Abbey Road
Abbey Road
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The Beatles in NYC on 15 August 1965
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The Beatles 1965 World Tour
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The Beatles at Twick in January 1969
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Paul McCartney at EMI Studios in 1982
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  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 31 minuto fa

    Practised what he sings!

  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 31 minuto fa

    All you need is love

  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 32 minuti fa

    Spirit of humbleness

  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 33 minuti fa

    Good gesture

  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 33 minuti fa


  • Lalitha Pillai
    Lalitha Pillai 35 minuti fa

    Love and peace for a stranger!

  • Steve
    Steve Ora fa

    Drug addicts and schizos will obviously be drawn to famous people. That's why famous people have to live like recluses most of the time, LOL!

  • Eddie Steady18

    Any eagles concert from Ann Arbor 1976?

  • David Hyskell

    I have a crush on the cute girl with the glasses behind John (to his right) bobbing to the music....yeah baby!

  • Christian Stephenitch

    When Paul cries, everyone cries

  • TakinNo Chit
    TakinNo Chit 4 ore fa

    Here's the perfect example of why the old adage "Never meet your heros/idols" stands. You just might find they are just as deceitful, messed up, flawed or scarred as everyone else....except now you feel all the more alone for knowing it.

  • Gage Walser
    Gage Walser 4 ore fa


  • IWD StoryTellers

    I was 16 went to Forest Hills High School just started to play the guitar and LOVED the Beatles. We were very close to the stage because we snuck in through a hole in the fence. They flew in by helicopter AWESOME!!!

  • Minha liberdade não é tua prisão


    SAPHIR ZAFIRO 9 ore fa

    The lyrics are not that great,but this is one great vocal performance and catchy tune

  • Degree7
    Degree7 10 ore fa

    John was just a normal bloke at the end of the day.

  • Señor Grisales
    Señor Grisales 14 ore fa

    Cesare Curtis “Curt” Claudio 08/28/1948 -12/22/1981 Curt Claudio was born Cesare Curtis Claudio in Alameda, California on August 28, 1948. He was class of 1966 at Kennedy High School in Richmond, CA. His father Cesare Claudio Sr was born in Victoria, BC, Canada to newly immigrated parents from Italy, and soon moved to Seattle, WA., and eventually to San Francisco. Curt's father was a professional violinist and urged all four of his children to become professional musicians. Cesare played the cello at a very young age and went on to the Prix de Rome to study at the St. Cecilia Academy in Rome. Upon his return to the US, he earned a seat in the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra where he played until he was drafted into the Army. At UC Berkeley, Cesare met fellow student, Martha Curtis, they had four sons, one of which was Cesare Curtis Claudio “Curt”. This story ends sadly with the December 22, 1981 death of Curt Claudio. While it doesn’t say how he died, I imagine he never recovered from the Vietnam war. As you can see from his musical family history, it’s no doubt that in his state of mind he felt a connection to Lennon’s music. In memory of Curt Claudio 1948-1981. I hope this info helped for those who were concerned about him. Happiness 4 UsMay 19, 2019 at 1:18 AM Hi Fans, my name is Ernie Claudio. I am Curt’s older brother. My email is Curt was never in the military. He was a straight “A” student in high school and earned a scholarship to University of California in Davis, California. Then he started using drugs and dropped out of school. He spent most of his life working on farms. We worked at Ford Motors in Milpitas, California until they closed the factory. Ford gave their employees $12,000 so could re-train for another job. I asked Curt,”What are you going to do with your $12,000?” Curt said, “I’m either going to buy a Harley or an ultra-light airplane.” He bought the ultra light, and that’s what killed him. He was flying too low and too slow and the plane stalled. It happened in Fremont, California. The plane came down, bounced off a carport roof, and landed in a tree, six feet off the ground. The high impact caused his aorta to separate from the heart. Dead was instantaneous. AnonymousOctober 7, 2019 at 11:14 PM Ernie's story is completely true. Curt was never in the military, never in VietNam, and he was never in a mental hospital. When John Lennon passed, Curt was devastated. However, that had no affect on his ultralight accident. The night before his accident, Curt went to see his brother, Ernie (who at the time was living in San Jose). Unfortunately Ernie wasn't home when we went by to see him. Curt passed away 12/22/1981 in Fremont, CA, exactly the way Ernie told the story. It saddens me when someone opens up and tells a true story about their family member and people don't believe the story. Curt and most of the employees were laid off from GM before 1983 and they were compensated in 1980-1981. Hello Ernie-I think of your and your family often, and I still miss Curt. He was extremely smart, and a beautiful person inside and out.-L. Rick Bynum, AIAJuly 12, 2019 at 1:47 PM Curt's dad's obituary.

