Amazing Things Being CRUSHED !

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  • Pubblicato il 1 mag 2019
  • Amazing Things Being CRUSHED !
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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Amazing Things Being CRUSHED !
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Commenti • 7 878

  • Vasil Moco
    Vasil Moco 11 minuti fa +1

    Azzy shut up I won't to listen to the bubble wrap

  • Natalie Didner
    Natalie Didner 14 minuti fa

    It’s hydraulic press

  • iiBasic_Babyii Xoxo
    iiBasic_Babyii Xoxo 41 minuto fa

    7:25 Who else paused and Ran to get their headohones 😂😂😂

  • Toby Pentecost
    Toby Pentecost 45 minuti fa

    4:51 to 5:09 :)

  • Vanessa McCallum
    Vanessa McCallum 2 ore fa

    åżżÿ lånd

  • Vanessa McCallum
    Vanessa McCallum 2 ore fa

    Ahi kamammajajakka

  • twilight song
    twilight song 2 ore fa

    Oops cry

  • twilight song
    twilight song 2 ore fa

    When the hellment crash that was not kid friendly

  • twilight song
    twilight song 2 ore fa

    I’m serious I cruised when the furrby got crushed

  • Little Ender
    Little Ender 4 ore fa +1

    The helmet one is wrong just wrong

  • Isabel La Bozz
    Isabel La Bozz 5 ore fa +1

    U. If u like this u get $10000

  • Isla Buttcrack
    Isla Buttcrack 5 ore fa

    Were:in bed
    Why: I DON'T KNOW
    What else am I supper to do?

  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster 6 ore fa +1


  • kenzie stewart
    kenzie stewart 7 ore fa

    I had a furby and it never SHUT UP! So we got rid of it

  • waterChing Poon
    waterChing Poon 7 ore fa


  • Xx gacha cookiexX

    Hydraulic press

  • Chris Moody
    Chris Moody 7 ore fa


  • waterChing Poon
    waterChing Poon 7 ore fa +1



  • Alex Mega
    Alex Mega 7 ore fa

    I love you

  • waterChing Poon
    waterChing Poon 7 ore fa +1


    THE FIRST PAGE ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • waterChing Poon
    waterChing Poon 7 ore fa +1

    Also like ma next comment be all the emojisno promise

  • waterChing Poon
    waterChing Poon 7 ore fa +1

    I want someone to fold my clothes like that machine folds that pipe

  • Brawler Bros
    Brawler Bros 8 ore fa +1

    lol only emojis 😚🤣😁🤣🤪🙂☺️😋☺️🙂😆😆🙂😚😁🤣🙂😚😚😊🙂😊🤣😍😆🤣😇🤣🙂😆😍🙂😍😆😚😚😆😍😍😆😆🤣😆😍😁😍🙂☺️🙂😚☺️🙂🇳🇪😆☺️😆😚🥰🥰🎶☺️☺️😘🥰☺️🥰🤪☺️😚☺️😚😋☺️😉🥰😚☺️😋☺️☺️😋😚☺️😚😚😚😚😀😝🤩🧐😝🧐🥳🤩😝😝🤩🥳🤩🧐🧐😜😜🧐🤩🥳🤩🥳🥳🧐😜😜😜🥳😜🥳🥳😝🤓😝🥳😟🤩😎🤩🥰😊😌😌😉🥳🤨😙🧐😗🧐🥳😗😝😟😎😫😎😫😕😕😊😢😊👇🏻😎😢👇🏻😎👇🏻👇🏻😎😔😢😎😳😇😇😃😳😔😳😳😳😅😳😃😳😄😩😂😩😂😂😩😄😩😩😇😃😳😳😅😳😅😳😅😀😇😇😇😃😕😚😚😚👇🏻😚😚😚😫😚😫😢😫😫😢😫😢👇🏻😢👇🏻😚😔😔☺️😢👇🏻👇🏻☺️🥰😔😊🥰🤨😕😎😇😄😳😜😎😔😕😔👇🏻🥰😕🥰😔😊😫😢😊😕😔😜😇😃🤨😇😃🤨😜😜😎🤨😕😕😔😕😔😕😕😔😕😔😎😕😔😔😕☺️😢😎😀😜😎😎🤨😀😜😎😜😃😔😕😜🤨😜😃😜😜☺️😜😃😜😃😜😔😜😃😕😔🤨😔😕😜😎😜😇🤨🤨😜😜😎😜😃😀🤨😔😔😎😕😔😕😔😕🤨😕😜😎😜😀😜🤨😔🤨😚😁😘🤪😘😘😋😁😋😁😄😋😋😄😔😄😄😔😄😋😄😔😋😄😎😄😋😎😋😄😎😔😇😔☺️😩😄🥰🙃😋🙃😁🙃🙃😁😋🙃😄🙂😄🙂😃😇😎😍😎😎😎😇😍😂😍😂😎😄😄😂😍🥰🥰🤣😂🥰😍😎🥰🤣😎😄😄😚🥰😋😄😚😄😚😁🙂😁🙂

    👇🏻. 👇🏻

  • Elliott P
    Elliott P 9 ore fa

    The power! Of claws.

