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  • live trell
    live trell 4 minuti fa

    Damn good times

  • Vic Matinez
    Vic Matinez 4 minuti fa

    I like Kawhi last year now I think he acting like a little b**** fuk the Clippers ... Lakers all day💪

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  • LnD Metamorphosis
    LnD Metamorphosis 6 minuti fa

    Good try rockets, glad yall picked up russell westbrook hes beast, all yall need to do is keep grinding and pressure teams when needed, Nuggets defense seems pretty solid is all, lets go houston

  • Reggie Mitchell
    Reggie Mitchell 9 minuti fa

    Real life Demi god 😭

  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar 9 minuti fa

    Evan the nutcracker looks stupid sitting down on the bench!!

  • Raul Salazar
    Raul Salazar 11 minuti fa

    Everybody is beating the crap out of the warriors which i am loving it, payback is a bitch huh warrior fans!!

  • Alexa Woolard
    Alexa Woolard 11 minuti fa

    bogdan underrated af 30 bomb every night

  • Alexa Woolard
    Alexa Woolard 14 minuti fa

    herro is gonna have a good career

  • Alexa Woolard
    Alexa Woolard 15 minuti fa

    love wit the 25

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 15 minuti fa underrated channel for highlights

  • Alexa Woolard
    Alexa Woolard 15 minuti fa

    kevin love is the leader of the cavs

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 16 minuti fa underrated channel for nba highlights

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 17 minuti fa

  • Damon Gallo
    Damon Gallo 17 minuti fa

    game of the year

  • Nate Smart
    Nate Smart 17 minuti fa

    AD isn’t a superstar imo. I think he’s slightly overrated, just slightly

  • Eiffel Cordoba
    Eiffel Cordoba 17 minuti fa

    Fuck the lost Tatum balled out

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 18 minuti fa

    @CRPI underrated channel for highlights

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 18 minuti fa

    @CRPI underrated channel for highlights

  • Isaiah Gnadt
    Isaiah Gnadt 18 minuti fa

    Jokic gets the rebound, had a wide open dunk, still shoots the floater

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 19 minuti fa underrated channel for highlights

  • Daniel McLean
    Daniel McLean 21 minuto fa

  • ivorysteele
    ivorysteele 21 minuto fa

    So the Klamath won the game by a clutch block

  • av
    av 25 minuti fa

    If you sleep on the Heat you get burned baby! Eastern conference finals has never been an easier reality. Let’s get it 🔥

  • Ghetto Entrepreneur
    Ghetto Entrepreneur 25 minuti fa

    Kobe Dwight dunk vibes

  • Leonard Ortiz
    Leonard Ortiz 26 minuti fa

    It's funny now I feel sorry for the Spurs. There's only one hope Lonnie Walker starts it's a wrap he's gonna beast and shock the world on what he can do. Lonnie Walker will carry the Spurs harder than my hemi engine carries bitches

  • Capitol County
    Capitol County 26 minuti fa

    More impressed with that fade away. That was smooth.

  • Greatest Ever
    Greatest Ever 27 minuti fa

    the pistons are wasting his talents......... he could be a solid contributor to a competing team

  • Marcos Solorzano
    Marcos Solorzano 27 minuti fa

    Kawhi ain't winning shit this year. Sorry

  • STIcody
    STIcody 28 minuti fa

    I think a nice poster on AD would look nice in my room anyone else?

  • JadeLogic
    JadeLogic 28 minuti fa

    Pat Bev greened that corner 3, he got that excellent release animation

  • fuzz man
    fuzz man 29 minuti fa

    Feel bad for him

  • Nate Starz
    Nate Starz 35 minuti fa

    Tatums got the worst facial hair in the nba

  • Ryan H.
    Ryan H. 37 minuti fa

    I'm a Lebron fan, but i wish he would just get up after he believes he's foul, man... cmon..

  • Dubsfor20
    Dubsfor20 37 minuti fa

    This was probably the best individual season I’ve ever seen from a player only Steph Curry’s 2016 season is up there he literally carried this magic team to the playoffs they were such a bad team had no business being in the playoffs that year

  • Dr. Zarkov
    Dr. Zarkov 37 minuti fa

    The C's still looked good, during the loss. The game went down to the wire & the C's are down there number 1 scorer, before injured, Haywood was shooting something DISGUSTING like 88% from the field. Also in do time we will see Grant Williams kick rocks to make way for The Tackonator 3000. All I can say is, the TT3000 is going to wreck the NBA & is capable of doing what the greats have done, Russell,(meaning on the court), Wilt, The Dream, I know, those are the greatest to ever do it, but TT3000 has a ceiling that is in the clouds, he WILL dominant, this year or whenever Brad "The Hermaferdite" Stevens brings him up. His 40 something games I hope are put to good use, like playoffs and big games against talent like The Freak, Embid😭, La Clippers and Lakers, teams that the C's will be seeing later in the year,on the way to the Finals. Anyways, respect to The Clippers, they got the W, & PG-13 got tripped up by a 👻 ghost! Tatum Merk'n all you suckas, rocking the Lemonade Jordans, taken name's! PG-13 got himself put on the top of list tonight🤫. After this game Kawhi won't be playing again for awhile. I'm thinking 30days of load management after this overtime slugfest.

