A Guide to Got7 in 2019

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  • Pubblicato il 15 gen 2019
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    Happy Anniversary, IGot7! A couple of months ago, someone suggested for me to do a new guide to Got7, and at first I thought that because there were already so many of them, I didn't have anything to add,. But upon thinking about it more, I realized that this could be a good opportunity to make a guide that talks about things you might not realize about them until after you stan for a while. So, here we are!
    ~~~| FAQ |~~~
    INTRO MUSIC? Got7- Teenager
    EDITING SOFTWARE? Vegas Movie Studio
    WHO ARE MY ULTS / BIAS GROUPS? I mean, I could just tell you, but I DID take the time to make a whole video about it, so I'd rather just give you this link lol (plus it's also on my profile): it-clip.net/video/hhWXk8uCd84/video.html

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  • IGot7 Inspirits
    IGot7 Inspirits  6 mesi fa +527

    For everyone asking about positions' accuracy & difference between center/visual/face:
    1- I get all of my info from KProfiles, which (as far as I know) is the most comprehensive site in English for group/member/position info. I include all of it bc otherwise people complain that I didn't include all of a certain member's positions. So, yes, my info is correct (or at least, as correct as possible) even if you don't like it. I DO do my research before making 25 minute long videos. Shocking, I know.
    2- The difference between the face of the group, the visual, and the center:
    Visual- "the pretty one" shady wording, but that's the simplest explanation. I think they're all pretty; don't come for me. I didn't pick these positions.
    Face of the group: the group's "spokesperson" in a way. This is the person that will most often be on a variety show by themselves or host something. It's the member the public will probably be most familiar with. (for example, Jackson was on a ton of variety shows by himself, and Jinyoung hosted Inkigayo for a while.)
    Center: literally the center in their choreography. Personally, I've never fully understood why this is a position, since each member usually takes center at their part, but that's essentially what it is.

    • Dayu Bingai
      Dayu Bingai 3 mesi fa

      IGot7 Inspirits. Tq for this video. I enjoy Watch.😊😊😊

    • The Depressed Ballerina
      The Depressed Ballerina 3 mesi fa

      IGot7 Inspirits kprofiles is the best place to go for information because it is edited by real people 😂

    • Reisa Anggreni
      Reisa Anggreni 4 mesi fa

      Actually center is the person who always stand in the middle between another member for photoshoot or for group intro or for photozone while attending red carpet. As you can see from the photo on google, JB mostly stand in the middle for almost photo thats why JB is the center of the group

    • 건초입니다hayley
      건초입니다hayley 5 mesi fa

      Yeah I use kpop profiles too ! And even give them info for my favs ! I love the fact got7 have more than one visual etc like some grouos it's like only one member that's centre of attention more but not with these guys ! I love it !

    • Anime Otaku
      Anime Otaku 6 mesi fa +3

      I'm blessed, Bambam shares the same birthday with me

  • Micah Llanes
    Micah Llanes 5 ore fa

    Lowkey sad that coco's parents aren't included in the popular pairings uwuu also jackbam 😂

  • м σ м σ я ι η g

    ‘The Full Set’

  • Jamielle Leones
    Jamielle Leones 2 giorni fa

    JB looks like a mix of taeyang and daesung😍😂

  • Empress Wu
    Empress Wu 3 giorni fa

    I’m not new but I’m here haha

  • Dilshad Adams
    Dilshad Adams 5 giorni fa +1

    OMG me and JB share the same birthday

  • Emi Dervishi
    Emi Dervishi 5 giorni fa +3

    Yeontan and Coco need to meet up😂

  • Jamuna Gurung
    Jamuna Gurung 5 giorni fa +1

    5:10 the handstand! he looks like a girl in handstands

  • Just Cynthia
    Just Cynthia 5 giorni fa +1

    Im here to learn their names and being to tell who is who :')
    I just noticed I couldnt do that so I was like Sh* here I go again to learn names (:
    If I learned BTS in a week then Im sure I can learn Got7 in a week too :'D

  • Xena Love
    Xena Love 6 giorni fa +1

    I miss the MarkSon couple

  • Angel_Queen Lee
    Angel_Queen Lee 7 giorni fa +2

    I’m new to Got7- So if anyone can tell me anything about them please do 😂

    • José Ferreira
      José Ferreira 4 giorni fa

      Angel_Queen Lee Just check out their interviews and shows. They’re extremely kind.

