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  • leongt1954
    leongt1954 15 minuti fa

    Take out Smith with an average of 110 over 7 innings and you have the Worst aus cricket side in 20 years, the next best was Labuschagne with an average of 50

  • pj junior
    pj junior 27 minuti fa

    Barebacking 100's of random grindr men whilst in an open marriage was not a smart idea. People stop telling him he is courageous. He has no one to blame for his diagnosis but himself.

  • Amit N Falguni Darji


  • Trumpet Bell
    Trumpet Bell 6 ore fa

    0:01 Running in your dreams be like...

  • fiddlestickz muzik

    Tim Paine "should have won a third"..yeah but you didn't, that's like Root saying we should have won the 2nd test if it wasn't for bad light and rained out days.. always so salty the aussies..

  • Miquisha Straughter

    This commercial made me cry, I absolutely love it. way to go Kap!

  • BartLx
    BartLx 10 ore fa

    Don't just be a spoiled alienated narcissistic corporate bully, become the President of the United States of America!

  • BartLx
    BartLx 10 ore fa

    This would've been a great ad, if it had nothing to do with Nike.

  • Andre The Giant
    Andre The Giant 10 ore fa

    "if they hate you remember they have hated me first.."

  • waba gc
    waba gc 12 ore fa

    Gareth wants to remove the stigma surrounding HIV. That's why he kept quiet about it for years and only revealed his status after he was threatened with blackmail.

    • waba gc
      waba gc Ora fa

      @Acid Star Nothing snide about it. Just true. If he hadn't been threatened with blackmail he would have still been quiet about it. He would have been fueling that stigma by your logic wouldn't he? And btw....the reason a stigma surrounds HIV is because the overwhelming majority of those with the virus have it because of "lifestyles" that the overwhelming majority disapprove of. Other illnesses aren't like that : HIV is something that you get by doing what you do.

    • Acid Star
      Acid Star 8 ore fa

      That’s what stigma does. If it’s like that for him, it’s even worse for others. Your snide comment just adds to stigma. Do better.

  • Chris Taylor
    Chris Taylor 12 ore fa

    Why are we applauding a sexual pervert like this that got what he deserved, and WHY are we treating these degenerates with life long cures so they can carry on with there perverted ways ????????

  • Truth-Rationale Scientist

    Even in space he could still defeat you!

  • Ricky Wright
    Ricky Wright 14 ore fa

    Once a bogan, always a bogan.

  • Peter Davies
    Peter Davies 14 ore fa

    Te Guardian telling us that's it's actually OK to catch HIV (a perfectly avoidable but incurable disease). And caring about "Stigma" not effective prevention or risk reduction. Imagine by surprise.

  • rudder727
    rudder727 15 ore fa

    I am a Bangladeshi Nike sweat shop worker. I make 10 cents an hour. My dream is to make twice as many shoes per hour for Nike and double my pay. I dream of $2.80 per day.

  • JB
    JB 15 ore fa

    why is he being portrayed as a role model?

    • Acid Star
      Acid Star 8 ore fa

      Possibly for his outstanding contribution to sport?

    • Lie News
      Lie News 13 ore fa

      That is how SICK the world has become. Remember the 'safe sex' messages we used to have, regarding using condoms? Seems to be no mention about that.

  • Eazy Kidda
    Eazy Kidda 16 ore fa

    typical dork of a journalist.

  • silent
    silent 16 ore fa

    that the lifestyle the tv dont tell us about

  • Rocc0
    Rocc0 19 ore fa

    Man they should’ve given him another chance, he injured himself the first game and sat on the bench next season cmon man we’ve seen what jlin can do.

  • Praque Forqsk
    Praque Forqsk 20 ore fa

    No public education required. Gay behaviour increases your chances of acquiring the disease. The information has been known for over 40 years.

    • Praque Forqsk
      Praque Forqsk 2 ore fa

      @Louise Schilt huh?

    • Louise Schilt
      Louise Schilt 3 ore fa

      stigma. the break to refusing harder life his make who you like people it's homophobe minded narrow you no Term

  • Guardian Sport
    Guardian Sport 20 ore fa

    Gareth Thomas revealing HIV status will 'tackle stigma' ►

  • K Jame
    K Jame 20 ore fa

    Shouldn’t be sleeping with men it’s his own fault

    • Lie News
      Lie News 13 ore fa

      Tank top bum boy, innit?

