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  • Pubblicato il 11 feb 2019
  • TAEMIN's the 2nd mini album "WANT" is out!
    Listen on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/TAEMIN_WANT
    01 WANT
    02 Artistic Groove
    03 Shadow
    04 Truth
    05 Never Forever
    06 혼잣말 (Monologue)
    07 WANT ~Outro~
    TAEMIN Official
    #TAEMIN #WANT #태민 #テミン
    TAEMIN 태민 'WANT' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Duaa Elsayed
    Duaa Elsayed Giorno fa

    I am speechless, like I literally have no words to describe how good this is everything about lee taemin is just perfection and thats a fact

  • Duaa Elsayed
    Duaa Elsayed Giorno fa

    Ohhhh so this is how taemin ends everyone's career

  • Dana 9871
    Dana 9871 Giorno fa +1

    Oh man ❤

  • Fiha Rani
    Fiha Rani Giorno fa

    I actually couldn't breathe

  • Rasha
    Rasha Giorno fa

    He ain't payed for child support

  • AnahiSnow
    AnahiSnow Giorno fa +1

    Definitivamente Taemin es perfecto 😍

  • Kate Morris
    Kate Morris Giorno fa +1

    How can a man be so sexy

  • Mai C
    Mai C Giorno fa +1

    We all agree this is the best 2019 comeback so far ?

  • _nctz3n -
    _nctz3n - Giorno fa +2

    i think this is my favorite taemin song and MV. His music videos always seem to please me in that aesthetically pleasing way,, and his voice is just so jrhdksbdie

  • Tae Mochi
    Tae Mochi Giorno fa

    o damn

  • Miroslava Cantu
    Miroslava Cantu Giorno fa

    Bien chulo, mi Tae 😍

  • Hikari Sakura
    Hikari Sakura Giorno fa +1


  • princess
    princess Giorno fa +1


  • snowflake
    snowflake Giorno fa

    I- Taemin.. How- What- Ok... How?

  • Natália Aguiar
    Natália Aguiar Giorno fa +3

    Art, beauty and talent = taemin

  • MarieNightAndDay
    MarieNightAndDay Giorno fa +1

    I know the angel J who observes you and who must be very proud of your work.. 💫

  • Lekka 99
    Lekka 99 Giorno fa

    If you don’t want to leave him with no win again , please vote !!!!!!!

  • Lekka 99
    Lekka 99 Giorno fa +3


  • Tae Jin
    Tae Jin Giorno fa +1

    Go go ah amo está canción

  • Tae Jin
    Tae Jin Giorno fa +2


  • Sexy Lady
    Sexy Lady Giorno fa +1

    5 895 643... Dont forget to support Hello by SHINee :)

  • Z_Stitch4297
    Z_Stitch4297 Giorno fa

    Excuse me while I break the repeat button.

  • voz angel
    voz angel Giorno fa +2

    Taemin es tan especial que no importa del fandom que pertenezcan los comentarios son positivo.

  • Prostaetes uwu
    Prostaetes uwu Giorno fa +1


  • vany :3
    vany :3 Giorno fa

    Necesito amigos fan de Taemin y si tu quieres ser mi amigo mándame un msj u.u
    -"+52 9231095387"

  • Brittsoo _12
    Brittsoo _12 Giorno fa +4

    Yo this song is such a freaking good ads bop. This is probably like 50th time listening to this🔥

  • vany :3
    vany :3 Giorno fa

    Ay diosito tu que ves todo, tápate los ojos porque me voy a masturbar

  • jimena como ximena Condori Pari

    Me gusta la canción tiene buen ritmo

    SUGAINFIRES ME Giorno fa

    yes babeee

  • Jae Gassebeun
    Jae Gassebeun Giorno fa

    Esto debería tener más vistas porque es terrible canción.
    Honestamente, no soy Shawol ni Taemin stan, solamente soy ahgase y estoy en pleno streaming de GOT7, pero decidí agregar WANT para ayudar porque en serio, esta canción es buenísima.
    Tan buena que incluso sin ser fan ni stan quiero ayudar. Espero que gane muchos premios porque bien merecidos los tiene.
    Saludos. 💚

  • Margarita Varela
    Margarita Varela Giorno fa +1

    I never stanned him before because I never listened to his songs. But I decided to listen to this because everyone was talking about it. Let's just say that um...he came at me hard.


    Hi SHAWOL. Please help us to stream ALLIGATOR 🐊 Currently has 1.4M views. Our goal is 2M views in 24 hours. Monbebe will help to stream WANT too.