  • Kim Lizz
    Kim Lizz 7 giorni fa +3

    You get what I’m saying because I don’t even know what I’m saying 💀💀💀😭

  • park jinyoung
    park jinyoung 8 giorni fa +1

    New Igot7 is this video helpful?

  • Mai Lu Xiong
    Mai Lu Xiong 8 giorni fa

    someone please tell me why mark is crying(?) @12:00

  • Trashcan Nugs
    Trashcan Nugs 9 giorni fa

    Bruh i used to be a hardcore ahgase 2 years ago, and boi do i need an update after taking a break from kpop...

  • GOT7 is IGOT7 boyfriend

    If Got7 is the exam that I will write in school that means I will pass,I will not fail one at all,I just wish this happens , cause I Knew them more than they know themselves I still watch anyways.

  • jaz mae
    jaz mae 10 giorni fa

    Wanggae park gae hahaha
    That magic trick tho..😂😂😂😇

  • iKONICARAT xoxo
    iKONICARAT xoxo 10 giorni fa

    It has been only a few days that i've actually taken interest in got7.
    Years ago, saw them for the first time in WIN YG VS JYP
    Recently, accidentally saw their ep in new yang show with the mic effects (LOL SO HARD)
    Second, checked out their mv just right, coz that song has been in my playlist for a year but nvr had time to check it out.
    I must say youngjae is my bias..
    He is squishy but he's actually sexy and charming in his own way. At first his aura gave off a cute but a bad boy rapper kind of thing and it surprised he's a vocal, coz this would be my first time having a vocal bias.. So my dreams came true seeing him rap in 16:00
    He looks hot as hell ♥️
    Edit: at first the reason i liked him is coz he kinda reminds me of gary from running man. Not the typical idol look/buff body but definitely sexy and has his own charisma..

  • JikookBeenInLove
    JikookBeenInLove 10 giorni fa

    So hi I'm new to the fandom and I just gotta day 18:50 he looks just like jungkook when jungkook was a teen

  • subakai
    subakai 10 giorni fa

    I love your videos, and your name (I'm an Inspirit ((noona fan)), also), I'm glad to see other people using the word 'precious' to describe them, and how they feel about these guys--individually, and as a group--because that's how strongly I feel about them. I don't use this word very often. They are medicine.

  • Dina Shekarrizian
    Dina Shekarrizian 11 giorni fa

    is it just me who thought Mark was one of the youngest in the group before watching this (im new to the fandom so I didn't know he was the oldest)

  • Taehyung's my spirit animal

    Is No Jam dedicated to Jimin??

  • May Castle
    May Castle 11 giorni fa

    When I heard about Got7 I knew the name Junior and then when I started to stan them I was like wasn't there a Jr. or Junior or something. But Jinyoung is Jinyoung.

    L.O.L.ADDICTED 12 giorni fa

    In Jinyoung's dramas, u forgot the BEST one! 'He Is a Psychometry' His most recent one, and he is the main character!

    • IGot7 Inspirits
      IGot7 Inspirits  11 giorni fa

      I didn't forget it, this was posted before it aired

  • Ren Chanbaek
    Ren Chanbaek 12 giorni fa

    Jesus I love em sm

  • Project! R2
    Project! R2 14 giorni fa

    If you ever make another guide in the future ... jbs ride performance has to be in it lol

  • Nora Jean
    Nora Jean 15 giorni fa +1

    Nora... I didn’t know I was a cat lol when did that happen 2:57

  • Onemama pinkelvetidleunmitomorrystalbang

    11:52 flashback to Ohyo ohyo ohyo Twice moment

  • piano corgi
    piano corgi 16 giorni fa +2

    This helped me a lot! Thank you!!

  • its monsta x not monster x

    6:32 what song?

