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  • Pubblicato il 11 feb 2019
  • Check out the official Aladdin Trailer starring Will Smith! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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    US Release Date: May 24, 2019
    Starring: Billy Magnussen, Will Smith, Naomi Scott
    Directed By: Guy Ritchie
    Synopsis: A live-action retelling of the 1992 Disney film of the same name.
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Commenti • 22 324

  • PyroRock814
    PyroRock814 5 ore fa

    *Thanos snaps his fingers*

  • Jose Marrero
    Jose Marrero 6 ore fa

    Looked how the massacred my boy

  • Shivali Bose
    Shivali Bose 6 ore fa

    poorly casted, will smith is acting like himself not the genie. Don't ruin Aladdin please. Will Smith in the most disliked IT-clip video and most disliked Disney trailer now lol.

  • Levi7711
    Levi7711 6 ore fa

    This is snapchat quality.....thats hot

  • Jane PSColor
    Jane PSColor 6 ore fa +1

    Disney, don't do this plz-

  • T-ZER0
    T-ZER0 6 ore fa

    Look at those dislikes! Reminds me of Ghostbusters 2016!

  • Jem-Kimber-Aja-Shana

    Can you guys name like 5 characters that who are blue?

  • Spotify MX
    Spotify MX 6 ore fa

    eencerio nadie nota mas la voz de un niño que la de will smith ? 0:48

  • Jamez4018
    Jamez4018 7 ore fa +1

    Will sniff has gone down hill

  • Chrissehchan
    Chrissehchan 7 ore fa

    So much hate towards a movie that hasn't even come out yet. It isn't here to ruin your childhood. If a live action remake made well over 20 years after the original "ruins" your adult "childhood", then you've got serious issues. Don't like how it's cast/designed? Well then gee golly, don't watch it! Problem solved! But quite whining about your childhood being ruined because it's just an idiotic statement.

  • Cafy
    Cafy 8 ore fa

    It should be terry crew and it gonna be like "POWWWWWEEERRRR!!!!!!.in a lamp"

  • Matthew Collins
    Matthew Collins 8 ore fa


  • Bryson the Mad Pencil

    I want alita battle angel 2. Oh wait wrong video

  • TizerGamingAndBlogz axn

    Suprised will aint going through a midlife crisis.

    PAPA YEETUS 8 ore fa

    Bad Touch, Bad Touch. Stranger danger.

  • i want to die
    i want to die 8 ore fa

    Some things were not meant for CGI or Live action.

  • Dylan Chinofsky
    Dylan Chinofsky 9 ore fa +1

    The will never be as good as the original gene R.I.P

  • Giuliano Ovelar
    Giuliano Ovelar 9 ore fa

    T series made this video

  • Li Sd
    Li Sd 9 ore fa

    That's hot

  • 10,000 Subscribers Without Any Videos

    Will Smith genie is what appears in my room when I have sleep paralysis

  • Joseph Bartoszczyk

    jafar looks like some random dood

  • dbzulimatemaster
    dbzulimatemaster 9 ore fa

    My first and final wish is to fix the genie.

  • juansegoku _061101

    0:53 avatar 2 confirmed

  • Jakob H
    Jakob H 10 ore fa

    Does anyone else believe that Jim Carrey would’ve done a better job as the Genie than Will Smith?

  • Patchy
    Patchy 10 ore fa

    Oh no.

  • Avery Martin
    Avery Martin 12 ore fa

    Jafar is too...weirdly attractive..

  • Cod Man
    Cod Man 12 ore fa

    Cool a new horror movie need baby sitter for kids and scar my wife lol

  • Nicolás copérnico
    Nicolás copérnico 12 ore fa +1

    Like si vienes por rubius xd

  • Ginnie Eleven
    Ginnie Eleven 12 ore fa

    Aladdin: Neflix live action

  • ysy__a
    ysy__a 12 ore fa

    WILL SMITH!!!!!! REALLY???

  • Angel Robles
    Angel Robles 12 ore fa

    Soy el unico que piensa que la cancion se parece a Lego Batman?

