Best new cars coming 2020-2021: my A-Z guide of the Geneva Motor Show | carwow

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  • Pubblicato il 10 mar 2019
  • Mat’s spent the last week at the Geneva Motor Show! From electric SUV concepts to a one-off £13m Bugatti, join him for an introduction to the most exciting cars on show this year! But which one’s your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars 3 mesi fa +1823

    For those who have watched the WHOLE video please let me know your favourite car or scene. First check to see if someone else has already mentioned the same thing, and if so like their comment instead. That way I will be able to tell what you would like to see more of at the next motor show. BTW I made an error with the price of the Koenigsegg Jesko - it's £2.3M not £23M. Sorry 🤦🏼‍♂️.

  • Jordy v.e.
    Jordy v.e. 2 ore fa

    Sad that the Peugeot E-legend was not there😕

  • Josh Miller
    Josh Miller Giorno fa

    Dude, you know why you're banned from the Ferrari booth, but I say fuck them and keep being a truthful car journalist. That's why people subscribe to your channel. Don't be afraid to call the big companies on their bullshit! 👍👏

  • Keystone
    Keystone Giorno fa

    Toe Nail 😂😂😂😂

  • Prashant Krishnankutty


  • Deadly Menace
    Deadly Menace Giorno fa

    Lol, “sorry my friend...”
    Translation, “back off, dickhead” 😂

  • 777 GAMER
    777 GAMER 3 giorni fa +2

    Everyone are moving to electric vehicles! It's good to see it finally happening
    Thanks tesla

  • Bledi MUCA
    Bledi MUCA 4 giorni fa

    What the fuck is wrong with those pricks at Ferrari!!!
    It's a fucking car!!!
    tin and rubber..
    Superficial arrogant morons..

  • Dino Pappous
    Dino Pappous 4 giorni fa +4

    Audi = Glorified VW
    BMW = BigMoneyWaste

  • Richard Carrington
    Richard Carrington 4 giorni fa

    What's the word he says at 6.0

  • Zakria sayed
    Zakria sayed 4 giorni fa

    Do kia K900 review if possible

  • sputnic
    sputnic 4 giorni fa +2

    I've just realized , it has happened, cars are becoming electric . I don't like electric cars so now programs like this need to have a special nostalgia section for , gas cars only .
    Thanks for all your nice videos about gas cars . Perhaps I need to go to electric therapy , but I'll never buy one , what ever the cost .

  • hdidane00
    hdidane00 4 giorni fa

    please stop swallowing words while you speak it doesnt help people understanding what you re saying especially with your thick british accent.

  • Matthew Connell
    Matthew Connell 4 giorni fa

    Pretty sure there's not a better car journalist out there. Entertaining and useful reviews, no stupid races to prove squat. Love the channel.

  • Z2-18 TM
    Z2-18 TM 5 giorni fa

    For god sake... Its only boring electric and hybrid cars...

    • js
      js 4 giorni fa

      Get the Jesko...

  • Simply
    Simply 5 giorni fa

    I’m convinced the British never stutter

  • Alcare Telf
    Alcare Telf 5 giorni fa

    Realist review ever

  • abood dxb
    abood dxb 6 giorni fa +4

    whenever I watch your videos I got Durex condom ads.. why?

    J WILTON 6 giorni fa

    Nice job. Much more informative and to the point with an amusing personality to boot! Who could ask for more? Nicely done. I now a fan.

    J WILTON 6 giorni fa

    F-k Ferrari. It means zero in the overall scheme of things affecting the vast population of the world.

    • Dino Pappous
      Dino Pappous 4 giorni fa +1

      F--k J WILTON !!!

  • Bryant Curry
    Bryant Curry 6 giorni fa +1

    Suzuki has a knockoff of the g wagon

    • 4Kandlez
      4Kandlez 6 giorni fa

      But it's much cuter!