  • jp_313 •
    jp_313 • 19 giorni fa +3

    Hello I just wanted to say that this video really helped and I’m starting to get into Got7 so I thought I would get to know them first. 😊💜

    • Emily Mwangi
      Emily Mwangi 18 giorni fa +1

      Welcome to the fandom 🤗🤗🤗

  • Carla BaiAn
    Carla BaiAn 20 giorni fa +1

    im actually new (unlike 90% of ppl in the comments lmao i feel y'all) so can anyone tell me whats the song at 13:40 ??

    • Carla BaiAn
      Carla BaiAn 18 giorni fa

      @nael arm thank you i had been looking for it!❤️

    • nael arm
      nael arm 19 giorni fa +1

      It's nobody knows

  • Denie Alejandro
    Denie Alejandro 20 giorni fa +1

    i was waiting for jinyoung and bambam otp

  • Miku Galaxy
    Miku Galaxy 20 giorni fa +1

    2:41 *"fIvE cAt BrUh"*

  • JHOPE Biased
    JHOPE Biased 20 giorni fa +1

    i just crumbled up another bias list ....i give up... i love them all

  • JHOPE Biased
    JHOPE Biased 20 giorni fa +1

    23:28 ....Papillon??????????

  • cattebley
    cattebley 21 giorno fa +1

    youngjae’s laugh is the source of my happiness

  • PTX 5
    PTX 5 21 giorno fa

    Is it me or the maknae of this group laughs just like Jungkook of Bts. They have the same laugh and was born the same year, coincidence???

  • Chim Chim
    Chim Chim 21 giorno fa +1

    omg jinyoung and i have the same bdays im sept22 2007

  • Katrina Batres
    Katrina Batres 21 giorno fa +2

    I'm a new fan!!!

  • cinnamon roll
    cinnamon roll 22 giorni fa +2

    I’m new to the fandom so I just want to learn their names😭reminds me of when I first became army and thought they all looked the same

  • Jimins Lost Jams
    Jimins Lost Jams 22 giorni fa +2

    New igot7 heree
    Whats the name of Jackson's song. The first one

  • Riona Chan
    Riona Chan 23 giorni fa +1

    lol everything about youngjae is vitamins

  • Ray
    Ray 23 giorni fa +1

    Thanks a lot im New to got7 and i really love them my Bias is jinyoung and this guide is really helpfull

    • nael arm
      nael arm 19 giorni fa

      Welcome to the nest baby bird 💚💚

  • Hannah :3
    Hannah :3 23 giorni fa +3

    I feel like I'm the only person here who actually doesn't know anything about Got7!😂 I feel so awkward~~

    • Ray
      Ray 22 giorni fa +1

      I feel you too im New to them too XD

  • Camy J
    Camy J 24 giorni fa

    I’m seeing them in concert in a couple of hours n I feel so bad bc I’ve been focused on BTS mostly n now I need to learn everybody

  • Jinaminbun
    Jinaminbun 25 giorni fa +5

    i was brought here by watching jinyoung in "he is psychometric" god i love his face

  • Brianna Gomez
    Brianna Gomez 25 giorni fa +1

    Thank you! my sis just fell in love with Got7's music and this is the perfect video to show her!

  • natsuki yushimura
    natsuki yushimura 25 giorni fa +2

    I really love jackson rap and the voice

  • natsuki yushimura
    natsuki yushimura 25 giorni fa +1

    I really . love them

  • Vibha Goswami
    Vibha Goswami 25 giorni fa +3

    Guys I still can't differentiate between jb and youngjae 😅😅😅

  • Dani B
    Dani B 27 giorni fa +3

    Thank you for making this! This was a very helpful guide for a new iGOT7 - which is me.

  • Abbey Youngvorst
    Abbey Youngvorst 29 giorni fa +1

    Me and Jackson have the same birthday! 🥳🤪


    who write mayday???

