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Building A Widebody Ferrari 458 Part 5
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Building A Widebody Ferrari 458!!!
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  • robichj
    robichj 2 ore fa

    Instead of painting the carbon fiber bumpers, maybe you could paint the car dark grey or black to match the carbon fiber color?

  • Anon 1966
    Anon 1966 2 ore fa

    I seriously would not paint the front and rear bumpers.

    MTLKEBEK 2 ore fa

    Don’t paint the rear bumper

  • Jonathan Burchell

    Id really love to see use fix up & detail the truck in driveway for ur Dad i really injoy watching both of you

  • puirYorick
    puirYorick 2 ore fa

    How are you guys exhausting that heater? Please don't use Thomas as your coal mine canary for carbon monoxide gas poisoning, guys. That is supposed to be for outdoor use not inside a closed garage or shed.

  • Natt sluffy
    Natt sluffy 2 ore fa

    Buy another hood because the OEM one looks to stock

  • Walter B
    Walter B 2 ore fa

    Goonz love yr tubes. Keep it up

  • Tiko de 1e
    Tiko de 1e 2 ore fa

    pls make it carbon and black

  • Sir Cluckington
    Sir Cluckington 2 ore fa

    Excellent job!

  • Antonio Cyrne
    Antonio Cyrne 2 ore fa

    Are you really going paint that Carbon??? F*#%K!!!!!

  • bob bailey
    bob bailey 2 ore fa

    Wow, the u tube safety police are out in force

  • p j
    p j 2 ore fa

    I own a lambo myself and I can't believe he didn't know how to put it in neutral (you push both the pedals behind the steering wheel at the same time

  • Sandman GTI
    Sandman GTI 2 ore fa

    OK, what goes on the holes on each side. Bumper never seems to fit?????

  • FuriousFati
    FuriousFati 2 ore fa

    Eeeww... 11:28 hate those Ferrari side blinkers. It's like they came straight out of fiat.

  • XxHyJyNxX
    XxHyJyNxX 2 ore fa

    Making the decision to refresh the hood must’ve been a tough one, but it shows a good character and work-ethic. You guys do much more than produce entertaining content, for I always see you both going the extra mile. Almost OEM, for sure! Keep up the awesome work, these videos highlight my evenings!

  • Lucas Thompson
    Lucas Thompson 2 ore fa


  • Zane Leipert
    Zane Leipert 2 ore fa

    Try to straight pipe the Ferrari 458 Spider

  • Nawazish Siddiqi

    Today's video is sponsored by Tomas.

  • God of Horrors end

    You need a new exhaust for the 458 spider

  • Chad Edwards
    Chad Edwards 2 ore fa

    Gonna go ahead and go ahead.

  • Brandon Matos
    Brandon Matos 2 ore fa

    Can you get more lanyards in on goon squad .com all their is pink and I what one for Crismas

    VOLKZZORN 2 ore fa

    This the best for the Job

  • infectedmushroom

    U should make sure the new workshop has good insulation so u don’t have to worry so much about heating

  • alsosteikje
    alsosteikje 2 ore fa

    I recommend getting a CO (carbon monoxide) detector installed if youre planning to use that heater. Death can come sneaking around the corner if something is faulty with that burner..... :-/

  • Marvin Wegner
    Marvin Wegner 2 ore fa

    All this overspray is going to turn this garage into a dump.

  • Tactical Gamer AT

    If u gave me a dollar for every time they say 'dude' id be a millionar💸

  • Nathan Edwards
    Nathan Edwards 2 ore fa

    I find myself dancing alot during the videos

  • Tommy170
    Tommy170 2 ore fa

    Why paint over that beautiful carbon fiber? Just add carbon fiber hood to match.

  • Francis Gomes
    Francis Gomes 2 ore fa

    Vid got out just b4 my bday it's ws 12 am here wn t vid got out thnx guys lots of love all t way frm India (Goa)

  • infectedmushroom

    Wtf happened to that custom car they were making ? The one from the burnt lambourghini ?

  • Kaisertech
    Kaisertech 2 ore fa

    This will be my next best 458 in youtube since TJ is selling his...

  • Bobbie Burns
    Bobbie Burns 2 ore fa

    By the way boys, jet fuel IS kerosene!

  • Trix
    Trix 2 ore fa

    Please do not paint over the carbon

  • Johnny Walker
    Johnny Walker 2 ore fa

    You guys are entertaining. I look forward to the next videos, and you keep them coming. Love the hustle, but your more humble than the la rich boys. Not into it.

  • Coda5610
    Coda5610 2 ore fa

    Bumper looks like a lambo bumper.