  • Logan8or007
    Logan8or007 6 giorni fa

    I like how the cars are now, those are ugly

  • Allen Anthony
    Allen Anthony 7 giorni fa +2


  • Anthony Reed
    Anthony Reed 7 giorni fa

    Ferraris are ugly're not missing anything

  • right lefthook
    right lefthook 7 giorni fa +2

    So many electric cars, I doubt the big oil companies will let that much business escape them.
    Petrol and diesal cars will be with us for atleast another 80 years.

    • js
      js 4 giorni fa

      Bye bye lovely sounding engines!

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa 5 giorni fa

      I like your 'realist' viewpoint...because the EV fanboys and cult Musk-eteers can't stand the truth. 80 more years of ICE vehicles?...perhaps, but what I do know is industry analysts and engineers have stated that it will take until 2050 for EV's to start to overtake and outpace ICE sales. So, at least another good 30 years...

  • Peyman Amiri
    Peyman Amiri 8 giorni fa

    23 million for jesko?

  • Abbadon Despoiler
    Abbadon Despoiler 8 giorni fa

    5:16 BMW embraced the internet jokes/memes about their front grill it seems....

  • Tokyo Warfare
    Tokyo Warfare 8 giorni fa

    the car at the end was gigantic or was a camera effect?

  • Xatzios
    Xatzios 8 giorni fa

    why would you leave the dust on the car and leave without cleaning it?

    XXPROXX KING OF BLOODS 10 giorni fa

    Amione that car looks like a car from Detroit become human

  • Saint Etienne
    Saint Etienne 11 giorni fa +1

    *That Alfa lady was way out of Matt's league - toe nail for you young man!!*

  • Kirsty C
    Kirsty C 12 giorni fa

    you mean *Audi Q2* in the background..

  • Dutch Bros OFFICIAL
    Dutch Bros OFFICIAL 12 giorni fa

    Please explain that restraining order

  • R a
    R a 12 giorni fa

    McCormic pal e in Chicago for auto show looks like barn comparing to Geneva, Europe is classy

  • Jake Paul
    Jake Paul 13 giorni fa

    Do a fiat 500 or Toyota fortuner

  • Iusedtohavemojo
    Iusedtohavemojo 13 giorni fa

    Concept cars = False hopes.

  • uploadthis10
    uploadthis10 13 giorni fa

    "Piech Mark Zero" by far the nicest car there with specs to challenge Tesla - that's about it here

  • Mysterious Zain
    Mysterious Zain 13 giorni fa

    I knew the Honda E before you
    I knew it on May 2019

  • Will Reddish
    Will Reddish 13 giorni fa

    I love these designs because for some reason the feel natural to me but everyone would say ew

  • Alwan Tamalus
    Alwan Tamalus 13 giorni fa

    Arrogant, won't pronounce Tonale in Italian. He can't admit there's another way to speak and thinking.

  • MrCpolzin
    MrCpolzin 13 giorni fa

    Tesla ???

  • RolandAshcroft
    RolandAshcroft 13 giorni fa

    I keep hearing Ferrari is very snob elitist, by this video you can walk close to the Lambos, you can go close to the Koenigsegg and I think you have a chance to shake hands with Christian if he is not busy at the time. But they won't let you close to the Ferraris.

  • Andreas Müller
    Andreas Müller 14 giorni fa +2

    Why you was so unfriendly and touching at cars 😠👎

  • WhiteWolfos
    WhiteWolfos 14 giorni fa

    It's all about waffle

  • Never Mind
    Never Mind 14 giorni fa

    Extremely Expensive Hybrid and All Electric Cars Bullshit are the future for the Ass Wipe "Brainwashed Liberals and Socialist"....The Global Warming Crap and Climate Change Morons are all jumping the bandwagon of "Marxist Socialism and Liberal Globalism" for "Money and Power".....period : end of the story

  • RICHARD1974
    RICHARD1974 14 giorni fa +3

    'That makes bentley the fastest suv in the world'......really? Alfa romero and jeep just said 'is that right?' We need bigger mirrors....its the only place we will see you

  • Matthew Sacco
    Matthew Sacco 14 giorni fa

    The cars aren't the star of the show, Matt is!

