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  • Ömer Güney
    Ömer Güney Minuto fa

    Miami plzz

  • Tom mm.
    Tom mm. 7 minuti fa

    Team spain watchin this like 'damn'.....

  • Micheal James
    Micheal James 11 minuti fa

    Durant is not there how sad hahaha

  • HALI100
    HALI100 17 minuti fa

    Lookn like Dax lol

  • `1nfamous Soldier
    `1nfamous Soldier 22 minuti fa

    Durant listening to Marvin's Room while watching this lol

  • Gravity
    Gravity 42 minuti fa

    Love those thumbnails 🔥

  • SiNicoleIdolSiSARAH
    SiNicoleIdolSiSARAH 45 minuti fa

    Surge iBlocka

  • Jim B
    Jim B 52 minuti fa

    Do this with Vince Carter. Highlight reel after highlight reel.

  • Aaron Velazco
    Aaron Velazco 55 minuti fa

    At 3:38 he has his headband and loses it during the play, aside from the no foul call, where TF did the headband go???

  • Team Gamers
    Team Gamers Ora fa

    I’m surprised that LeBron came back after all this harassment

  • radiorakim
    radiorakim Ora fa

    Listening kids music

  • White Wolf
    White Wolf Ora fa

    AD played center off and on throughout his whole career lol. He just doesn't want to play the 5 bc he gets beat up with those heavier centers. Meanwhile he's usually the one giving out the punishment at the PF.

  • Dojo Works - Brick Building

    Who else picked up on that many men instrumental immediately

  • Ben Henderson

    When u shoot ur shot in the dm’s to a 10/10 girl & actually land it

  • Jasmin Agic
    Jasmin Agic Ora fa

    Imagine Lebron passing through the street in a car and seeing this.😂

  • Immortal Kombat

    The interview and highlights and his sincere responses made this awesome. So well done.

  • Wave Heart Soul Art

    What a humble loving respectful talented unique person and player. You are blessed 💚🙏🏻

  • shane scott
    shane scott Ora fa

    Golden State Warriors highlights* to be more accurate

  • Moshe Yitzchakov

    Now we are getting melo in the game

  • Eugene Barretto

    how tall did Kyrie look in person?

  • Sasha Maxey
    Sasha Maxey Ora fa

    Damn, what a humble dude

  • Onyok Jr.
    Onyok Jr. Ora fa

    This dude was a flashy player, he has more turnovers than passing efficiency. He was a straight street ball.

  • tridentseven693

    Ben Simmons' putback dunk over Giannis is missing. That was one of my favorite moments of the season.

  • B
    B Ora fa


  • papa johns
    papa johns Ora fa

    Pull your pants up man, looks dumb as fuck

  • VERSACE squad

    1:29 made me get a boner🔥🔥

  • ICC K
    ICC K Ora fa

    H E D I D I T HIS WAY! and thats why we Love Him! #SALUTE

  • JamesonYT
    JamesonYT Ora fa

    No fancy dribbles and no unnecessary stepbacks but will still break your ankles

    M DUB SPORTS Ora fa

    Williams had the second greatest handles EVER. Pistol pete number 1.

  • fləˈmiNGgō

    Siakam is the best player on earth right now and will win mvp this season.

  • juju08
    juju08 Ora fa

    34 years old... sorry next

  • Derrick Vega
    Derrick Vega 2 ore fa


  • Buksterr
    Buksterr 2 ore fa

    G O A T!!!!

  • Erdem Eren
    Erdem Eren 2 ore fa

    Bro im cryin tho. Wish he won the chip that season. He played like a god. If he won that chip, he would be the no-doubt goat man, this shit is sad

  • Benjamin Diaz
    Benjamin Diaz 2 ore fa


  • Alex VanDierendonck


  • Sequoyah Klingele

    ok real talk who the fuck is damian jones?

  • Lolz Toleafoa
    Lolz Toleafoa 2 ore fa

    Bro that’s trash see nz

  • Omar Perez
    Omar Perez 2 ore fa

    Can y’all do Brandon Roy??

