Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED

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  • Pubblicato il 21 mag 2019
  • Former FBI agent and body language expert Joe Navarro breaks down the various ways we communicate non-verbally. What does it mean when we fold our arms? Why do we interlace our fingers? Can a poker player actually hide their body language?

    Check out Joe's book "The Dictionary of Body Language"
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    Former FBI Agent Explains How to Read Body Language | Tradecraft | WIRED
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  • Adrian Glass
    Adrian Glass Giorno fa

    Nice suit

  • Sacha the Starseed Sage

    As someone with asbergers good luck figuring me out lol

  • Victor R
    Victor R Giorno fa

    people think Im depressed because of the way I walk when in reality, I have bad arthritis and need a hip replacement which is why I walk with bad posture.

  • Malcom Sazon
    Malcom Sazon Giorno fa

    Does masturbation count as self soothing? If so, I self soothe in private.

  • Curiosity Killer
    Curiosity Killer Giorno fa

    Now we know all the secrets. Thanks boss

  • Baddie Baddie
    Baddie Baddie Giorno fa +1

    11:05 we got her boys 11:32

  • Jvnin3 Mendes Da Silva

    Why is he sitting like that? Looks so Uncomfortable 🤖

  • fragabellissima
    fragabellissima Giorno fa

    interesting. so, basically, everything we've learned in LIE TO ME was a lie :)))

  • ScoffiX
    ScoffiX Giorno fa

    As a Central-Eastern European the flowers example hit me hard...

  • Aya Shaw
    Aya Shaw Giorno fa

    The FBI has all these smart people but it translates to nothing when people like James Comey get to decide what the decisions are..

  • Salok Singh
    Salok Singh Giorno fa

    For an FBI Agent to not open the suit button while sitting is something 🧐

  • BaraZulu
    BaraZulu Giorno fa

    10k people have severe autism

  • Redlioness 2019
    Redlioness 2019 Giorno fa

    I've got a poker body because I know you're watching my every move.

  • Redlioness 2019
    Redlioness 2019 Giorno fa

    My neighbours have poker faces and they stand around alot without using much body movements.
    Are they spy's?
    I only noticed them because I too am a spy. 😁😎

  • Redlioness 2019
    Redlioness 2019 Giorno fa

    I blink alot because I've got dust (smart) in my eyes. 😎😁👽🇬🇧

  • E O
    E O Giorno fa

    There is nothing more dangerous than someone in law enforcement with preconceived notions, some education to sound really smart, bias with an agenda. He could basically convict a baby based on nonsense.

  • Vuk 1
    Vuk 1 Giorno fa

    This is true
    In eastern europe we hold them like that so they don't break

  • ChaosMarx
    ChaosMarx Giorno fa

    I self soothe in private, usually with my left hand...

  • TheRightsofPassage
    TheRightsofPassage Giorno fa

    I love this...

  • Siddharth Sinha
    Siddharth Sinha Giorno fa

    Unfortunately, he didn't talk about some of the most common (and also most important) body language gestures, and what they mean. I spotted several of them within the video because I've read a couple of books on body language, but he didn't properly address (or even mention) any of them. And I think there's no chance that he doesn't know about them. My guess is that because he is a former FBI agent, he cannot, or will not, give away any REAL secrets. And that's okay, but that means that this video is a total waste of time.

  • ghost7524
    ghost7524 Giorno fa

    You can see the difference in comfort between that first example of first meeting with the man and woman vs the 2 women. The man and woman were very comfortable being in close to each other; The 2 women off the bat, you can tell they weren't comfortable at all. even the looks they had on their faces and how they stood.It would've been interesting to know if there's a difference in how the genders throw off non-verbal signals. I would guess that with women-to-women, it's more visible than with man-to-woman or man-to-man.

  • Moss B
    Moss B Giorno fa

    Wow what a great bedtime story

  • andrea rossi
    andrea rossi Giorno fa


    QMASTER Giorno fa

    The point to remember, (and Mr Navarro fully well knows this but did not say it), is there is always a countermeasure. Through training it is possible to manipulate non verbal behaviors to achieve your objective and obfuscate observers. This includes all current AI surveillance systems that seek to detect non verbal behaviors for whatever purpose. All currently deployed AI surveillance systems are biased, which can be exploited for counter intelligence purposes.

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster Giorno fa

    I jate you all.

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster Giorno fa

    America: born on the FORTH of JEW LIE

  • Matt Foster
    Matt Foster Giorno fa

    What a fuckin liar

  • Mr J
    Mr J Giorno fa

    FBI are good liars and murderers of the innocent. They sit and watch bad things happen to innocent people and do nothing to stop it, all they want is the big fish 🐠.

  • John Andrew O'Rourke

    While he's explaining how body language works, I'm studying his body language.

  • Marc West
    Marc West Giorno fa

    talking about unconscious behavior why is he tip toeing around the conversation? maybe he is a secret ballerina.