  • LLL M
    LLL M 2 ore fa

    Wrap the car grey or black leave the exposed carbon!!!!!!!!!! 💥💥Like if agree

  • Jörg Ahrenberg
    Jörg Ahrenberg 2 ore fa

    hey, please pay a little attention to your health. The heating that you have purchased consumes a lot of oxygen, therefore it threatens to suffocate in closed rooms, and it would be a pity if we have to do without both of you in the future ... Also, the exhaust gases produced by the heater are not good for your health ... I still hope for many videos of you ...;) Greetings from Germany jörg

  • Harmen KD
    Harmen KD 2 ore fa

    Don't paint the carbon fiber

  • FrederikRS4
    FrederikRS4 2 ore fa

    It needs a Speciale hood instead of the boring stock hood.

  • Vinyldecalgraff
    Vinyldecalgraff 2 ore fa

    Cf hood & doors to match

  • David McDougall
    David McDougall 2 ore fa

    Hey Guys your wood stove would heat much better if you close the door and set the draft.

  • Jeremy Mcjennett

    Love the "DAAANNNGGGGG SSSSOONNNN" in every video lmao

  • Jose Boyzo
    Jose Boyzo 2 ore fa

    Just go carbon the whole car !

  • Shakeeb Ahmed
    Shakeeb Ahmed 2 ore fa

    Paint it grey

  • Ryan Coldiron
    Ryan Coldiron 2 ore fa

    On today's episode of "disassemble and sand your car"....

  • tryptychUK
    tryptychUK 2 ore fa

    The standards have really dropped. They went from a temperature controlled, clean spray bay to giving a crappy blow over outside in the freezing cold. These guys are total idiots.

  • SaucyBegger25
    SaucyBegger25 2 ore fa

    It’s 27c and people will look funny at you for wearing shorts? That’s hotter than a uk Summer. You don’t know how lucky you are. It was 1c here yesterday when I set off to go to work

  • Ethan Macheras
    Ethan Macheras 2 ore fa

    Front bumper looks awesome and can’t wait for paint!

  • Paul Wemhaner
    Paul Wemhaner 2 ore fa

    Instead of "Simply Built", I think the new motto should be the most famous thing said on the channel.... "Absolutely Amazing". ;)

  • bentgodtnok
    bentgodtnok 2 ore fa

    This is going to be do much cooler than OEM. Keep up the nice work. Huge 👍🏻 from Denmark 🇩🇰

  • Jered Swank
    Jered Swank 2 ore fa

    Dope video! Good to have the Ferrari back on the channel 🔥✌️

  • Tom K
    Tom K 2 ore fa

    Stop the music

  • keiron astbury
    keiron astbury 2 ore fa

    If it was mine id have the rest of the car wrapped in carbon fibre to look like the bumpers ................

  • Out Done
    Out Done 2 ore fa

    Plz leave the carbon exposed

  • Mohammed Patel
    Mohammed Patel 2 ore fa

    Leave the carbon. Paint the car black or wrap it black

  • HotShotVQ35
    HotShotVQ35 2 ore fa

    i went to home depot yesterday, it was 80 degrees outside 🤣🤣🤣

  • Drew Allen
    Drew Allen 2 ore fa

    Everyone says to leave the two bumpers exposed carbon. But itll look tacky af only having two parts carbon and the rest of the car a different color. Idk, that's my opinion. Lol

  • Skippy roo
    Skippy roo 2 ore fa

    Leave the front and rear bumper carbon and wrap the rest of the car in carbon that would look so sweet

  • tryptychUK
    tryptychUK 2 ore fa

    Battista Pininfarina will be spinning in his grave right about now.

  • Xherfli Ripaj
    Xherfli Ripaj 2 ore fa

    The ferrari would look beast if you guys paint it black and leave all the carbon parts

  • Ricardo Barbosa
    Ricardo Barbosa 2 ore fa

    All black 😍 would be awesome!

  • Dennis Okanya
    Dennis Okanya 3 ore fa


  • Swan BMX
    Swan BMX 3 ore fa

    Can I have the bit of carbon offcut? It would be an honor to have abit of a us goonzquad build in the UK on my zuko build, might not see this comment so won't hold it against you lads, good work with cars boys bring back burnout clips of the viper I beg 🙏 god bless the goonzquad 👊🦅

  • Er Vini
    Er Vini 3 ore fa

    Hi guy's please rebuild a mercedes benz g class its very sick.. Love you guys you are amazing

  • Shawn Miller
    Shawn Miller 3 ore fa

    Guys chill on the heater fumes thing thay are not in California so it should be perfectly safe 👍

  • Dustin Monceaux
    Dustin Monceaux 3 ore fa

    Build some hot rods and custom classics do some sheet metal fab. Learn some new stuff. I love watching y'alls show but the exotics are kind of boring.

  • Osman Vasquez
    Osman Vasquez 3 ore fa

    paint it gunmetal gray and leave the carbon raw!!!!

    • Osman Vasquez
      Osman Vasquez 2 ore fa

      never mind just watched the rest of the video :(. Its gonna be sick regardless!

