Audi A7 vs Mercedes CLS vs BMW 6GT review - which is the best?

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  • Pubblicato il 23 ott 2018
  • When it comes to executive coupes, it’s hard to look past these three contenders - the Audi A7, Mercedes CLS and BMW 6 Series GT. But with all three coming in at a relatively similar price, how do you know which one is the most suitable for you? Join Mat as he takes you on a group test of these executive coupes, looking at their styling, interiors, while also finding out what they’re like to drive!
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Commenti • 1 729

  • jozef krasniqi
    jozef krasniqi Giorno fa

    Audi 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • Pranjay Shekhawat
    Pranjay Shekhawat 2 giorni fa

    I find the bmw to be the best one keeping in mind it’s practicality and best in class infotainment interface

  • Sanjeev
    Sanjeev 3 giorni fa

    Was expecting a drag race 😪

  • Raze_Alien666 Official
    Raze_Alien666 Official 5 giorni fa +1


  • Emerit Bono
    Emerit Bono 6 giorni fa

    The audi A7 has laso the surround camera that you say is so cool in the bmw

  • Ninja
    Ninja 7 giorni fa

    Come on guys although the bmw isn’t as stylish as the others and neither is the interior, but it’s the most posh, practical and most comfortable. As Matt said, it’s like a blummin limousine!

  • Dian Luo
    Dian Luo 7 giorni fa

    Audi is a great car, but red is just not right for it.

  • Semih Kızılörs
    Semih Kızılörs 9 giorni fa

    mercedes cls is better than the audi a7 in general better

  • IboNLable
    IboNLable 9 giorni fa

    Mercedes: "This is the sleekest looking car". Mate, their cars looks like fucking sushi on wheels.

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan 9 giorni fa +1

    Audi A7: Sleek & Sexy
    Mercedes CLS: Cool and Unique
    BMW 6 Series GT: Bold But Ugly

  • Atif Khan
    Atif Khan 9 giorni fa

    And the Winner, Of Course The Sleek and Sexy and Most Technologically Advanced Among The Three, Audi A7 ;)

  • Ken Gormley
    Ken Gormley 11 giorni fa

    Good looking.....r u mad ??

  • Kosorof Blade
    Kosorof Blade 12 giorni fa

    Automobile is not only for interior-exterior design. If you drive a Benz, you see the best. Feelings show that the right way.

  • Yasharth Sharma
    Yasharth Sharma 12 giorni fa


  • Syed saadullah hussani Hussani

    German kings

  • Ahmet Şimşek
    Ahmet Şimşek 15 giorni fa

    first cls best forever

  • Justin Da Boss
    Justin Da Boss 15 giorni fa

    Is it just me, or do you guys think that the cls rear lights look like those from fake cars in gta5

  • J024
    J024 20 giorni fa

    The A7 takes the cake for me. At least it still looks like a German car, unlike the BMW and the Merc.

  • Semih Kızılörs
    Semih Kızılörs 25 giorni fa +1

    A 7 cls bmw Best Of? ??

  • Raveen George Thomas
    Raveen George Thomas 25 giorni fa

    How Can you compare a gt with 2 sports coupes.... Its not fair at all.. Always a fan of BMW... What the hell?

  • JJ Meister
    JJ Meister 27 giorni fa

    I really like these car reviews but I have to say that it seems like regardless of the card being reviewed, Matt seems to always select Audi as the best in class. On this occasion, Matt himself notes that there is serious lag in the transmission of the A7 and the engine is noisy by how is it that it that the A7 won the challenge again?

