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  • Pubblicato il 11 feb 2019
  • TAEMIN's the 2nd mini album "WANT" is out!
    Listen on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/TAEMIN_WANT
    01 WANT
    02 Artistic Groove
    03 Shadow
    04 Truth
    05 Never Forever
    06 혼잣말 (Monologue)
    07 WANT ~Outro~
    TAEMIN Official
    #TAEMIN #WANT #태민 #テミン
    TAEMIN 태민 'WANT' MV ℗ SM Entertainment
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  • Taç Beyit
    Taç Beyit 34 minuti fa

    İ'm Scared 😍 Sexy

  • Marcilia Marcilia
    Marcilia Marcilia 50 minuti fa

    So sexy, TAEMIN.....

  • Laura Fragoso
    Laura Fragoso Ora fa +2

    He looks great in red xD who am I kidding he looks good in everything just look at that talent sexy yet flows and no skin showing but attractive the way he sings and dances he has something special I just can’t quite describe :3 or put my finger on it

  • Laura Fragoso
    Laura Fragoso Ora fa +2

    Stans let’s stream

  • Nara
    Nara 2 ore fa

    JESUS CRIST-- forgive me I know it's holy week but Lee Taemin just-- m'kay I need holy water

  • ten . .
    ten . . 4 ore fa +1


  • 뚠땐 :DDunDDaen_ BOOK

    모르고 2배속으로 노래틀었는데 너무 신나서 깜짝 놀랐네

  • P K
    P K 5 ore fa

    FIGHTING for concert don't forget to take care of you babymin

  • Jay Park
    Jay Park 5 ore fa +2


  • Kristina Litvinova

    remember Taemin from Replay? well...

  • Time is Important
    Time is Important 9 ore fa +9


  • Dark Bloom
    Dark Bloom 9 ore fa

    0:31 this part reminds me of La la la by Naughty Boy (at 0:59)

  • My baby shark Taemin
    My baby shark Taemin 11 ore fa +6

    He is gorgeous.

  • 른우
    른우 11 ore fa +2

    아따 무비 한번 잘뽑았네

  • Elysia Jewel
    Elysia Jewel 13 ore fa +7

    His movements and song was blown my heart and mind

  • Gara Min
    Gara Min 14 ore fa +4


  • Bleh122602
    Bleh122602 16 ore fa +7

    How can a man radiate so much sexiness

  • Gacha Asian
    Gacha Asian 17 ore fa +1

    I thought Taemin was Taeyong and Jaemin's ship name 😂😂😂

  • Natalie Kern
    Natalie Kern 17 ore fa


  • yasmin Hernandez
    yasmin Hernandez 17 ore fa +4

    Esta canción ahora es mi súper preferida

  • yasmin Hernandez
    yasmin Hernandez 17 ore fa +5

    De todas las canciones que he oído esta es la súper mejor me encanta demasiado

  • suga mew
    suga mew 18 ore fa +3

    เมืองไทยร้อนมากๆ เพลงนี้ดังขึ้นมาทันที hot hot 🔥

  • tatyy
    tatyy 18 ore fa +3

    this is IT.

  • aliyah hanim
    aliyah hanim 19 ore fa +6

    Whoever dislike this mv did not know what is the definition of legendary and artistic

    MICHAEL 20 ore fa

    Taemin tai

  • Megumi매그미
    Megumi매그미 21 ora fa +5

    Oh ma gad this is my jam always listen to this in the morning with my other song I have on the list to play in the morning.... but I always get yelled at i mean all I do is play this in the living room full volume on the tv i mean it’s not that loud

    they just hating cuz they don’t look dis good🤫

  • Kim Jonghyun
    Kim Jonghyun 21 ora fa +2

    My husband

  • Mirela Ungureanu
    Mirela Ungureanu 21 ora fa +7

    Honestly this deserves more attention

  • jongin n taehyung nation

    i love HIM

  • BTS is my boyz
    BTS is my boyz 23 ore fa +9

    Keep coming back to this mv it's so so hot. The choreography is amazing,

  • Vik Van
    Vik Van Giorno fa +2

    Темін, ти виводиш мої ідеї та думки в своїй творчості.., як це розуміти?
    Дякую вам за цей шедевр!

  • kaoruancafe
    kaoruancafe Giorno fa +9

    Dancing like a GOD with class : TAEMIN !

  • i purple BTS
    i purple BTS Giorno fa +10

    Omg......this song is like drug

  • ショラ
    ショラ Giorno fa +1


  • My baby shark Taemin
    My baby shark Taemin Giorno fa +12

    An artist he is, very creative.

