FIFA 20 | Official Reveal Trailer ft. VOLTA Football

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  • Pubblicato il 8 giu 2019
  • Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20, releasing September 27, 2019. Build your player, pick your gear, and express your style in football playgrounds all over the world.
    Pre-order the FIFA 20 Ultimate Edition and play VOLTA three days early :
    VOLTA Football takes the game back to the streets with the authentic culture, creativity and style of the small-sided game played on streets, courts and futsal pitches around the globe.
    Learn more about FIFA 20:
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    #FIFA20 #VOLTA #VOLTAFootball
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    EA SPORTS FIFA  18 giorni fa +3317

    Break New Ground with VOLTA Football in FIFA 20

    • Bintang Azhar
      Bintang Azhar 2 giorni fa

      Eat Sport upgrade to carer mode transfer player var real celebration full league Indonesian league Korean League competition for Indonesia is Shopee liga 1 liga 2 liga3 national competition piala Presiden or Present cup club ( liga 1&2) Piala Indonesia ( liga 1 2 and 3)

    • Xx_SEBROMM81200 _GAMING_xX
      Xx_SEBROMM81200 _GAMING_xX 2 giorni fa


    • Michael Dickinson
      Michael Dickinson 3 giorni fa +1

      Make sure it's not fixed or scripted like fifa 19!!very bad game👎👎👎

    • Rolo Tomassi
      Rolo Tomassi 3 giorni fa

      Please! third kit for FC St. Pauli

    • Belinda
      Belinda 5 giorni fa

      Bethesda got inspiration from ea to put microtransactions in every Bethesda game.I am not looking forward for the Elder Scrolls 6.ea is just a company full of middle-aged men who enjoy shoving microtransactions down your throat.😐

  • Daniel khavari
    Daniel khavari Giorno fa

    FIFA 20 news
    : tiktuk tikruk tiktuk

  • Rui R11
    Rui R11 Giorno fa

    Fifa trailer or nike trailer? Kkkkk😂 PES 20! 🖒

  • Sinbad
    Sinbad Giorno fa

    So basically FIFA Street DLC for Fifa 19? Okay

  • Bahtiyar Madridista
    Bahtiyar Madridista Giorno fa +1

    PES = gameplay pro
    FIFA = gameplay robot

  • MD
    MD Giorno fa

    Si,ok il calcio femminile.Ok Fifa street.Ok tutto,ma la difesa di questo gioco la volete migliorare?!(Che i difensori vanno a cazzo)Vogliamo mettere un raddoppio decente?Delle scivolate che prendano o gambe o palla?E poi i portieri hanno la stessa animazione da anni,la cambiamo per favore? Ma tutti gli sviluppatori non si rendono conto di queste cose? (Oltre a tante altre ovviamente)

  • Luuk Dokter
    Luuk Dokter Giorno fa

    What’s the song?

  • NinjaFF
    NinjaFF Giorno fa


  • emad MD
    emad MD Giorno fa

    Fix Barcelona Team faces and all Spanish and Italian league !!

  • emad MD
    emad MD Giorno fa

    Barcelona team is great team and most players faces fake

  • Horeee Moreee
    Horeee Moreee Giorno fa

    Fifa 20 bumu aq bende birsey sanfim 18 in aynisi amk

  • whadup
    whadup Giorno fa

    Every year the same exact game behind a new flashy trailer.

  • Finn Holman
    Finn Holman Giorno fa +1

    This better be like Park on 2k

  • Alex Ki Heon Kim
    Alex Ki Heon Kim Giorno fa

    Please focus on fixing the existing modes instead of (or before) creating new ones.
    I have been FIFA career mode user since FIFA 2004 and I am not pleased with how you guys don't pay any attention to the offline users.

  • Paolo Vivenzio
    Paolo Vivenzio Giorno fa

    Spero che questa modalità volta che anno inserito la tolgono e solo una merdata che mi interessa giocare al calcio per strada aggiustata la modalità carriera allenatore invece di inserire questa stronzata sicuramente se fifa 2020 sarà così con questa modalità volta passo a pes

  • Sam Lynch
    Sam Lynch 2 giorni fa

    Winning 2-0 at half time, in the second half they score 2 goals to make it 2-2 in the last second I have a chance right in front of goal, I barely but any power into my shot but of course it smashes the crossbar. FIX YOUR SCRIPTED ASS GAME

  • Sam Lynch
    Sam Lynch 2 giorni fa +1

    Will this game be fucking scripted ?

  • Huda Hashmi
    Huda Hashmi 2 giorni fa

    I want to get FIFA 20

  • Emre Akif Yıldız
    Emre Akif Yıldız 2 giorni fa

    FIFA 19 =40$
    FIFA 19+ Volta football=200$

  • Masse
    Masse 2 giorni fa

    Why no Volta on the nintendo switch!? This mode would be perfect for this console, simple little 1on1 matches on little pitches with the joy cons...I ask you again EA, why!? Without Volta mode, which would be a great chance for EA on the nintendo switch, I will not go for it, that is really a pity!

  • غسان محمد
    غسان محمد 2 giorni fa

    EA: do you want to fix career mode?
    yes:10000$ no:100$

    LEGAMER PS4 2 giorni fa

    porque vocês não vão tomar no CU com o Lixo desse jogo , seus bosta lixoooooooooo

  • Ali Al Khamis
    Ali Al Khamis 2 giorni fa

    If this song isn’t in fifa 20, I dont want it

  • Icey Streams
    Icey Streams 2 giorni fa

    Improve career mode and make online career mode if you can.

