Disney's A Wrinkle in Time - Friday in 3D

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  • Pubblicato il 6 mar 2018
  • Disney's A Wrinkle in Time opens in theatres this Friday! Get tickets: bit.ly/WrinkleTix
    From visionary director Ava DuVernay comes Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," an epic adventure based on Madeleine L'Engle's timeless classic which takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light and, ultimately, the triumph of love. Through one girl's transformative journey led by three celestial guides, we discover that strength comes from embracing one's individuality and that the best way to triumph over fear is to travel by one's own light.
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  • 후세인Mustafa.H
    후세인Mustafa.H 2 mesi fa +1


  • Adan Villa
    Adan Villa 5 mesi fa


  • Learn Kids Learn
    Learn Kids Learn 11 mesi fa

    That's great :)

  • Juan Xmm
    Juan Xmm Anno fa

    Me parecio una pelicula malisima. Perdida de tiempo al verla.

  • max libero
    max libero Anno fa


  • NeEd InPuT
    NeEd InPuT Anno fa

    What a crap movie.

  • vRokqi
    vRokqi Anno fa

    I have to ducking read this for school

  • Bertha Campos
    Bertha Campos Anno fa +1

    The movie is kinda boring i saw it yesterday they had like security and had us put our phone in a bag so we don't record the movie it is was boring ass hell

  • mandalore125
    mandalore125 Anno fa

    I didnt know Meg was black.

  • Irène C
    Irène C Anno fa

    Im not watching it. It looks horrible and the characters are not what I imagined them to be. I'd rather keep my childhood fantasy the way it is with my memories as they were

  • Irène C
    Irène C Anno fa

    The preview looks terrible

  • Hellzyead
    Hellzyead Anno fa +1

    Get some pig-nosed little shit to be the main character ... Vomit all over the screen with substandard CGI ... Get a talentless director ... Harp about diversity until nobody gives a rat's ass ... Toss in Oprah ... And you get, as of right now, 42% on Rotten Tomatoes :D

  • Ben V
    Ben V Anno fa

    I hope this Bombs. Great casting and the actors are amazing, it's visually incredible but other than that it falls on its face. Don't waste your time or money on this.

  • bigtex macgonigle

    I have a wrinkle in mine......

  • Samuel Thompson
    Samuel Thompson Anno fa

    im reading the comic right now
    wrinkle in time
    not ezacakly right now but i have been reading it this past week
    great comic

  • Dude mc Draw
    Dude mc Draw Anno fa

    It's so funny how movie trailers look like in America! They're just 15 seconds long and in the end some guy says GET TICKETS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like:,, If you won't get tickets, you wish you weren't born!" Also there are way to many movies like that, with a ,,completely'' new world, a ,,completely" new anithing. Disney is such a Sellercompany.

  • Lupita Tuz
    Lupita Tuz Anno fa

    Can't wait to see this movie I 💕💕💕💕 a wrinkle in Time

  • J Shepard
    J Shepard Anno fa

    You can't polish a turd, Disney.

  • Liam Media
    Liam Media Anno fa

    At School, My Teacher Wants Students To Go A Wrinkle of Time, But Is think Will be Bad.

    Disney, CDC Comes to Get You Like in March 21. But I Hate Wrinkle of Time.
    But, I'm Sure I'm Totally hyped for Incredibles 2.
    *Why Would Change Math* *MATH IS MATH*

  • Greg White
    Greg White Anno fa +2

    and the reviews are out: looks like a mediocre reaction

  • nonon Jakuzure
    nonon Jakuzure Anno fa

    I can't wait to watch this movie

  • Peter-john De Jong
    Peter-john De Jong Anno fa +2

    Whenever oprah appears in a fairytale. ...the fairy flies out of the tale

    WHITETRASH09100 Anno fa

    I don't watch the antiAnmerica hlloywood movies....not till THE World knows that Islam controls Hollywood and the Liberals Party willmi ever

  • Nick william
    Nick william Anno fa +4

    My main complaint is that the old ladies are supposed to look homeless. Why they gotta look all nice suddenly?

    • Nick william
      Nick william Anno fa

      Also why is Oprah playing Miss Which? She's incorporeal.

