A Guide to Got7 in 2019

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  • Pubblicato il 15 gen 2019
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    Happy Anniversary, IGot7! A couple of months ago, someone suggested for me to do a new guide to Got7, and at first I thought that because there were already so many of them, I didn't have anything to add,. But upon thinking about it more, I realized that this could be a good opportunity to make a guide that talks about things you might not realize about them until after you stan for a while. So, here we are!
    ~~~| FAQ |~~~
    INTRO MUSIC? Got7- Teenager
    EDITING SOFTWARE? Vegas Movie Studio
    WHO ARE MY ULTS / BIAS GROUPS? I mean, I could just tell you, but I DID take the time to make a whole video about it, so I'd rather just give you this link lol (plus it's also on my profile): it-clip.net/video/hhWXk8uCd84/video.html

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  • IGot7 Inspirits
    IGot7 Inspirits  4 mesi fa +372

    For everyone asking about positions' accuracy & difference between center/visual/face:
    1- I get all of my info from KProfiles, which (as far as I know) is the most comprehensive site in English for group/member/position info. I include all of it bc otherwise people complain that I didn't include all of a certain member's positions. So, yes, my info is correct (or at least, as correct as possible) even if you don't like it. I DO do my research before making 25 minute long videos. Shocking, I know.
    2- The difference between the face of the group, the visual, and the center:
    Visual- "the pretty one" shady wording, but that's the simplest explanation. I think they're all pretty; don't come for me. I didn't pick these positions.
    Face of the group: the group's "spokesperson" in a way. This is the person that will most often be on a variety show by themselves or host something. It's the member the public will probably be most familiar with. (for example, Jackson was on a ton of variety shows by himself, and Jinyoung hosted Inkigayo for a while.)
    Center: literally the center in their choreography. Personally, I've never fully understood why this is a position, since each member usually takes center at their part, but that's essentially what it is.

    • Dayu Bingai
      Dayu Bingai Mese fa

      IGot7 Inspirits. Tq for this video. I enjoy Watch.😊😊😊

    • The Depressed Ballerina
      The Depressed Ballerina Mese fa

      IGot7 Inspirits kprofiles is the best place to go for information because it is edited by real people 😂

    • Reisa Anggreni
      Reisa Anggreni 2 mesi fa

      Actually center is the person who always stand in the middle between another member for photoshoot or for group intro or for photozone while attending red carpet. As you can see from the photo on google, JB mostly stand in the middle for almost photo thats why JB is the center of the group

    • 건초입니다hayley
      건초입니다hayley 3 mesi fa

      Yeah I use kpop profiles too ! And even give them info for my favs ! I love the fact got7 have more than one visual etc like some grouos it's like only one member that's centre of attention more but not with these guys ! I love it !

    • Anime Otaku
      Anime Otaku 4 mesi fa +2

      I'm blessed, Bambam shares the same birthday with me

  • antipasto gugú
    antipasto gugú 10 minuti fa

    This video is quite a wild ride!

  • Charlotte McCluskey

    Ayee feeling warm welcomes into the iGOT7 fam

  • Hgn Fxfx
    Hgn Fxfx 14 ore fa

    I feel like the only one who's really here for getting to know them because she doesn't know anything but some names😂

  • okqy so
    okqy so Giorno fa +1

    As i know
    Visual is Mark
    Center is JB
    Face of the group is Jackson

  • Dracoaesthetic
    Dracoaesthetic 2 giorni fa +2

    *stans and knows everything about them*
    Watches anyway

  • Lydia Benn
    Lydia Benn 2 giorni fa +2

    Hi, i’m a new AhGaSe... i’ve benn a Got7’s fan since 2 weeks. I knew them in 2014 but i fogot about them 😭 For now i know all the members and stuffs about them. I just wanna ask if they are very popular or not, if they are doing well... etc i searched a lot but I can’t find anything. From their views in their music i can say that they are ok... but don’t know. Please can someone tell EVERYTHING about them? Today is their comeback and i’m gonna pass the day streaming the Mv ❤️❤️

    • Lydia Benn
      Lydia Benn Giorno fa +1

      Project! R2 Happy hearing this really ❤️❤️ thank u. Now i’m sreaming the comeback like a crazy girl haha 😂

    • Project! R2
      Project! R2 Giorno fa

      Lydia Benn they’re extremely popular but some of the kpop community don’t wanna acknowledge them. They’re the 3rd most popular kpop boy group. You’ll always see them at 3rd on votes or vlive followings and such. Them, bts and exo got nominated for Billboard music award. Cus they’re the most popular. The twitter CEO interviewed them cus they where the most talked about of twitter.
      They’ve accomplished a lot. Set a lot of new records for kpop and other country’s like Jackson was the first Chinese artist to be invited to EMAs which is huge. They’re creating a lot of history.
      But again, a lot of the kpop community don’t wanna acknowledge them. No clue why. So naturally it pisses us off but we can’t do anything about it really. They’re always creating rumours or when something happens they don’t wait for the truth and start bashing them and they’re family’s. But even with that, they’re still MASSIVE

