GIANT Go!Go! Curry Challenge (x2) | Tokyo, JP

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  • Pubblicato il 18 apr 2019
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    One of the few challenge I did in my last trip to Japan!! I did order this "plate" the last time I was there, and it was awesome and delicious! Figured this trip I'd have to give a shot at eating 2 in one go..
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  • Wild Harpy
    Wild Harpy 2 ore fa

    I eat the tails of shrimp
    Does anybody else eat them, i need to make sure im not alone

  • Maria Leonard
    Maria Leonard 4 ore fa

    I've actually been to a GoGo Curry in the US. I can say for certain that it's THE MOST delicious curry I've ever had (probably because Japanese curry is super super good)

  • Alexius pro 4616 ita

    You have my support from Italy , Naples

  • bluemaki1
    bluemaki1 10 ore fa

    How your toilet handle your poo ?

  • my doggies
    my doggies 11 ore fa

    Matt is son goku 😂

  • HoLLi Sh!TS
    HoLLi Sh!TS 11 ore fa

    liu kang matt stonie

  • araya araya
    araya araya 11 ore fa


  • Delta
    Delta 13 ore fa

    Me, my best friend and his girlfriend tried to eat the world champion and we didn’t make it.
    I’m more than impressed I’m shook.

  • Jorrellds
    Jorrellds 14 ore fa

    I did ONE of these and it was hell afterwards for me. I don't know how the hell he managed TWO!

  • Ashleyyy
    Ashleyyy 14 ore fa

    This channel makes me hungry lol

  • Tyrant Sky Nyx
    Tyrant Sky Nyx 15 ore fa

    I can barely eat half a sandwich without being so full I need to puke who the hell

  • marianna kapelaki
    marianna kapelaki Giorno fa

    Toilets?in the background

  • SaiyinProdigy Truth

    I really hope he didnt shit that out in the public bathroom

  • K J
    K J Giorno fa +1

    I’m surprised he didn’t order the whole menu

  • Cristian Ojeda
    Cristian Ojeda Giorno fa

    I feel so sorry for the toilets

  • Cristian Ojeda
    Cristian Ojeda Giorno fa


  • فيصل اليوسف

    من صمعت

  • TheGreat SeaPanda
    TheGreat SeaPanda Giorno fa

    I thought it was 12 hours Lol

  • Rem Gulles
    Rem Gulles Giorno fa

    Why do i have to watch this while i'm hungry

  • Kencham Arun
    Kencham Arun Giorno fa

    Taste indian food bro

  • mobile madness
    mobile madness Giorno fa

    I saw you on a TV at work

  • Alooy_Killer 7
    Alooy_Killer 7 Giorno fa +5

    I actually thought that the second plate was meant for your friend!?

    • Wyatt-gaming
      Wyatt-gaming Giorno fa

      Alooy_Killer 7 you do realize that Morgan is his brother

  • !Hipstar~
    !Hipstar~ Giorno fa

    Now u have gotta eat the fork😂

  • poke,niv
    poke,niv Giorno fa


  • demon doughnut
    demon doughnut Giorno fa +5

    Actually technically he finished way before 30 minutes since he was talking so much after d first plate😶

  • CreepyAtTheDiscoToBattle !!

    Why do I watch food videos if I know I'mma get hungry :/

    • G Hobo
      G Hobo 13 ore fa

      Same bro lol

  • R Ham
    R Ham Giorno fa +2

    My family is japanese and this fried pork curry looks magnificent

  • David Likes turtles

    Tell me why watching people eat is entertaining

  • 零Zero
    零Zero Giorno fa


  • FreddieRock_05 Gaming

    Can he speak Japanese how the hell does he navigate

  • EyeGoCraa Z
    EyeGoCraa Z Giorno fa

    All he does is throw up the food if you guys didn’t know

  • John Higgins
    John Higgins Giorno fa

    I skipped a bit of the video to the part where he was holding up the 2 dishes and genuinely thought he had two of those weird display dishes you see in the windows

