The Crimes of Grindelwald - Ruining a Franchise

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  • Pubblicato il 20 mar 2019
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  • AustinMcConnell
    AustinMcConnell 2 ore fa

    Harry Potter actually was a Black Jewish Lesbian

  • Thundawich
    Thundawich 3 ore fa

    Wait.... If it is canon that wizards can just poof poop out of existence, why don't they just use that spell to kill people? Seems a fairly easy way to kill someone, plus no evidence.

  • Cristian Calhoun
    Cristian Calhoun 7 ore fa

    And I happened to watch this sh** is a movie theater. Accidentally. It was... Sad. :(((

  • Michael Pepin
    Michael Pepin 10 ore fa

    Ay theres some plot points that you got wrong... maybe read the screen play

  • Tubbyjediknight
    Tubbyjediknight 20 ore fa +3

    no one:
    literally no one:
    jk rowling: wizards use to shit on the floor

  • Dark Hood
    Dark Hood 22 ore fa

    I love fb and fb2

  • LotharMeyer
    LotharMeyer 23 ore fa

    I'd like to sign up for "People who liked this movie" and Team Jacob Kowalski, especially because he promotes Pączki's instead of Donuts.

  • Just Joe King
    Just Joe King Giorno fa

    Im 13:47 into the video, I agree with everything you said so far apart from.... Jacobs memory wipe was revealed in one of the final scenes of the first films to have not worked properly, don't know if you missed it or it was after the credits or something, still understandably stupid but that was a fault in the first movie not this one. Still you got a new subscriber though.

  • kirby march barcena

    I almost enjoyed this the first time I saw in cable television...yeah, I didn't watched this in the theater.

  • SonofaGib
    SonofaGib Giorno fa

    I KNEW there was a reason I forgot I watched this movie!

  • Franky Johnson
    Franky Johnson Giorno fa

    i mean its still entertaining, also it tracks. the entire franchise is built around an evil wizard that takes most summers off.

  • Michael Cosentino
    Michael Cosentino Giorno fa

    David Yates, put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest for the crime of grindelwald.

  • Will Maxwell
    Will Maxwell Giorno fa

    I wonder if Rowling knows that even before indoor plumbing people still dug dedicated holes to shit in.

  • Michael Cosentino
    Michael Cosentino Giorno fa

    Chris Columbus: Let's get Robin Williams to play Hagr-
    JK: NO American cast members.
    *fast forward 15 yrs; gets a big $$$ deal to adapt "Fantastic Beasts.." into FIVE frickin films*
    JK: 'Murca. Welcome aboard, Johnny Depp you wife-beating druggie-alcoholic
    English guy destined to play Grindelwald: am i a fucking joke to you?

  • petercloud
    petercloud Giorno fa

    Anthony Goldstein was in the books, to be fair.

  • Chill
    Chill Giorno fa

    And I just thought I was too stupid to understand it lmao

  • Slevin Channel
    Slevin Channel 2 giorni fa

    Yeah, it's really bad. I watched it and it's not good.

  • Delena Paw
    Delena Paw 2 giorni fa

    i love Crimes of Grindelwald. Can't wait for the 3rd one. oh my gosh you are so funny. After watching you video i did notice that some of the seance are pointless.

  • Gio Reyes
    Gio Reyes 2 giorni fa

    I fucking love this video😂 Fuck

  • deVaras
    deVaras 2 giorni fa +1


    J.K Rowling: the sorting hat eats ass

  • Horror Pill
    Horror Pill 2 giorni fa

    Remember Maximum Overdrive? Yeah, that. I rather watch that.

  • Azrael
    Azrael 2 giorni fa +1

    It's like she just sent the first draft of the entire story to the editing team and then blocked them so that they couldn't contact her to tell her about the plotholes.

  • Michael Cosentino
    Michael Cosentino 2 giorni fa

    Wow and I thought the first one was a bit disappointing and boring but this is my least favorite Harry Potter universe - film I’ve ever seen.

  • R P
    R P 2 giorni fa +2

    25:27 “Haven’t you ever read Hogwarts: A History?!”

  • Maria Florencia Molina

    I'm sure that there was an Anthony Goldstein in the books, a Hufflepuff student the same generation as Harry. He is mentioned in the second book I think.

  • Clarissa Jarman
    Clarissa Jarman 2 giorni fa

    This absolutely made my day. Thank you.

  • Ty Feliz
    Ty Feliz 2 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein is in The Half-Blood Prince, check it out. He's one of the few kids in the Room of Requirement when Harry returns to Hogwarts at the end of the book. Check. Mate.

  • Thiago Porto
    Thiago Porto 2 giorni fa

    The soundtrack is great, though. Probably the only good thing in the entire movie.

  • Stevie Jacobs
    Stevie Jacobs 3 giorni fa +1 the best video......on the entire internet!

  • Thebear
    Thebear 3 giorni fa

    Antony Goldstein was in the books though???

  • hi
    hi 3 giorni fa

    This video is very similar to jenny Nicholson's video on the movie, i dont if he watched it or not but his jokes and observations are awfully similar

  • Ashcool
    Ashcool 3 giorni fa

    Movie was unebelievably stupid but to me, what was the most unforgivable about it was the last part where it is randomly mentioned that Credence had been Dumbledore's brother all along. Why? and what the fuck! This throws to the wind everything we knew about the Dumbledore family.
    Percival Dumbledore would never abandon his son like that- the man went to fucking jail because he killed some muggles who bullied his daughter- and he would never let his child become an Obscurius. He's a proud wizard. He would definitely find the boy and save him.

