Best new cars coming 2020-2021: my A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show | carwow

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  • Pubblicato il 10 mar 2019
  • Mat’s spent the last week at the Geneva Motor Show! From electric SUV concepts to a one-off £13m Bugatti, join him for an introduction to the most exciting cars on show this year! But which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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Commenti • 3 830

  • MatWatsonCars
    MatWatsonCars Mese fa +1611

    For those who have watched the WHOLE video please let me know your favourite car or scene. First check to see if someone else has already mentioned the same thing, and if so like their comment instead. That way I will be able to tell what you would like to see more of at the next motor show. BTW I made an error with the price of the Koenigsegg Jesko - it's £2.3M not £23M. Sorry 🤦🏼‍♂️.

    • Tom Raymond
      Tom Raymond 4 giorni fa

      +Vikas Sharma I'm well up for that video too, Get yourself to India Matthew!

    • abz124816
      abz124816 5 giorni fa

      1946 Nash is my favorite car.
      Try not to come in your pants when talking about cars. There is more to life :)

    • Mr ThuGamer
      Mr ThuGamer 7 giorni fa

      Could you keep your hands of the fucking showmodels, you're the only one who doesn't understand it there.

    • AllanteA4
      AllanteA4 7 giorni fa

      MatWatsonCars Those Lambos are breathtaking

    • Paul Haber
      Paul Haber 7 giorni fa

      I hate the Subaru and I can’t wait until all cars running on eco friendly feul

  • Robert Fowler
    Robert Fowler 18 ore fa

    STOP with this ridiculous idea of electric vehicles! Most electricity is made thru fossil fuel at the power plants, energy is lost in the electrical grid delivery system, many areas in the world cannot keep up with electrical demands now, You will have mountains of batteries that cannot be recycled any more not too mention the toxic waste dumped, cost of vehicles, range anxiety, home conversion costs. The best alternative is hydrogen powered vehicles. Hydrogen makes electricity to propel the vehicle and is very similar to gasoline on refueling and range.

  • Kai Kirchner
    Kai Kirchner 20 ore fa

    4:59 you cant really use it anyway😂 like you need to live in Germany to be able to use 190 miles per hour 😂🤷‍♂️

  • Haris Jurada
    Haris Jurada Giorno fa

    Tipical Britsh Idiotic Cometation, you One Apon the Time, Was funny!
    Go fuck your self, long Live BreExit!
    We do not need you!

  • john doe
    john doe Giorno fa

    Maybe brand it tesla

  • SUN_FISHtv
    SUN_FISHtv Giorno fa

    I would like the electric coupe

  • Stephen Doherty
    Stephen Doherty Giorno fa

    The arcfox sportcar looks very very like an i8. Where are all the chinese exterior designers (are there any or do they just take photos of western cars and try and repro them). Nice to see the Russians priority- a dodgy RR. They used to make some super rugged 4WD cars like the Lada Riga (I can see the Advert now - "other car makers go to Sweden to test their cars in the cold- we have Siberia"). So lots of plugin cars with about 50KM EV range. Can't see governments extending any subsidies for fossil fuel assist cars in the future (same for hybrids). Best car at Geneva?? Seat concept - sure its another VW EV in a vagely new bodyshell but it looks real and it looks nice with the lit up Seat rear badge. Piech recharge time could be the game changer if it ever sells in more than tiny nos. Noticed no mention of Ford-Jag-LandRover-Opel-citroen-Volvo-Hyundai-Nissan launches?

  • Uranus R
    Uranus R Giorno fa

    The future cars of this years:

  • Swapnil Thakore
    Swapnil Thakore 2 giorni fa

    The best car in this video is definitely Suzuki Jimny 👍🏻😄

    HAHA CLINTON 2 giorni fa

    toe nailsssss

  • Harvelt Michel Chery
    Harvelt Michel Chery 2 giorni fa

  • finnan ball
    finnan ball 2 giorni fa

    are land rover not there?

  • Ostensible Logic
    Ostensible Logic 2 giorni fa


  • CrzyMn7
    CrzyMn7 2 giorni fa

    I expected more from BMW and Honda. That Volkswagen Beach cruiser is really cool

  • - Bowser -
    - Bowser - 2 giorni fa

    Toe-nail? Tonale. Toe-nail? Tonale. ok ill give up.

