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T20WCQ: PNG's incredible day
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T20WCQ: PNG qualify for the T20 World Cup
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T20WCQ: Perfect Pairs - Nigeria
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T20WCQ: Who's always late?
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T20WCQ: Does pineapple belong on pizza?
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T20WCQ: Who has the most bats?
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T20WCQ: Get to know Rohan Mustafa
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ICC 360 - The autograph collector
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ICC 360 feature - MS Dhoni's super fan
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ICC T20WC Qualifier: Scots phrases
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  • Apoorv Tripathi
    Apoorv Tripathi 3 ore fa

    Dohni's catch was fabulous 💯

  •  3 ore fa


  • azuad smaran
    azuad smaran 3 ore fa

    Well done williamson

  • 7 7
    7 7 3 ore fa


  • Cricket World
    Cricket World 3 ore fa


  • Todays cricket live match

    Soumya sarkar what a shot.,....

  • Karan Bhardwaj
    Karan Bhardwaj 3 ore fa

    Whenever I feel sad, I come here.

  • vaibhav srinivasan

    West Indies infact won this World Cup. Joffra Archer (from west indies) bowled the last over, Eventhough England won on boundary count, it was archer who took that risk.

  • sandeep Juvekar
    sandeep Juvekar 3 ore fa

    Pakistan has to score 400 500 or 600 runs for getting covered run rate but why they did not

  • Md Ismail
    Md Ismail 4 ore fa

    Super six

  • Hari 1234
    Hari 1234 4 ore fa

    England won by 0 runs Nz lost by 0 runs

  • Birkesh Yadav
    Birkesh Yadav 4 ore fa

    वुमन क्रिकेट स्कोर इंडिया में बना हुआ कि नहीं दिया जा रहा है इंडिया का मैच टीवी पर नहीं आता लाइव प्रसारण नहीं होता है कोई-कोई मंच

  • Hari 1234
    Hari 1234 4 ore fa

    Umpire gave 1 run extra for ball hitting bat and going for 4 byes. It shud hav been 5

  • ᗰOᑎSTEᖇ
    ᗰOᑎSTEᖇ 4 ore fa

    icc should increase participation of more teams just like football...it will increase cricket fan base all over the world.At least 16 teams for a tournament

    ALL_IN_ONE _NY 4 ore fa

    Legend player

  • rahul saini
    rahul saini 4 ore fa

    I think the whole nation is very sad when this legend is goona be retire 😪😪

  • Ramachandran Natarajan

    Australia wins Pakistan useless

  • Sunilkumar gr
    Sunilkumar gr 4 ore fa

    Virat... The Legend!

  • Tayyab Zain
    Tayyab Zain 4 ore fa

    i am a pakistani but i have to say india say "Hum apne harkaton ki wajhan se india se gaand marwate hain

  • Tahir JaN
    Tahir JaN 4 ore fa

    Pakistan ne Eng our nz dono Koi Haraya 😂😂😂

  • Monali Patil
    Monali Patil 4 ore fa

    अन हो नी को होनी करदे होनी को अन होनी वो तो एक ही हे M.s.dhoni

  • MH 12 Proud Punekar

    This is just the beginning Afghanistan. You are much stronger, go ahead love from India😊. Dera Manana

  • Hassan Raza
    Hassan Raza 4 ore fa

    India ki ma ki chut

    • park078
      park078 3 ore fa

      Jalte raho🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂😂

    • park078
      park078 3 ore fa

      Jalte raho😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Riyaz Salati
    Riyaz Salati 4 ore fa

    Babar Azam is the class

    PRADIP YADAV 5 ore fa

    My best player starc

  • Sikandar Khoso
    Sikandar Khoso 5 ore fa

    500 bnaege sarfraz after match kesa laga majjak mera

    PHANTOM 5 ore fa

    When karma hits you harder than expected 🖕🖕🤣🤣

  • Asif Khan
    Asif Khan 5 ore fa

    Babar Kohli Root Hope

  • Pulkit Dubey
    Pulkit Dubey 5 ore fa

    Love you Rohit

  • Vinod Bala
    Vinod Bala 5 ore fa

    Sachin tendulkar is the best batsman in the world Virat kohli is most consistent batsman Ms dhoni is the most intelligent batsman And sewag is my favourite batsman