  • Vincent Navarro
    Vincent Navarro Giorno fa +1

    I like how he called this practice

  • Yung Kirk
    Yung Kirk Giorno fa

    Now go on hot ones and eat 250 chicken wings with DaBomb sauce

  • Mathie Norlin
    Mathie Norlin Giorno fa

    The fuck

  • aaron murphy
    aaron murphy Giorno fa +2

    This guy is unreal. I cant even eat a full box of pizza

  • Junior Waldrop
    Junior Waldrop Giorno fa

    I like the erik elektrik diss

  • tr tr
    tr tr 2 giorni fa

    A jeste svinja brate

  • Kuku Kekek
    Kuku Kekek 2 giorni fa +3

    When Thanos snapped his fingers, Matt Stonie felt hungrier

  • Number1Persia
    Number1Persia 2 giorni fa

    You are amazing

    HOLLOW HILL 3 giorni fa

    imagine the waiter comes up after the challenge is completed... What else you would like to order?

  • Quinn Allyson
    Quinn Allyson 4 giorni fa

    Randy santel wants a collab w/ u but ya keep ignoring him.

  • Nurten Curebal
    Nurten Curebal 4 giorni fa

    Tek Türk ben miyim bu adam ı izleyen

  • Vera DotA
    Vera DotA 4 giorni fa

    Who is watching in July

  • Kalid Highlights
    Kalid Highlights 4 giorni fa

    Bro I need to know how u don’t gain wait are u some kind of food god tf

  • Isaac Harding
    Isaac Harding 5 giorni fa +1

    The sound of the spoon hitting his teeth would make a great Asmr.

  • Jasper Ardina
    Jasper Ardina 5 giorni fa

    Primitive technology eating

  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia 5 giorni fa

    Matt your Japanese, and do you speak it, can you translate this わたしのなまえはあれくしすです。

  • Jaycen Lowery
    Jaycen Lowery 5 giorni fa

    It’s coco curry I lived there for three years until I was 11 at least we’re I lived it was coco curry japan okinowa

  • •T E A T I M E•
    •T E A T I M E• 5 giorni fa

    *Matt eats all this*
    I can't even finish dinner

  • Agatha gregorio
    Agatha gregorio 5 giorni fa +1

    Quem fala em português e segue ele euu❤

  • Lol This is a troll account

    To the people who think he’s not actually eating he won awards for eating a lot and there’s no cuts in the video

  • nate.
    nate. 5 giorni fa

    I read awhile ago that some woman tried to eat 16 pounds of food and DIED after having to get the undigested food surgically removed. Matt is over here eating 22 POUNDS OF FOOD LIKE ITS NOTHING.

  • reymon11 gaming
    reymon11 gaming 6 giorni fa +1

    For me looks like the sauce is spicy but damn i wanna try even tho im in a diet

    • DC Wolf
      DC Wolf 5 giorni fa +2

      reymon11 gaming watching a good video while on a diet. Risky!

  • DbabyGNigga
    DbabyGNigga 6 giorni fa

    His bro funny because I think he be high recording!

  • Mato Boyo
    Mato Boyo 6 giorni fa

    ありがとう ございます

  • Alex Michalak
    Alex Michalak 6 giorni fa

    Camera mans laugh 😬

  • Der Ziegenflüsterer
    Der Ziegenflüsterer 6 giorni fa

    Was eine maschiene du bist

  • Rolexo
    Rolexo 6 giorni fa

    He has to go train he would be a so thick muscle man

  • Noobyz
    Noobyz 6 giorni fa

    Nese nese!!!!


  • David _
    David _ 7 giorni fa

    new video idea: how many people can I eat before the police catch me

  • wheezing
    wheezing 7 giorni fa

    *_imagine if he did a collab w kinoshita yuta_*

    • wheezing
      wheezing 7 giorni fa

      *_-also he's eating near the toilet-_*

  • Keano K
    Keano K 7 giorni fa

    That looks goood

  • Ronald Thomas
    Ronald Thomas 7 giorni fa

    I'm gonna call it Harambe curry.

