BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love' M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 4 apr 2019
  • BLACKPINK - 'Kill This Love'
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  • candles candles Combs

    :0 there's so much likes :0 oh I love this song (even though it's not in English)

  • Tanusree Das
    Tanusree Das Giorno fa +1

    less than 4M!

  • Анна Потапова

    Извините я не понимаю здесь есть русские в чате?все русские пишите в ответе у меня

  • Isabelle Silva
    Isabelle Silva Giorno fa +1

    Brasil alguém? 😎❤🍀

  • Ari Min
    Ari Min Giorno fa +1

    BlackPink in your area legends🖤

  • Lunastar love ya!
    Lunastar love ya! Giorno fa

    omg i cannot setup listening to this❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mia Diaz
    Mia Diaz Giorno fa +2

    Y bailan bien y cantan bien

  • Cẩm Tú Nguyễn Thị

    500m comingggg

  • Mia Diaz
    Mia Diaz Giorno fa +2

    Son lindas

  • pikachuu ᄏᄏᄏ
    pikachuu ᄏᄏᄏ Giorno fa +2

    You guys are really great. We are very happy to have a group like you, please continue like this we will always be behind your and we will support you. Blackpink in your area 💜🖤

  • Dulce Rojas
    Dulce Rojas Giorno fa +2

    Like si te gusta la canción 😘😻😂

  • Lâm Dương Khan Official

    Let go 500M

  • Burcin Chaush
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  • R B
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  • analayla barros rocha lopes

    Blekpink blek blek blek

  • Queen Jensoo
    Queen Jensoo Giorno fa

    3.5 m views to go to reach 500 million views
    BLINKSSSSSSSSSSSS fighting!!!!! 💪💪💪

  • Spare Phone
    Spare Phone Giorno fa +1

    Just Dance 2020 yaaaaas

  • Marina Yoongi
    Marina Yoongi Giorno fa


  • mundo da Ana Laura dos santos batista

    I Love you BlackPink

  • Minh Nhựt
    Minh Nhựt Giorno fa +1

    Dis dis cmcm bọn armu chứ k ai?

  • Kiki Hikmawati
    Kiki Hikmawati Giorno fa

    Ay love yuo black pink

  • moni garcia
    moni garcia Giorno fa

    Blackpink ✈✈✈✈✈㊙㊗🎤🎤🎤🎶🎵🕖📢

  • Hania Durante
    Hania Durante Giorno fa

    Mable gets 24 million veiws gets on the radio
    Blackpink gets 496 veiws dosen't get on the radio
    Me and my sis: one like for blackpink please donate to them
    Also me:mescuse me
    By the way I not trying to be offensive I'm just saying I still TRULY LOVE MABLE

  • Mike
    Mike Giorno fa

    500 million views before the end of July?!???

  • katchubbub rao
    katchubbub rao Giorno fa +1

    Blackpink I am trying to tweet as much as possible I didn't even eat properly but I can't cross BTS. so sorry we blinks are not working hard😭😭.but I'll still try.☺😝☺😝

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa

      katchubbub rao I tweeted 4000 times

  • Jazmín YT
    Jazmín YT Giorno fa

    lik si lo vez en el 2019 XD

  • Laisla Jikook
    Laisla Jikook Giorno fa

    Amo essa música

  • Kim Ji Róse
    Kim Ji Róse Giorno fa

    How many people are still stre*ming tonight?

  • General Saint
    General Saint Giorno fa +1

    Go 500M!!!

  • General Saint
    General Saint Giorno fa +1

    Stream harder for our girls blinks!!

  • Seval Karaman
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  • JustJay 09
    JustJay 09 Giorno fa

    I think Lisa in Jennie’s Duo was my Fav Clip

  • Ngoc Huyen Doan
    Ngoc Huyen Doan Giorno fa

    500M's coming soon

  • Rizvi Razik
    Rizvi Razik Giorno fa +2

    Almost 30m subscribers!


  • SHIVEN .flute
    SHIVEN .flute Giorno fa +1

    Does Jennie have bangs at last?