  • Old Man Gamur
    Old Man Gamur Giorno fa

    Um how do you read androids like Mark Zuckerberg?

  • ravenblades1670
    ravenblades1670 Giorno fa

    Would this all fall apart the moment you met somebody with back problems or balance issues? lmao

  • Carlos Gomez
    Carlos Gomez Giorno fa

    This is not true. It's all theory BS. So anybody can go around saying, oh look that person is this or that. Just because they are comfortable moving their arms or legs in certain positions. Yeah right..who says you have to believe this BS. If you do i guess your the same type of person, that believes in hypnotist.

  • Abd Palistine
    Abd Palistine Giorno fa

    Do they only chose tall people?

  • Edward Hood
    Edward Hood Giorno fa

    He blinked a lot

  • Live Alive With A. B. Martin

    Wow. Very cool.

  • Channel
    Channel Giorno fa

    Plot twist he's a spy, the actual FBI agent is looking at his body language

  • Burn Happy
    Burn Happy Giorno fa

    Most of this is pure nonsense

  • Angela B
    Angela B Giorno fa

    hes so right, I used to love watching the way my ex would do things, I always found it so attractive and interesting, even for the most basic of actions

  • AbbieHoffmansGhost
    AbbieHoffmansGhost Giorno fa

    Here's how police read body language: if you're white, you're alright, if you're of color, shoot to kill.

  • Duppy man
    Duppy man Giorno fa

    If this is how they catch criminals no wonder theres so many innocent people in jail!!!

  • Rob Roberts
    Rob Roberts Giorno fa

    Jeez I think I have every characteristic behavior this guy looks for WTH. I have a habit of drawing my lower lip in a bitting down slightly when Im doing stuff. Also sometimes I might shift body positions or I guese shift around when Im waiting to talk to someone or in a line.

  • B Daniels Official
    B Daniels Official Giorno fa +1

    This is all non-sense. What if someone is just plain awkward around people? What if they have a mild case of autism? Everyone's different, don't judge anyone

  • John Ohkuma-Thiel
    John Ohkuma-Thiel Giorno fa

    This is professional actor gold. You’re just walking along, not another person in sight, there there’s a gangster roll of hundred dollar bills, which is now yours, guilt free. Nothing to do but take it. That’s what this video is for actors.

  • John Ohkuma-Thiel
    John Ohkuma-Thiel Giorno fa

    Joe Navarro? Didn’t Elizabeth Keen kill you in Season 5 of The Blacklist?

  • Seismik Wave
    Seismik Wave Giorno fa

    total fraud with no real substance. well done simpletons - you got impressed by a shiny toy.

  • Naked Finnegan
    Naked Finnegan Giorno fa

    8:58 ME: narc!!!

  • shugo541
    shugo541 Giorno fa

    My future boss told me that when I covered my mouth in the interview he thought I was lying.
    Suck that dickhead. I was stroking my beard

  • silentkiller64
    silentkiller64 Giorno fa

    too many ads!!!

  • Kor Na Xon
    Kor Na Xon Giorno fa

    As an Eastern European, i confirm the way-of-carrying-flowers observation. :)

  • geostar2
    geostar2 Giorno fa

    To any viewers watching try asking & based on his tone and word choice what does he Overplay?

  • Mian Mateo
    Mian Mateo Giorno fa

    Boy did I start getting really conscious of how I blink @7:55.. Lols

  • Cris Lee
    Cris Lee Giorno fa


  • Destiny Fan
    Destiny Fan Giorno fa


  • Monika
    Monika Giorno fa

    now my parents will NEVER know what happened to that 20 dollars on the counter that I used to get video games

  • iHisam
    iHisam Giorno fa

    this is better than horoscope

  • Distinctly - ST MD - Average

    FBI conviction rates during Joe's employment:
    +5 million %
    FBI false conviction rates during Joe's employment:
    +4.999 million %

  • New Horizon
    New Horizon Giorno fa +1

    Man this guy must go crazy trying to figure out the true intentions of a doctor during a regular check-up!

  • Celtic Phoenix
    Celtic Phoenix Giorno fa

    These people can't even stop third world scammers taking advantage of senior citizens and foolish people's SS # I doubt they are really that accurate with their knowledge.... Btw, why is Hilary still alive killing people eh?

  • crazyanimeloveable
    crazyanimeloveable Giorno fa

    9:28 that womans would make me nervous with the stepping back an fourth 😂

  • Curious Alien
    Curious Alien Giorno fa

    So Ex FBI disclosing what he looks for in the body language of a person to recognize suspicious behavior !!!! May be they are using the truth serum now.

  • DG
    DG Giorno fa

    What if you have a tic disorder? Inconsistency?

  • DG
    DG Giorno fa

    Spies huh? Well google and silicon valley has tons of chinese spies.