  • Jacob Czyz
    Jacob Czyz 7 giorni fa

    wow nice job Matt. 👍🙂👏👏

  • Defiant Shadow
    Defiant Shadow 7 giorni fa +2

    “I’ll give myself an hour” finishes the first plate in 11 minutes

  • Everyday Bardy
    Everyday Bardy 7 giorni fa +1

    Why doesn’t Matt sponsor exlax?

  • peter Joseph
    peter Joseph 8 giorni fa

    You sure do more video like this be dope

  • Scott B.
    Scott B. 8 giorni fa

    Poor taste in the comment about Mark Wiens he's paving the way for other food bloggers fellas.

  • Anton Carlos Luna
    Anton Carlos Luna 8 giorni fa

    I left Tokyo 3 weeks ago

  • Michael James
    Michael James 8 giorni fa

    Why dose he eat so much but is still so fuckin skinny?

  • 日向からび
    日向からび 9 giorni fa



    Goku is proud of you matt

  • aftershock1
    aftershock1 9 giorni fa

    Can anyone ID the jacket he's wearing here?

  • Dee Ess
    Dee Ess 9 giorni fa

    You should do a vid in Japanese 😎

  • Kewl boi
    Kewl boi 9 giorni fa +1

    50 bucks for that amount of food that's not bad

  • Veterans For Trump
    Veterans For Trump 10 giorni fa

    Oh japan. I miss you

  • Donna Wiri
    Donna Wiri 10 giorni fa

    Not to be mean but who eats near a toilet

  • Angie Formento
    Angie Formento 10 giorni fa

    Matt please notice my comment. Please do try Mang Inasal here in the Philippines. Then let us see how many rice can you take 😁😁

  • Sip 'n' Season Sundays'

    Honestly that look good af.... I’m just still confused on how competitive eaters can open up their throats to eat such large chunks.

  • 塩おにぎり
    塩おにぎり 10 giorni fa +1


  • NaibPlays
    NaibPlays 10 giorni fa

    Mat stonie: eats all this-
    Toilet: *I'm gonna end this man's whole career*

  • NaibPlays
    NaibPlays 10 giorni fa

    matt finally bought a new phone

  • Profesor459
    Profesor459 10 giorni fa

    You proved to be the real pig. Congratulations and I wish you a lot of luck not to shit into your Asian pants.

  • Shaky Ÿ
    Shaky Ÿ 11 giorni fa

    Matt stonie: *eats in 10 minutes*
    Indian moms: hold my seasoning

  • Leda Niezle
    Leda Niezle 11 giorni fa

    Now go and Throw everything up.
    Like you always do.

  • ボールチョコ
    ボールチョコ 11 giorni fa

    Gogocurry is from Ishikawa.🍛
    I live in Ishikawa.
    So I am very happy.😂💖
    Thank you for eating.❕
    I am always cheering for you from Japan.🇯🇵

  • Davian
    Davian 11 giorni fa

    It hurts my ears when you bite the fork.

  • Musket 1107
    Musket 1107 11 giorni fa


  • Alondra Rojas
    Alondra Rojas 11 giorni fa +46

    Fork: * falls into curry*
    Morgan: “now you gotta eat the fork”

  • May V
    May V 12 giorni fa

    Oh I’ve been there it’s good

  • koukiこうき
    koukiこうき 12 giorni fa +1


  • Jon the Misunderstood
    Jon the Misunderstood 12 giorni fa

    "Matt eats this"
    "Some guy walks by"
    Guy: woah holy crap you ate all that?!
    "Japanese guy walks by"
    Japanese guy: meh

  • PointingOutObvious
    PointingOutObvious 12 giorni fa +2

    That restroom is conveniently right next to him. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Reaper Sykko
    Reaper Sykko 12 giorni fa

    2:20 Spot on Strictly Dumpling impression.

  • enderbrine 420
    enderbrine 420 12 giorni fa

    Aren't you supposed to stop the time after you finished what was in your mouth

    LIMIT HITMAN 12 giorni fa

    Imagine if Matt is your roommate 😂

  • くじらねこ、
    くじらねこ、 13 giorni fa


  • P. A.
    P. A. 13 giorni fa

    U stuffed 5 kg in ur tummy? How man? How how how.