    • Bh
      Bh Giorno fa +2


  • Kim_taehyung V 13
    Kim_taehyung V 13 Giorno fa +3

    An army is here to support blackpink😊

  • Hanna Estrada
    Hanna Estrada Giorno fa +2

    Creeo que soy la unica que habla español saludos raza por sierto es un temaso

  • eMem lalalaēm
    eMem lalalaēm Giorno fa +1

    Go go 500M 🔥🔥🔥

  • Doma Sherpa
    Doma Sherpa Giorno fa

    500M on the wayyyyyy!!!!! Proudddddd of you blinkssss

  • Bayan Ismailova
    Bayan Ismailova Giorno fa +1

    Jennie is a COOL Girl😘)
    Lisa is a very NICE raper😍)
    Jisoo is a QWEEN❤)
    Rose is a SUPER Star🌹)
    I'm BLINK❤❤❤❤❤

  • 101 Studio
    101 Studio Giorno fa +2

    If i can hit myself to the wall, then KILL THIS LOVE ALSO CAN HIT 500M VI3WS BEFORE AUGUST!

    idk what to comment about 500M vi3ws target, so here yall go ;) ur welcome

  • Official Rachma Assyifa

    kejar 4 juta viewers dalam semalam! fighting blink!🖤💖

  • Pradeep Maurya
    Pradeep Maurya Giorno fa +1

    Let's kill this song with 10milion likes

  • leima katy
    leima katy Giorno fa

    Ya debería salir el SOLO de ROSE!!

  • Bahar Bahar
    Bahar Bahar Giorno fa


  • سہــنٍـفُہـۇٴرتہ سہــيہـهـۇٴنٍ

    -كم هو جميل حين تقول لأحدهم أحتاجك ؟
    يرد عليك أنا هنا لأجلك •❤️

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa

      سہــنٍـفُہـۇٴرتہ سہــيہـهـۇٴنٍ
      الئ الآن لم يقلها احد لي مازلت انتظر الشخص المناسب

  • سہــنٍـفُہـۇٴرتہ سہــيہـهـۇٴنٍ

    جينيي ❣❣

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa

      سہــنٍـفُہـۇٴرتہ سہــيہـهـۇٴنٍ
      انها المفضلة لدي كم اتمنئ ان القاها يوم ما

  • こんにちはツシマカミソンキ

    Get 500M Views ~ in this month
    Blinks~ working a views gogo~💓

  • hadi bakalim
    hadi bakalim Giorno fa +1

    Türkler nerde???

  • Roa
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  • Doll Doll
    Doll Doll Giorno fa +3

    Blinkues! Get ready! We're about to hit 500M after 2 days♡!

  • Edith Huari padilla
    Edith Huari padilla Giorno fa +1

    Please pueden las seguidoras de blank pink ver videos de bts😍😘

  • M00nk4s3 É Gatinha
    M00nk4s3 É Gatinha Giorno fa +1

    Lara Croft

  • Simie Nkomo
    Simie Nkomo Giorno fa +4

    I don’t know who the heck disliked this video
    But anyways atleast there’s +9mil likes.
    Haters back off!

  • Yayan Sopian
    Yayan Sopian Giorno fa +1

    bagus banget

  • Tommy Nguyen
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  • nujood Mohammed
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  • nujood Mohammed
    nujood Mohammed Giorno fa +1

    ادري انك تتابعين هنودي اوسم

  • Ricardo Luis Valerio Garcia

    I love you blackpinck

  • NuShRaT JeRiN
    NuShRaT JeRiN Giorno fa +7

    4M Left To-KTL 500M
    10M Left To-Ddu Ddu Du 900M
    2M Left To-Whistle 400M
    Our Goals Before 8/8/2019!!
    Let's Go Blinks, We Can Do It!!

  • Tommy Nguyen
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  • Hùng Nguyễn Mạnh
    Hùng Nguyễn Mạnh Giorno fa +1

    Cái má của Jennie phúng phính đáng iu thật 😍

  • Alicia Villareal
    Alicia Villareal Giorno fa +1

    pu mu taka dito crommium san address bukid

  • Rose BTS
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  • Teknik Sipil
    Teknik Sipil Giorno fa +1

    Semoga bisa bertemu dengan black pink

  • OriginalGab
    OriginalGab Giorno fa +1

    Jennie: Rap
    Lisa: Rap, Vocals
    Jisoo: Visuals
    Rosè: Vocals

  • Caio
    Caio Giorno fa +1

    Lil peep is much better than Blackpink talkei Brazil nessa porra 😎😎🤙

  • 김 석진 방탄 서연단

    이 사랑을 죽여라.이게 내가 좋아하는 편견이야. 리사.