  • Shy Kaiman
    Shy Kaiman Anno fa

    Another teenager bullshit. U can eat all ur nutella, not need to do any exercise or be smart than any great mind of the century that u will find a narnia place and will be heroes!!! I mean, u can,t even left a fucking stone or run properly , fight or even hunt ur own food, but still, the universe will come for u and call u a hero.
    What a Milenial shit message those days

  • Watercolorzz z
    Watercolorzz z Anno fa

    I saw the trailer with music in it and ever since then, I have never been more excited. My class is going to go and watch it next Friday 😁😁😁😁

  • Cody Walker
    Cody Walker Anno fa


  • Lorelei Balansa
    Lorelei Balansa Anno fa

    Looks interesting

  • griffin martel
    griffin martel Anno fa +4

    Dear disney please do not screw this up. I loved the original book and I hope it stays true to the original. And the problem with the cheesy wrinkle in time they got the time all wrong and IT was nothing more than a cameo, oh and i always saw tesseracting to look like a album cover.

    • what what
      what what Anno fa

      They will. They'll all be booty shaking to rap music halfway through.

  • Daniel Goddard
    Daniel Goddard Anno fa

    arnt all movies just beyond our imaginations?

  • Bobby Nolan
    Bobby Nolan Anno fa

    I hope it's like the book

    • mariela
      mariela Anno fa

      Bobby Nolan me too

  • Claire Mcfelia
    Claire Mcfelia Anno fa +1

    I’m seeing that movie the book is soooo good

  • Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    Still waiting for Christopher Robin...

  • Mister Jaroslav
    Mister Jaroslav Anno fa


  • NYC Rock
    NYC Rock Anno fa +4


  • CringeyFrog24/7
    CringeyFrog24/7 Anno fa

    Did GEICO sponsor such a movie

  • Investing Hustler
    Investing Hustler Anno fa +18

    I really don't know what to expect with this movie 🤔 Disney doesn't make them the way they used too ....🤔

    • I'm -actually- kind of hungry
      I'm -actually- kind of hungry 8 mesi fa

      I loOove 'Christopher Robin'!! And i think The Nutcracker's gonna be even better!

    • I'm -actually- kind of hungry
      I'm -actually- kind of hungry 8 mesi fa

      Now they do, maybe the problem is just with this movie..?

    • Choller Farrer
      Choller Farrer Anno fa

      A Wrinkle in Time 2018 M O V I E is Available Click to Watch [ nerdy.bid/Sj2gG ]

    • Hellzyead
      Hellzyead Anno fa

      42% on rotten tomatoes right now ... I know what to expect

    • Margaret Menefee
      Margaret Menefee Anno fa +1

      INVESTING HUSTLER - Stocks and money making videos Disney is run by luciferarians...

  • Moo Moo
    Moo Moo Anno fa +23

    Alice in Wonderland 3: Electric Boogaloo

  • Christina Cope
    Christina Cope Anno fa +23

    If this flops moneywise like Tomorrowland did, we will never get more movies that are not sequels, makeovers. Redoing every animated movie to live action will become norm. I like some of them and I liked Tomorrowland. Just want some more of Walt's creativity

    • I'm -actually- kind of hungry
      I'm -actually- kind of hungry 8 mesi fa

      @Semyon Galtsev He has left a bunch of his 'creativity' befor he's slept but sheesh dud

    • Neuma Everett
      Neuma Everett Anno fa

      🔴 A Wrinkle in Time fuII movie out now nerdy.bid/Sj2gG

    • Christina Cope
      Christina Cope Anno fa

      Katrina Umana Shame, I was going to look up box office take. I had too much to do to see movie.
      Black Panther blew me away, great story, cinematography, acting.

    • Katrina Umana
      Katrina Umana Anno fa

      Christina Cope I think it flopped, they should've stuck with the April 5th release date. Black Panther is Still #1 at the box office!

    • JakeUp !i!
      JakeUp !i! Anno fa +1

      Christina Cope they won’t do anything original cause they are afraid that it won’t do well

  • igeto12
    igeto12 Anno fa +14

    This is literally a hard left’s wet dream

    • M Benyossef
      M Benyossef Anno fa

      Okay, now I know I''m dealing with an irrational person. You're basically saying that people of different racial backgrounds can only be attracted to each other because deviant Hollywood types send them the message that this is okay. The fact however is, that people don't need the media to tell them who to be attracted to and to make families with. Anyway, there is good news for people like you! If you have been lucky enough to procreate, and if your progeny will procreate as well, you will have mixed race descendants. Itr's something you can't control.