  • Aaaadduhhhrrii De
    Aaaadduhhhrrii De Giorno fa +1

    Whoa. I feel attacked.

  • Anna Sanchez
    Anna Sanchez Giorno fa

    The devil works hard but Taemin works harder 😍

  • Jay Almonte
    Jay Almonte Giorno fa

    At 3:01 - 3:15 the Background sample that keeps on repeating reminds me of another song~ I just can't put my finger on it like I know I heard this somewhere~

  • Mela QG
    Mela QG Giorno fa +1

    Is only me or this choreography has Michael Jackson vibes

  • xuxi's heart
    xuxi's heart Giorno fa +1

    i feel threatened

  • Yuliana Hiu
    Yuliana Hiu Giorno fa +2

    Goodjob Taeminah... complete package... powerfull voice, slaying dance, seducing eyes, great music, Gorgeous face, nice hair, love every inch of you...

  • WishingWolf33
    WishingWolf33 Giorno fa +4

    Taemin is hot hot. The visuals are hot hot. This song is hot hot!

  • jiminepabo- cutie
    jiminepabo- cutie Giorno fa +2

    Michael Jackson of Korea, no one can change my mind!

  • E l H b
    E l H b Giorno fa

    este hombre simplemente nunca me decepciona

  • Shafa 93
    Shafa 93 Giorno fa


  • Gabriele  Alcantara
    Gabriele Alcantara Giorno fa

    Esse homem é maravilhoso, a

  • Daryna
    Daryna Giorno fa

    как же это прекрасно

  • My baby shark Taemin
    My baby shark Taemin Giorno fa +4

    It is hard to believe that this hot hot Taemin is the same Taemin who is bubbly cheering at key concert? Taemin's duality is awesome.

  • Daryna
    Daryna Giorno fa


  • Pikkuuu
    Pikkuuu Giorno fa

    Kai and Taemin
    Red suits: *WANT AND LOVE SHOT*
    A killing friendship

  • THOMAS Zdrenka
    THOMAS Zdrenka Giorno fa +4

    Taemin is a dancing King.👑

  • Daisy La Marguerite
    Daisy La Marguerite Giorno fa +3

    oh my gawd those moves... so freakin' hot!

  • ذئبة كاي KiFo_88

    يااخي الكاهه منك من كاي 🤦💔

  • Maricris Salgado
    Maricris Salgado Giorno fa +1


  • Sathyne❤️
    Sathyne❤️ Giorno fa +9

    21 in the French trend ! Bravo Taemin !

    • Casendra Mars
      Casendra Mars Giorno fa

      Please spread the words in France to vote for Taemin on Idol Champ for Champion song of the week, we need to get Taemin the win this week since we weren't able to last week. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤

  • Nina Kari
    Nina Kari Giorno fa +3

    0:55 just made me burst in tears 😢😢😢😢
    I'am obsessed with this song
    Our taemin i'am so proud of you keep going on i'll be always with you

  • Joy Yeppo
    Joy Yeppo Giorno fa +2

    Good boy 😘

  • Deyse  Gomes O
    Deyse Gomes O Giorno fa


  • Shay Darkbloom
    Shay Darkbloom Giorno fa

    It was cool how they shifted to the next scene quickly it made the mv so much better. The beat was nice & it sounded like Shinee.

  • sara e s
    sara e s Giorno fa

    no offence but i love you

  • Cati
    Cati Giorno fa +9

    Go, install the app Idol Champ and vote for Taemin (4th week of February). He is losing (2nd place) and it's a global voting. We can change that, please vote. (!!!!) You can vote three times a day.

  • kpop stann 1
    kpop stann 1 Giorno fa +3

    istg this song is so addicting. like the song and mv are gold

  • jeon.
    jeon. Giorno fa +3

    Stan talent Stan taemin 🤕♥️

  • Ursula Barth
    Ursula Barth Giorno fa +2

    This art like wow

  • jeon.
    jeon. Giorno fa +1

    My baby ♥️♥️

  • S4 coversBR
    S4 coversBR Giorno fa +2

    Taemin é uma lenda lendária 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  • Ellie D.
    Ellie D. Giorno fa

    PLEASE RELEASE A PERFORMANCE VERSION!!! These backup dancers are amazing!