  • WePlay 24 7
    WePlay 24 7 9 ore fa

    I agree azzy Pokemon's are treasures and Azzy do you like Pokemon because I do

  • Elliott P
    Elliott P 9 ore fa

    Bye Furrby. (Sorry if I said that wrong)

  • Xxlunarwolf77xX
    Xxlunarwolf77xX 9 ore fa

    When I hade a furbie and it wouldn’t shut up so I threw it out my window out of a 4 story apartment

  • Lenny hates SCHOOL

    Is that you Wolferen
    Yes i spelled it wrong on purpose

  • Cherry Rose
    Cherry Rose 11 ore fa

    So yeah I guess azzy doesn’t really like hybrolonic presses

  • parmis_b
    parmis_b 11 ore fa

    0:41 water sheep?

  • Sharkdoom XD
    Sharkdoom XD 12 ore fa

    Put a cushion below the Legos:)

  • Tiffany DURDEN
    Tiffany DURDEN 12 ore fa


  • Toxy Timber
    Toxy Timber 12 ore fa

    At not no Kia is nock e a

  • DAT BOI kevin
    DAT BOI kevin 12 ore fa

    The answer is nothing to stop this machine
    Wolverine’s claws

  • Esmeralda MoralesMarquez

    Hi Azzy

  • Larni O'Brien
    Larni O'Brien 13 ore fa

    When Azzy said I’ll be quiet for a second I was like NO AZZY I NEED TO HEAR YOUR BEAUTIFUL VOICE and then my dad got mad at me because he was on the 📱 with his boss in then I said oppsies

  • Briauna Gardner
    Briauna Gardner 13 ore fa +2

    Just so you know, I LOVE your hair curled! Like if you guys agree.

  • K Reed
    K Reed 13 ore fa

    Azzyland- ok LISTEN
    continues to talk
    When it starts-

  • Jonathan Kasin
    Jonathan Kasin 13 ore fa

    Oh no not the sheep! This is really baaaad.
    - Azzyland 2019

  • Jessi Lilac
    Jessi Lilac 13 ore fa

    7:57 is that how they make those cheese strings?🤔🤔🧐

  • Mai Andersen
    Mai Andersen 14 ore fa +1

    Azzy you're just so beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Lili The Kitty
    Lili The Kitty 14 ore fa

    What's the answer?
    42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42
    42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42 42

    (hint it's not 42)

  • Brandy Nissley
    Brandy Nissley 14 ore fa

    It would be better if it was slime

  • Rainbow Tictoks
    Rainbow Tictoks 15 ore fa

    Ok so you said listen with my ears but then on the bubble rap you was talking over it

  • Alexa Rodgers
    Alexa Rodgers 15 ore fa +1

    Guys my friend said to me if I get 1k likes on this comment she will give my a GLITTER NEON GLOW IN THR DARK PHONE CASE PKEASE HELP

  • Zach Playz
    Zach Playz 15 ore fa

    Hydroollllicccc ppppprrrrreeeessss

    • Zach Playz
      Zach Playz 15 ore fa

      👅 this is Bob he has 0 friends 1 like = 1 friend

  • Slavica Peceva
    Slavica Peceva 16 ore fa


  • Slavica Peceva
    Slavica Peceva 16 ore fa

    👯 in 👝 📱💄💍💸👓⌚

  • Karina Doki
    Karina Doki 16 ore fa

    Por fearbie 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Lily_ Blackstone
    Lily_ Blackstone 17 ore fa +1

    But Can it Crush WATER?

  • Blake Not Shelton
    Blake Not Shelton 17 ore fa +1

    I didn’t think think the seep would turn into a pancake 🥞 😂

  • Elvira Forsberg
    Elvira Forsberg 22 ore fa

    Ever heard of legoland? No? Ok

  • Nigel Reeves
    Nigel Reeves 22 ore fa

    Zilla and then apologise Peter

  • Avianna Chase
    Avianna Chase Giorno fa

    I loved the candle one and the cheese one 🧀

  • Aiden Brooks
    Aiden Brooks Giorno fa

    Hydraulic press

  • TeaBeeutiful
    TeaBeeutiful Giorno fa

    I read the title and I was like

    My dreams...

  • Shadow wolf 9
    Shadow wolf 9 Giorno fa

    So Jordy is an orange snake...

  • Gracie McWhirter-Kerr


  • Anna Canuteson
    Anna Canuteson Giorno fa

    I have nothing to say

  • Karma Cast
    Karma Cast Giorno fa +1

    # legos are evil!