    • Dadge42
      Dadge42 Anno fa

      @M Benyossef Whether it alters the plot or not is irrelevant. The subtext is there to normalize behaviors that people wouldn't do or tolerate without the urging of the cultural central authority that is Hollywood. They did it with feminism, pornography, and gay marriage to name a few. They've been trying to do it with race-mixing for decades with limited results. Since a more direct approach hasn't worked to the extent they'd like, they have opted for a more subtle approach, shoehorning in "diversity" at every turn over a long period and badgering anyone who doesn't conform, as opposed to making it the central theme of one or a few movies within a limited time span. This isn't limited to Hollywood, either; many of the largest multinational corporations and special interest groups today use the same tactics to promote this agenda.

    • M Benyossef
      M Benyossef Anno fa

      "Pervasiveness of race-mixing" is surely hyperbole. I could agree with you if I thought that it was altering the plot of the original source material (I was a fan of the original book, but I haven't read it in decades) but I don't think that the characters' race is any way crucial to the story line. (It does seem unfortunately though, based on early reviews that the film is a poor adaptation.) But in certain social cohorts (college-educated people in urban areas), mixed-race couples and families, while not pervasive, are not uncommon. So it's not at all unreasonable to portray the heroine's family as reflecting that demographic, if the story is set in the present. If it was set at the time when the original novel was written, in 1962, it would have been much more unlikely.

    • Dadge42
      Dadge42 Anno fa

      @M Benyossef There wouldn't be a problem with it in a vacuum. Having seen what Hollywood produces generally, themes that are meant to shift public opinion and/or normalize certain behaviors are commonplace throughout the various eras, and the pervasiveness of race-mixing in contemporary Hollywood movies (as compared to the lower numbers in real life) falls right in line as a political agenda they're pushing.

    • M Benyossef
      M Benyossef Anno fa

      I have no idea of what the percentage is of on-screen marriages or romantic relationships that are depicted as interracial/interethnic unions either as I too am not a regular moviegoer, but I highly doubt it's "at least 50%" as you earlier claimed. Let's say though that in North America there are far fewer such unions, say, 10% as you claimed, and there are more than 10% of movies that depict such relationships. And the problem is?

  • i2i - Disney Through Our Eyes

    Haven’t read the book, so this should be interesting.

    • mariela
      mariela Anno fa

      i2i - Disney Through Our Eyes read the book first! It’s so good!

  • L Hassan
    L Hassan Anno fa +2

    Can't wait to watch it

  • Raphael Alexander
    Raphael Alexander Anno fa +6

    This looks like another 6/10 movie. Edit: it's even worse than I guessed.

    • Raphael Alexander
      Raphael Alexander Anno fa

      Jacob 31363 Yeah. I was hoping it would be OK at least.

    • JakeUp !i!
      JakeUp !i! Anno fa

      Lord Pizza The Great it got a 4/10

    • Raphael Alexander
      Raphael Alexander Anno fa

      What? I just don't think it looks very good from the trailers.

    • Dominik Kadlec
      Dominik Kadlec Anno fa

      Lord Pizza The Great You really have high standards for this movie. You are a probably a tough person in real life, lol

    • Raphael Alexander
      Raphael Alexander Anno fa +2

      Better, but most likely not great.

  • Daniel Patricelli
    Daniel Patricelli Anno fa +16

    Who here actually read the book?

  • Ella2000 Rogers
    Ella2000 Rogers Anno fa

    *fangirls inside* So excited this Friday :D

  • Sad Cowboy
    Sad Cowboy Anno fa

    Wrinkle Winkle hehehehe 😂

  • MaelidMorgan
    MaelidMorgan Anno fa +30

    Who remembers the old cheesy Wrinkle in Time movie? xD

    • NetterKinz
      NetterKinz Anno fa

      we don't talk about that one! xD

    • JakeUp !i!
      JakeUp !i! Anno fa

      roblox gamer girl it’s not that log

    • Movies Now
      Movies Now Anno fa

      MaelidMorgan I never finished it because it’s 4 hours and 10 mins long and my eyes can’t stare at a screen for that long

    • Bethany Melendez
      Bethany Melendez Anno fa


    • Phantom1op
      Phantom1op Anno fa

      I currently and will forever acknowledge it as the one true Winkle in Time.

  • Retro_Reptar
    Retro_Reptar Anno fa +2