  • Rafael Gaming
    Rafael Gaming 39 minuti fa


  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 44 minuti fa

    We got them back, im a jazz fan and I said we aint ganna have a good team but they proved me wrong because they been playing good and I'm glad that mike conley is learning how to play the pick and roll so it is working go jazz go jazz , yes I'm not perfect I made mistakes too.

  • Jarman Jones
    Jarman Jones 46 minuti fa

    What do I call mtfs n tha nfl....was Barry a statpadder...was Dion... was Jerry media generation...pathetic

  • Daniel Horowitz
    Daniel Horowitz 47 minuti fa

    I was watching this live go heat

  • Son Kim
    Son Kim 48 minuti fa

    These were the time I loved this game

  • omar arreola
    omar arreola 49 minuti fa

    2:07 I do not care if anyone brings up era. This man just blocked a jump shot in a fast break, against Jerry West. This guy could defend in any era.

  • Jarman Jones
    Jarman Jones 49 minuti fa

    Mtfs that use tha term statpadder...r retarded...real ones kno y'all never ever played a sport n y'all sorry ass lives...lmao

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 57 minuti fa

    Kawaii the best player off all time he has scored the ball in so many ways.

  • Erick Gonzalez
    Erick Gonzalez 58 minuti fa

    Golden State has disappeared because all this players are new in the team so steve Kerr might have leave and come back when they have the plate ready for him again, now we know mark Jackson was a better coach than kerr because Jackson builded the team so as soon as he got the team ready he got fire remember some how you ganna pay back and the organization is paying him back.,!

  • zachary minor

    Celtics got cheated

  • R C
    R C Ora fa

    Damn even tho they lost Celtics been looking good this year

  • GeorgeGringo21

    Finals preview? I hope. That was a dam good game. That stop and pop 3 by Tatum to get into OT was sick.

  • EBurtonMusic
    EBurtonMusic Ora fa

    Dog be tryna dunk on everybody love it tho

  • Doctor Doom
    Doctor Doom Ora fa


  • Treyvon Moore

    Kawhi shot doesn't count since it was the luckiest shot in NBA history

  • Jinnap
    Jinnap Ora fa

    Where are the Lakers fan at? The Clippers just beat both of the top seed NBA Lakers and the Celtics...It’s Clippers and the Bucks for the finals

  • Yutube SuspendedMyAccount

    I'm not a GSW fan but next season if they get to draft Wiseman. That team starting 5 would be something.

  • Erick Gonzalez

    Steve Kerr was never a good coach his only a good coach with a bunch of supper stars , carma why they waved TOSCANO he has experience in basketball, I bet if he was here the warriors would look a lot better because he would score at least 20 points a game and help getting rebounds and playing D because that dud is very athletic.

  • Philip James
    Philip James Ora fa

    Beverly is now the flopping king after seeing him last night on that one play.


    Should have played DSJ more🤦‍♂️

  • Joel German
    Joel German Ora fa

    @6:19 damn westbroke is moving

  • Emanuel Malik

    I see what Kobe means when he said if Shaq took his conditioning serious and stay in playing shape/weight. This guy was too Desiel🤯

  • Denny Robinson

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  • Rick Chou
    Rick Chou Ora fa

    Why did the rockets release melo

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    Good game. NY's alright!

  • Renzo Sisneros

    Dallas 4E💙

  • Siam
    Siam Ora fa

    Holiday to mavs

  • notyouraverage person

    Gotta like Kwai and George....humble stars they are...

  • Joshua Leet
    Joshua Leet Ora fa

    Go blue!! Keep it up Duncan!

  • hyutyub
    hyutyub Ora fa

    Nobody likes a referee baiter, a flopper, a game full of free throws and a defender that can’t even used their arms and hands.Makes watching the game so frustrating. No wonder I have not finished a game where Harden plays.

  • Abigail Vangine

    Soooo that dunk tho ??👀

  • piotr vezko
    piotr vezko Ora fa

    Notice how Jimmy's phone looks like a phone, Shaq's phone looks like the gate remote control

  • King Koa
    King Koa Ora fa

    If only through the wire was said with the echo

  • CL
    CL Ora fa

    People were laughing at the idea of Butler going to Miami lmao. I can't wait to see the battles the Heat are going to have with the Celtics, Sixers, Bucks, and Raptors.