  • Teon Lewis
    Teon Lewis 2 ore fa

    The great value t-Mac?

  • Liam M
    Liam M 2 ore fa

    If he was hooping in this era we would value him more

  • Garry Moise
    Garry Moise 2 ore fa

    That was a great interview. I never heard J-Wil speak before. He's a smart and cool guy. I always like matching him play. It's incredible how low key he is.

    MVP WESTBRICK 2 ore fa

    Harris, murray and isaiah thomas >>>>>>>>>>> statpadbrick

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 ore fa

    he was inside gucci and i went in there to buy a belt and i was standing next to him without knowing who he was. and left the store. i knew he was some one famous cuz there were hella people waiting outside the store for him. 🤣 it was at king of prussia

    NBA ZION 2 ore fa

    The guy in the white makes excuses like me when I tell my mom I don’t want to go to school😂😂

  • Steve Watson
    Steve Watson 2 ore fa

    Had no idea this dude was as cool as he was/is! Just humble as hell. Glad he played for the Kings.

  • Intermind Music
    Intermind Music 2 ore fa

    He just became one of my favorite players. Thanks for this

  • Ruben Hilton
    Ruben Hilton 2 ore fa

    What do they mean with the off white converse?

  • Kick-Hop International

    Long live the new king

  • Alex Vergara
    Alex Vergara 2 ore fa

    Sadly KD will play in the playoffs

  • MinhKhang Nguyen

    wheres the luka dagger against the rockets?

  • Devon Quinlan
    Devon Quinlan 2 ore fa

    Usually live vocal effects suck but this sounds rly good imo

  • Tonster10000
    Tonster10000 2 ore fa

    I love Ja Rule music is flow is better than the new school rapper.

  • Johnny Sins
    Johnny Sins 2 ore fa

    you do some great work buddy

  • harley reyes
    harley reyes 2 ore fa

    I remember every sports center top 10 in 99-01 are just filled with J Will and VC. Those were the good old days.

  • Nancy Bojic
    Nancy Bojic 2 ore fa

    Sacramento Kings of this era were very exiting to watch. Miss those days.

  • Bruce Faualo
    Bruce Faualo 2 ore fa

    Thank the samoans playing this back in the dayz and now people finally playing em

  • Khult Herro
    Khult Herro 2 ore fa

    LMAO! The Clippers should change their name to the Snakes. They signed two of the biggest snakes in the NBA. Kawhi/George Snakes. They both look like two, quiet, slithery snakes on stage. lol

  • Marv_bagley Fanpage

    11:14 its not been 600 days Kenny 😂

    CHAMP KEL 3 ore fa

    34 the same dunk pattern.

  • Leonard Knight
    Leonard Knight 3 ore fa

    i Love Ben simmons GAME 🎮 .

  • SpreckleFloss
    SpreckleFloss 3 ore fa

    Cool on the court, cooler in person. What a legend.

  • Phillip Smith
    Phillip Smith 3 ore fa

    Notice how he did it wit socks on too

  • Americamera_Jay 84

    C.Webb face when White chocolate fin that shot wit that cross on GP

  • BayAK Spade
    BayAK Spade 3 ore fa

    When you unlock limitless range in 2k:

  • Andrea Pelletier

    Greatest game winner in the history of the NBA???

  • itstsmith
    itstsmith 3 ore fa

    Such a fun team to watch, can't wait to see their development over these next few seasons. Murray's 24 pt 4th quarter in game 2 against the Spurs was wild to see. The Juancho shimmy might be my favorite moment of the year though.

  • B B
    B B 3 ore fa

    Seriously South Korea😂😂😂😂, man the first one was a joke. Dependapotamous

  • unbornmetal
    unbornmetal 3 ore fa

    I feel bad for the dude in white. Hehehe he should just enjoy the moment and not be cocky, these are nba players so its okay to loose to them.