  • ItsConnorGL
    ItsConnorGL 14 giorni fa

    Why do electric cars have to look so disgusting

  • Leon Dickerson
    Leon Dickerson 14 giorni fa

    That green on the koenigsegg is sweet and the green lambo is demon

  • Loris Gergorić
    Loris Gergorić 14 giorni fa +1

    Where is fastes, Rimac ?

  • Nuggi Nuss Lover
    Nuggi Nuss Lover 14 giorni fa

    21:06 i can't stop laughing 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ian Bolton
    Ian Bolton 14 giorni fa

    That looked like Mr Koenigsigg himself on the stand - walked behind you?

    • js
      js 4 giorni fa

      He's always at the center of things that guy. That's the great thing about small manufacturers, they don't have time to play golf all day long

  • H2 z
    H2 z 15 giorni fa +1

    I watched the whole video expecting something from the Land Rover stand ... but nothing 😿

    • genius2000
      genius2000 22 minuti fa

      H2 z Land Rover did not have a booth. They pulled out for cutting costs.

  • Alexandru
    Alexandru 15 giorni fa

    you can feel all the desperations of these car producers, with these ugly hybrids or full electrical cars, all crumbling under Tesla perfection and beauty cars.

    • Papa Beer
      Papa Beer 14 giorni fa +1

      those polestars look way better than those misformed ugly alien looking teslas.

  • Intellect First
    Intellect First 15 giorni fa

    I do interviews loads of various celebrities, but I noticed you really don’t do yourself any favours with car companies or staff acting the fool..~

  • Luca Dattilo
    Luca Dattilo 15 giorni fa

    this guy seems like a coked up asshole , and a lot of his facts are wrong and no respect for the cars.

  • Benjamin Strmole
    Benjamin Strmole 15 giorni fa


  • XtremerZ 356
    XtremerZ 356 16 giorni fa +1

    Citroen’s concept car looks like a bloody lunchbox 😂😂😂

  • Logan Brasfield
    Logan Brasfield 16 giorni fa +1

    You know, the fact you can buy a toy Bugatti for 11K, for the same price you could get a Ford Focus, that’s crazy

  • Mathias Sørensen
    Mathias Sørensen 16 giorni fa


  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray 16 giorni fa

    Why wasn't he allowed on the ferrari stand?

  • Stephen Murray
    Stephen Murray 16 giorni fa

    No Ford?

  • Sheepdude 7
    Sheepdude 7 16 giorni fa


  • Kevin Luthfian
    Kevin Luthfian 16 giorni fa

    00:45 My God she's beautiful! That smile tho 😍

    FEESO DLAMINI 17 giorni fa

    I like the skoda IV. Coolest looking electric car

  • Paydro Cuervo
    Paydro Cuervo 17 giorni fa +2

    💪🏾👍🏾Get Mat on the Ferrari🐎 stand👀🐴!
    I liked the Mercedes Benz section and the Mercedes they covered at 14:19.
    I must say great commentating about the various vehicles, #bigupMat

  • eny margaretha
    eny margaretha 17 giorni fa

    What abaout the kangroo

  • Zach Fox
    Zach Fox 19 giorni fa +1

    Fantastic video as always. I love this channel!

  • Indo .Productions
    Indo .Productions 21 giorno fa

    Can somebody explain to me how this bafoon got the job?? Who hires people like this??

  • Teemo
    Teemo 21 giorno fa

    All cars will go hybrid and electric after 2020... And the diesel car will be banned.

  • Johnson Long
    Johnson Long 22 giorni fa

    New mercedes are getting uglier each time facelift of vehicle

  • hectorae86
    hectorae86 22 giorni fa

    Everything is so boring

  • Adiff Adiff
    Adiff Adiff 23 giorni fa

    Where is the zenvo?