  • YegorsTV
    YegorsTV Giorno fa

    Usa fbi agents have to write books and promote them online to afford usa healthcare and retirement

  • Katerina Patiniotis
    Katerina Patiniotis 2 giorni fa

    Bad actors....too staged. Not natural movements.

  • VLAD M.
    VLAD M. 2 giorni fa

    His legs speak alot ...

  • Kaipo Sasan
    Kaipo Sasan 2 giorni fa

    This expert rocks. Learned so much about human nature. He needs more air time.

  • R G.
    R G. 2 giorni fa

    Who in the world would trust a FBI agent?

  • captaingordon
    captaingordon 2 giorni fa

    Life would be tough for his daughter to find a boyfriend... Good luck meeting him!

  • stevo 1975
    stevo 1975 2 giorni fa

    Rule number 1 dont release your secrets

  • Michael Malott
    Michael Malott 2 giorni fa

    Former FBI agent says ‘ATM machine’ ... loses credibility. 🤣

  • Saeed
    Saeed 2 giorni fa

    If he is right then why the US is water boarding innocent people and jail them in Guantanamo bay for years then releasing them innocent 10 years later? Just send them to this guy for analysis.
    Confession? People confessing because of torture.

  • Roadking65
    Roadking65 2 giorni fa

    So says the FBI that saw Clinton as a good law abiding person...

  • jd.0980
    jd.0980 2 giorni fa

    It’s entirely subjective. I call bs. I cross my arms just bc I want to. If you are waiting around you will change body positions just out of boredom.

  • iKnowAndiSeeEverything
    iKnowAndiSeeEverything 2 giorni fa +1

    It only works with stoopid people.

  • tamrix
    tamrix 2 giorni fa +2

    4:47 Gorden Ramsey has the highest ranks of what he's been through in his life.

  • Chris g
    Chris g 2 giorni fa

    Idk... all this seems kinda made up bs

  • Ms. M
    Ms. M 2 giorni fa +2

    I'd wear high heals IF they made my size. So I am stuck buying whatever fits.
    Has nothing to do with style.
    Has nothing to do with communication.

  • Daivon Clark
    Daivon Clark 2 giorni fa

    Shrooms make you very sensitive to nonverbals

  • Trill Cosby
    Trill Cosby 2 giorni fa

    Nah. You can talk to my lawyer

  • Salt AU
    Salt AU 2 giorni fa

    10k MAGATs believe this is fake news.

  • Miners cat
    Miners cat 2 giorni fa

    bs. James Comie proved FBI is full of buffoons.

  • Old School
    Old School 2 giorni fa

    Anyone that has time for a 15min check list will probably be dead

  • Sandor Rózsa
    Sandor Rózsa 2 giorni fa

    this guy thinks he knows a lot ....sorry but no

  • AJ Bryant
    AJ Bryant 2 giorni fa

    How many poker games did they record? 🤔😬

  • Haxanadu
    Haxanadu 2 giorni fa

    He doesn't explain anything

  • KY Li
    KY Li 2 giorni fa

    I enjoyed this video. Thank you.

  • kumar chandranshu
    kumar chandranshu 2 giorni fa

    will it not affect the actual criminals? if they goes to see these signs they would probably change it!

  • david yalcin
    david yalcin 2 giorni fa

    Quickly pretends sleeping so no one can figure out what is going on with me!

  • blah
    blah 2 giorni fa

    flowers is total BS

  • feighan 007
    feighan 007 2 giorni fa

    If you notice their feet move more
    The cameras on their face tho

  • AcidDome
    AcidDome 2 giorni fa

    S I M I L I T U D E S

  • M G
    M G 2 giorni fa +1

    What does his body language says about him. Look how's he sitting

  • santiago vallejo
    santiago vallejo 2 giorni fa

    The flower thing looks weird... I live in Europe and I have never seen anyone hold a buquet like that...
    Looks more like the guy was just embarassed to hold the flowers

  • Rahkiel Singh
    Rahkiel Singh 2 giorni fa

    Cops shootin the dark once again; bam now its a science. Bloody hand 🐽🐷🐖

  • insanegfx
    insanegfx 2 giorni fa +1

    By the angle of his right leg, I can tell he is lying!!!! 😂

  • Hanna S
    Hanna S 2 giorni fa

    Plot twist:
    He's actually a spy.

  • John Reed
    John Reed 2 giorni fa

    I read his book on psychopathic behavior and how to spot them and it came in handy.

  • Samvel Khachaturian
    Samvel Khachaturian 2 giorni fa

    As he swallows after a phrase at 0:31 tells me he doesn't at least feel comfortable and confident saying this. It might be that his job wasn't catching spies but the producer of this video simply made a generalisation and ask him to say it. He probably took some role in identifying spies or so on. But anyway I would ask this gentleman some questions.

  • C Chen
    C Chen 2 giorni fa

    Jim Face... lol!