  • Gamer KING
    Gamer KING 5 ore fa

    This video really sucks!!!!!!😖😖😖

  • Gamer KING
    Gamer KING 5 ore fa

    which team is better, MI,LIKE CSK, COMMENT

  • Hamid Azmi
    Hamid Azmi 5 ore fa

    Icc w t20 2016 bhale hi final Westindies jeeta lekin Dil toh England ne jeeta

  • gyana ranjan baliarsingh

    In mathematical calculations srilanka is the winner of 2019 world cup..😆😆

  • arpit dubey
    arpit dubey 5 ore fa

    Roy destroyed strack...

  • Kheman sahu Kheman

    Dhoni out on short ball. Ball hight was on chest.

  • Dilshan Jude
    Dilshan Jude 5 ore fa

    Sri lanka 🇱🇰

  • Ratul Azad
    Ratul Azad 5 ore fa

    Miss u sakib💓

  • Dinesh Walunj
    Dinesh Walunj 5 ore fa

    I'm very disappointed by this video because of not involved jasprit bumrah .ICC you don't know that you're get 50%money from indian fans😡😡

  • Atuls
    Atuls 5 ore fa

    This video should be banned in India 😂😂🤣

  • Mr. Bacon
    Mr. Bacon 5 ore fa

    Carlos Brathwaite! REMEMBER THE NAME!!

  • Pramod Hanwate
    Pramod Hanwate 5 ore fa

    Are you serious ICC 😳😳 Where is Jasprit Bumrah😳😣

  • M. Ahmad
    M. Ahmad 5 ore fa

    The thumbnail says it all Virat kholi also classic

  • Sunny Singh
    Sunny Singh 6 ore fa

    India k saaahmne Kya gaaand fat ti hai inki?

  • Jenish Kharel
    Jenish Kharel 6 ore fa

    Actually it's Dhawan's one. Believe me watch this 1:00

  • Rayyan Hyder
    Rayyan Hyder 6 ore fa


  • ScAr RaJpUt
    ScAr RaJpUt 6 ore fa

    Jitne bhi Pakistani is match Ko dekh rhey hai I salute there courage Behn ke lodo tumhari ma chod di India ne porkio 😍😂😂😂

  • Fozia Mirza
    Fozia Mirza 6 ore fa


  • Mehedi Hasan
    Mehedi Hasan 6 ore fa

    Best theme song ever in the history of Cricket..!💙💚❤🇧🇩

  • Rudraksh Panwar
    Rudraksh Panwar 6 ore fa

    King Master

  • Rudraksh Panwar
    Rudraksh Panwar 6 ore fa

    Best Yorker ever

  • Muhammad Suleman


  • Rudraksh Panwar
    Rudraksh Panwar 6 ore fa

    Master Of Yorkers

  • Ali Raza
    Ali Raza 6 ore fa


  • Sandipan Mukherjee

    7:27 Its pressure After england wins: its no more pressure

  • Atharva Saurkar
    Atharva Saurkar 6 ore fa

    Mohammad shami took the wicket of Mohammad nabi turning point

  • Akash Reddy
    Akash Reddy 6 ore fa

    Luv u hero

  • TrapElectro Music

    Love babar azam❤️

  • जॉबलेस बांदा

    बुमराह की यार्कर पर कभी शक मत करना ।। proud of bumrah

  • Asadullah Saleh
    Asadullah Saleh 7 ore fa

    In T20 will see Pk vs Afg

  • Chathuranga
    Chathuranga 7 ore fa

    Can't forget 2015 cricket world cup

  • Aneeha Batool
    Aneeha Batool 7 ore fa

    I hate England now !!! 😠😠😠😠😠😠

  • ankit kansara
    ankit kansara 7 ore fa

    I would Have Pointing in place of VIRAT KOHLI....