  • Niikka
    Niikka Giorno fa

    seloko essas mina faz um sucesso e eu nem percebi

  • Ana_ Games 4*9
    Ana_ Games 4*9 Giorno fa

    Quem não gostou é idiota

  • sHy sHy sHy
    sHy sHy sHy Giorno fa +13

    *BLACKPINK* - *Kill This Love* M/V
    2019-07-22 12am KST:494,648,014
    2019-07-23 12am KST:496,367,891
    Come on BLINKS! Let’s increase the daily views!

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa

      Bh I don’t know but for me I’m voting more than streaming I voted more than 4000 time

    • Bh
      Bh Giorno fa +1

      @Rana Chaib actually all top 20 MVs have low views today. Did something happen in any South East Asian country?

    • sHy sHy sHy
      sHy sHy sHy Giorno fa

      Bh Today we only got 1.7M views in the last 24 hours. The daily views decreased.

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa

      Bh voting blinks are doing effort to vote

    • Bh
      Bh Giorno fa +1

      What happened?

  • prameswari dinda
    prameswari dinda Giorno fa

    Lisaa jenniee jisoo rosee i love you.....

  • Notorious Med
    Notorious Med Giorno fa +2

    Who’s here before 500 million views?? We’re almost there Blinks!!

  • Musical BASS
    Musical BASS Giorno fa +5

    When Love Blackpink??
    Yes Like 👍
    NO Comment 💬

  • Batari Pelfort
    Batari Pelfort Giorno fa +1

    I love blackpink

  • Mộng Tuyền Nguyễn

    Blackpink 😍

  • Mộng Tuyền Nguyễn

    500M BLINKs fighting

  • määh äłmëïđä
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    Alguém do Brasil??

  • Saskia Liza
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  • griffins gargoyles
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    I remember the ”like who” part as ”nougat” so I just sing you smart, nougat? You are😂👏

  • Luis Alfredo Gutierrez Inzunza

    Eres la mejor hablo español ok

  • Zhi Hao Ooi
    Zhi Hao Ooi Giorno fa +5

    I can see 500M Coming!!!
    Lets str3am harder BLINKS
    Whos with me?

  • thäïs föfä
    thäïs föfä Giorno fa +1

    Português ouvindo essa musica comenta ⬇❤

  • Wow Wow
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  • Levi Isai Parga Romero


  • Дима Краснов

    I love you l love you I love you I love you💖💖💖💖❤️❤️❤️💜💜💕💕🥰🥰🥰

  • Naeomi Gel
    Naeomi Gel Giorno fa

    🤔🤔🤔 they are luck for 2ne1 don't exist anymore that's why they are famous. 😔 How I miss 2ne1 Just sayin 😁🤭

    • Bh
      Bh Giorno fa +1

      Madonna, Beyoncé, etc exist, yet Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Katy Perry are running pop.
      BLACKPINK will be popular regardless of 2ne1's existence.

    • Rana Chaib
      Rana Chaib Giorno fa +3

      Naeomi Gel first learn English second get over it this is the new generation

  • kim sú
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    Once here still str34ming

  • Hồng Đen 4 con màu

    Mấy chị mà không cưới em, em sẽ đập đầu vô gối chết cho xem😟

  • BTS Lover
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    • BTS Fanboy
      BTS Fanboy Giorno fa

      Love yourself toxic

    • Bh
      Bh Giorno fa +1

      @Ranjith Thomas that's probably a fake Army. Even if it's real Army, we should stop seeing that person as Army but rather as a BLACKPINK hater.
      Fandoms shouldn't get hate because these people.

    • Ranjith Thomas
      Ranjith Thomas Giorno fa +3

      I'm an army and a blink and it's because of people like you the army fandom is hated by most other fandoms ! So, get a life and move on !

    • Ari Grande
      Ari Grande Giorno fa

      Your fandom sucks too:)

  • Cậu Tím
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  • น้องเกริกได้หมด TV


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    500M please BLINKs

    JBLiИK ƆHAИEL Giorno fa +1


  • Prateek Pradhan
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    They are pretty and all... but this shit is definitely cringy