yugyeom's sad life: a compilation

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  • Pubblicato il 2 set 2018
  • i forgot what i titled this before. is this right? im lazy
    i had a very delusional description before so i shall leave that out this time as i am more(?) awake.. but yeah i apologize for any weird stuff that was edited today in the mere hours of the morning due to jet lag ugh i havent slept since yesterday evening? umm it's 4pm lol
    i gave up on the copyright claims so i just decided to upload the original video (with the claimed clips) elsewhere wooooo
    dunno when google drive will finish processing but here!
    i'll also put it on twitter hurray
    also yes.. school is starting for me soon. sorry to you poor souls who have already started.. but yeah i probably won't be able to upload as much this fall ahhh so thank you for sticking around! :( i'll see you soon, my friends ❤
    ---------------- default description cause it seems cool
    ❤ Let's be friends or quiet mutuals yay
    ❤ References to
    In this video: pewdiepie, some memes, the office (cut out- in gdrive or twitter. it was a quote), friends bamboozled, aaaah aahhh
    (i should start listing the videos i used.. next time).
    ❤ Member colour coding
    Mark: grey (i previously wrote yellow im sorry)
    Jaebeom: brown
    Jackson: red/pink
    Jinyoung: orange
    Youngjae: yellow
    BamBam: green
    Yugyeom: black
    Others/me: blue/not those colours up there
    ❤ Do not re-post anywhere without link or credit. Spare my soul
    ❤ Extra notes
    ♡ 5:36 Before this, everyone was talking about aliens from hundreds of years ago, but yugyeom talks about an alien from five years ago so im guessing he was a bit out of topic (this vid was from 2014. guys, we are old)
    ♡ aaah aah Song: Blonde Redhead- For the Damaged Coda
    ♡ Ending song: Red Velvet- Fool because i am a fool :(

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  • Ynaffit
    Ynaffit  11 mesi fa +2433

    this is so sad.
    anyways here are the pictures from the ending and the original video with the claimed clips *sniff*
    byebye my fellow sadists

    • Angel of Kpop
      Angel of Kpop 7 mesi fa

      @Rhiannn :3 this is a scene of the hard carry show

    • Angel of Kpop
      Angel of Kpop 7 mesi fa

      @ONCE iGOT7 he learns it from his hyungs hehe

    • Clarissa Bell
      Clarissa Bell 10 mesi fa +1

      Ynaffit where are you I miss you very very much banana hell feel

    • Celina Astbury
      Celina Astbury 10 mesi fa

      Alexa, play lullaby

    • Rhiannn :3
      Rhiannn :3 11 mesi fa

      where's 0:52 from? ^^

  • Park Sumin
    Park Sumin 25 minuti fa

    Even tho yugyeom isn't my bias ( Jinyoung is) I'm ready to fight anyone even the members for geomie💔
    May the prayers of Igot7 be with our baby👐👐

  • Krittiyawadee Emotionalist

    This's healing me again, thanks for making this.

  • Ines Bj
    Ines Bj 3 giorni fa +1

    Yugyeom should ask jungkook for some help .

  • Diana with luv
    Diana with luv 5 giorni fa

    The entire video i was thinking about me and my friends and how they fool me all the time...
    It was sad...
    poor Yugyeom...

  • Yugyeom the evil maknae Have my heart

    Aw my bias yugyeom is done with life😂💗they love him as much and he tease them as much so that makes me happy lmao

  • Blake Fisher
    Blake Fisher 6 giorni fa

    :( I feel for him , I’m the maknae in my group of friends.
    I Wanna give him hugs :(

  • Marianne de Guzman
    Marianne de Guzman 7 giorni fa

    Yugyeom has such a girly voice so cuteee

  • Kelly Jayne
    Kelly Jayne 13 giorni fa


  • brigth salinas
    brigth salinas 13 giorni fa

    Hermoso yugyeom es tan inocente y tierno adorable

  • Random_ Girl
    Random_ Girl 14 giorni fa

    I think I found my bias

  • jana ahmed
    jana ahmed 17 giorni fa


  • Sem Neg
    Sem Neg 18 giorni fa

    1:15 don't know if i should cry or laugh. My poor bias, i feel with you.

