LG G8 ThinQ: Product Video

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  • Pubblicato il 24 feb 2019
  • Introducing a new way to interact with your phone! Packed with full of surprises, the #LGG8ThinQ will innovate your lifestyle.
    *Release date, specs, and back cover logo of the LG G8 ThinQ may vary according to the country.
    For more information, visit:
    LG Mobile Facebook: LGMobile
    LG Mobile Instagram: lgmobileglobal
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  • Alexander Lim
    Alexander Lim 18 ore fa

    Would be perfect phone if there were no notch. Top phone anyway! Fan of LG phones since G6

  • Home Theater System Blog

    LG discontinued in Middle east. Can't even go to the store and get it.

  • Richard Avery
    Richard Avery Giorno fa

    If that phone was a woman I would totally bone her all the time... #LGG8BONER

  • Keleb Gadol
    Keleb Gadol 3 giorni fa

    If I wanted a notch, I would take a strip of black electrical tape and wrap the top my cell phone. Dumb and ugly and distracting.

  • NameMe :D
    NameMe :D 3 giorni fa

    Dang it! been with my G7 for a year now as a companion with my iPhoneX, damn it's so so good, I will be buying the G9 when it is released.
    PRACTICALITY : Best-in-class - headphone jack, super loud speaker, best display, beautiful sleek but durable design, KNOCK-CODE, best signal strength, good performance, and the UI on the G7. It's just gorgeous, not to subtle, not too colorful, not too outrageous, just the best out of Samsung's and the Chinese counterparts'LG invented ClipTray, QMemo, QTranslate that now Google Translate has copied the idea from - the LG is the best in Android world, just needs to show off itself a little more.
    LG had its downtime with the CPU soldering issue but now its phones now are durable compared to my iPhoneX, I dropped the X twice and my FaceID is no longer working, I dropped my G7 like I can't even count but it's like 'let's crack some screen protectors', yep maybe because of military grade it has.For the people out there thinking about buying an lg phone, fuck the money, buy it

  • Emirkan Tekin
    Emirkan Tekin 4 giorni fa

    Nooo 😭My lg xscreen(K500)

  • Piyush parashar
    Piyush parashar 6 giorni fa

    Lg best in phone .Please improve marketing in India by Ads etc

  • Rudy Ramos
    Rudy Ramos 8 giorni fa

    I have the LG G7 ThinQ

  • ki di
    ki di 9 giorni fa

    yeah, it keeps floating off the glass tables tops i have. im ok at work but at home its the slide-a-phone...i love playin it. lg roks

  • Hamid Hamdi
    Hamid Hamdi 9 giorni fa

    LG Phone is The best in quality and materials used..

  • Julian Gilliam
    Julian Gilliam 10 giorni fa

    I hav lg k 4O

    MIKE BAGENDA Muzito 10 giorni fa


  • Jorge Americo
    Jorge Americo 12 giorni fa +1

    Jorge Americo

  • James Williams
    James Williams 12 giorni fa

    I do endorse this phone

  • s j
    s j 13 giorni fa

    Evrythng is good except os update.....

  • Rozrywka po pracy
    Rozrywka po pracy 13 giorni fa

    a good phone were it not a stupid notch on the screen

  • 로블록스넘재밌어요

    ... G8 sorry im V40...good! Bye.. G8

  • lindsay anne
    lindsay anne 17 giorni fa


  • jeferson santos
    jeferson santos 17 giorni fa


  • Dr.Nithesh K.Nandakumaran

    Chillingly watching g8 ad in g7. Damn a lot of new features

  • zepta zefanya
    zepta zefanya 19 giorni fa

    Sayang ga masuk indonesia

  • محمدماهان شمسی


  • Ирина Пермякова


  • Mansor Bensayah
    Mansor Bensayah 22 giorni fa


  • Ken Friends
    Ken Friends 23 giorni fa

    Esta bueno

  • Luz Howard
    Luz Howard 24 giorni fa

    Got it and love it!

    • Merl Ross
      Merl Ross 4 giorni fa

      Only1 in it ad it book it all in it

  • behrang Porabdollah
    behrang Porabdollah 26 giorni fa

    بابت زحمات متشکرم

  • Cathia Cannone
    Cathia Cannone 27 giorni fa


  • Daniel Reico
    Daniel Reico 28 giorni fa +1

    Deberian traer fondo de pantallas con cantantes y gratis como ejemplo anuel aa . etc

  • Brad See
    Brad See 28 giorni fa


  • wild video4
    wild video4 28 giorni fa

    I love the phone

  • Jonathan Jimenez
    Jonathan Jimenez 29 giorni fa +1

    This is a nice phone, just bought a phone recently :((.