  • i like kpop.
    i like kpop. Mese fa +3

    Im pretty sure im like the only one here who actually here to learn their names and stuff XD

  • Tara Siljanović
    Tara Siljanović Mese fa +2


  • Kathleen Tang
    Kathleen Tang Mese fa +2

    I can't even shower right now. Lol

  • SkyMin
    SkyMin Mese fa +1

    Me: *knows almost everything about them but watches anyways*

  • Mynnt초코
    Mynnt초코 Mese fa +1


  • c9rolina
    c9rolina Mese fa +1


  • Yarise Bautista
    Yarise Bautista Mese fa +3

    Jinyoung also stars in He Is Psychometric on Viu

  • exekyute
    exekyute Mese fa +2

    Watching this again, I'm still sad that JackBum (JaeSon? idk what their main ship name would be considered) wasn't included in the ships section. They've had so many great moments supporting each other or being silly together that could've been used as an example.

  • Quỳnh Lê Trúc
    Quỳnh Lê Trúc Mese fa +1

    What was he saying when he 😭 cry. I wanna know.

  • Julianna Marshall
    Julianna Marshall Mese fa +2

    I found out about this group from a drama they all stared in called Dream Knights, also the first thing to get me into anything Korean. gotta love these angels~

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 14 giorni fa

      Julianna Marshall I discovered them that way to hahaha

  • annn anng
    annn anng Mese fa +4

    Yongjae is underrated. He as good looking as the others and he can dance

    • Ronaldo Cañon
      Ronaldo Cañon 4 giorni fa

      He needs to be a lead dancer, he is the only one who didnt have a dancer position.

  • annn anng
    annn anng Mese fa

    I know got7 and all since 3 or what more years but it’s my frist time knowing that jb is the center hahaha yie it’s my first time also to know such a group where leader and center is one.

  • ikhsani mangalovers

    I love jinyoung

  • Jung Hoseokfan
    Jung Hoseokfan Mese fa +4

    Jinyoung also played in "He is Psyshometric"

  • 키카
    키카 Mese fa +1

    HELLO! so I just bought tickets to their 2019 world tour but I dont know too many songs can yall recommend what songs yall think they will play please

    • 키카
      키카 14 giorni fa

      @Project! R2 thank you. I saw them on Wednesday. And I actually knew a pretty good amount of songs ^^ I had so much fun

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 14 giorni fa +1

      키카 if you haven’t went yet, listen to their Korean title tracks. listen to I am me, watch skyways dance, and I think listen to come on and page and sign. That’s all I know.

  • bbh-l
    bbh-l Mese fa +2

    i am now a got7 stan and my bias is mark fellas

  • Bacon Crusher
    Bacon Crusher Mese fa +1

    Got7 : has like 6-7 positions each

    Then there's Youngjae

  • •Jeideu제이드•

    GOT7 always in my heart (my babies 😻😻)

  • *.•BRiANA•.*
    *.•BRiANA•.* Mese fa +1

    12:42 BamBam looked like a fuckin baby giraffe trying to walk for the first time😂😂

  • Twilight PC
    Twilight PC Mese fa +3

    Jinyoung is literally everything
    Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Visual, Center, Face of the Group
    What else can he be!
    This is still kinda confusing because I have come from BTS and BLACKPINK(I still love them...Especially my Golden Maknae) But I really want to explore other K-Pop groups, so thank you very much!

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 14 giorni fa

      Twilight PC welcome. And yeah jinyoungs basically amazing at everything haha

  • Nssb a yg stan
    Nssb a yg stan Mese fa +1

    it's because of jb that i know i'm straight

  • the chair that Jungkook sat on

    thanks for the video I hope its not too late to stan them!

  • Poppy Studios
    Poppy Studios Mese fa +2

    I think my bias are jb , youngjae , bambam and jinyoung (ult)

  • daphy the alien
    daphy the alien Mese fa +2

    "mark-hyung threw the laptop at me and i cried" wHy aM i LaUgHiNg ??