    • Peter Davies
      Peter Davies 14 ore fa

      @no more That's like saying to someone calling out drink driving "you do realise car crashes are caused by sober people too don't you"

    • Mackem Scouse
      Mackem Scouse 16 ore fa

      @no more .But started and spread by homosexuals.

    • no more
      no more 20 ore fa

      You do realise HIV and AIDS is not exclusive to homosexuality don't you?

  • I'm Still Alive
    I'm Still Alive 20 ore fa

    This man had no business playing a contact sport. Disgusting

  • mymentor
    mymentor 21 ora fa

    Classy guy. Just wish they'd give the captaincy to someone else and let him focus on just making runs.

    • mymentor
      mymentor 19 ore fa

      @Matt Thompson Yeah, I agree. Though frankly I'm of the opinion that Foakes should have the gloves in the Test side.

    • Matt Thompson
      Matt Thompson 20 ore fa

      Agree with the sentiment there's just no clear candidate. Buttler potentially if he had the gloves.

  • Whizzpop RC
    Whizzpop RC Giorno fa

    That's what you get for that lifestyle. Cry me a river.

    • Kongo Queen
      Kongo Queen 22 ore fa

      Cry u a river lol

    • Whizzpop RC
      Whizzpop RC 23 ore fa

      I don't dispute that. I was just pointing out one particular kind. You make bad lifestyle choices, there are consequences. It's all about sleeping in the bed you made.... No pun intended.

    • Vincent o callaghan
      Vincent o callaghan Giorno fa

      You can get hiv if your straight aswell, not due to the lifestyle... sure look at rapper easy e

  • martin s
    martin s Giorno fa

    And look what happened in Vegas! That cut is career changing.

  • Nige G
    Nige G Giorno fa

    Great bowling unit, and Smith, brilliant batsman. The rest ?

  • Nige G
    Nige G Giorno fa

    Fantastic game of cricket, Joe got his smile back. The best summer of cricket ever. 🇬🇧😁

  • Babar Ali
    Babar Ali Giorno fa


  • chookvalve
    chookvalve Giorno fa

    Smith being free as the ultimate specialist batsman has proved Australia's winning formula. The terrible Sandpapergate mess was the circuit breaker Australia needed and will probably lead to Australia being the best in the world again, and for a long time too. Paine was given a hard task and he has succeeded in the most emphatic way!

    • LesBec Kilby
      LesBec Kilby 4 ore fa

      @Sid Vicious totally agree Sid, without Ben stokes both the world cup and the ashes their cricket would be in shambles!!

    • Sid Vicious
      Sid Vicious 9 ore fa

      @mymentor Like England lean on Stokes you mean ? Take him out of the equation and England wouldn't have won anything this summer.

    • mymentor
      mymentor 21 ora fa

      Australia best in the world? Give me a break. They're the definition of a one-man team (with apologies to a fine bowling unit). Not since Murali has a side leaned on a single player as much.

  • jimmy l lowe
    jimmy l lowe Giorno fa

    First comment

  • bultz
    bultz Giorno fa

    damn this journo sounds like a complete fanny

  • Michael David
    Michael David Giorno fa

    Don't expect Gareth Thomas to become a viral sensation.

    • Praque Forqsk
      Praque Forqsk 2 ore fa

      @Lie News Yep a Freddje Mercury type. Yet he wants to educate us.

    • Lie News
      Lie News 13 ore fa

      He was certainly a VIRILE one, which has cost him dearly.

    • Praque Forqsk
      Praque Forqsk 20 ore fa

      But he wants to educate us all Lol.

    • Sam Killer
      Sam Killer 20 ore fa


  • zeus star
    zeus star Giorno fa

    Jimmy should retire now

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson Giorno fa

    Own fault end of

    • Sam Killer
      Sam Killer 20 ore fa

      Didn't practice safe sex. No sympathy.

  • Natt GrenadeFace
    Natt GrenadeFace Giorno fa

    Quite peak

  • Rs Crizz
    Rs Crizz Giorno fa

    🇬🇧🏏🇭🇲💞👏🙂🍾..... Nice Game Guys.....