    Top 10 highest partnership in ODI cricket- it-clip.net/video/T8V7-IT2f8E/video.html

  • Mahammad Kanavu
    Mahammad Kanavu 7 ore fa

    I am abd Villiers fan & ilove msd

  • ayush shrote
    ayush shrote 7 ore fa

    Se Pakistanis learn something from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Nancy Shaw
    Nancy Shaw 7 ore fa

    MS Dhoni is a real legend of 🇮🇳

  • ayush shrote
    ayush shrote 7 ore fa

    Lol i se Pakistanis commenting on how to beat new Zealand first learn how to beat West Indies. Sometimes by mistake luck can be on your side 😂😂😂

  • Shahrin Onni
    Shahrin Onni 7 ore fa

    Nice couple mitch healy


    Top 10 highest partnership in ODI cricket- it-clip.net/video/T8V7-IT2f8E/video.html

  • your choice bd
    your choice bd 7 ore fa

    WARNER like finch coment

  • your choice bd
    your choice bd 7 ore fa

    starc like finch coment

  • atul tripathi
    atul tripathi 8 ore fa


  • Jinsar Memon
    Jinsar Memon 8 ore fa


  • deputy sheriff
    deputy sheriff 8 ore fa

    Zaheer "Z" Abbas! None played it better!

  • bk verma
    bk verma 8 ore fa

    They have not shown kohli's real cover drive

  • Tahmina Akter
    Tahmina Akter 8 ore fa

    Who is best shakib, shakib, shakib?

  • umar javed
    umar javed 8 ore fa

    Babar the best of all

  • umar javed
    umar javed 8 ore fa

    Babar azam

  • prashanth parsha

    Don't compare sachin with others because they don't deserves that and he is the god of cricket

  • cod gamplay Siyal

    Achi gand mari england na

  • citycentregreen
    citycentregreen 9 ore fa

    Babar Azam is a pure class

  • JAWAD official
    JAWAD official 9 ore fa

    Newzealand won the heart and England won the trophy I am the best FAN OF Neesham.Iam pakistani

  • Devid Silva
    Devid Silva 9 ore fa

    India ne to Pakistan ka maa chod diya

  • Rajiv Ranjan
    Rajiv Ranjan 9 ore fa

    Pakistani players is best funny player 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  • anil rout
    anil rout 9 ore fa

    IAM big fan of bumrah

  • Srinivasa Rao
    Srinivasa Rao 9 ore fa


  • Soumajit Chakraborty

    Well played Jason. You are absolute beauty.

  • Zoya Khan
    Zoya Khan 9 ore fa

    I miss this cricket very much

  • king khan
    king khan 9 ore fa

    2:35 the best reaction ever seen 😂🤣😅

  • Hri Tesh
    Hri Tesh 9 ore fa

    India lost under DHONI captaincy - 2008t20, 2009t20, 2009 champions trophy, 2010t20, 2012t20, 2014t20, 2016t20, 2015WC and many more Asia cup 😏😏

  • Mr Terminator
    Mr Terminator 9 ore fa

    i was 6,7 years old i was known to only 2 cricketers 1.Dhoni 2.Afridi. 😄 I used to say that "Dhoni dho dy ga" i am fan of Ms since my childhood love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  • Md:Ashik Ahmed
    Md:Ashik Ahmed 9 ore fa

    I hope nz next time champion.

  • Kara And emma
    Kara And emma 9 ore fa

    Guys if your saying Afghan need more work shut up your conutry need more practice so shut up don't talk about other countrys

    ALOK SINGH 9 ore fa

    Where is bumraah

    XT GAMERS 10 ore fa

    Malinga style is unique and good love from pakistan

  • Arjun chauhan
    Arjun chauhan 10 ore fa

    I think bumrah play hockey that's why his name is not there

  • Awais Bin Maalik
    Awais Bin Maalik 10 ore fa

    Babar Azam probaly plays best cover shots in contemporary international cricket.

  • Arsalan Rasheed
    Arsalan Rasheed 10 ore fa

    Babar 💚


    ❤M.S.DHONI❤ iam a big fan