  • Ashcool
    Ashcool 3 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein is in the books. He was the male Ravenclaw Prefect when Ron became the Gryffindor Prefect.

  • Edviza
    Edviza 3 giorni fa

    7:01-7:13 so basically Anakin Vs Obi Wan

  • Colton Clement
    Colton Clement 3 giorni fa

    Score was to high. Great vid though.

  • Swagmaster CJ 69
    Swagmaster CJ 69 3 giorni fa

    Magical Vape?

  • Rosie Johnson
    Rosie Johnson 3 giorni fa +1

    THANK YOU for including that PoA quote proving Hermione had light skin. Anthony Goldstein was in the books, he was a member of the DA and friends with Michael Corner and Terry Boot.

  • Simon Williams
    Simon Williams 3 giorni fa

    I actually really enjoyed the movie lol 😂

    • Lalogue
      Lalogue 20 ore fa

      It's not impossible if you actually don't care about coherent storylines and caracter developments.

  • Matias
    Matias 3 giorni fa

    Anthony Goldstein is in most of the books and even in video games.

  • BadSodaProductions
    BadSodaProductions 3 giorni fa +1

    No one:

    JK Rowling: Voldemort had a harum of House Elves for sexual purposes when Belatrix became dull to him.

  • David Ottewa
    David Ottewa 4 giorni fa

    I've said it before, I'll say it again and again and again: Dumbledore's wardrobe shifting choices is PROOF he's gay, because of England's anti LGBT laws at the time- he didn't come out of the closet, he blasted it down with every outfit he hid in there following after him.

  • Ana
    Ana 4 giorni fa

    Queenie is fucking hot

  • Rachel Friedl
    Rachel Friedl 4 giorni fa

    I noped out after all the dead babies.

  • wolf ninja
    wolf ninja 4 giorni fa

    Drindelwald wants to stop the holocaust by starting a holocaust?

  • Shai-Levone Wong
    Shai-Levone Wong 4 giorni fa

    Still liked the movie ngl

  • Silen
    Silen 4 giorni fa

    "He's a fucking zookeeper, why would anyone want him this badly."- That got me

  • JackODeath
    JackODeath 5 giorni fa

    JK: Dumbledore and Grindelwald are gay for each other
    Johnny Depp: 8:50

  • M.Abdullah Sabir
    M.Abdullah Sabir 5 giorni fa

    My dude, that's an illustration of Luna Lovegood. Like I agree with the point you're making but you could've used the original book cover of The Deathly Hallows to show Hermione's white.

  • Paris 008
    Paris 008 5 giorni fa

    I think what annoyed me the most about Rowling is she claimed there were gay, Jewish and , many other non straight white people yet never wrote them in the books or film scripts . She literally never mentioned any of them.

  • Keshav Kalia
    Keshav Kalia 5 giorni fa

    unpopular opinion: i actually liked this movie

  • zillension
    zillension 5 giorni fa

    there are Manny things wrong whit what you say , for instance Grindewald is in the prison and changes whit a guard who is his follower he dosent come from the outside.

    and Grindewald starts killing people after sending the crowd away to keep his " good guy persona up"

    there are more things , but in short the movie is good not bad.

  • MavyNavy
    MavyNavy 5 giorni fa

    Come on, what's wrong with Newt just being a biologist who loves his animals and enjoys taking care of them? Sure he might take on some adventures, like he did in the first movie, but does he really need to be the guy who fights Grindelwald and saves the world? Why can't we have a down-to-earth hero whose talent and excellence may be underrated but he's actually very important doing what he does best: taking care of magical animals? Why why why did they have to change the character? WHY?

  • Tiago Soares
    Tiago Soares 5 giorni fa

    I fucking hate Harry Potter now because of JK Rowling's bullshit so I'm very pleased that these movies suck.

  • Abu Saeed
    Abu Saeed 5 giorni fa

    You got on thing wrong here dumbledore was gay and this is even confirmed in the books. Get you facts right

  • Angel Crow
    Angel Crow 5 giorni fa

    The first one was horrible in almost every way other than the twist at the end. The second one was much better in almost every way.

  • ny al
    ny al 5 giorni fa

    One ASSHOLE MORE IN IT-clip... analise every detail of the movie before being A DICK FACE

  • HorusHeresy1982
    HorusHeresy1982 5 giorni fa

    Shite, overrated franchise anyway. What's to ruin?

  • Phynchen
    Phynchen 5 giorni fa

    Why am I watching this? I hate Harry Potter, why am I even here?

    • Hinemoa
      Hinemoa 3 giorni fa

      Hmm, now how on Earth would we know that?

  • Tim Randall
    Tim Randall 5 giorni fa

    Can't be to bad it's got Moe Howard in it.

  • Sonal Sharma
    Sonal Sharma 5 giorni fa

    I don't care about Newt or that stupid blood pact Dumbeldore & Grindelwald made.
    All I care & want is that it better be Dumbeldore defeating Grindelwald, not Newt like mentioned in the books.