  • Kialangen
    Kialangen 14 ore fa

    Kurt and John in one video?!

  • Ronnie Childs
    Ronnie Childs 16 ore fa

    That dude is probably mentally ill, but it still amazes me how he is chatting and eating with his (and my) idol, and his face looks so calm. I would be buzzing like a bee!

  • mrjo2thec
    mrjo2thec 18 ore fa

    Is that the same guy playing the audience member and the homeless guy?

  • Kezia
    Kezia 20 ore fa

    The fan...his eyes are beautiful! N John, ever so kind! :)

  • leafbelly
    leafbelly 20 ore fa

    The guy's name is Curt Claudio. He was a Vietnam veteran. That's not him on Cavett.

  • Rob Anderson
    Rob Anderson 23 ore fa

    Does anyone know what kind of car that is in the driveway?

    • S
      S 19 ore fa

      Its a SEAT 850 coupe :)

  • Cliche Guevara
    Cliche Guevara Giorno fa

    "Those ping pong people." LOLOLOL

  • Matthew Erwin
    Matthew Erwin Giorno fa

    John was shot by a crazy liberal !! Bang 💥 Bang 💥 Bang 💥 done ! So sad

  • Broc felix
    Broc felix Giorno fa

    Does anyone know who this guy was or is now?

  • BleedBNG
    BleedBNG Giorno fa

    Ringo: "No we sit down like this" Jean to Paul: "Could you tell us your name" I don't think Jean has a clue who these guys are.

  • Dino Robert
    Dino Robert Giorno fa

    Is this live

  • Sean Iswan
    Sean Iswan Giorno fa

    Dont let him in, he's a spy

  • ProneMan OldButYoung

    All the morons ”John the millionaire gave him a piece of bread” This was probably very common, in England back then. Even famous people didnt have fabolous food ready at all times during the day. They ate common food unless there was a special occasion or special guests invited.

  • CaptainCritical
    CaptainCritical 2 giorni fa

    This might be my favourite video on IT-clip. Paul is so funny.

  • grizzlytomahawk
    grizzlytomahawk 2 giorni fa

    Same guy in UK & NYC?

    • grizzlytomahawk
      grizzlytomahawk Giorno fa

      @mascara snake Sort of chilling that a delusional fan was the one to take John away from us.

    • mascara snake
      mascara snake Giorno fa

      Stalker alert!

  • Damian Kirkwood
    Damian Kirkwood 2 giorni fa

    everything fits if youre carrying on some trip...

  • Ryan D
    Ryan D 2 giorni fa

    the dude looks like a bearded cybill shepherd

  • lvvovich
    lvvovich 2 giorni fa

    Что это за хиппи?

  • Doug H. in VA
    Doug H. in VA 2 giorni fa

    the 'fan' is obsessed and should have been removed by security men... Lennon had cash to pay them easily

  • dondindon78
    dondindon78 2 giorni fa

    Red car is a spanish car ,SEAT 850 coupe

  • CaptainCritical
    CaptainCritical 2 giorni fa

    Lenny Craddock! 😂

  • Christpher R Fritz
    Christpher R Fritz 2 giorni fa

    I'm 58 so I remember soaking in his music and his.. message. But.. he would have eventually become a major irritant for the Western states. Shooting his mouth off and becoming leftist celebutard

  • Granma's Garage
    Granma's Garage 2 giorni fa

    that guy is definitely experiencing some sort of psychosis. he needs support, it was really nice John listened to him and invited him in for food. i think support is what he really wanted from the lyrics/music.

  • Radim Brenek
    Radim Brenek 2 giorni fa

    Of course people had been taking his words seriously, it had sound like prophecy like the possible paradise plan and then the hypocritical problem with the missioner, again, living in palace ...

  • Don Diego Vega
    Don Diego Vega 3 giorni fa

    Yeah, John wrote songs about that guy. The guy that he never met. Yeah, he was singing to that guy with “I want you” so bad. Wow. I wonder if that guys around today. He’s probably a congressman!

    • Matthew Erwin
      Matthew Erwin Giorno fa

      Don Diego Vega Sadly no , He blew his brains out in 1978, with a 12 gage shot gun , made one hell of a mess that someone else had to clean off the walls and ceiling !!! Took two days and the whole damn apartment had to be repainted !! Never made it to congress!

  • Paul Cachia
    Paul Cachia 3 giorni fa

    Just simply Amazing!! Yeah!