  • Whiskered Shrimp
    Whiskered Shrimp 2 giorni fa +2

    thanks i didnt know a thing but their new songs keep dragging me into wanting to know them

  • Vitória Soares
    Vitória Soares 2 giorni fa +2

    Please look forward GOT7's comeback "ECLIPSE" on May 20, 6PM KST

  • Panda Belaya
    Panda Belaya 2 giorni fa +1

    Please say me what is the Song time9:57?

  • Dolphin Chenle owned Red flavor by red velvet ;_;

    I knew about Q, I only knew about A.

  • richelle belarmino
    richelle belarmino 3 giorni fa

    🚨 don’t forget that got7’s new comeback is coming up soon! the mv for eclipse and the entire album will drop on the 20th! please remember to check it out and support these hardworking and talented boys 💚

  • Dandielonie L
    Dandielonie L 3 giorni fa

    Just scrolled for a bit and saw quite a number of new fans comments 😍💚 welcome to the nest baby birds, support GOT7 and their music together!

    ARMY STAY 3 giorni fa

    I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't know anything about GOT7 except that Bambam is friends with Chan from Stray Kids-

  • Erich Manlimos
    Erich Manlimos 3 giorni fa

    okay this group is a composer group all of them is a composer woah so talented
    Why did i stan got7? because among all of the boy groups i stan, got 7 is the funniest/craziest group because me as a kpop fan I'm not just idolizing a group because of their music is so good but i also stan groups because of their personality when they gather together the funny crazy personality can make people stan or idolize them. over all i would say this group is not only talent but they have a good personality.

  • Chiye
    Chiye 3 giorni fa

    Only here because my friends stan them...

    • Chiye
      Chiye 3 giorni fa

      Dandielonie L That will never happen. I‘ve been listening to kpop longer than them but I prefer B.A.P and similar bands. Not some soft pop. I can’t stand that kind of music.

    • Dandielonie L
      Dandielonie L 3 giorni fa

      Join your friends and stan GOT7 together💚💚💚

  • Poppy Gyeom
    Poppy Gyeom 3 giorni fa +2

    GOT7's Spinning Top comeback is on 20th! Make sure to support the boys, ahgases, and also prepare your hearts for the wreck of your bias lists. Let's be ahga-phoenixes! Fighting!!!
    PS. the album spoiler amd the title track sounds dope 👉 it-clip.net/video/M1lFnL_NPTo/video.html

  • aayydudewhat
    aayydudewhat 3 giorni fa +2

    *GOT7 will have a comeback ON TOMORROW MONDAY GUYS!! go order their album cause it sounds liittt everyone is hyping it on twitter! AND THEIR WORLD TOUR TOO YOOOOO*

  • la gata
    la gata 4 giorni fa

    guys, be ready for the comeback next monday, don't forget to stream "eclipse" and order the album, "spinning top", if you can, it sounds AMAZING! ahgase, fighting!✨✨

  • kim tae tae is sweet
    kim tae tae is sweet 4 giorni fa +1

    I'm so happy everytime I see the def on a got7 song I see jb singing or lip sync when it's not his time to skin(center) I feel so happy 💚💚💚💚💚 btw green hearts is only for got7 😁😁💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • MultiFan MultiShip
    MultiFan MultiShip 6 giorni fa

    Me : knows nothing about them
    Also Me: Watching to know of course!

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  • fwy UoU
    fwy UoU 7 giorni fa

    amazing video

  • Charlize Felix
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    Im trying to stan lol new fan here helpppppp!!!!!

  • butterfly_mina_army
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    I'm an ARMY and ı want to be a Ahgase too

  • Corn
    Corn 8 giorni fa

    lol I hope I get hit by a balloon at their next concert

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    Chris Bin 8 giorni fa

    Oof- thqnk you for this - 3- ✨🤧💗

  • Neo17_got_ Nicolai
    Neo17_got_ Nicolai 9 giorni fa +1

    My cat lover ass is pointong towards JB

    I also like Jackson

    Come on

  • Asha Watts
    Asha Watts 10 giorni fa

    I only stan BTS, but I do wanna stan other K-Pop groups so I'm very thankful you made this video cause I only know like 3 members in this group Jackson, Mark and Bam bam but I can only spot Jackson😂

