yugyeom's sad life: a compilation

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  • Pubblicato il 2 set 2018
  • i forgot what i titled this before. is this right? im lazy
    i had a very delusional description before so i shall leave that out this time as i am more(?) awake.. but yeah i apologize for any weird stuff that was edited today in the mere hours of the morning due to jet lag ugh i havent slept since yesterday evening? umm it's 4pm lol
    i gave up on the copyright claims so i just decided to upload the original video (with the claimed clips) elsewhere wooooo
    dunno when google drive will finish processing but here!
    i'll also put it on twitter hurray
    also yes.. school is starting for me soon. sorry to you poor souls who have already started.. but yeah i probably won't be able to upload as much this fall ahhh so thank you for sticking around! :( i'll see you soon, my friends ❤
    ---------------- default description cause it seems cool
    ❤ Let's be friends or quiet mutuals yay
    ❤ References to
    In this video: pewdiepie, some memes, the office (cut out- in gdrive or twitter. it was a quote), friends bamboozled, aaaah aahhh
    (i should start listing the videos i used.. next time).
    ❤ Member colour coding
    Mark: grey (i previously wrote yellow im sorry)
    Jaebeom: brown
    Jackson: red/pink
    Jinyoung: orange
    Youngjae: yellow
    BamBam: green
    Yugyeom: black
    Others/me: blue/not those colours up there
    ❤ Do not re-post anywhere without link or credit. Spare my soul
    ❤ Extra notes
    ♡ 5:36 Before this, everyone was talking about aliens from hundreds of years ago, but yugyeom talks about an alien from five years ago so im guessing he was a bit out of topic (this vid was from 2014. guys, we are old)
    ♡ aaah aah Song: Blonde Redhead- For the Damaged Coda
    ♡ Ending song: Red Velvet- Fool because i am a fool :(

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  • Ynaffit
    Ynaffit  8 mesi fa +1907

    this is so sad.
    anyways here are the pictures from the ending and the original video with the claimed clips *sniff*
    byebye my fellow sadists

    • Angel of Kpop
      Angel of Kpop 5 mesi fa

      +Rhiannn :3 this is a scene of the hard carry show

    • Angel of Kpop
      Angel of Kpop 5 mesi fa

      +ONCE iGOT7 he learns it from his hyungs hehe

    • Clarissa Bell
      Clarissa Bell 7 mesi fa +1

      Ynaffit where are you I miss you very very much banana hell feel

    • Celina Astbury
      Celina Astbury 7 mesi fa

      Alexa, play lullaby

    • Rhiannn :3
      Rhiannn :3 8 mesi fa

      where's 0:52 from? ^^


    Lmao wot iz happenin wid dis cutie

  • Khan La
    Khan La 9 ore fa

    These 5 hyungs really tease this Baby Makane to Death

  • Taehyun, Jaebum,Kento Yamazaki,Txt,Astro,Exo Trash

    All bands have evil maknaes. And we have innocent maknae

  • Seoul Korea
    Seoul Korea Giorno fa

    Aww he is so cute

  • Kashvi Singh Das
    Kashvi Singh Das 2 giorni fa

    3:34 why does mark look like an old lady help

  • Gouache_Ghouls . . .
    Gouache_Ghouls . . . 2 giorni fa

    Wow I didn't know I was a very pretty boy in a Kpop group ??

  • Ahsen HCO
    Ahsen HCO 2 giorni fa

    1:24 so saaad... :(((

  • sabrina sabby
    sabrina sabby 2 giorni fa

    4:55 i didn't realize jungkook is here to

  • Uri Aghase
    Uri Aghase 2 giorni fa

    Yugyeom life is hard 🤣🤣🤣😂

  • CaixYong
    CaixYong 2 giorni fa

    I told myself I was gonna make a straight face..

    Then 0:01 started.