  • R Hill
    R Hill 2 giorni fa

    Take me back to the 90s

  • Elon Musk _
    Elon Musk _ 2 giorni fa

    How hard is it to say tonale?😂😂

  • R Hill
    R Hill 2 giorni fa

    new mercedez designs look horrid

  • Jack and Canon
    Jack and Canon 3 giorni fa +1

    I love that the BMW stand was so innovation and such little change in aesthetics over the years. Boring cars and boring company. Might be fun to drive, but that clearly doesn't attract the crowds

  • Shawn Hernandez
    Shawn Hernandez 3 giorni fa

    All of them look shit. I mostly prefer a 1970 Dodge Challenger as my first car.

  • Willie Mcghee
    Willie Mcghee 3 giorni fa

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  • Olivia Anderson
    Olivia Anderson 3 giorni fa

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  • Simon Gray
    Simon Gray 3 giorni fa

    That Nissan was the nicest

  • Ian C
    Ian C 4 giorni fa

    Ferrari is lame, this guy is legendary with car reviews, they should let him on

  • God Thresh
    God Thresh 4 giorni fa

    15:53 The f*ck?!

  • TheOosh
    TheOosh 4 giorni fa

    car that requires a pilot license lol ( still looking sick )

  • Kiril secinskij
    Kiril secinskij 4 giorni fa

    you missed out range rover

  • danpmalpass
    danpmalpass 4 giorni fa

    Worth watching, as all the Carwow vids are, but this guy needs to get over himself in this one. Whats with the a self importance?

  • Rusty Galloway
    Rusty Galloway 4 giorni fa

    I would never buy a supercar in a cabriolet configuration. Heavier and worse handling/performance than the coupé equivalent. If I wanted a cabriolet I'd go for a MX5 or similar.

  • Carter Whitfield
    Carter Whitfield 4 giorni fa


  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh 5 giorni fa

    What about the Mitsubishi eclipse cross and Triton?

  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh 5 giorni fa +1

    Mazda's math is way off
    5×3=15 not 30

  • Hariprasad Mohandas
    Hariprasad Mohandas 5 giorni fa +1

    17:45 this company is run by Mahindra, an Indian car company

  • Gökii
    Gökii 5 giorni fa

    I just dont understand why they need to make the electric cars look so different and uglier than their normal and nice car designs

  • Burger Birger
    Burger Birger 5 giorni fa

    Great vid😁👍 But what a massive load of junk cars.

  • Lewis Newell
    Lewis Newell 6 giorni fa

    How have aurus got away with that

  • SᴜᴘᴀBᴇɴ
    SᴜᴘᴀBᴇɴ 6 giorni fa +1

    23:01 Reminds me of the Pontiac Stinger concept lmao

  • Marcela Ananias
    Marcela Ananias 6 giorni fa

    Why you dont like bmw

  • Adollar47
    Adollar47 6 giorni fa

    If you had spent more time on the Koenigsegg Jesko they'd have given you a Jesko beer

  • Andy Bosch
    Andy Bosch 6 giorni fa

    It‘s a G350d not a G63

  • James Tervit
    James Tervit 6 giorni fa

    The presenter ruined it for me, not funny and came across as being very awkward. I will flag this as a miss in future.

  • MiguelAlejandroVF
    MiguelAlejandroVF 6 giorni fa +1

    That Honda has a beautiful dashboard!

  • Paul Bennett
    Paul Bennett 7 giorni fa +1

    Skoda should build that yellow electric car

  • Mr ThuGamer
    Mr ThuGamer 7 giorni fa

    To Na Lé

  • Angry Shongo
    Angry Shongo 7 giorni fa

    Damn, the future sucks ;(

  • Kram Lik
    Kram Lik 7 giorni fa

    Who is this gay dude?

  • Robby.Izaak
    Robby.Izaak 7 giorni fa +2

    Its tonale!! Not “toneil”

  • Cicada
    Cicada 7 giorni fa +4

    I think VW is 100% lost the game!

    • ste tre
      ste tre 5 giorni fa

      They have good hybrid's

  • MR Dot1
    MR Dot1 7 giorni fa +1

    i was hooping for a Toyota CH-R electric or at least a petrol based 1.6 turbo engine with 170hp or so.... such a letdown....

  • Gary Dickinson
    Gary Dickinson 8 giorni fa

    god your a twat

  • Ingnorent Fish
    Ingnorent Fish 8 giorni fa +2

    All the car companies are doing the same handlea as the range rover velar and new evoque and the jaguar I pace

  • bob asnee
    bob asnee 8 giorni fa +1

    I wonder if there going to be even more electric super cars in future time

  • Sofus Vase
    Sofus Vase 9 giorni fa

    No zenvo or Koenigsegg?