  • chakasamy 11
    chakasamy 11 Ora fa

    Kawhi after that block like "ight imma head out"...

  • Noah Amankwaah

    Fix that damn echo

  • J L
    J L Ora fa

    Super BA stats. But look up the diesel booming on dudes. Bruh, this dude used to boo boo on dudes heads all day everyday. They done changed the damn rules bc of him LMFAO I miss seeing that low post play ala The Dream, Diesel, the mailman etc. Altho skills prevailed in the post, there’s just something about seeing this monster do whatever he wants under the hoop

  • K
    K Ora fa

    "I just wanted to play harder than everyone else" I love that.

  • Nick Possum
    Nick Possum Ora fa

    To Everyone that said that we are an 8th seed at best, consider this a warning

  • Joseph Yarbrough

    Tatum X'ed the hell out of PG13😮

  • Nick Possum
    Nick Possum Ora fa

    I just want to know where all the haters are at that said we aren’t gonna make the playoffs, or that we’re a 1st round exit at best, or we’re at best a 7th seed.😂😂🤡

  • DrinkMoWater
    DrinkMoWater Ora fa

    1:37 TRAAAVEL.. haha

  • Dante's Chaos

    Smart is as uncanny a play-maker as anyone I've seen

  • Tyriece Davis

    This was a good game but Idk see how they go beat the Lakers. Kawhi go need hella load management, they barely won this won. Idk why but I don’t think clippers chemistry is going to get where it needs to be.

  • Marquiese Beatz

    Basketball was so trash in the 90’s. Everyone outside the superstars were trash... kobe and lebron are the greatest basketball player to ever play the game

  • Django Unchained

    I told you warrior fans I'm gonna track um to the playoffs. If they make it. Yes they need back up. Real fast. But it won't make a difference. The lake of 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 Lakers . Is the real Kings of the west . Alwayzzzz been. The head of the warriors shall fall. The King James is on pre destined mission. You folks ain't scene LeBron at his best. Golden State is recieving shooting lessons and Dunkin lessons and when they meet the king .you got it elimination lessons. So y'all think you saw the real LeBronnot a chance in hell. But you shall see this yr. It goes against every dam thing you thought you knew about the king. And even then you saw three rings. + One ring I a lifetime achievement.) And the king is far from Don .he gonna drop um like a bad habit. The lake of 🔥 🔥🔥 🔥🔥 🔥 ha been rekindled

  • Some Person
    Some Person Ora fa

    Rockets get bounced in the 2nd round at best if they run 4 guards like this often.

  • Parker Reis
    Parker Reis Ora fa

    The next goat

  • Galaxia King
    Galaxia King Ora fa

    Who knew that the Celtics were better without Kyrie? Well just about everyone who saw them in the playoffs.

  • 1FTSports
    1FTSports Ora fa

    Lebron's was better

  • Alan Baker
    Alan Baker Ora fa

    Dame Time Waves goodbye

  • G.T Breezy
    G.T Breezy Ora fa

    this game really better than the lakers clippers match up ???/

  • Mike 2400
    Mike 2400 Ora fa

    Good defensive game overall. Looks like the Nuggets were forcing the Rockets role players to beat them while limiting Russ and James. Not one Houston role player reached double figures aside from Capela, that won't get it done against another contender on the road.

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    Cleveland needs one more player to be able to compete in the Eastern Conference.

  • Trenten Williams


  • Lucki Girl
    Lucki Girl Ora fa

    GSW... you better be glad that i'm a loyal fan because the score itself is enough to make any other person easily say "fuck the Warriors, i'm not a fan anymore" but i'm not like that. i'm still a Warrior 💙💛. this right here is proof that we ain't nuthin without Klay or Steph. i mean we were losing with Stephen Curry but not this bad. this was unreal. smh

  • darnell johnson

    This Wizards team can flat out shoot the ball

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    Miami's nice!

    X DAFACTOR Ora fa


  • G.T Breezy
    G.T Breezy Ora fa

    when KL start playing hella hard in the playoffs the load management jokes will cease to exist

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    Wear the Miami Vice artteca Heat uniforms, the colors are so fly!

  • Deangelo Ware

    He'll go freeze that boi hit a 3 lol

  • MrRapeman23
    MrRapeman23 Ora fa

    Spoelstra did say Duncan Robinson is one of the best shooters he’s ever seen

  • real ghost hunting adventures

    We need to start murry with white for defense and Aldridge and demar and start Lyle's still what y'all doing spurs I know y'all better than this the coaching staff needs to wake up now before there ain't no chance show these haters what y'all got I mean we're 14th in the league now we can shut up people or just go home I'm a die hard Spurs fan but do what's right for the Spurs community!!!