  • Ioanasanel9 Miclescu
    Ioanasanel9 Miclescu Giorno fa +1


  • Valeria Demetrius
    Valeria Demetrius Giorno fa


  • Alyssa Bautista
    Alyssa Bautista Giorno fa +4

    This is going to be my 10th year with Taemin as my bias I'm so proud of him really. Watching him grow up and finding his distinct style is so touching

  • バニー
    バニー Giorno fa +1

    This deserves more views

  • Mariam Zah
    Mariam Zah Giorno fa +4

    18/02/2019 ~ 6M view
    #Taemin #Want

  • arouca
    arouca Giorno fa +1

    this made me thirsty

  • Noelia Salazar
    Noelia Salazar Giorno fa +2

    Es el Comeback Arte de Febrero y ya no se discute 👌🏻

  • Emy Pierre-Louis - Taeddie

    Sweet lord ....

  • inter licores
    inter licores Giorno fa

    Taemin amor música shinee dios Jessica :-)

  • Lucy Palma
    Lucy Palma Giorno fa +1

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa mi novio tan lindo y guapo sensual como siempreee saranghae taemin

  • Yesenia Sacul
    Yesenia Sacul Giorno fa +1


  • Ângela Pinto
    Ângela Pinto Giorno fa +1

    skinny legend

  • Yesenia Sacul
    Yesenia Sacul Giorno fa +2


  • Swantje Foolcan
    Swantje Foolcan Giorno fa +1

    He is calling us out 😂😂

  • Sophia Howard
    Sophia Howard Giorno fa +2

    오빠, 너는 너무 섹시하고 멋진 댄서 야!!!❤💙💚💛💜🧡🖤
    Oppa, you are so sexy and an awesome dancer!!!❤💙💚💛💜🧡🖤

  • Kaye Dunn
    Kaye Dunn Giorno fa +2


  • Hikari
    Hikari Giorno fa +2

    I LOVE THIS STYLE TAEMIN IS GIVING US SINCE `MOVE´ :D Thank you so much for your hard work, lots of love

  • Ms D
    Ms D Giorno fa +2

    Beat is just perfect. And later i check lyrics out... oh my god, awesomeeeee

  • Вик ТОР
    Вик ТОР Giorno fa +5

    very very good song/ cant stop listening💎

  • Mirtes Ferreira
    Mirtes Ferreira Giorno fa +1

    I see MJ vibes!!

  • vanessa Grande
    vanessa Grande Giorno fa +1

    This sh*t is art :3

  • Sarah Malik
    Sarah Malik Giorno fa +1

    Taemin why you do this to me?

  • SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours

    Keep Supporting Ans Str*_*ming
    Taemin's New Mv 🌋Hot Hot🌋 #Want
    And Key's New Mv ❄️#Cold❄️

  • alexissxu
    alexissxu Giorno fa +2


  • SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours

    -Congrats! - Shawols- -We Did It-
    -Taemin Won- (leading) -in show Champion-
    We can do it Shawols Fighting 💪
    Don't ever give up Keep voting for Taemin and Hope for best because Miracle always happens 🎉🎉

    • SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours
      SHINee AND SHAWOL Key's Forever Yours Giorno fa

      sorry i think i miss understood it's 4th week's result... yesterday when i voted for Taemin he's was in second position but today when i went to vote... he's was leading in 1st place (but now he's 2nd) So i thought he won😣😔

    • itwillkeepyouwarm
      itwillkeepyouwarm Giorno fa

      But now he’s second , we should work harder

    • Auntie67
      Auntie67 Giorno fa +2

      Wow, it's great! But when I voted on show champion (voting for international fans) he was second far behind the current first place, so can you explain how exactly is he leading???

  • Mayra HC
    Mayra HC Giorno fa +3

    6M soon! 🙏 Fighting 💪🧡

  • naf era
    naf era Giorno fa +3

    *d a n g e r*

  • Olivia Ngo
    Olivia Ngo Giorno fa

    we get it; you''re hot.

  • I Rico
    I Rico Giorno fa +1

    Such a good song

  • I Rico
    I Rico Giorno fa +1

    Lucky snakes

  • I Rico
    I Rico Giorno fa


  • Artisticlynn
    Artisticlynn Giorno fa +4

    Only Taemin can give me goosebumps as soon as he sings and shows himself

  • AlphazCx
    AlphazCx Giorno fa


  • Amy
    Amy Giorno fa +3

    I've never watched him perform before, but his voice, moves, the beat, the lightning of the video, outfits, everything about this video was SO RIGHT, SO ON POINT AND NOW I'M OBSESSED?? This is sooo good!

    • SHINee taemint
      SHINee taemint Giorno fa +1

      Time to watch his live performances then^^

    IAMANNA Giorno fa

    More I see Taemin, more I see Kai 👀❤

  • Michi
    Michi Giorno fa +1

    Entre la canción y todo el material visual acaban de dejarme loca jajajaja