  • Jacob's Cereal
    Jacob's Cereal 2 giorni fa

    They always plan and plot something to prank him. Lmao

  • Fiona Ruby
    Fiona Ruby 2 giorni fa +1


  • Kawaii Cat
    Kawaii Cat 3 giorni fa

    This actually made me sad :(

  • Didjaseemyjams
    Didjaseemyjams 3 giorni fa

    Why am I watching this when my face is numb from the dentist?😂😂

  • QwQ OwO
    QwQ OwO 3 giorni fa

    *Other Kpop Idols*:Giving love to their Youngest
    *GOT7*:Making their youngest having a sad life being the youngest

  • Azumivlog
    Azumivlog 3 giorni fa +1

    4:55 that laugh look like jungkook laugh

  • I am okay or not
    I am okay or not 3 giorni fa

    My poor baby...

  • тнıcc sеок
    тнıcc sеок 3 giorni fa

    Other Groups: *Loving their Maknae*
    GOT7: Yeah, we don't know yugyeom

  • Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    1:27 poor lil gyeom..

  • rosé champagne
    rosé champagne 4 giorni fa

    jungkook and yugyeom
    ultimate bff
    their role in the group
    jungkook:the bully
    yugyeom:the bullied

  • Hyunjin_Hwang 황현진

    Jungkook and Jeongin can't relate

  • anna'. uwur.'
    anna'. uwur.' 6 giorni fa

    esos 89 dislikes son yugyeom con cuentas falsas

  • Twicemelikeyyy edits-
    Twicemelikeyyy edits- 6 giorni fa

    When twice have a maknae who embarrassed their unnie, got7 has the opposite maknae of them😂😂

  • ᯽peach 복숭아᯽
    ᯽peach 복숭아᯽ 6 giorni fa

    The Cutest Maknae ever: YUGYEOOOOOOOM

  • Telcide Anjynee
    Telcide Anjynee 6 giorni fa

    Maknae is someone who another have to take care of not to bullying.

  • Telcide Anjynee
    Telcide Anjynee 6 giorni fa

    This soo sad to do this to someone 😔. Cuz he is brave to leave his place and to come with them to corporate and they have to be like pre debut

  • omega binu
    omega binu 6 giorni fa

    He kinda reminds me of jungkook. His smile is most similar one and sometimes his voice, his laugh are the same as jk. He is really CUTE!! 😍💜❤️

    HOLLY BTS 6 giorni fa +1

    OK but maknae yugyeom & maknae jungkook are lil bit similar

  • The chosen hoe
    The chosen hoe 7 giorni fa

    "Jinyoung with 40 seconds" Brooo Yugyeoms face😂😂😂💔

  • Ilovemycat
    Ilovemycat 7 giorni fa

    3:33 is pure violation

  • Raihan Bakhshi
    Raihan Bakhshi 9 giorni fa +2

    I will never forget that they prank on him two times poor him 😂😔

  • Hobi's Sprite
    Hobi's Sprite 10 giorni fa +1

    I Cried...

  • 404 Error. Snatched Wig Can't be Found

    Un/Popular GOT7 opinion: This video is a lowkey 'try not to -laugh- cry' challenge video

  • Snikers Orange
    Snikers Orange 10 giorni fa +2

    Not evil macknae, there are evil hyungs

  • ɴᴄᴛ ɪɴ ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏᴜsᴇ

    What a sad 😢 Video poor Yugyeom who got bullied from got6

  • keysa sykr
    keysa sykr 12 giorni fa

    2:20 is so iconiC

  • Denixce Trillana
    Denixce Trillana 12 giorni fa +1

    You guys I am freaking laughing hahahaha but you can see that at the end it’s all just for fun, just them showing love for the maknae lol, Got7 really care for each other... just see how proud they are when yugyeom won first place in hit the stage....

