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  • georgelee43211
    georgelee43211 8 giorni fa

    this should have number 1 on the charts.

  • MichaelHansenFUN

    this is in a book somewhere about the beatles collectables and records

    • verticalmann
      verticalmann Anno fa

      I bought this single years ago and never seen one since !

  • theanonwolf
    theanonwolf 8 anni fa

    douche singer!

  • rich teale
    rich teale 9 anni fa

    wish they would play scarborough again

  • stanleyKNIF
    stanleyKNIF 10 anni fa

    I agree. Were my favourite band and saw them 12-15 times until about 87. On the strength of all the footage on youtube I would hate to see them again now, and I would specifically hate to watch the keyboard player. The trouble is, he's trying to be some kind of pastiche of Rat, Captain and Dave (not Brian 'cos he's boring) from '76, he thinks jumping up and down with a surgeon's hat on makes him zany and original. What he doesn't get is that those guys were like that naturally, it wasn't an act.

  • Cherie Brown
    Cherie Brown 11 anni fa

    i wentthere couple of weeks ago fukin mint maytee

  • julie dave
    julie dave 11 anni fa

    ooooo thanx for this