  • 민호샤이니 MH
    민호샤이니 MH Giorno fa +9

    태민 👑👑👑👑👑💛💛💛💛💛🙏🏻😭😭😭😭😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • 민호샤이니 MH
    민호샤이니 MH Giorno fa +4


  • Giulia Chiave
    Giulia Chiave Giorno fa +6


  • Danesha Path
    Danesha Path Giorno fa +2


  • Daniela Martinez
    Daniela Martinez Giorno fa +1

    Awww... mi niño ya creció 😭❤ me acuerdo cuando tenia la cabeza de hongo y comía hormigas 💗

    THE MASTER. Giorno fa +7

    Thanks god for him

  • P K
    P K Giorno fa +3

    Fighting taeminne on your 2nd concert👍

  • Pink Sora
    Pink Sora Giorno fa +7

    Taemin is art

  • Pink Sora
    Pink Sora Giorno fa +5

    One of the best songs of this year

  • Núria Valdivieso
    Núria Valdivieso Giorno fa +4

    Man, every time I watch this mv I'm just in awe at how amazing the filming is. Mad props

  • aisulu
    aisulu Giorno fa +7

    I do want more 🤩😘

  • Ashley ExploresDworld
    Ashley ExploresDworld Giorno fa +6

    This need moreee attentionnn

  • jiyongee 7
    jiyongee 7 Giorno fa +8

    Freaking gooooddd

  • Kiana Lopez
    Kiana Lopez Giorno fa +5


  • BbySVT.
    BbySVT. Giorno fa +3

    Play this at my funeral pLEase

  • Cleene Sanchez huaman
    Cleene Sanchez huaman Giorno fa +2

    que arte exitos taemin I LOVE

  • Paola Barajas
    Paola Barajas Giorno fa

    This is kind dirty mined

  • M 샤이니 TN T 태민


  • Brixcia C.
    Brixcia C. Giorno fa +7

    Taemin is pure art u_u

  • Minni
    Minni Giorno fa +3


  • Taeminini* World
    Taeminini* World Giorno fa +5

    Want es tan adictivo 💕💕💕❤❤❤💗❤💗❤💗❤❤💗❤💗❤💕❤💗❤💗❤💗❤El mundo es tan genial y fantastico cuando puedo escuchar TPOP todos los dias ❤❤❤KING TAEMIN❤❤❤❤❤❤😍

    DAMH0tTM SHINING Giorno fa +7

    Good morning☀⛅💕☀ 😍

  • munser moony
    munser moony Giorno fa +3

    Taemin invented a new form sex u know

    • ZENY CNN
      ZENY CNN Giorno fa +1

      sexy baby!!! ^^...

  • Mel G
    Mel G Giorno fa +6

    Here to get my daily Vi-Taemin! 😄

  • amy happy
    amy happy Giorno fa +10

    LEE TAEMIN. A singer and dancer with incredible talent and still remains humble for so many years. I stan the right person and I couldn't be more proud of myself for this.😌

    • amy happy
      amy happy Giorno fa +3

      My baby shark Taemin
      Totally agreed with you dear.💕

    • My baby shark Taemin
      My baby shark Taemin Giorno fa +4

      It is his personality that I like the most, he is pure and humble.

  • Keziah M96
    Keziah M96 Giorno fa +11

    Wow he is a great dancer, hands down

  • Christian CY
    Christian CY Giorno fa +20

    Guys please make sure to check out his japanese mvs ''flame of love'' and ''sayonara hitori'' they're both basically masterpieces

  • snHiroxx
    snHiroxx Giorno fa +8

    Lee Taemin love you 😍

  • wanting TM
    wanting TM Giorno fa +7

    Still get so thrilled whenever I hear Want like when I first listened to it

  • Marcilia Mussity
    Marcilia Mussity 2 giorni fa +4


  • My baby shark Taemin
    My baby shark Taemin 2 giorni fa +11

    I love art so much, so I'm here everyday.

  • BTS Infires My Soul
    BTS Infires My Soul 2 giorni fa +2

    My scalp is still burning from this

  • King Snowman
    King Snowman 2 giorni fa +6

    Nice video and catchy rhythm.

  • 夏目セイヤ
    夏目セイヤ 2 giorni fa +3

    Él es como ver porno

  • M 샤이니 TN T 태민
    M 샤이니 TN T 태민 2 giorni fa +5


  • Gab Jiko
    Gab Jiko 2 giorni fa +1

    Esse é o taemin do Jimim?

    • Marcilia Mussity
      Marcilia Mussity Giorno fa +1

      É esse sim, k mata o tadico do kook 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Gab Jiko
      Gab Jiko 2 giorni fa +2

      +Marcilia Mussity eu sei kkkkk por isso falei taemin do jimin, o taemin que normalmente passa nas compilações de ciúmes de kookmin kkkkk

    • Marcilia Mussity
      Marcilia Mussity 2 giorni fa +1

      Como assim TAEMIN do jimim 🤔🤔🤔??? Sim são amigos. O jimim é do kook 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Iman J
    Iman J 2 giorni fa +6

    So amazing..such a groovy talented n creative person😍

  • My baby shark Taemin
    My baby shark Taemin 2 giorni fa +10

    "Will leave you wanting more, thirsting for more" he knew he will succeed. Such an evil Maknae but I love him.

