤️45!!! #🎉TRUMP2020🎊

  • Sweets928 G
    Sweets928 G 9 ore fa

    Since 1980, Donald Trump has NOT changed his view and thinking of and about America. WOW.... How many of us have changed our views because of uncertainty🤔

  • gxbrxxl'
    gxbrxxl' 9 ore fa

    This is like if that tought of "what if i showed modern music to people in the past" came true

  • Jeffery Scott
    Jeffery Scott 9 ore fa

    Wow this is so scary to watch.

  • Christine Law
    Christine Law 10 ore fa

    I love you you are now our President of the United States!! You’re heart and soul are really into the love of the USA 🇺🇸 🇺🇸..Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication...👍👍♥️♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸♥️♥️👍👍

  • John Morgan
    John Morgan 10 ore fa

    "What would you do if you lost all your money Donnie?" Well Rona I would go right out ,like Ive done all my life and defraud more people.

  • Darla
    Darla 10 ore fa

    He used to be able to make thoughtful statements that made sense.

  • Money Maker
    Money Maker 10 ore fa

    He looks like a bisexual here 😂😂

  • LoneWolf
    LoneWolf 10 ore fa

    I absolutely love The Everly Brothers and i came here today to listen to two of my favorite songs by them and write Rest In Peace Phil Everly.

  • John Desmond
    John Desmond 10 ore fa

    Rip the king

  • Randomfully Wonderful

    Abeyance? First word Trump has used that I had to look up. lol, I love the guy, but you've got to admit, he used to be far more articulate. x)

  • Sylvia Genemans
    Sylvia Genemans 10 ore fa

    I've always wondered: what the hell is a freaking "gadda-da-vida"??

  • Integrity Casper
    Integrity Casper 11 ore fa

    God's Hand has been on him the whole time! 🕊

  • Liz E
    Liz E 11 ore fa

    Big smile no brain = obama

  • Debbie H
    Debbie H 11 ore fa

    What happen to him he got old and ugly.

    • Randomfully Wonderful
      Randomfully Wonderful 10 ore fa

      Uhm ... he's not a vampire. He got old because of the passage of time, and his metabolism slowed down so he gained weight, but I'd argue that he's not ugly, and he has a lot of energy for someone his age.