  • Mrfairchap
    Mrfairchap Giorno fa

    How can a rugby player be gay? It’s a man’s game.

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt Giorno fa


  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt Giorno fa


  • 5/10 Cricket Countdown

    We're with you, lad.

    • Sam Killer
      Sam Killer 20 ore fa

      He didn't practice safe sex as the old AIDS ads used to tell everyone. Why should HE get any sympathy for being careless? I feel sorry for those he might have infected.

  • Margaret Collins
    Margaret Collins Giorno fa

    I admire your courage

    • Lie News
      Lie News 13 ore fa

      @k s AND selfishness not using a condom.

    • k s
      k s 21 ora fa

      What courage??His own stupidity.!

  • mtoxic00
    mtoxic00 Giorno fa

    I was there😭

  • Stewart
    Stewart Giorno fa

    You'll not be partying after that beat down you just got off otto

  • Connar Douglas
    Connar Douglas 2 giorni fa

    I'm copying the kid punches the man in the balls

  • 301500000
    301500000 2 giorni fa

    A guy was complaining about his shoe when he saw a man with no leg

  • CJ Hawaii Trump2020
    CJ Hawaii Trump2020 2 giorni fa

    Fury should of had his hand raised in that Wilder fight, End of story

  • Avishek Sarkar
    Avishek Sarkar 2 giorni fa

    What a match...oohhh wt an innings..this inngs you would like to watch before u die

  • Giska Gile
    Giska Gile 2 giorni fa


  • NoneOfYour Beeswax
    NoneOfYour Beeswax 2 giorni fa

    Fascinating... so in central Russia they're been throwing balls into tyres since the 12th century! I guess eventually someone had the bright idea of using those rubber tyres to put on wheels!

  • Justusjohnny Jo
    Justusjohnny Jo 3 giorni fa

    Yep still drunk off that right hand in the 12th! Hopefully he doesnt relapse because the parties is how it started before and cocaine is a helluva drug!!

  • naduce
    naduce 3 giorni fa

    He'll fight Wilder when he recovers from his right hand... Be very patient guys !

  • den525
    den525 3 giorni fa

    French open is the HARDEST grand slam to win, it's the toughest physically, mentally and one where you need the best overall game. Even the greatest ever tennis players ever struggled to win the French Open... Federer (1), Djokovic (1), Sampras (0), Laver (1), Lendl (3), Connors (0), McEnroe (0), Agassi (1)... Borg is the only other to have won 6 and no one have won more than 3 and Nadal have won it 12 times... It's just a ridiculous achievement, an achievement that NO ONE will beat, that's 100% for certain. Who's the greatest? It's no longer a debate. Federer for years had the "most grand slams" advantage to his argument now it's 19v20, Nadal will beat Federer's record without a shadow of a doubt, head2head Nadal have always been the better player between the two, no question. Federer was lucky he's 5 years older than Nadal, if they were the same age, Federer wouldn't even be part of the conversation, as he would have alot less grand slams. On the other hand, Djokovic will probably beat BOTH players in the grand slam count... but no one talks about him.

  • Osmania News
    Osmania News 3 giorni fa

    Nadal lost the match even before the match began. He could have put the pressure on Djocovic by playing key points well. He didnt do that. Once Djocovic understood that Nadal is no more a threat ge started playing even better. Nadal dipped his level further. That match was a shock to me. Not because he lost it but the way he lost it. Anyway he recovered well from that shock and won another two slams this year.

  • Henrik DK
    Henrik DK 3 giorni fa

    Sun and slicks in to rain and slicks in 20 sec. will make havoc in any race... some was sliding 200 meters

  • Ogeenock
    Ogeenock 4 giorni fa

    Crofty: *THe OLd sWiTCharOo*

  • chris holmes
    chris holmes 4 giorni fa

    What a sausage

  • tender heart
    tender heart 4 giorni fa

    Plain and simple, Horton is a sore loser, and a hypocrite to boot !

  • Amada Linares
    Amada Linares 4 giorni fa

    I felt this deep in my soul, All love

  • Aditya Patnaik
    Aditya Patnaik 4 giorni fa

    only style , no cricket

  • Tiberius Maximus
    Tiberius Maximus 4 giorni fa

    SEXUAL ASSAULT? From a few trolls on the internet, how does that work?