  • Ruca Tuga
    Ruca Tuga 27 giorni fa

    A7 😍

  • xxmobstrxx 853
    xxmobstrxx 853 28 giorni fa

    You ain’t a real car person if you don’t like the sound of an engine

    FRANVA 28 giorni fa

    In the next months.... Audi Rs7 vs Mercedes Gt 63 s vs Bmw M5 F90 or M8🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Davide Selvi
    Davide Selvi 29 giorni fa

    The GT is the best among these 3 wonderful cars! It has more interior space and comfort than the others! Not to mention the luggage space

    • RichardBr1
      RichardBr1 18 giorni fa

      For me I want all of those and a good gas mileage and reliability

  • Ivan Divandelen
    Ivan Divandelen Mese fa

    British English is soo idiotic

  • BMW/M5 /V10/E60
    BMW/M5 /V10/E60 Mese fa +3

    Audi 👍

  • Abu Ahnaf Rafsan

    That's why BMW is the best

  • Samuel Owusu
    Samuel Owusu Mese fa

    The cls is so bad it's such a shame, an e-class is a much much better buy

    • Delta Ruin
      Delta Ruin 29 giorni fa

      Or an A class limousine for half of the price i could smash an CLS Logo on the back and people would believe it first.

  • Tauras Eičius
    Tauras Eičius Mese fa

    I'm a BMW fan and I drive BMW myself, but dang that A7 front is aggressive and gorgeous, I would choose it from these 3.

    KEN BEE Mese fa


  • MrMathiasdv
    MrMathiasdv Mese fa +9

    Audi a7 and the mercedes cls are both really gorgeous. The bmw looks like it belongs in a lower price class.

    • Kabal
      Kabal 28 giorni fa

      Yea the bmw Looks cheap, i Hope you get my irony

    • Sergej Benkogenov
      Sergej Benkogenov 29 giorni fa +2

      But in reality Audi is the one which belongs there

  • Kacper S
    Kacper S Mese fa

    So happy that i own the first gen CLS. The new CLS doesn´t even look likea CLS should look like. The curves on the body are , well... awkward i should say.

  • TB Tech
    TB Tech Mese fa +1

    6 series gran coupe is best we have a 640d msport so good it unreal

    ZAIN KAMRAN Mese fa

    no drag race. disliked

  • GoKartPlayer
    GoKartPlayer Mese fa

    Audi A7!❤️❤️👍🏻

  • Awais Ali
    Awais Ali Mese fa +1

    A7 and 6 series Gran coupe

  • Adam Vagaday
    Adam Vagaday Mese fa +1

    I drive a first gen Audi A7 3.0 biTDI (after facelift) and in my opinion it’s one of the best cars ever, it’s glued to the road, engine even though it’s diesel it’s simply brilliant with a lot of power and that car can drive really fast in real world and makes it seem effortless with no drama you sometimes get from BMW or Benz. I’m looking forward trying new A7.

    • Sergej Benkogenov
      Sergej Benkogenov 29 giorni fa

      Seems that you have absolutely no Idea of what you talking about m8

  • AA K
    AA K Mese fa

    The cls looks ugly and not stylish which is the only reason you would buy it it just looks plain

  • uzair ahmed
    uzair ahmed Mese fa

    the ugliest car in the world is BMW 6GT

  • Unni
    Unni Mese fa

    The bmw is more practical,offers loads of room in the rear (not to mention the rear seat infotainment),least distracting drivers infotainment,fun to drive,costs less .
    The winner is Audi

  • Spy Targaryen
    Spy Targaryen Mese fa

    The Mercedes looks stunning to me!Also I don’t understand why in every comment section the mercs get bashed so much and they have more sales and are considered the better cars every year...well maybe most MB owners don’t waste their time commenting in this shit they be making more and more bread and that’s why they can afford a Mercedes!

  • Dexxon Gaming
    Dexxon Gaming Mese fa

    The 6 series is the best. It looks the best in my opinion it has the best thecnology. Its the sportiest but still the most comfrtable. It has the best interior quality. Also the Mercedes interior looks like they taped to ipads. The audi has too many screens. I like the BMW best.

  • alexus channel. Made with smartphone

    audi porno cars

  • Tristanne 1966
    Tristanne 1966 Mese fa

    whale watching

  • Don Donzo
    Don Donzo Mese fa

    Don't forget the Audi also comes with great and very clean Volkswagen engines. /s

  • U U
    U U Mese fa

    DRAG RACE ?😫😭😭😭😢




  • Dawid Misiak
    Dawid Misiak Mese fa +1

    I can't even describe how happy I am when Audi beats BMW.