  • Fitrah Najiha
    Fitrah Najiha 19 giorni fa

    Poor our baby 😌✊

  • golden crackhead
    golden crackhead 19 giorni fa

    Yugyeom really remind me of jungkook but his voice is a bit more higher than jungkook and he's a bit more taller than jungkook but they are like twins💜 I miss my baby's☹️

  • diana
    diana 19 giorni fa

    I can't stop laughing 😂😂 really good video

  • Caroline Chang
    Caroline Chang 20 giorni fa


  • oh vivi
    oh vivi 21 giorno fa

    yıkık yugyeom

  • Syarifah Saudah Al-Habsyi

    Honestly this is what every maknae is like in each group😂

  • Fathiyah Doris
    Fathiyah Doris 22 giorni fa +3

    youngjae : happy birthday you you
    me : can't stop laughing😂😂😂

  • Fathiyah Doris
    Fathiyah Doris 22 giorni fa

    I thing jinyoung is reall hate yg

  • Younghee Park
    Younghee Park 24 giorni fa +1

    2:58 I want someone to edit that in the actual video so badly lmao

  • Hilal ••》
    Hilal ••》 24 giorni fa


  • Julia Tan
    Julia Tan 26 giorni fa

    Well the youngest in family always get bullied and loved by all members !! Same goes here poor yugyeom haha

  • krystian_pl08 _
    krystian_pl08 _ 27 giorni fa

    biedny bobas

  • Sara Vlajkovic
    Sara Vlajkovic Mese fa


  • seema naaz
    seema naaz Mese fa

    Hyungs Love their baby maknae 😆😆

  • Taehyungs my Euphoria

    BTS: treasure and love their maknae jungkook
    GOT7: bully poor yugyeom and won’t let him breathe😩

  • Ateng Multifandom.
    Ateng Multifandom. Mese fa +1

    This is indess a sad life HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA 😂😂

  • yuri kim
    yuri kim Mese fa

    Oohh my gosh poor makne baby😂😢 i love u Yugyeom

    KIM SUGA Mese fa

    Am i the only one that notice..Yugyeom laugh same like jungkook...

  • wanna be a multifandom

    yugyeom is literally me into my friends group 😂😭

  • ShootMe :)
    ShootMe :) Mese fa

    They all fear him from the inside because of his height

  • Ari
    Ari Mese fa

    The hajima at the beginning nzksnzjsjz

  • Layla Shaikh
    Layla Shaikh Mese fa

    At 4:06 when Jackson is touching Yugyeoms butt, you can see in the corner, one of the staff is laughing

  • Got7 Igot7
    Got7 Igot7 Mese fa

    awww my poor baby!!!

  • Roxy Sualevai
    Roxy Sualevai Mese fa

    Yugyeom = Me
    Got6 = My friends
    We both live a sad life

  • Heather Hades
    Heather Hades Mese fa +2

    This is the first video I’ve ever watch of Got7 and at the same time I was stanning BTS. I didn’t really think much of this. My first Got7 song was just right and was listening to it while my sister was driving me home from school by Spotify. Soon I watched lullaby mv and got attracted to Jinyoung because well... it’s freaking Jinyoung. I already knew Jackson because his face is very distinct and started stanning GOT7. I will never forget my first Got7 video. So thank you.

  • Hồ Ngọc Khánh

    Yugyeom died in strength game, just win in dance 😄

  • your daily dose of kpop trash

    the way he said 'hajima' is so funny

  • basura virtual
    basura virtual Mese fa

    as Yugyeom and Jungkook are friends, Jungkook should teach him to annoy his hyungs ;;;

  • - sunny
    - sunny Mese fa

    I don't wonder that no one likes him. He literally cut my hand with his pc.

