John Lennon - "Free As A Bird"

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  • Pubblicato il 20 lug 2012
  • John Lennon "Free As A Bird"
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  • Gem Jem
    Gem Jem 4 mesi fa

    Beautiful voice beautiful words beautiful song

  • Truth Reveals
    Truth Reveals 4 mesi fa


  • Scott Aubrey
    Scott Aubrey 5 mesi fa

    This man is my favourite Britain... Churchill not far behind for saving us

  • Frank Espinoza
    Frank Espinoza 6 mesi fa +1

    Love & miss you John. Thank you for making us smile in the Beatle movies.

  • Larry Abecid
    Larry Abecid 6 mesi fa

    So McCartney came up with "Can we ever live without each other" ?

  • Procommenter
    Procommenter 6 mesi fa +2

    ~ Your sister has pretty eyes. I call dibs on her corneas.

  • Clenio Antônio Rosa

    Num vejo nada nesse cara anticristo

  • V Yes its me
    V Yes its me 7 mesi fa

    Just Beautiful! V

  • Arch Stanton
    Arch Stanton 7 mesi fa

    I want to close my eyes for the last time to this song. I picture sitting in a chair looking out large bay windows sun shining high and gentle tears running down my face. Lennon was as flawed as the rest of us but I think he wrote songs for people yet to be born. And that is an artist, when your dreams become someone's future reality.

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 9 mesi fa

    Please Paul..finish Now and Then.....

  • MEow
    MEow 10 mesi fa

  • Alberto Tejeda
    Alberto Tejeda Anno fa +3

    We miss you dear John Lennon

  • Stefania Giustini

    Avevo anche il poster dei vostri kimono un' amore indivisibile lui e lei tu e e io uomo donna ma complici d"amore

  • cmvocal
    cmvocal Anno fa +3

    I'm crying...

    VOLTAGE DARKMA5K Anno fa +2

    I am singing this

  • Krang X
    Krang X Anno fa +5

    This is so haunting in its simplicity, much like the Real Love demo. Makes we wonder if Lennon’s final version would’ve sounded like this or something more similar to Jeff Lynne’s Beatles version?

  • maxime caron
    maxime caron Anno fa +1

    Merci tres douce chanson !

    • Marc Thibault
      Marc Thibault 2 mesi fa

      maxime caron C est vrai c est une très belle chanson de John lenon et repris par les Beatles en novembre 1995

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner Anno fa +8

    With today's technology being so much better than it was when Jeff Lynne did his magic, I wonder what the song would sound like today if they tried to do it again. Oh the possibilities...

  • Isak Larsson
    Isak Larsson Anno fa +3

    I always tear up listening to this, Real Love and Now and Then

  • Angélique Nomade

    Merci...... Soule.... J'ai dûe intérompre un moment pour boire. merci.

  • Angélique Nomade
    Angélique Nomade Anno fa +1

    Je T'Aime ... Merci pour cette publication

  • T Dubb
    T Dubb Anno fa +1

    Devil worshipping bull shit they always sucked and anyone who likes them I think they are scum too

  • T Dubb
    T Dubb Anno fa +1

    pure trash devil worshipping music.... so as a person thinketh so shall he be .....garbage ass trash music

  • Kirys X
    Kirys X Anno fa +3

    I really want to thank you for left this infinite legacy to be here. I know that over the time and the lenguages this can sometime be understood

  • T Dubb
    T Dubb Anno fa

    They want to sound blusey but it’s a black thing they’ll never get it in a 1000 years

    • Bart Alder
      Bart Alder Anno fa

      T Dubb, you're a buffoon. This is not blues any more than Moonlight Sonata is blues.

    • Seamonkey Abortion
      Seamonkey Abortion Anno fa +2

      Most of them are dead, and this is a demo. Also, this isn't even Blues. I like Blues but this isn't that. They have other songs in different genres too but you wouldn't care

  • Neil Stewart
    Neil Stewart Anno fa +6

    He must have been writing this at the time?

  • Scibor Swiatowid
    Scibor Swiatowid Anno fa +37

    John can sing me a telephone book and i will surely love it.

  • T Dubb
    T Dubb Anno fa +1

    Yuck that’s demonic and the Beatles have always sucked

    • King Chris A
      King Chris A 9 mesi fa

      T Dunn your head is messed up

    • Ramon Juarez
      Ramon Juarez 9 mesi fa +1

      bEaTLeS sUcK ~ Obvious Troll

    • Smash Runner
      Smash Runner 10 mesi fa +1

      HELLO !!!😂😂😂TROLL

    • theone456
      theone456 Anno fa +2

      Piece of shit

    • Daniel Fitzgerald
      Daniel Fitzgerald Anno fa +2

      T Dubb you haven’t explained why the Beatles sucked. They didn’t, By the way, nor were they ‘demonic’.