    • Tiberius Maximus
      Tiberius Maximus Giorno fa

      @Chloe she said sexual assault from social media, how does that work? words can't hurt you, especially if you're supposed to be a strong female role model. What kind of message is that to send? I get death threats all the time from u lunatics, its all bark. Sounds like you have some discrimination issues w men, sort it out

    • Chloe
      Chloe Giorno fa

      Tiberius Maximus a few?? I suppose you’re a men so you aren’t sexually assaulted just from kicking a ball

  • Matthew Zyvonoski
    Matthew Zyvonoski 5 giorni fa

    Well I never

  • NO 125 BEN
    NO 125 BEN 5 giorni fa

    Last year this time no steve Smith. And we know the result.. 😂😂

  • NO 125 BEN
    NO 125 BEN 5 giorni fa

    Captain steve no then aus no😂😂

  • The Smart Brothers
    The Smart Brothers 5 giorni fa

    Carl - “Just the jab now, one arm” Carl proceeds to hit him with jab, cross left hook 😂 Would to see a fly on the wall documentary on Carl “Life after boxing”

  • lifeisnothard
    lifeisnothard 5 giorni fa

    Women are always complaining about something

  • Faiz Parkar
    Faiz Parkar 5 giorni fa

    Tere ma ka bhosda permish varma

  • treehuger1978
    treehuger1978 5 giorni fa

    the photographer has his name out there because of this pic and the controversy surrounding it.

  • Sean Burton
    Sean Burton 6 giorni fa

    Broad thinking that by smith taking time out, it will affect his peformance, smith goes on to score 211 runs in the 4th test, England look clueless on how to get this man out.

  • xaj154
    xaj154 6 giorni fa

    Did you notice that in the finals she had on more discreet underwear? Why did she do that if the original look was OK?

    • xaj154
      xaj154 4 giorni fa

      Charlie Boyd Funny question, do you mean you don’t know what discreet means, or something else?

    • Charlie Boyd
      Charlie Boyd 4 giorni fa

      xaj154 what do you mean discreet

  • Melanie Daria
    Melanie Daria 6 giorni fa

    My heart goes out to him, the world will use you then throw out!!!

  • BIK.
    BIK. 6 giorni fa

    Now she’s got her own statue. Wow

  • ucheucheuche
    ucheucheuche 6 giorni fa

    Why no tires on those inner walls?? Hitting terminal brick.

    ALPHA POSIEDEN YT 6 giorni fa

    honestly though, i think the batsman was overacting.

  • Kaif Qaderr
    Kaif Qaderr 6 giorni fa

    The first one to comment

  • Herb Dee
    Herb Dee 6 giorni fa

    Anderson's injury was also a major factor. England's best ever bowler not playing and leaving England short in the first test was devastating.

  • T C
    T C 7 giorni fa

    Man... I’m a J Lin fan.... but come on man. Rock Bottom? Come on man.... 1. You are rich now 2. You got to play in the NBA 3. You got a chip You have a country who routes for you Now your playing overseas..... there are so many players that are NOT playing who are trying to make it back.... Stop Crying man.....

  • NuclearCraft
    NuclearCraft 7 giorni fa

    He was certainly a big part of the difference in batting, but so was England in the space of six/seven years trying to replace Cook, Pietersen, Bell, Prior with Roy, Denly, Buttler, Bairstow :P

  • Rezzy
    Rezzy 7 giorni fa

    Jeremy Lin is the only player that doesn’t need to be in an Micheal Jordan level to inspire me

  • Guardian Sport
    Guardian Sport 7 giorni fa

    Andy Ruiz Jr is the best heavyweight out there, insists Anthony Joshua ►

  • Sam Curro
    Sam Curro 8 giorni fa

    Australia where always going to win🇦🇺🇦🇺

  • Inathi Mboto
    Inathi Mboto 8 giorni fa

    If steve smith can be 100% fit in the next 5years to come; I am telling you guys he will beat the most records in test matches

    • Herb Dee
      Herb Dee 6 giorni fa

      Possibly. Hopefully he won't get banned again!