  • Marta Jimenez
    Marta Jimenez 13 giorni fa

    Happy birthday you youuu 🤣

  • Marta Jimenez
    Marta Jimenez 13 giorni fa

    0:38 GOT7? More like GOT EM

  • vectra lahu
    vectra lahu 14 giorni fa +2

    3:31 mark is pure evil I swear

  • August Baby
    August Baby 14 giorni fa +1


  • aesthetically tiny
    aesthetically tiny 15 giorni fa +2

    Maybe this is the reason why he became a savage kid... 🤔 but still he's adorable 😌💕

  • Lyn Arroyo
    Lyn Arroyo 15 giorni fa +1

    they love you so much yugyeom and thats why they tease you but theyre not really mean to you its just a joke and you know all your members/brothers really loves you,,,love you maknae

  • Baby Soul_21
    Baby Soul_21 16 giorni fa

    I just realized why mark was so awkward..he was imitating yugyeom

  • Baby Soul_21
    Baby Soul_21 16 giorni fa +1

    Yugyeom looks like gunhoo from the return of superman brother of naeun

  • GL!TCH
    GL!TCH 16 giorni fa +1

    86 dislikes are from yugyeom and the rest of got7 that made multiple accounts

  • Nari Eun
    Nari Eun 16 giorni fa


    • Nari Eun
      Nari Eun 16 giorni fa +1


    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 16 giorni fa +2

      Actually Yugyeom is a savage evil maknae (' ^^) this video is like a compilation of the times his hyungs try to take revenge on him lol

  • epic mandy
    epic mandy 17 giorni fa +2

    Our giant baby 🌼

  • Patriciaaa Concepcionnn

    Still can't understand why he's my bias

  • And Sprite
    And Sprite 19 giorni fa +2

    This is so sad, Alexa play lullaby spanish ver.

  • Seoul Korea
    Seoul Korea 19 giorni fa +1

    Savage7 lol

  • Seoul Korea
    Seoul Korea 19 giorni fa

    Such a kind hearted man ever

  • Seoul Korea
    Seoul Korea 19 giorni fa

    Love him

  • Seoul Korea
    Seoul Korea 19 giorni fa

    He is so lovely

  • Roja Shrestha
    Roja Shrestha 19 giorni fa +2

    Poor yugyuam. But what u do, u get in return. Evil maknae gets evil hyung.

  • Hera YT
    Hera YT 19 giorni fa

    0:30 what was yugyeom singing? Or was it really a song? it seems familiar to me

  • taehyung is my uwu
    taehyung is my uwu 20 giorni fa

    Yugyeom is too nice 😂😂

  • Nabill
    Nabill 21 giorno fa

    Where can I watch the whole program? 0:58

    • Nabill
      Nabill 16 giorni fa

      +Mei Chi thank you for your information!

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 16 giorni fa

      +Nabill i forgot what particular episode but you can type GOT7 hard carry avatar game here in youtube and the clips will appear.

    • Nabill
      Nabill 16 giorni fa

      +Mei Chi can I know what episode?

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 16 giorni fa

      Hard carry season 1 avatar game. Clips of it are uploaded here in IT-clip.

  • ceres i guess
    ceres i guess 22 giorni fa


  • mina.
    mina. 22 giorni fa


    JK JUNGKOOK 22 giorni fa +2

    4:00 ok the way jackson says “kudi” is so cute 😭


    yugyeom look like bts jungkook

  • Chimmy Trash
    Chimmy Trash 25 giorni fa

    yugyeom:my mood
    I can relate too much to him poor him

  • kinoo kii
    kinoo kii 26 giorni fa

    His like Lee kwangsoo's Got7

  • adinda wahyuning
    adinda wahyuning 26 giorni fa

    RIP Maknae.

  • BlackJem
    BlackJem 27 giorni fa


    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa +1

      yes, he's the maknae and he's the tallest member. 😁 we call him giant baby gyeom.