  • olli tuovinen
    olli tuovinen Mese fa +1

    The BMW looks like shit.

  • Just that Guy
    Just that Guy Mese fa

    This years cls looks mean👍

  • Parth Desai
    Parth Desai Mese fa

    I like how Mat hides the CarWow scores for the cars while showing the prices in the iPad.

  • Upender Dhull
    Upender Dhull Mese fa +1

    1. Audi
    2. Bmw
    3. Mercedes

  • Top5ultimate
    Top5ultimate Mese fa

    The middle seat in the Audi and the Mercedes are useless they should make it an extended centre console like the old cars.

  • MD NS
    MD NS Mese fa

    BMW 6 is the best

  • detonator2112
    detonator2112 Mese fa +2

    Am I the only one who thinks the previous model of Mercedes CLS was much better looking car?

  • Raggedy Gaming
    Raggedy Gaming Mese fa +3

    Mercedes all the way.

    • Raggedy Gaming
      Raggedy Gaming Mese fa +1

      +James Simpson oh ok thanks 😀

    • James Simpson
      James Simpson Mese fa +1

      Finally I meet someone like you!
      Mercedes are the best in the class,
      You are my new best friend 😂🔥

  • theboss
    theboss 2 mesi fa

    Audi definitely wins this. By far the nicest interior, nicest design - in a better colour though. Can only imagine what the RS7 is going to look like. Also, that Mercedes interior is absolutely hideous.

  • 王添翼
    王添翼 2 mesi fa

    I think A7 is the best.

  • TMAN
    TMAN 2 mesi fa

    No matter what beemer will always be the best

  • Vikramaditya Kumar
    Vikramaditya Kumar 2 mesi fa

    He hide the carwow score on iPad

  • Charis MA
    Charis MA 2 mesi fa

    Having watched a lot of Mat's reviews, I have to say that I've got the impression that Mat simply does not like BMW. It seems that he holds a little bit bias against BMW.

  • Bmw power mafia1 Bmw

    Bmw best lol

  • MD NS
    MD NS 2 mesi fa


  • Mike Ciulini
    Mike Ciulini 2 mesi fa

    6+Gt = 7

  • jeff bob
    jeff bob 2 mesi fa

    Sexy Audi right there.

  • Alex Kafkas
    Alex Kafkas 2 mesi fa

    This guy is clearly an Audi fanboy

  • Sinal Dedeoğlu
    Sinal Dedeoğlu 2 mesi fa

    My choise's A7

  • Csongor Ottó Dandé

    I know the 6 gran coupe is not available anymore,and the 8 gran coupe is not availableyet but that would be concurrent model

  • Raunit Trehan
    Raunit Trehan 2 mesi fa

    BMW 6GT is much better than Audi A7. Mercedes CLS is completely out.

  • Foushee i
    Foushee i 2 mesi fa +3

    Audi for sure, that design, that interior and let me tell you; the RS7 will blow away any AMG and M series.

    • Dexxon Gaming
      Dexxon Gaming 29 giorni fa

      +Delta Ruin Not true the rs version will be 610 and the preformence will be about 635. Of course right now the M5 comp pack is the fastest 4 door on nurburgring and on a straight line. When the RS7 and RS6 performence come out they will probably beat the M5 comp on a 1/4 mile with 0.1 or 0.2 secs no more the m5 comp does 10.9 or 11 they will do it in 10.7 or 10.8. So yes they will be faster on the straight then the M5 comp pack but by a little like the m5 comp pack is faster then the 4 door 63s mercedes by 0.1 secs. You want feel the diffrence. However, the Audis like always will have their engines further then the front wheels and will be heavy infront making them understeer like the current generation. Making them slow in corners. So M5 cp will be a little bit slower on drag but a little bit faster on track in the end both cars will be just as fast. If you are buying one it will come down to which looks better for you both will be as fast.