  • princewish
    princewish 3 giorni fa

    This guy has obvious mental illness issues. Hopefully he got the help he needed.

    • Matthew Erwin
      Matthew Erwin Giorno fa

      princewish Yes he did .... Shot himself to death 💀 problem solved

  • jonmichael
    jonmichael 3 giorni fa

    He has schizo effective disorder...

  • Doug Smith
    Doug Smith 3 giorni fa

    See this complete on Netflix is gorgeus

  • Michael Tulloch
    Michael Tulloch 3 giorni fa

    Such an amazing man. John Leenon should still be here R.I.P

    • Matthew Erwin
      Matthew Erwin Giorno fa

      Michael Tulloch Killed by a crazy liberal

  • Blue Astral
    Blue Astral 3 giorni fa

    Kurt Cobain aveva 4 anni...

  • Susan LaPointe
    Susan LaPointe 4 giorni fa

    John you are a better man than Julian. At least John never sexually assaulted a women. You believed in marriage.

  • Solar Sailor
    Solar Sailor 4 giorni fa

    It's great how John broke down his illusions but then humanized him by offering him to have a meal.

  • warren Philbert
    warren Philbert 4 giorni fa

    Brown bread! to go with your cup of tea!..My goodness! it's the thought that counts I suppose! ✌️💚

  • Cyan Magneta
    Cyan Magneta 4 giorni fa

    Damn he went to the New York worst decade of street violence and got shot. If he stayed in england he would still be alive.

  • Brenda Anderson
    Brenda Anderson 4 giorni fa

    Me too! I was there!

  • Glass Onion
    Glass Onion 4 giorni fa

    What a stalking arsehole. I thought it was going to be official footage.

  • kemper lennox
    kemper lennox 4 giorni fa

    "Durrrrr Is that kurt cobain?" Boo! Shut up you morons!!!

  • David Perez
    David Perez 4 giorni fa


  • debra smith
    debra smith 4 giorni fa

    Rotten shame he got gun down. I’ll,always be sad

  • TalkToTheBody
    TalkToTheBody 4 giorni fa

    No sign of hysteria, no calling security, no....John chats and not only asks if he’s hungry but he invites them in and they feed them, now that sums John up, but what a good looking man that was. Both John and George have done some great thought provoking interviews in their time.

  • Mr. ENGlishJELLo
    Mr. ENGlishJELLo 5 giorni fa

    2:55 "Ping Pong People" LOL

  • George Horner
    George Horner 5 giorni fa

    DJ. your one tight mother fer

  • Ryan d Lion
    Ryan d Lion 6 giorni fa

    The more I listen to his solo stuff and hear how similar his style would be to mine if I made music,and the more I try to understand him,and listen to the yoko songs the more I feel for his death

  • Hello
    Hello 6 giorni fa

    The world needs more Lennons

  • Henry Parsonage
    Henry Parsonage 6 giorni fa

    did this guy just dip his toast and butter into his tea?

  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas 6 giorni fa

    You’ll see that first bit in the movie, Imagine. One of the best movies you’ll ever see, but the end is a tragedy relived.

  • pukeylukey199
    pukeylukey199 6 giorni fa

    Jesus looking at him and how he stares if not mark it'd be this guy.

    • david james
      david james 4 giorni fa

      pukeylukey199 id love to oblige and give an answer, but I’m afraid you didn’t say the magic word.

    • pukeylukey199
      pukeylukey199 4 giorni fa

      @david james Never said cold blooded murderer but you claimed I did in your first comment so which is it? Soo much backpaddling going on..

    • pukeylukey199
      pukeylukey199 4 giorni fa

      @david james You said it's tedious to question if it's a joke. So you just don't and accuse people with lies that they didn't say like the snowflake you are?

    • pukeylukey199
      pukeylukey199 4 giorni fa

      @david james Come on give an answer...

    • david james
      david james 4 giorni fa

      pukeylukey199 I explained earlier, sorry if it’s beyond your comprehension

  • anthony chiulli
    anthony chiulli 6 giorni fa


  • Brandon Coleman
    Brandon Coleman 6 giorni fa

    Go back to making suits for the Incredibles lady

  • Chuck Struzzieri
    Chuck Struzzieri 7 giorni fa

    I challenge anyone to watch this video and try to say that Ringo isn’t a great drummer!!!

  • al ias
    al ias 8 giorni fa

    Jeez, a bit of harsh reality for the guy. What a way to meet your hero!

  • Milan Strbik
    Milan Strbik 8 giorni fa

    Yoko .. reklama..