  • Ariadna Berretta
    Ariadna Berretta Mese fa +1

    I've been so out of touch with k-pop this last year or so I didn't know some of the things
    And aparently I haven't done enough homework about them because I didn't know the laptop thing happened

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 14 giorni fa

      Ariadna Berretta there’s also the air conditioner incident haha lol

  • angryjester
    angryjester Mese fa +2

    i love them :(

  • Arashi 嵐
    Arashi 嵐 Mese fa +3

    No disrespect but I keep confusing jb, youngjae and mark and it makes me mad so-
    Decided to watch

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 14 giorni fa

      Arashi 嵐 welcome! As soon as you can tell them apart it’ll be easy

  • mywiggotsnachedby bts

    Songs that mark wrote:
    No jam
    Jimin: **crying in the corner**

  • seun w
    seun w Mese fa +3

    Don't miss out on GOT7 WORLD TOUR!
    Seoul on 15-16 June
    Newark, USA on 27 June
    Toronto, Canada on 30 June
    Dallas, USA on 3 July
    Los Angeles, USA on 6 July
    Oakland, USA on 10 July
    Mexico City on 13 July
    Santiago, Chile on 16 July
    Sydney, AUS on 22 Aug
    Melbourne, AUS on 25 Aug
    Hong Kong on 31 Aug - 1 Sep
    Amsterdam on 8 Oct
    London, UK on 11 Oct
    Berlin, Germany on 13 Oct
    Madrid, Spain on 16 Oct
    Paris, France on 19 Oct
    Manila, PH on 26 Oct

    • Arashi 嵐
      Arashi 嵐 Mese fa

      seun w they’re not coming anywhere near me unless i drive 15.5 hours😭😭

  • RedHAmericanGrl1927

    Thank you for this! I’m a new fan of kpop ( I prefer Chinese rap ) and especially Got 7 that’s how I discovered Jackson 🥵❤️🍆😂

  • mikitty
    mikitty Mese fa +1

    11:02 i love how you basically described jingyeom love-hate relationship

  • something
    something Mese fa +1

    This video just made me realize why I love GOT7 so much and how much I love them.

  • This Is My Shiteu
    This Is My Shiteu Mese fa +2

    “I’m so scared right now I can’t even shower.”

    Ok but I can relate🤣🤣

  • kitty yong
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    wow i just realized jinyoung’s birthday is the same as mine🙈💖

    • Ronaldo Cañon
      Ronaldo Cañon 4 giorni fa

      So your birthday is also same as Twice Nayeon and Stray Kids Seungmin

  • candy dino
    candy dino Mese fa +1

    :Shows video of Jackson cry while hugging his mom and dad
    Me: *starts crying*

  • Andrea Mariana Pozas

    Youngjae’s laugh made me laugh 😂

  • echi zen
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    I love got 7 but don't mind Coco means shit in our language.

  • Yeonjun's Baguette
    Yeonjun's Baguette Mese fa +1

    Jinyoung and I have the same birth date!

  • Arely Jimenez
    Arely Jimenez Mese fa +4

    Something I just learned because of this very helpful video was that Jinyoungs birthday is two days before mine yay!!!

  • Kpopandgay Is Lifeu

    watching this even tho i've staned got7 since they're debut :)

  • A
    A Mese fa +4

    i seriously love jinyoung so much

  • Kookie_Ipurpleyou
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    I will become a igot7 now!!

  • aishiteru shiteru
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    im starting to know them gimme some shows of them to watch and how do get to know them moree pls

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 Mese fa

      aishiteru shiteru shows to watch would be real got7 (their first ever show) and hard carry. Both have more than one season. Also there are more shows but yeah I recommend you watch these ones first.
      Also they have a lot of really good asc episodes.
      They also have a kdrama they did before debut which is super cringe but fun to watch. It’s called dream knight. It’s a past that haunts them. Enjoy

  • Dewi van Wessel
    Dewi van Wessel Mese fa +3

    I might be going to their concert in october in Amsterdam and I dont know that much about them, but this is really helpful!! Thank you!!

  • jennieswhore
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    video: “next member...”
    *shows a diaper*
    “i’m a big kid now!”
    me: bitch wtf-

  • Got7 and IGot7 for Life

    i really enjoyed your video, i was smilling n happy and i even cried at youngjae part .. thank you so much