  • scare crow
    scare crow 11 giorni fa

    Wow i love that you did a really good job introducing them, presenting their solo music was a plus🙌🙌 I felt like a proud mom bc I'm already an ahgase and i know them so i was like -yup, thats ma boi-And the final clip of got7 was the perfect representation👏🏼👏🏼💚💚💚

  • Tae-tae gucci life iS UnBEaRabLE Army

    When I saw bambam crying I couldn’t watch because he’s my bias and it hurts me seeing him like that 😭😭😭😭

  • Suki Lim
    Suki Lim 11 giorni fa

    Awesome job in making this video 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Lurysa Ocate
    Lurysa Ocate 12 giorni fa

    5:07 where is this video from?? Pls answer me

    • Nan lluu
      Nan lluu 11 giorni fa


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    chim- chimney 14 giorni fa

    thank you! im new :)

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    2Jae is my everything 🥺🥺🥺

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    AlitayaPL 16 giorni fa +1

    Q as your favorite song written by Jaebeom.... TASTE!!!!!

  • tiny atiny
    tiny atiny 18 giorni fa +4

    Ships in got7: basically got7 x got7 because they all love each other way too much

  • tiny atiny
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    me: *has seen all of this clips a million times each*
    also me: *almost spits out a lung because of laughing too hard* *awws and squeals when something cute happens*

  • tiny atiny
    tiny atiny 18 giorni fa +4

    i was bored and decided i wanted to see got7 being dorks so i searched up guides lmao

  • Beambaapol
    Beambaapol 19 giorni fa +3

    I mean I know they kinda write their own songs sometimes but I had no idea all the members wrote song!!! true talent right there

  • loumikyu
    loumikyu 19 giorni fa +3

    I just discovered them yesterday and I don't know anything about them. But I already love them so much. Especially Jackson, it seems like he's a very funny dude. How do you call this fandom?

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa

      If you wanna join, you're always welcome to the fandom.

    • loumikyu
      loumikyu 17 giorni fa

      EK Rich thank you

    • EK Rich
      EK Rich 17 giorni fa +1

      The fandom is either called igot7 or ahgase

    • Nayana J
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  • Cherylle simpson
    Cherylle simpson 19 giorni fa +1

    Happy Birthday BamBam!!!

  • Fraskanz _
    Fraskanz _ 20 giorni fa +2

    i'm still searching where the fuck are they now

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa

      They're all in korea now. Preparing for their comeback as it's on 20th this month.

    • EK Rich
      EK Rich 17 giorni fa

      If you wanna be up to date, the got7 amino or twitter would be helpful. If you follow the right people it should be pretty helpful.

    • EK Rich
      EK Rich 17 giorni fa

      Fraskanz _ they’re all finally in Korea working on their comeback and almost all have just finished with their solo activities. I think we are just waiting for jus2 promotions to end now? 🤔 oh also Jackson gonna be performing at 88rising festival in a bit too....

  • Sophie Sora
    Sophie Sora 20 giorni fa +2

    i also know them pretty well but this is always worth to watch it anyways srsly, such a really and very nice video!!!!! I also reaaally love your other videos sm about them omg hahahaha!!!!! thank you for sharing them with us!!!!!!!

  • lattaedeukie
    lattaedeukie 20 giorni fa

    Happy birthday BamBam!

  • Xx.Bluewind xX
    Xx.Bluewind xX 22 giorni fa +3

    I’m new to kpop 😭 the only kpop group I know is bts (and I’m not going to lie I am deeply obsessed with them lmaoo) but I’ve heard a lot about got7 so today imma start binge listening to all of their songs lmaoo

    • EK Rich
      EK Rich 17 giorni fa

      Xx.Bluewind xX feel free to watch their shows and interviews. They’re fun, you’d like them. Also their super close with the fandom (igot7/ ahgase) so feel free to watch videos about that too. 😁

  • Seanyotoke YGxJYP
    Seanyotoke YGxJYP 22 giorni fa +3

    can we please take time to appreciate bam2's dancing skills tho? i don't think he's behind YG.. there are some vids where I even think he is better. he is really underrated in terms of dancing. He always gives the spotlight to his bff YG

    • EK Rich
      EK Rich 17 giorni fa +1

      Seanyotoke YGxJYP I think they tie in my eyes. There a clips where I feel like they always take over each other.

  • Jem Joy
    Jem Joy 23 giorni fa +2

    guys what is all about 'junior' thingy about Jinyoung? well I think I'll start to stan them because of He's Psychometric *waves*

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa

      Before he used to go with Junior but then he decided to go with his real name Jinyoung.
      Btw, they're seriously amazing. Give them a chance.