  • Marta Leszczyńska
    Marta Leszczyńska 9 giorni fa


  • Martin Erskine
    Martin Erskine 9 giorni fa

    But...The Lada Stand?

  • Doug Spalding
    Doug Spalding 9 giorni fa +2

    BMW have become so stale! DESIGNER.... "I know, let's just put an even bigger grill on?" 😂
    Yawn...... 😪

  • chi chi
    chi chi 10 giorni fa

    just wear a nice suit and wear strong cologne and ferrari will let you on

  • Daniel Udovenko
    Daniel Udovenko 11 giorni fa

    Is it just me or does the future look a bit ugly based off some of these weird looking cars?

  • DeeJay Adverb
    DeeJay Adverb 11 giorni fa

    Ferrari can fuck off

  • Bhasker Garg
    Bhasker Garg 11 giorni fa

    where is the ford mustang?

  • Joseph Martin
    Joseph Martin 11 giorni fa


  • Andrew Evans
    Andrew Evans 11 giorni fa

    Will ISA kill off high performance cars for good?

  • Robin M
    Robin M 11 giorni fa

    No Tesla!!!!

  • Mama Sophia
    Mama Sophia 12 giorni fa

    I thought am the only one with pronounce problem

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S 12 giorni fa

    the only thing that ferrari does best is disappoint you

  • Syed saadullah hussani Hussani

    I was waiting for MINI .

  • Benedict Dela Cruz
    Benedict Dela Cruz 12 giorni fa

    @#!^&§¿¡:’( hit me like a canonball !

  • brixtonwa
    brixtonwa 12 giorni fa


  • Sarah Goodman
    Sarah Goodman 12 giorni fa

    The Aston Martin cars have me quaking

  • max maxx
    max maxx 12 giorni fa

    Where is rimac concept_two? ;)

  • Stephen George
    Stephen George 12 giorni fa

    7:23, we all had that moment in life . It's okay Mat!

  • HypeBeast Dragon
    HypeBeast Dragon 13 giorni fa

    Check out my new Auto Show videos from Canada uploaded today!

    1EPICGAMER 1 13 giorni fa +1

    Give us the Jimny in America PLEASE!

    1EPICGAMER 1 13 giorni fa +1

    The Honda E looks like a Jeep Renegade....

  • Paulo Freire Jr
    Paulo Freire Jr 13 giorni fa +5

    .....Tesla....where is it....
    By the way Tesla's Looks 300 years ahead of any competitor....
    Congrats its a fantastic report......and your way its fun.......

  • erikisbaum
    erikisbaum 13 giorni fa

    This guys a duche.

  • Dharmendra Vignaendra
    Dharmendra Vignaendra 13 giorni fa

    I would like to share a waffle with MsTonale driving in the Pagani Zonda.Scrumptious!

  • John T
    John T 13 giorni fa +3

    *I pity any companies that are still creating gas or hybrid cars, you know they're going bankrupt.*

    • IDontThinkSoTim
      IDontThinkSoTim 10 giorni fa

      +John T Aw, so sorry I made daddy's little girl so upset 🤣😂🤣😂

    • John T
      John T 10 giorni fa

      +IDontThinkSoTim I know it's hard for you to accept that you're an outdated dinosaur like Hybrids. Good luck on trading in your car.

    • IDontThinkSoTim
      IDontThinkSoTim 10 giorni fa

      +John T That's ok. You must like being wrong or will fully ignoring sales numbers. Have fun with that. Not like it matters or anything, I'm just stating the actual facts. I see you don't care for that so ok then.

    • John T
      John T 10 giorni fa

      +IDontThinkSoTim Sorry bud, sales are falling off a cliff for all companies and anyone that releases a hybrid will ultimately fail. Hybrids have terrible performance and outdated tech and as soon as people drive a Tesla they'll see the difference immediately.

    • IDontThinkSoTim
      IDontThinkSoTim 10 giorni fa

      +John T Perhaps try looking at some sales numbers... because no, they're not at all. They will be in about a decade, but they're still selling just as much as they have been for years right now. The infrastructure is just not there yet or even close to it for electrics to be any level of mainstream. You do also realize you just watched a video of concept cars right? Concepts that you can't buy at all, save for the Honda and one or two others that will be out for sale in 1 to 5 years from now at the absolute shortest.