  • TurboTurkey
    TurboTurkey 12 ore fa

    Y’all bitching that Will Smith isn’t Robin Williams but you’re still going to see this movie. 😂

  • Tomas Camacho
    Tomas Camacho 12 ore fa

    why the hate?

  • Nahuel Omar Maruca
    Nahuel Omar Maruca 12 ore fa

    brig mi de laaaaam

  • Maws2k2
    Maws2k2 13 ore fa

    Robin williams saw tge future of Genie, he didnt like it

  • WhiteDark670
    WhiteDark670 13 ore fa +1

    Like si vienes por Rubiuh :v

  • yolo269
    yolo269 13 ore fa


  • Ecce Homo
    Ecce Homo 13 ore fa

    The Jew Era is looking a bit aged and dry... Not even a new Gorillion movie can save their entertainment machinery from creative bankruptcy at this point.

  • BrokenTeethYT
    BrokenTeethYT 13 ore fa

    Yaaa...thats hot..thats hot (will smith rewind)

  • Jeferson 7u7
    Jeferson 7u7 13 ore fa

    Ufff :v (meme del roblox)

    MANXAN H 13 ore fa

    wow ltdlr is that of ghstbusters nd will smith has peaked

  • Sky Cendre
    Sky Cendre 14 ore fa

    I don't usually dislike youtube videos, but this one really had it coming

  • Prince Hans
    Prince Hans 14 ore fa +3

    "You really don't know who I am, Fornite, Markass Brownlee, Rewind time, non of that ringing a bell"

  • Flor F
    Flor F 14 ore fa

    Love will Smith

  • johnny z
    johnny z 14 ore fa


    MAURICIO MACRI 14 ore fa


  • Chris carpenter
    Chris carpenter 14 ore fa

    I'm honestly ok with it I like will Smith and yes Robin made my childhood but I honestly believe will Smith has the passion for this even if he plays himself I trust him even if he doesn't look top notch I respect others view of him and their right to hate it but I shall watch this and honestly I'm happy will Smith is brave enough to do this bc filling a role that Robin freaking William's made iconic would be scary even will himself said he was terrified while doing this I say give him a chance will Smith was a part of my child hood too and I know he was part of a lot of yours as well

  • ErdzGaming
    ErdzGaming 14 ore fa

    Thought this was Avatar 2 for a second

  • Nasuki Playz
    Nasuki Playz 14 ore fa

    Great,Disney just ruin our favorite movie/Genie!

  • DöppleClaire
    DöppleClaire 14 ore fa

    Disney is really getting into my nerves. First the kim possible now this. Wtf Disney, what happen to your finances?

  • Dan Da Gamer
    Dan Da Gamer 14 ore fa

    Birdemic had better CGI 😅

  • Immi
    Immi 14 ore fa

    I found 1 good thing- cute tiger.

  • katie mcmahon
    katie mcmahon 15 ore fa

    Looks like a avartar

  • Pinkamen
    Pinkamen 15 ore fa


  • The British Sylveon

    Genie: I will grant you 3 wishes!
    Me: ok, here
    1: STOP
    2: THIS
    3: MOVIE

  • Victo Herrera
    Victo Herrera 15 ore fa

    Avan Jogia would’ve been a way better aladdin

  • Ryan Elder
    Ryan Elder 15 ore fa

    Why does Jafar, a terrifying and gutteral sorcerer, sound like a pitiful and pessimistic dweeb. Also he's too young. Also also, isn't he supposed to be disguised as an old beggar. Just Saiyan...

  • fixed
    fixed 15 ore fa

    Some memes write them selves

  • Unicorn_ Skittles
    Unicorn_ Skittles 15 ore fa

    They took the blue body from the sonic the hedgehog movie and then proceeded to put will smiths head on it..

  • Elizabeth Kozlov
    Elizabeth Kozlov 15 ore fa

    I can officially say I've seen it all ...

  • Nauris LV
    Nauris LV 16 ore fa

    What did they do with will smith

  • SvRSuperNova
    SvRSuperNova 16 ore fa

    check out santo - aladdin on soundcloud!

  • Ouertani Niso
    Ouertani Niso 16 ore fa

    Green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen green screen..