  • Shah Nawaz
    Shah Nawaz 23 giorni fa

    You're the informative're the great...!

  • Glen Hesketh
    Glen Hesketh 24 giorni fa +1

    You should know better than to lean on somebody else's car.TskTsk!

  • Hellcase Admin32
    Hellcase Admin32 24 giorni fa +4

    People in the past: In 2019 maybe we will have flying cars.
    2019: we actually have flying cars 16:00

    • 4Kandlez
      4Kandlez 6 giorni fa

      Just wait for the air rage.

    • Zajacu37
      Zajacu37 23 giorni fa

      Sorry hate to be a buzz kill but the future is f@#%k how do i know dis because. I CAN SEE 👀 THE FUTURE!!!

  • Minegamer
    Minegamer 25 giorni fa


  • Benoit Bricet
    Benoit Bricet 25 giorni fa

    Plug-in hybrid is a scam. Only made for still producing tank shaped monsters meeting next regulations and evading the punitive taxes.
    Buy true hybrid cars.

  • Johnathan King
    Johnathan King 26 giorni fa

    Do not care for electric at all and it seems every car is electric or has an electric motor. Just nothing really exiting coming out.

  • kais mahmood
    kais mahmood 26 giorni fa

    How can Ferrari not let you on 🙄 ridiculous

  • Ali Mohammed
    Ali Mohammed 27 giorni fa +1

    Polestare actually sounds like pornstar😂😂😂🤣🤣

  • tim kahn
    tim kahn 27 giorni fa

    brits are always rude while they think they are funny.

  • Sean Kelley
    Sean Kelley 27 giorni fa

    This guy is trash

  • Derek Brook
    Derek Brook 27 giorni fa +3

    even better, let's start a campaign saying "Ferrari need to get over themselves... 🤣🤣"

  • Sky79
    Sky79 27 giorni fa

    Trash, absolute trash-
    Most of us are never even going to see the more interesting cars in my country, let alone in person.

  • Alaa Shehab
    Alaa Shehab 27 giorni fa

    Enta mas7ra hh

  • frederik lindberg
    frederik lindberg 27 giorni fa


  • Mauricio Marroquin
    Mauricio Marroquin 28 giorni fa

    You all have such a variety of brands compared to the US.

  • ching chong
    ching chong 28 giorni fa +1

    the tonale is just a fat chiron

  • Doni Statovci
    Doni Statovci 28 giorni fa

    Christian von Koenigsegg was at 11:04

  • Pure Mustang
    Pure Mustang 28 giorni fa

    I like your videos. 😀

  • GangstaCat
    GangstaCat 28 giorni fa

    8:58 Akula means Shark in russian

  • malcolm campbell
    malcolm campbell 28 giorni fa

    what a total dickhead !!!!

  • lukethedrifter61
    lukethedrifter61 28 giorni fa

    Looking at all these cars, the word FUGLY keeps popping up in my head!

  • Dali Charles Qin
    Dali Charles Qin 28 giorni fa +11

    5:40 - am I the only one who heard him say "if you can't afford a full size spaghetti" 😅

  • Au Jensen
    Au Jensen 28 giorni fa

    I'm living in Canada... Why only European get all the goodies.... 😭😭😭

  • Anacreon Skull
    Anacreon Skull 28 giorni fa

    i love benz

  • Give Her Credit
    Give Her Credit 28 giorni fa

    90% of those car brands I've never heard an American and all.

  • TubesWidener
    TubesWidener 28 giorni fa

    0:56 yes very pretty ;)

  • Joe Venuti
    Joe Venuti 28 giorni fa

    at 14:09 you call the G wagen a "G 63" when the front plate clearly says it's a 6 cylinder diesel G 350 d. Also you think you're really funny but you're not at all. Give up trying to be a comic.