  • frederic rike
    frederic rike 3 ore fa

    I'm gonna second that opinion about fumes from that "salamander heater"- common on construction sites, but OSHA gets real upset when they are used in enclosed areas. Also have noticed the kerosene smell on my clothes after a day around them! Who is the person in the black hoodie working at the desk at the top of the stairs? I'll go with your thoughts on the paint finish; some haven't been my "cup of tea" and then you did them and "Dang, son!". So I'll be just over here with my popcorn!FR

  • Jose Iglesias
    Jose Iglesias 3 ore fa

    You should paint it grey (same tone that the carbon fiber) and leave the bumpers as carbon fiber... I believe that combination will look amazing!

  • chris18228
    chris18228 3 ore fa

    Should have bought a propane salamander heater Burns cleaner don’t have to worry about him dying from fumes from a kerosene heater

  • Brian Ferreira
    Brian Ferreira 3 ore fa

    Front bumper makes it look like a lambo

  • Ice
    Ice 3 ore fa

    I can’t believe they actually painted over that carbon, that’s a crime

  • Мусабег Хидиров


  • Dr. John Carter
    Dr. John Carter 3 ore fa

    Keep it up guys! Peace

  • Ingvar
    Ingvar 3 ore fa

    Don't paint it in your garage, Its quite painful watching your last couple of paintjobs even on video :P Also gray scotchbrite saves you a ton of time fussing around edges and all kinds of crevices.. wet or dry doesn't really matter. Otherwise keep it up !

  • perry cooper
    perry cooper 3 ore fa

    leave it all carbon and wrap the car grey

  • travis arnold
    travis arnold 3 ore fa

    Peace from KY!

  • Jacob Rizos
    Jacob Rizos 3 ore fa

    Paint the body "destroyer grey" from dodge and leave the bumpers exposed

  • André G
    André G 3 ore fa

    It‘s a Ferrari guys. Use a paint booth please, dont‘t do the paint job in your garage. You took the paint booth for nearly every of your former builds. Don‘t go backwards in quality and development 🤨

  • Chandler Brock
    Chandler Brock 3 ore fa

    I recommend a nice snap on toolbox they come in cool colors and can get them with power plugs goodly made

  • Melih Kaya
    Melih Kaya 3 ore fa

    Sell all bumpers and hood buy a gt3 hood mann

  • The72 Inc
    The72 Inc 3 ore fa

    I would be all over Novitecs website for the 458, sell the Lambo to fund it

  • TrojanFan26
    TrojanFan26 3 ore fa

    Dewalt 140 K BTU at lowes for 299

  • Haakon Lizon
    Haakon Lizon 3 ore fa

    Carbon saves the trees.

  • tiny_mandam
    tiny_mandam 3 ore fa

    Y'all have a real hustle and it shows. You guys are great

  • Westley Taylor
    Westley Taylor 3 ore fa

    How did you lose so many subs? “We painted the car white instead of GUNMETAL GRAY!!

  • Zhao oahZ
    Zhao oahZ 3 ore fa

    You also need to buy the vorsteiner spoiler 🤔🤔

  • Nxthans550
    Nxthans550 3 ore fa

    goonzsquad in the future * rebuilding a Bugatti Chiron*

  • Will Pittenger
    Will Pittenger 3 ore fa

    Don't use that new heater in an enclosed space. It produces CO2 and CO. Open a garage door first. Otherwise, you might fall asleep and never wake up.

  • x0marko0x
    x0marko0x 3 ore fa


  • Mitchell Terry
    Mitchell Terry 3 ore fa

    I think the front wheels are bigger than the rears

  • Robert Baldwin
    Robert Baldwin 3 ore fa

    Smh $30 for a hat umm I don’t think so

  • RJ Hawk
    RJ Hawk 3 ore fa

    Glad to see how you boys do not "cut" any corners! That Ferrari is going to look sharp!

  • FlyinOrange
    FlyinOrange 3 ore fa

    did I hear someone say carbon hood?

  • 2 Crucial 4 You
    2 Crucial 4 You 3 ore fa

    I noticed you guys Use prep all (wax and grease remover) without latex gloves, that stuff will do some damage overtime I work in a auto Collison shop and have since I was 18, (I'm 24) the wax and grease remover will loosen up your skin and if it gets into your skin's pours (which it will), it can travel to your liver and start to separate all the tissue in it. Just a word of advice considering I had to do all the safety tests to pass my Notc D certification test.

  • Adam Dawson
    Adam Dawson 3 ore fa

    Hey kids, keep your bare carbon fenders for your civics. Looks dumb all mismatched if you didnt know...

  • 0mega Zer0
    0mega Zer0 3 ore fa

    It looks like you going have to replace that hood, it doesn't fit.

  • Pradipto Santra
    Pradipto Santra 3 ore fa

    Leave the carbon fiber.. paint the car matching to it.

  • Arjun Mangarath
    Arjun Mangarath 3 ore fa

    carbon wrap on entire car!! please

  • Harrods Garage
    Harrods Garage 3 ore fa

    I wouldn’t be using that heater. Chris from B is for build used one while painting a while ago and the fuel in the air reacted with the paint (fish eyes) I think he was using kerosene