  • Arlet Mendoza
    Arlet Mendoza Mese fa

    It's so awkward and embarrassing for him do something cute and the members not reacting, and when the members do mean things to him I just laugh but I know that yugyeom is suffering inside. Jk jk I know the members love him just as much as he loves the members. But still 1 like=1 prayer. Btw yugyeom does really cute aeygo and he is my bias.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😗😗😗😗😗

  • Cata GonzalezSeves

    Yugyeom is not even close to be my bias but this video is my got7's FAVORITE I'm crying

  • Yancy Anggelina
    Yancy Anggelina Mese fa

    1:10 whats show?

  • Jungkook isn’t oppa

    3:50 rip yugyeom’s ass

  • nini
    nini Mese fa

    poor bebe


    4:04 i'm the girl on the left low key cracking up

  • Kristina Natalia

    This is so dad lol

  • Andrea Luna
    Andrea Luna Mese fa +1

    I swear yugyeom is going to leave GOT7 one day

  • Laurel Sneddon
    Laurel Sneddon Mese fa

    Only thing missing is the wine bottle prank😂 aww poor yugy😭😂💚

  • who's brian?
    who's brian? Mese fa +3

    other kpop groups: loves their maknae
    while got7: bullies their maknae 😂

  • gato come anvorgesas

    2:16 idk why this have peep vibes so cute ~

  • Taetor Tots
    Taetor Tots Mese fa

    I wonder how much Jungkook and Yuyu hangout because sometimes JK and Yuyu laughs the same. They're faces also resemble each other when they laugh.

  • neoculturetea
    neoculturetea Mese fa

    i didnt know he was going thru so much 😢

  • Hamed
    Hamed Mese fa

    Shit, this man can literally turn me into gay

  • OGNOT001
    OGNOT001 2 mesi fa

    Nobody is as vengeful as scorpios he’s going to get back to them somehow lol

  • Siya D
    Siya D 2 mesi fa

    1:45 this is true friendship there 😩❤️

  • kimbap kidding?
    kimbap kidding? 2 mesi fa +1

    yugyeom: who are u?
    jk: im u but in the other group

    • Liza Johnson
      Liza Johnson Mese fa

      kimbap kidding? but jungkook doesn’t really get bullied he is the one bullying bts 😂

  • Lian Adriano
    Lian Adriano 2 mesi fa

    I love yugyeom

  • defsoul
    defsoul 2 mesi fa +1

    I need a second part of this

  • 미래
    미래 2 mesi fa

    This coconut head smiles just like the other coconut head aka jeon jungkook

  • speak a name of queen *JENNIE*

    This is me when i see there is no food in refrigerator and i was fasting

  • byakuya98
    byakuya98 2 mesi fa

    I am amazed by the stark difference of how BTS and GOT7 treat their maknae. Jungkook is spoiled and treated with affection by his hyungs, while Yugyeom is teased and embarrassed.

    HELLOKTH 2 mesi fa

    please pray for this poor guy

    *just a non fan passing by* 😂

  • ShitPIE Avocado
    ShitPIE Avocado 2 mesi fa

    My poor little boy

  • hackdog X3
    hackdog X3 2 mesi fa

    Jungkook from BTS should help this maknae out cause in Jungkook's band jungkook's hyungs suffer idk about 2019 jungkook spent almost half of his money from his credit card on the clothes of his members and he had to cook for his members wowie

  • Spøøky Søpe
    Spøøky Søpe 2 mesi fa

    3:49 that came right out of a fan fiction and im scared

  • Karina Aquino
    Karina Aquino 2 mesi fa

    Poor baby 😂 he's so sweet, I'm just getting into got7 and I'm already falling for him

  • day6's number one promoter

    f for respect

  • Jimin’s Lost Jams

    Let a say a prayer for the poor maknae 🙏🏻

  • hcneykookies :D
    hcneykookies :D 2 mesi fa


  • Nutei Chhangte
    Nutei Chhangte 2 mesi fa

    But in the last they show love for him again😉💞

  • Cecilia Mayora
    Cecilia Mayora 2 mesi fa

    2:59 literally what is happening? Hahaha

  • Daegooie
    Daegooie 2 mesi fa +1