  • Gabriel Ainda
    Gabriel Ainda Anno fa

    Doble sorpresa para mi, esta canción la grabó en el año en que nací y después en 1995 los beatles la produjeron con la ayuda del gran Jeff Lynn, de la orquesta luz electrica.

  • Zoe Moe
    Zoe Moe Anno fa +4


  • brandon giles
    brandon giles Anno fa +41

    Even more haunting knowing these pics were from the rolling stone cover shoot from the morning of the very day he was shot. Rip john

    • George M.
      George M. 11 mesi fa +5

      Those pics weren't from the very same day John got gunned down....sorry.

  • luiz guilherme moreira sales

    Beautiful music thanks i from brasil

  • Steve O Show
    Steve O Show Anno fa +32

    This has to be one of the most brilliant song demos, illustrating John Lennon's genius of songwriting, composition, delivery, and a haunting melody to round it off, almost ethereal now in its quality. Recorded at The Dakota in 1977, proving that he still tinkered with creating songs although proclaiming to have been just baking bread, raising his son Sean, travelling the world, and catching up with his life which was long overdue. Although he liked to see himself as an artist he remained truly a musician and songwriter first. His solo career through the early 70s ebbed and flowed, Imagine was his pinnacle of the decade and everything that followed stayed in its shadow. Despite this though he was very popular amongst his contemporaries and respected by his peers, which is an accolade in itself besides the world wide fame.
    Surprisingly not used in his final album Double Fantasy, in 1980 which was overlooked but then John often worked in the moment, disregarding much from the past, even if it was good. He liked to get a song out when it was fresh, Instant Karma for example was recorded and released the very same week, quite unheard of at the time and this immediate release idea was over two decades before the Internet.
    Listening to this original demo and the final Beatles version reflects what a collective and collaborative band they were, Paul filling out the middle eight, Abbey Road album harmonies,
    (It was Paul & George in harmonies on Here Comes The Sun) Ringo's distinctive percussion and Georges final verse and slide guitar probably made it one of the most complete Beatles pop rock songs.
    Both versions still make a huge impact and that is a truly magical achievement.

    • John A
      John A 3 mesi fa

      Thank you for saying this.

    • Jason Lee
      Jason Lee 10 mesi fa

      There is another version with more verses, and better sound..a guitar demo I'd love to hear it...

  • randall scott burress

    four eyes minus two equals two???????

  • randall scott burress

    Thank you Yoko?..Love you too?????????????????me?

  • jo
    jo 2 anni fa +11

    😔 *rip...4ever*

  • Prof2You Smithe
    Prof2You Smithe 2 anni fa +16

    Thanks for uploading this however, you should give people a warning that they will need a box of Kleenex! Truly appreciate this.

  • Charlotte Cole
    Charlotte Cole 2 anni fa +34

    I wonder what John would be doin now as 76 year old

    • Loup
      Loup 7 mesi fa

      He would be dead just like Bowie.

    • Nineng Sy
      Nineng Sy 2 anni fa +11

      Charlotte Cole in an interview he said he wont be singing she loves you :)

    • Lorry22 22
      Lorry22 22 2 anni fa +3

      Charlotte Cole Too sad to think about that.

  • blackl1steddrums
    blackl1steddrums 2 anni fa +14

    truly legendary song.

  • Jack Harrison
    Jack Harrison 2 anni fa +10

    Fuck me... the goosebumps as those opening chords start... just.... wow.... magic...

    • Nick Hawthorne
      Nick Hawthorne 2 anni fa +3

      Can you imagine how Paul, George, Ringo, George Martin, and Geoff Emerick felt the first time they heard it in the studio?

  • Devin Gray
    Devin Gray 2 anni fa +12

    Now were thanking iMac's instead of the artist?

    • Derek Schrader
      Derek Schrader Anno fa

      Isabell Chun he’s talking about the company Apple that the Beatles created I believe

    • Isabell Chun
      Isabell Chun 2 anni fa +1

      who's thanking iMac?

  • ifarias2000
    ifarias2000 3 anni fa +39

    Beautiful... Just Beautiful...

  • ThomasWinn1
    ThomasWinn1 6 anni fa +12


  • estoesesto4
    estoesesto4 7 anni fa +8

    Fantastic Upload!

  • scat3040
    scat3040 7 anni fa +18

    I fucking love free as a bird and real love. Rock on johnny

  • tytwist
    tytwist 7 anni fa +4

    The images are very touching. The song is okay but not great. cheers TyT

    • Bart Alder
      Bart Alder Anno fa

      The song is a demo only so I have NFI what you're talking about tyt.

    • DouglasTheBassist
      DouglasTheBassist Anno fa +1

      I mean unless you’re going to write something along the lines of this or In My Life, can’t give ya much claim, unless you’re stating it as your opinion.

    • Your Friendly Neighbourhood - John
      Your Friendly Neighbourhood - John Anno fa +2

      watch this
      and you will never say that again
      The intro is just classic...

  • terri rosen
    terri rosen 7 anni fa +5

    Oh so so BEAUTIFUL x