  • Erdogan Oztuncman

    Jamal should be an all star

  • unclefroggyiscool

    Dames bulge is so distracting

  • Yousen Van
    Yousen Van 3 ore fa

    His new weapon: step step back shoot, step back one leg shoot

  • smokeyjoe
    smokeyjoe 3 ore fa

    Hope he signs with the nets

  • DarthJar
    DarthJar 3 ore fa

    If this guy could ever stop acting like a clown and play like he’s capable of he’d be awesome.

  • Jmakkiler
    Jmakkiler 3 ore fa

    Stepped on his foot but ok

  • Ultra Instinct Fairy Warrior

    3 months and it still feels great that the Raptors have complete control and ownership of Oracle Arena now as Canadian territory to the fact that the Chokeland State Warriors will forever and always be the most HATED team in the NFL! #ThankYouRaptors #GOLAKERS

  • dark_ekko
    dark_ekko 3 ore fa

    Is this thing even human? Sure looks like a damn monster to me! MY GOODNESS

  • Daniel Batista
    Daniel Batista 3 ore fa

    The feels man ;( -Knick fan

  • Brandon
    Brandon 3 ore fa

    When Chris Boucher gets bigger, he’s going to be insane

  • 프레이PR8
    프레이PR8 4 ore fa

    first one and fourth one are twins???

  • dark_ekko
    dark_ekko 4 ore fa

    His jumper is just so clean and satisfying to watch. SUCH A NICE JUMPERRRRRR HESO MELO JELLO FELLO

  • Anna NG
    Anna NG 4 ore fa

    I thought only NFL players did this excersize

  • jjmah7
    jjmah7 4 ore fa

    Jason Williams is super classy! Great upload thanks for sharing

  • dark_ekko
    dark_ekko 4 ore fa

    wait...can someone explain why we lost zublocka?

  • A. Villares
    A. Villares 4 ore fa

    Rockets will push the pace...Unstoppable on the fast pace offense for that matter!!!!! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🚀🚀🚀

  • Alvin Anarah
    Alvin Anarah 4 ore fa

    White chocolate is definitely invited to the cookout and I’m willing to bet, he prolly could make some fire Mac and cheese.

  • dany roque
    dany roque 4 ore fa

    Daddy jordan ,majestic real

  • dany roque
    dany roque 4 ore fa

    MJ best eveer

  • dany roque
    dany roque 4 ore fa

    Lebron haha ,dont King

  • Jace Jeung
    Jace Jeung 4 ore fa

    luke kornet deserves to be in the middle no cap

  • JRS One
    JRS One 4 ore fa

    The slight difference between JW and Pistol’s games is that PP could pass just as well and blew minds as a passer and he could get buckets whenever he wanted to and he’s one of the NBA’s 50 greatest players and etc etc I love JW but that was hilarious to act like you’ve never really heard of the guy who was a greater version of you 30 yrs before you.

  • #EyesDontLie Chosen 1

    That game vs Knick’s was scary even when he had that dunk where he stared at the camera I got scared I looked away lol. , he came out with the black mask. With the yellow shoes. The nba and lebron haters weren’t ready for that.

  • Nemesis
    Nemesis 4 ore fa

    "Like I could teach that bitch in two minutes." LMFAOOO

  • Clairissa Taylor

    I can’t 😭😭 I’m balling my eyes out

  • Haroon Salaam
    Haroon Salaam 4 ore fa

    Marvins room starts playing

  • Yon Da Don
    Yon Da Don 4 ore fa

    Refs just called a foul for harden

  • The dude
    The dude 4 ore fa

    Twist : kid got all his new clothes stolen b4 sch even ended

  • Ezekiel Bartlem
    Ezekiel Bartlem 4 ore fa

    Boy finally got some shooting badges

  • MofongoGringo
    MofongoGringo 4 ore fa

    I’m 5’8” and I’ll take him to the hole!

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 5 ore fa

    And i thought white men can't jump