  • The movie Buff
    The movie Buff 8 giorni fa

    What’s up with Dizzy Miss Lizzy the song fades out and fades in what gives? where’s the full song?

  • al ias
    al ias 8 giorni fa

    Do yall hear that woman screaming "kill Lennon" at 3:45? Just about makes my blood boil

  • jorge cisternas
    jorge cisternas 8 giorni fa

    Sigue la fiesta para siempre

  • Sam Hines
    Sam Hines 8 giorni fa

    john lets him come in and eat so nice

  • vivaldi -ett
    vivaldi -ett 8 giorni fa

    I wonder what became of the guy and if he was humbled by John, I hope so!

  • Chris Johnson
    Chris Johnson 8 giorni fa

    That's a good looking guy who's a bit lost that's all.

  • John Rapp
    John Rapp 9 giorni fa

    The Working Class Hero with six white Rolls-Royces. Fuck him and his Japanese hosebag.

  • Paul Simpson
    Paul Simpson 9 giorni fa

    Working class hero!!!

  • MovieLounge
    MovieLounge 9 giorni fa

    Where is that 1982 part taking from

  • Copy that10_4
    Copy that10_4 9 giorni fa

    A lot of LSD use.

  • The Dragons & Phoenixes

    I don't understand why John rarely plays guitar solos.

  • RootBear
    RootBear 10 giorni fa

    Though John wasn't the absolute nicest guy, he definitely wasn't the worst. He has his ups and downs. What other celebrity would invite a stalker into their home and have a meal with them?

    • david james
      david james 6 giorni fa

      It depends if he was like that off camera, most celebs would want to appear nice in those situations

    • The Skull
      The Skull 9 giorni fa

      RootBear Unfortunately being casual like that with his status is probably what eventually led to his murder.

    AVOLITE 10 giorni fa

    So bizarre.

  • Connor P
    Connor P 10 giorni fa

    Fuck that first reporter

  • Purple Oragne Peel
    Purple Oragne Peel 11 giorni fa

    No no no, you’re wayyy off. You see, Lennon is not dead. This is all fake. It is a conspiracy. John Lennon is alive.

  • Channeling John Bonham

    I was there. Nothing in my life compares.

  • TheDennisShow
    TheDennisShow 12 giorni fa

    I love john lennons voice

  • June Lynn
    June Lynn 12 giorni fa

    John was just a regular down to earth guy, "I had a good shit today" can't imagine any famous person inviting a homeless guy into their home like that....always a complex times he was so abrasive and mean and here he's just very concerned and caring...."you hungry?".........gone at 40 by some idiot stalker who just wanted to be famous : (((((((

  • Dean Murray
    Dean Murray 12 giorni fa

    What a gig this was! We were quite near the front. Great memories :D

  • John Clark
    John Clark 12 giorni fa

    Joe was a legendary butthole!😳🙄😂🤓😎

  • Nx Doyle
    Nx Doyle 12 giorni fa

    It is possible, as well as preferable, to assess all manner of things, be they songs or movies or even acts of kindness, without comparing them to your flawed and largely false assessments of what you think about today. To say John showed kindness here is fine. To say John showed kindness here but nobody would do that now is not only lazy-minded and idiotic, it's fatuous and above all, trite.

  • C Mo
    C Mo 13 giorni fa

    That's not the same guy.

  • robert graziano
    robert graziano 13 giorni fa

    Still get goosebumps and I'm 74 years old! Saw them in Toronto three times!!!

    TESTEMALE Remy 14 giorni fa

    le Michel Berger britannique!

  • Mike Poitras
    Mike Poitras 14 giorni fa

    Bizarre how the guy who comes to his estate looks so much like the guy in the studio.

    • Matthew Erwin
      Matthew Erwin Giorno fa

      Mike Poitras Dirty , filthy , hippies all look and smell the same !!!!😎

    • Big Daz
      Big Daz 6 giorni fa

      It's not the same guy

    • Copy that10_4
      Copy that10_4 9 giorni fa

      Mike Poitras it is the same guy.. Fans were really fanatic then .

  • King Kong
    King Kong 14 giorni fa

    Imagine being this miserable hag and talking to one of the greatest musicians of all time like that

  • Zach Smith
    Zach Smith 15 giorni fa

    This is the studio version with echo. Wtf

  • Kommissar
    Kommissar 15 giorni fa

    Paul smoked it up everyday of the seventies...

  • Cláudio H.
    Cláudio H. 15 giorni fa

    sou fã desde cara ele é muito simples

  • Charles A. Macherone
    Charles A. Macherone 15 giorni fa

    Remember that George Harrison was attacked and stabbed at his home in England . . .