  • armygentleman
    armygentleman 14 giorni fa

    I really like that this video covered alot of cars not from the major brands, including the obscure Chinese brands and even a flying car. Lots of fun hijinks too. My favorite was getting the presenter models into the fun for a comedy bit. Favorite car was the Piech super fast charging electric car. Classic curved lines and game changing recharge times. Tesla and Porsche need to talk to these guys about that breakthrough. The thing I didn't like was that for international viewers (American) like myself I can't understand the host Matt's quick ramblings at different volumes in that thick British cock-neyed accent. It turned into high speed gibberish after a while. Still glad he mentioned the Le Cock car though.

  • Олег Олегов
    Олег Олегов 14 giorni fa

    Man, speak slowly please, sometimes you too fast talk.

  • Fede FBA
    Fede FBA 14 giorni fa

    WTF she says TONALE, cant you spell it correctly?

  • Green Gold
    Green Gold 14 giorni fa

    On Lamborghini stand
    "It also have people walking across it "

  • Karan Vito
    Karan Vito 14 giorni fa


  • Pepe ga
    Pepe ga 14 giorni fa

    The cx-30 looks retarded

  • TheTruthQuest123
    TheTruthQuest123 14 giorni fa

    these makers are retarded
    they keep putting out all this bullshit that nobody's asking for the formula of success is not that difficult make a fucking comfortable SUV at least for selling in America make a Chevy Tahoe that gets more than 300 miles per range cost less than 40,000 and charges in less than 3 hours it's not that fucking complicated you don't need to have entire panels of engineer's coming up with bulshit that nobody is asking for

  • Lux Brunclik
    Lux Brunclik 14 giorni fa

    skoda is best czech foreva

  • DarkPhunk
    DarkPhunk 14 giorni fa

    That Ami One.. I wouldn't mind having one..

  • rory macpherson
    rory macpherson 15 giorni fa +4

    That Skoda model needs a good meal.

  • J S
    J S 15 giorni fa +3

    Absolutly love the Nissan 👌🏻 15:01

  • juih nj
    juih nj 15 giorni fa

    1:57 looks like hyundai ioniq

  • Chris Robins
    Chris Robins 15 giorni fa

    Why are car all elictict

  • David Uwem
    David Uwem 15 giorni fa


  • mohd zaidi ramli
    mohd zaidi ramli 15 giorni fa

    Funny guy..

  • Ayden Tardif
    Ayden Tardif 15 giorni fa

    well the urus also has a 190 top speed :/

  • Bip Nop
    Bip Nop 15 giorni fa

    You sound like a clown

  • Halogen bLINDNESS
    Halogen bLINDNESS 15 giorni fa

    Shake sugar on ur own car, that wasnt even funny, fucking idiot, i quit watching after that stupid move

  • Osteopatia Creativa
    Osteopatia Creativa 16 giorni fa

    I always appreciate Your vids. You had quite an influence (through Your criteria) on my choice of car. What i particularly like in this one is Your systematic way: Alphabetic order! I love it.
    My concern: right now I live in Italy and since here we pay our car tax based on the HP, I'm wondering who in Italy is going to buy all these electrical cars which in the gasoline or fuel version have way less HP?
    I have a Mercedes 177 HP turbo Diesel 2.1 engine and pay right now almost 400,-€. Can You immagine buying a Seat (so lets call it 'utility car') with already 200 HP and you have to pay each year 450-480 Euro? After 249 HP in Italy You have to pay the 'Luxury Tax'; reason that for the italian market many foreign manufacturers dropped the HP for cars. Golf GTI as much as Audi S3, or Mercedes 250's are limited in Italy to 249HP. Otherwise nobody buys the cars. The luxury tax is VERY, VERY expensive...and, of course, Insane. Not to mention insurance which is based on HP as well. Having a car will be in the future more and more a luxury item.
    Anyhow, great preview and thank You for Your effort.

  • Plague Doctor
    Plague Doctor 16 giorni fa

    Shitty SUVs as far as the eye can see. Worst car show ever. And you can fuck yourself if you think I'm not going to mention the RX-9 (yes I watched to the end)

  • Jody Bell
    Jody Bell 16 giorni fa

    Only £2.3 million for the Koenigsegg? Oh thank heavens...for a minute there I didn’t think I could afford it.