  • Lottie Pullen
    Lottie Pullen 17 ore fa

    This looks like it has a tiny budget wtf but we all know it’s had more money spent on it then we will ever see in our lives

  • Keshan
    Keshan 17 ore fa

    My guys, this is just a trailer. You can't expect them to give away the meat of the movie in the trailer now, could you?

  • Zachary Turner
    Zachary Turner 17 ore fa

    It’s sad people are disliking this video this isn’t even the Disney IT-clip channel.

  • Сергей Круглов

    Forgive us, Williams, we all fuckup!!!!

  • _ Echoez_
    _ Echoez_ 17 ore fa

    *t series has left the chat*

  • KgB khan
    KgB khan 18 ore fa

    Yaaaaaaaa it's Rewind Time!!

  • Darnell Edwards
    Darnell Edwards 18 ore fa

    Will doesn't even look that bad, it's just the ears that is throwing him off

  • The ledgend 27
    The ledgend 27 18 ore fa +1

    Why are they making everything live action all of a sudden, i get it's just to make money from fans but at least put a bit more effort in, damn

  • Charles Omane
    Charles Omane 18 ore fa

    That genie looks like he is from a horror movie

  • Irma Richter
    Irma Richter 18 ore fa

    This is not gin, this is blue Will Smith................................

  • Tibor Gál
    Tibor Gál 19 ore fa

    At least it's not Adam Sandler

  • Sub2P3wdiepie 1
    Sub2P3wdiepie 1 20 ore fa


  • Higg Bands
    Higg Bands 20 ore fa

    Terrible CGI man wtf?

  • Noah Brony Plush
    Noah Brony Plush 20 ore fa

    Why do I suspect Will Smith somewhere in this movie. Is gonna say

    “Yaaah. That’s hot. That’s hot”

  • kenSMS 1209
    kenSMS 1209 21 ora fa

    Will is really going hard right now isnt he?

  • VanillaVibe
    VanillaVibe 21 ora fa +1

    Will Smith looks a little...


  • Rob Paul
    Rob Paul 21 ora fa +1

    It was alright up until about 52 seconds in.

  • البريق اللامع

    *Isn't it supposed to be with Arabic theme? Why do I watch an Indian theme?*

  • Lucas Layton
    Lucas Layton 21 ora fa


  • Greg Albrecht
    Greg Albrecht 22 ore fa

    In the words of Harry Potter for robin willams “how dare you Stan where he stood”

  • howdoibreathe
    howdoibreathe 22 ore fa

    Aladdin: What should I wish for

  • Crayzee Animation
    Crayzee Animation 22 ore fa

    Please make Wulan remake PLEASE

  • Angga Narendraputra


  • J.P.
    J.P. 22 ore fa

    I'm actually way more concerned about Jafar than Genie. Jafar doesn't sounds menacing in the slightest.

  • Nico Marquez15
    Nico Marquez15 23 ore fa

    *And so, the doors of Hell were open, and they will never close*

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 23 ore fa

    This might actually be worse than the Beauty and the Beast live remake, and that's hard.

  • Halochief0218
    Halochief0218 23 ore fa

    2 words: From Disney

  • DiamondNetwork
    DiamondNetwork 23 ore fa +1

    Fladdin Nancy

  • Wraith —
    Wraith — 23 ore fa

    The guy who plays the genie is a good actor, he should go to Hollywood and star in MIB or something.

  • Vegard Olsen Myklebust

    Will Smith as a Avatar!!!

  • 直美
    直美 23 ore fa

    True adult fans are cringing cuz of the genie lmao

  • Faris Hameed
    Faris Hameed Giorno fa +1

    Missing my childhood

  • Anan 8753
    Anan 8753 Giorno fa

    The monkey which Aladdin's monkey look like from buddies. Is so amazing I cannot wait for this movie

  • Yeet Meat
    Yeet Meat Giorno fa

    Other than Will Smith, this doesn't look half bad.

  • MR. Sandman
    MR. Sandman Giorno fa

    Okay guys this is epic

  • Sheila Gamarro
    Sheila Gamarro Giorno fa

    I feel they should of used Arabian actors for this. Would have made it more interesting