  • Jessica Gold
    Jessica Gold 24 giorni fa +2

    What are their instas? If they have any. Might be a fan now

    • peachy-pic
      peachy-pic 23 giorni fa +3

      Group : got7.with.igot7
      JB : prdsdef
      Mark : mark_tuan
      Jackson : jacksonwang852g7
      Jinyoung : jinyoung_0922jy
      Youngjae : 333cyj333
      BamBam : bambam1a
      Yugyeom : yu_gyeom

  • mirah lah
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    Just started stan them last week , Thankyou for this !

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa

      If you wanna join, you're always welcome to out nest.

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    As a newbie this is great thank you omg-

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    What about markbam?

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    I can no longer remember how the hell I got into this fandom 😂

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    I love them so much!!
    Cause I'm a true AHGASE!!

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    How could you forget MARKBAM...

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    ive decided to stan after this video

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      Welcome to our nest / fishtank

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      Welcome to the nest (or fishtank)! hahaha

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    *Knows almost everything about GOT7 but still watches it because the title says "GOT7"*

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    Zow Khan 28 giorni fa +2

    Where can I find the video at 2:46?

    • Tam
      Tam 28 giorni fa +2

      it's from the last episode of their show "Working Eat Holiday in Jeju", which you can watch in their v live channel with subs

  • Jessica Fowler
    Jessica Fowler 29 giorni fa +6

    Am I the only new one ;-; ? Y'all r all saying how u know everything already..

    • saskia
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      me too! I was thinking the same😂

  • • Wondering •
    • Wondering • 29 giorni fa +3

    I know sum about got7 but I wanna be apart of the cute fandom so I’m here writing shit down on a paper - I’d do this rather than my own hw

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa

      Welcome to the AhgaFamily.

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      • Wondering • hhahahahhahhaha

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    This was 25 minutes long and I didn't even N O T I C E

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    How nice I'm jb's cat wow!
    (my name is Nora)

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    i'm so sorry, bambam, but those hairless cats are giving me nightmares.

  • Laura Is Temporary
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    7:20 NOW I KNOW WHERE I RECOGNIZED HIM FROM asdfghjkl. my friend showed me this mv ages ago aahahahahah

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    I'm watching "He is psychometric" and Jinyoung broughte here, I really want to stan them although I already stan soooo many groups but I keep coming to got7 😂💜💜

    • Raveena Arya
      Raveena Arya 15 giorni fa +1

      Woohoo he is psychometric ! Loved that drama. Already miss it ;'(
      Btw, you won't regret stanning them. They're seriously so good. Very real and honest and of course crackheads :D

    • Tam
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      hahaha dont runnaway, u wont regret to stan GOT7!

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    When he opens his mouth and laugh like a horse is like the best thing ever

  • _LessAmazigPhan_
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    i’ve been wanting to get into them for the past three months but i’m just now getting into them and i’m questioning why it took me so long. but here i am, trying to learn their names and faces (i already knew bambam for the most part thanks to Bang Chan from SKZ)

  • Urtele Silvestravičiūtė

    Youngjae is my bias but it’s kinda sad that everyone get multiple positions but Youngjae just gets vocalist but me still happy and support 💚💚💚💚💚

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    Me: oh me and my family has a puppy named King. I miss him. I hope he's okay.😥💔🐶

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    JY: I’m Jinyoung, thank you.

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    • Stan GOT7
      Stan GOT7 Mese fa

      Watch them on asc or weekly idol. That’ll help you get to know them. Or on ask in a box

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    Ook soRry I’m weird

  • elly chan
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    6:26 it was like 'next member..'
    And I got an ad about organic drinks and I knew that now Jackson would be next xD

  • elly chan
    elly chan Mese fa +1

    6:26 it was like 'next member..'
    And I got an ad about organic drinks and I knew that now Jackson would be next xD

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    It's funny, as they still believe that Mark is the main rapper lol. JYP never clarified that position, besides everyone knows who raps better in GOT7, and it's not Mark. Girls, Wikipedia could be edited.
    The video was entertaining.

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    Today I found out that the sunshine youngjae is EXACTLY one year older than me 😊😊😊😊😊😍

  • Nara 97
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  • Jenni Yep a KPOP Fan

    I swear BamBam was the cutest thing ever during Girls Girls Girls era.

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    I’m new to this band because I just watched BTS and BP and their songs were amazing
    Hope I could find more amazing songs here lol

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    I just started this and they look like literal babies 😭 they're so cute.
    edit: you are is such a pretty song. i'm really new to got7 (obviously why i'm watching this) and I haven't heard much of their music prior to present you, with the exception of hardy carry.
    **Also the fact that jb loves cats and has five of them 😭
    ** Coco is the cutest dog ever....

  • Abbigayle Philippe

    Tbh I've listened to quite a few GOT7 songs but I still don't know much about them except that Jackson is my bias cause I love Jackson ❤

  • Widiyanti Alrosydin

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  • Tannah LEWCZUK
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