    • Delta Ruin
      Delta Ruin 29 giorni fa

      +Dexxon Gaming how can you say that "will stay the fastest" the RS6 engine you compare is from 2012. The 2019 RS6 Performance will have up to 670 HP the normal one 640 HP with an 4.0 biturbo. And maybe audi will bring a Sedan Version out that would destroy everything

    • Dexxon Gaming
      Dexxon Gaming Mese fa

      Except the M5 theres no Audi or AMG that can beat that it is the fastest 4 door car and will stay the fastest.

  • Victorescu Jr.
    Victorescu Jr. 2 mesi fa +2

    Perfect choice with that A7. Mine just arrived! Cheers

  • Angela or Shawn
    Angela or Shawn 2 mesi fa

    Mercedes Benz cls

  • Angela or Shawn
    Angela or Shawn 2 mesi fa

    Mercedes Benz cls

  • Angela or Shawn
    Angela or Shawn 2 mesi fa

    Mercedes Benz cls

  • DukiTV DukiTV
    DukiTV DukiTV 2 mesi fa

    Gt means grand turismo Merc and Audi arent gt you can't compare

  • Parlindungan Marpaung


  • Rio mkl
    Rio mkl 2 mesi fa +6

    So much love for audi 😍❤️

  • Virtu
    Virtu 2 mesi fa +1

    A7 period.

  • jonas kristensen
    jonas kristensen 2 mesi fa

    If you want breakdown and poor services, at the workshop, you should choose the Audi.

  • fast potato
    fast potato 2 mesi fa


  • Amin Haq
    Amin Haq 2 mesi fa

    You got the Wrong BMW. It should of been the 6 series Gran Coupe

  • Ahmad Shaaban
    Ahmad Shaaban 2 mesi fa


  • Bill Kendich
    Bill Kendich 2 mesi fa

    The Mercedes interior looks like it's wrapped in cellophane.

  • Shifty
    Shifty 2 mesi fa

    Im a BMW fan and the 6GT is so ugly I cant even understand. This review should've had the 6-series gran coupe instead. That car is so pretty

  • S G
    S G 2 mesi fa

    The quality of the Mercedes worries me

  • Mike Rogers
    Mike Rogers 2 mesi fa

    I have the current A7, in my humble opinion, it looks better than all of these. Agree that the new A7 wins this test but the fact that they deleted the exhaust outlets is outrageous. I'm looking for a little more kick in the next car and that's where the soon to be released s7 and AMG 53 come as an in-between compromise vs. going RS/63s/M. One point to add, I've been actively pricing the A7/AMG 53 and Audi is gouging a bit which is annoying. Same time, they are kicking ass and know they can get more for their cars.

  • AYA Lolz
    AYA Lolz 2 mesi fa +1

    #audia7 YESSSS AUDI

  • Audi Rs6
    Audi Rs6 2 mesi fa +2

    Audi 😍😍😍

  • Lorenzo Klatten
    Lorenzo Klatten 2 mesi fa

    Will forever be the 6 Series GT for my family. We’ve always had a 6 Series GT along with my Range Rover and my Husbands Lexus LX. I’m with the 6 Series

  • Edu Voicelab
    Edu Voicelab 2 mesi fa


  • نورالدين كمرة

    I love BMW GT 640 it is my dreame

  • Morgan Williams
    Morgan Williams 2 mesi fa


  • Nathan Evans
    Nathan Evans 2 mesi fa

    Mat just likes the a7

  • LáSt ŪçhïHã
    LáSt ŪçhïHã 2 mesi fa

    Mercedes looks stunning Jesus

  • RSix_6
    RSix_6 2 mesi fa

    Sometimes rearwheel drive is more fun than awd

  • Amal K Raju
    Amal K Raju 2 mesi fa

    Audi Quattro 🥰🥰🥰😍

  • Hugh 2CV
    Hugh 2CV 2 mesi fa

    I would buy the Audi just because of the melenium falcon, but it is easily the best all round car by far

  • Alexandr Nita
    Alexandr Nita 2 mesi fa

    Audi A7 got uglier and uglier with every generation.

  • migwi97
    migwi97 3 mesi fa

    Traded in my 5 series touring got the 6 series GT.... haven't looked back since.