  • Yeonjun is my son
    Yeonjun is my son Mese fa +3

    Tbh he’s an evil maknae the rest of the time so it evens out


    Y’all are aliens, I literally feel so bad for this puppy

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa

      actually he's so savage to his hyungs too that's why the members love to tease him and get their revenge 😁

  • Styles &Kdramas
    Styles &Kdramas Mese fa


  • Rin Irsyarasyid
    Rin Irsyarasyid Mese fa

    Recommended because i watch a lot of Jackson vids, originally a ONCE, I guess Crackheadedness runs in the family

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa

      yes it really runs in JYP nation's blood. lol. got7 alone are literal memes and super loud what more is the whole nation 😁

  • Han Bishie
    Han Bishie Mese fa

    I miss them 😢

  • Norjean Amistad
    Norjean Amistad Mese fa +2

    Everyone is saying poor yg but if you see him bully his hyungs you will be shocked hahahhaha

  • Ashlyn Roberts
    Ashlyn Roberts Mese fa

    Yugyeom is *me*

  • Kim Seok Jin
    Kim Seok Jin Mese fa

    *sniff sniff* poor baby boy

  • •Sam•
    •Sam• Mese fa

    I don't even know got7 members that much but this is so sad; -;

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa

      haha don't be sad because yugyeom is also evil to his hyungs

  • derp face
    derp face Mese fa +1

    Compare this to stray kids’ maknae

  • Elizabeth B
    Elizabeth B Mese fa

    Where is 5:35 from?

  • The Happy Noona
    The Happy Noona Mese fa

    Isn’t yugyeom the nicest maknae Out there? Maknaes are usually savage ones..

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa

      He's one of those evil ones lol 😂 I think he's the most evil maknae together with Bambam in JYPEnt artists. His hyungs just want to take their revenge. 😁

  • Tasia Johnson
    Tasia Johnson Mese fa +2

    Out of the many times I saw thsi video at 1:32 I realized that Youngjae is standing on something and looks taller Yugyeom.

  • Rahele Mehrani
    Rahele Mehrani Mese fa

    I love you yugi💚

  • Zeinab Basher
    Zeinab Basher Mese fa

    You need jungkook to learn you how to deal with them .

    • Mei Chi
      Mei Chi 25 giorni fa

      actually Yugyeom is really savage and evil that's why his hyungs love to tease him

  • Jan Vi
    Jan Vi Mese fa


  • maknae lisa
    maknae lisa Mese fa +2

    1 like = 1 prayer

  • Rukaiya F
    Rukaiya F Mese fa +1

    5:49 you can see Jackson felt bad, he was hyping Yugyeom being close by and patting him on the arm and giving his cap for Yugyeom
    that prank is by far the worst I have seen in the entire history of pranks! That isn't even a prank I cried the first time I watched it.

  • Rukaiya F
    Rukaiya F Mese fa

    this is exactly why he is my bias....

  • Lucy P
    Lucy P Mese fa


  • Never trust a mad scientist

    This is bassicly a vid about how it’s was their own fault he became a evil maknae

  • Livy Wash
    Livy Wash Mese fa

    What video is 1:40?

    • Livy Wash
      Livy Wash Mese fa

      +blank ??? thanks!

    • blank ???
      blank ??? Mese fa +1

      it's from got7's show hard carry s1

  • got7_arab_fan_ Yugyeomi

    My heart is broken 😭😭💔💔😂😂😂😂(my bias) I am with you don't care 😍😍💓💓😜😜

  • Leona Goff
    Leona Goff Mese fa

    Lmao, my siblings can relate

  • Karen Emma
    Karen Emma Mese fa +2

    jinyoung taking off his headphones not once but TWICE to give Yugyeom a dirty look iconic

  • Karen Emma
    Karen Emma Mese fa

    Yugyeom is really living his worst life v-v

    ĀGUST D Mese fa

    Awww :C

  • Homo Luv
    Homo Luv Mese fa

    Im yugyeom without a got7

  • Mina Lee
    Mina Lee Mese fa

    1:45 true Yugbam moment there 😂

  • otp_never _dies
    otp_never _dies Mese fa

    This reminds me of my friends being assholes to me

  • Myra6289
    Myra6289 Mese fa

    Oh my jb throw his shoes at gyeom. 🤣🤣🤣

  • yeontan stan
    yeontan stan Mese fa

    i still come back to this everyday. thank you for making this.

  • The Hi I Like Pie Channel

    this is maknae abuse
    maknae abuse must stop here