  • Eddie Rodriguez
    Eddie Rodriguez 29 giorni fa


  • raul softair
    raul softair 29 giorni fa

    But didn't the G8 LG have 2 cameras?

  • scarfacemalafe
    scarfacemalafe Mese fa

    When are we gonna get Android 10

  • yohanes
    yohanes Mese fa


  • Laurita Lora Melo
    Laurita Lora Melo Mese fa +1

    Oi daiana

  • Ronnie valdo Rosa Sampaio

    LG sempre inovando eu gosto muito dos seus produtos!

  • GameSpot
    GameSpot Mese fa +2

    I got a g5 but this one is so much better when i grow up i will purchase one of these So nice

  • Michael Melton
    Michael Melton Mese fa

    I am not greasy.

  • Shafin Ali
    Shafin Ali Mese fa

    Get Cheap Rate Brand New LG G8 Beast phone From cheap store. check out the Phone here: pcapps.xyz/q6mBbUcf

  • Manoel De Jesus
    Manoel De Jesus Mese fa

    Manoel. De. Jesus. Feitoza. Dos .santos

  • Rosa The Sun
    Rosa The Sun Mese fa

    Waw perfect LG I love LG

  • Jerry Hinkle
    Jerry Hinkle Mese fa

    What a perfect company to make a difference to public relations and marketing strategy for years journeys yet to come.

  • Kyle Bonczek
    Kyle Bonczek Mese fa

    Any one like the LG Q7+ I live that phone or the Motorola 6 the game play on it and the video quality is FREAKING AWESOME BROSKIS AND BROSHKIZ

  • Regis Laureano
    Regis Laureano Mese fa +1


  • Louis DiCapua Sr

    Is the LG G8 good or not as instead few cons and pros about that.And room not sure if I want to get one of the G8 thin phone

  • Kyle Endreson
    Kyle Endreson Mese fa

    They sure are right about that smooth design. Its like a greesed blick of ice. I broke it three times within 2hours ir owning it.

  • Creative Concepts

    Would you please, PLEASE god damn it make this available in India!
    I mean its already about to get out dated with Sd 855+

  • Kitty Katt
    Kitty Katt Mese fa

    Although outdated but my stylus plus 2 keeps going for almost 3 years, and only changed its batt once. Most durable phone so far and only paid $200 for it new. Never had any issues with it, NEVER!! Looking forward to the 8 though 😉

  • sketchware tutorial more

    In using k8 2017 in 2019

  • Tuomas2041
    Tuomas2041 Mese fa

    A na Slovensko pošlete len chudobnú verziu g8s... Prečo?!?! 🤔 🧐 😤😡🤬☹️

  • Terry Abeles
    Terry Abeles Mese fa

    Hello everyone My name is Teresa Abeles aka Terry which is my 1st. Name .my dad name Terry Teresa.
    Reason was no one would know if I was girl or boy it help me in line of work

  • Rivaldo Ribeiro
    Rivaldo Ribeiro Mese fa

    LG G5 SE H840 a Android Oreo 8?

  • Rizki Ferdian
    Rizki Ferdian Mese fa +2

    I hate smartphones without headphones jack.
    So LG, Lenovo/Motorola, Asus, etc are still the best. 3.5mm headphones jack is so important! USB-C audio jack is dead! Haunting by battery life of Bluetooth headphones and more radiation from the Bluetooth itself are big No No.
    Samsung, Huawei, Apple, etc are big losers.
    My 3-4 years old Lenovo is first ever smartphone in the world with Dolby Atmos also with DAC HiFi, long before full of gimmick iPhone follows.

  • Black Label
    Black Label Mese fa +3

    LG makes the best screens in the World right now.... Very underated as a phone company!

  • Michael Tapel
    Michael Tapel Mese fa +1

    I'm with g7 still on Android 8, won't buy another lg phone ever again.

  • sandro gumberidze

    Korean version is better

  • Joseph Benge
    Joseph Benge Mese fa +1

    The LG G8 is like not even carrying a phone, it's that thin.
    I'm glad that I purchased the LG G8.... You will be too!

  • Hector
    Hector Mese fa +1

    Take my g4 stylus