  • Inathi Mboto
    Inathi Mboto 8 giorni fa

    Steve smith proves again to us that the ball scrapping scandal was a biggest mistake in his entire career. And he is also proving that he is on top of every batsman right now in test matches

  • Terrance Bocage
    Terrance Bocage 8 giorni fa

    Steve Smith was the difference in this series

  • Er. GOT
    Er. GOT 8 giorni fa

    Smiths lowest score of the series is the highest. Coz all 11 players of England batting twice couldn't beat that

  • Suba Balaji
    Suba Balaji 8 giorni fa

    Steve smith excellent batting

  • Zed137
    Zed137 8 giorni fa

    note to Steve 'wide ball' Harmison.. Steve Smith was guilty of not being strong enough.. he did NOT direct Bancroft to scuff the ball - Warner did.. now - how is your street THUG goon mate Stoke going.. he COWARD punched a defenceless man and should have done jail time.. and you lot worship him as the next coming .. he is a GOON and should be in jail.. want to compare the two?? your moral compass points south

    • Maanas Ravishankar
      Maanas Ravishankar 6 giorni fa

      Yeah absolute hypocrisy. How’s it feel knowing that Steve smith scored more runs in the last test than Harmison took wickets in his career. What a clown

    • Will to Power
      Will to Power 7 giorni fa

      Well said.

    • Reggie Reign
      Reggie Reign 7 giorni fa

      Not to mention the 2005 Ashes, read Monty Panesar's book describing systemic ball tampering directed by Atherton, Harmison played that series, so he can go choke on a pot belly hypocrite pie...pommy git.

  • Mike Longwill
    Mike Longwill 8 giorni fa

    Would have liked to have seen England with this attack and Ali as the spinner batting at seven, Buttler with the gauntlets. Archer, Broad, Anderson, Woakes and Stokes. Roy should never have been in the Test side also.

    • Steve Ruddick
      Steve Ruddick 7 giorni fa

      England need to start producing "test" batsmen again, players capable of patience and building an innings without trying to thrash the leather off almost immediately- that's the cancer of limited overs cricket influence nowadays unfortunately.

    • Hudson Jaxson
      Hudson Jaxson 7 giorni fa

      Shoudlve played woakes instead of overton? I rate woakes highly.

    • Mike Longwill
      Mike Longwill 8 giorni fa

      Still, credit to the Aussies they thoroughly deserved to retain the Urn.

  • Raw Prawn
    Raw Prawn 8 giorni fa

    Irrespective of the result, both skippers are impressive young men. Articulate, honest and thoughtful.

  • Jason Mcguigan
    Jason Mcguigan 8 giorni fa

    Listen to route only one guy one the ashes for Australia Steve Smith is a genius but so is the Australian bowling lineup Cummings is the best bowler in the world then you've got Hazelwood Stark lion etcetera

    • SilentHotdog28
      SilentHotdog28 8 giorni fa

      Labuschagne's batting has seriously been overshadowed by Smith. Out of 5 innings, Marnus scored 50+ 4 times. Matthew Wade scored a century (and a 50 if I recall correctly) So Yes Smith was a big part of our retaining the Ashes, but not all of it.

  • Atul Khedkar
    Atul Khedkar 8 giorni fa

    Paine proves his leadership ability

    • MR DREDD66
      MR DREDD66 8 giorni fa

      Atul he is slowly learning how to be a captain, and everything that come with that responsibility!!

  • Guardian Sport
    Guardian Sport 8 giorni fa

    Australia beat England in fourth Test to retain Ashes - as it happened

  • Joseph Diaz
    Joseph Diaz 8 giorni fa

    🥊🥊🥊KnOcKOut🥊🥊🥊 AJ it’s going to be you who wins knock him out 🥊🥊🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🥊🥊 Andy Ruiz will lose

  • Jacob Singer
    Jacob Singer 8 giorni fa

    If they went any lower you would see what she really touches down there...or pulls on.

  • dfour
    dfour 8 giorni fa

    When slicks meet rain!

  • Bradley Crook
    Bradley Crook 8 giorni fa

    Lol that last guy

    • It's All good
      It's All good 6 giorni fa

      Bradley Crook wait for me, I want in...!

  • Master Basser
    Master Basser 8 giorni fa


  • Brian Koski
    Brian Koski 9 giorni fa

    Just a lille bit slick out there on that corner... Use your signals! Be safe. Lol.