  • Zildjan Alora Mendoza
    Zildjan Alora Mendoza 2 giorni fa +1


  • Alline Santos
    Alline Santos 2 giorni fa +4

    Amooooo lindo gostoso maravilhoso ♥

  • xiumin baby
    xiumin baby 2 giorni fa +3

    Is teamin kai??? They both act same they both are sexy I think they are lost twin that got separate years ago!!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    • xiumin baby
      xiumin baby Giorno fa +1

      +itwillkeepyouwarm they do they are twin for God sake

    • xiumin baby
      xiumin baby 2 giorni fa +1

      +Ceren ik but they are twin too

    • Ceren
      Ceren 2 giorni fa +1

      xiumin baby they’re besties!! 😍

    • itwillkeepyouwarm
      itwillkeepyouwarm 2 giorni fa +1

      They don't act same

  • mmm kkk
    mmm kkk 2 giorni fa +4


  • 난이십끼형이젤좋아

    태민을 보고있는데 x재팬 요시키가 생각남 무브를 이제야 들어보고 궁금해서 이거저거 찾아보게됨

  • yuko ackerman
    yuko ackerman 2 giorni fa +7

    taemin is beautifu

  • Akmaral Kurbanova
    Akmaral Kurbanova 2 giorni fa +7

    I love you Taemin

  • Rini sha
    Rini sha 2 giorni fa +7

    20 mil. 😍🤩🌹👉

  • Oh My Lord Taecyeon
    Oh My Lord Taecyeon 2 giorni fa

    Thumbs down for smoking

  • Maria Beatrice
    Maria Beatrice 2 giorni fa +3

    Damn ,he is like a vampire model

  • Nilesh Varma
    Nilesh Varma 2 giorni fa +3

    t series should promotte taemin song....

  • Glenn Cuevas
    Glenn Cuevas 2 giorni fa

    I can feel bad energy from this song like michael jacksons song

  • grdn rs
    grdn rs 2 giorni fa +2

    Y’all don’t have a MV for “Guess Who?” It’s the best song

  • kyung jo
    kyung jo 2 giorni fa +4

    Sm은 태민의 move.want를 왜 블핑보다 못띄웠지?
    수만이는 요즘 머하냐? 나이들어 감떨어지고 하기싫으면 제발 전문가인데 넘겨요..
    왜 이런 인재가 블핑보다 못해야하냐고?

  • Karey Rawitscher
    Karey Rawitscher 2 giorni fa +8

    This is so good I have to listen to it 3-4 times a day. You are amazing Taemin!

  • Lilit Ayan
    Lilit Ayan 2 giorni fa +6


  • Ramen RAMrod
    Ramen RAMrod 2 giorni fa +2

    1:49 Seeing an artist legit feel his/her song makes it that much better

  • Abel Martinez
    Abel Martinez 2 giorni fa

    Dejen de subir pendejadas como estas

    • Liduvina Figueredo
      Liduvina Figueredo 2 giorni fa +1

      queee. sos pendeja o que. A sii sii seguro los sos. Get Lost!!!!!!

  • iridian ramirez
    iridian ramirez 2 giorni fa +5

    my loveeeee you are perfect taeminnnnnnn ..... marry me

  • Star Gazer
    Star Gazer 2 giorni fa +10

    Dear Taemin stans how do you breath? Pls. I need help

    • BTS Infires My Soul
      BTS Infires My Soul 2 giorni fa +3

      In this household we dont breathe. We re constantly attacked by Taemin, so breathing has no point

  • Mariana Xinico
    Mariana Xinico 2 giorni fa +5

    i love you taemin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • EhlOuhVhieIh
    EhlOuhVhieIh 2 giorni fa +13

    Taemin literally took the title of Evil Maknae to another level.

  • Milagros Castilla
    Milagros Castilla 2 giorni fa +3


    • Mayra HC
      Mayra HC 2 giorni fa +2


  • 이주경
    이주경 2 giorni fa +2

    갓태민 역솔남 태민

    DAMH0tTM SHINING 2 giorni fa +7

    15M 🔜😄

    DAMH0tTM SHINING 2 giorni fa +3


  • Ceren
    Ceren 2 giorni fa +3

    Watching this MV over and over again I completely understand the reasons why Jungkook hates him sm 😂 lol

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 3 ore fa

      +Ceren I am so happy you edit you comments. Finally you learn something. 😘

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 3 ore fa

      +Ceren semantic and punctuation mistakes. You're welcome. I gladly give all to Tae and SHINee. I AM A ONLY SHAWOL AFTER ALL. So yeah. Bye fake baby.

    • Ceren
      Ceren 3 ore fa

      eliana5000 Thanks for your view too ☺️

    • Ceren
      Ceren 3 ore fa

      eliana5000 point out one single grammatical fault in that comment where I asked you the music show’s name lmao

    • eliana5000
      eliana5000 4 ore fa +1

      +Ceren Is JONGHYUN. Stupid. Hahahahahahaha Is not my fault that you grammar is so bad that I couldn't understand your comment. Go back to school baby. Byeee. Thank for the VIEW.