  • Jose alcaraz
    Jose alcaraz 2 giorni fa

    Song ??

  • Hunter Prey
    Hunter Prey 2 giorni fa +1

    FIFA please fix player models so that they move better! Please let it be the best football simulator! fix everything that was in all other fifa!! Please, we will all be grateful to you!

  • Николай Корпусев

    Fifa20 Liverpool Edition

  • Doableanimal90
    Doableanimal90 2 giorni fa

    The trailer will be better than the game .

  • Golden Wario
    Golden Wario 2 giorni fa

    9️⃣8️⃣% flashing images

    2️⃣% game

  • Synergy Xeno
    Synergy Xeno 2 giorni fa +1

    Community: How much time and dedication can you in to a trailer than the actual game?

    EA: *Yes*

  • Synergy Xeno
    Synergy Xeno 2 giorni fa

    not much of a reveal

  • oilersman95
    oilersman95 2 giorni fa

    Everyone: Fix career mode.

    EA: How about a soccer version of world of chel?

  • Ramish Taseer
    Ramish Taseer 2 giorni fa

    plz add more in career mode plz

  • Michel Oscar Walters
    Michel Oscar Walters 2 giorni fa

    Fix career mode & Pro Clubs PLEASE, or definility i wil not buy this game, every year we cry about the same thing.

    • john stevens
      john stevens 2 giorni fa

      Michel Oscar Walters they need to fix gameplay first

  • Vpm t
    Vpm t 2 giorni fa

    I hope they update the commentary and add other country commentary

  • Agent Nemphis
    Agent Nemphis 2 giorni fa


  • Mbsbekend Mb
    Mbsbekend Mb 2 giorni fa


  • Paolo Vivenzio
    Paolo Vivenzio 2 giorni fa

    Vanno messo questa modalità che meritata e invece di inserire allenatori reali nella modalità carriera e la var anno messo questa che non mi piace proprio se è così non lo compro quest'anno fifa

  • hachento gamer
    hachento gamer 2 giorni fa

    Как песню нназывается

  • North Rival802
    North Rival802 2 giorni fa

    Fix bugs on Ultimate team

  • Papa Mike
    Papa Mike 2 giorni fa

    Only reason im considering getting back into fifa is cos of fifa street

  • Marko Bakic
    Marko Bakic 3 giorni fa +1

    0:34 0.25 speed

  • Никита Бугорсских

    Nice street foot 😊

  • Al Amin Oladiipo
    Al Amin Oladiipo 3 giorni fa +1

    Fifa 20 supposed to have new features like when FIFA 19 developed uefa champions league instead only Street football is new

  • Teh_Billyzz m
    Teh_Billyzz m 3 giorni fa


  • Hanzu Boiii
    Hanzu Boiii 3 giorni fa +2

    I hate this game so much
    EA DIEEE!!!
    This game is rigged as hell

  • Мухомор
    Мухомор 3 giorni fa

    What's the difference we gonna see in Career Mod Fifa 20?
    EA: Different menu Color!

  • TheAlmightyyGod-
    TheAlmightyyGod- 3 giorni fa

    Trash as always and ofc bringing FIFA Street so people could buy smh it's always be the same with game as usual.

  • Its Aya Boi
    Its Aya Boi 3 giorni fa +1

    @EA SPORTS FIFA Can you make the football players and atmosphere more realistic and make this a good FIFA and not the same as Fifa 19.

  • TheBrosXD
    TheBrosXD 3 giorni fa +1

    Literally what’s the difference between any fifas every year they just add wacky new stuff to the game
    Like if u agree
    Comment if u don’t agree

  • Jimmy Vlogs
    Jimmy Vlogs 3 giorni fa


  • ChicagoMade AG
    ChicagoMade AG 3 giorni fa


  • كدش وكراوي
    كدش وكراوي 3 giorni fa

    In pro Club Please hide the player's rating
    Because in the search when they watch the player level 90 all players want to play with him
    And the other team run away do not want to play because the level of the player 86
    The game begins with only two players

    • Mc Nuggets
      Mc Nuggets 3 giorni fa

      No i want to see what level my teammembers have. Those 78 guys are terrible

  • Mohammed Alyafey
    Mohammed Alyafey 3 giorni fa

    I got migraines after watching this

  • Mayck Shehata
    Mayck Shehata 3 giorni fa

    0:34 the first bug lol

  • soubido
    soubido 3 giorni fa

    Everyone: Please fix and improve Career Mode

    EA: Volta

  • Raxxer
    Raxxer 3 giorni fa +1

    Fifa street

  • Макс pro play
    Макс pro play 3 giorni fa


  • TheTürk
    TheTürk 3 giorni fa

    fifa 2020= pes 13

  • Rolo Tomassi
    Rolo Tomassi 3 giorni fa

    EA: Please third Kit for FC St.Pauli.❤💘❤💘💘❤

  • The Bashing Blooper
    The Bashing Blooper 3 giorni fa

    What is this song

  • Ilan03Beast
    Ilan03Beast 3 giorni fa

    Fifa 17 with DLC 3.0

  • MAX egurnov
    MAX egurnov 3 giorni fa +1

    Russian location please

  • Michael redruM
    Michael redruM 3 giorni fa

    Ea,fix the career mode,please🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Manos Kallimanis
    Manos Kallimanis 3 giorni fa

    Plz ea put volta on nintendi switch

  • FetviGameX
    FetviGameX 3 giorni fa

    Fifa : Show
    Pes: Enjoy!

  • Erick Pruneda Meza
    Erick Pruneda Meza 3 giorni fa

    It's the same to FIFA 13

  • Ijaz Ahmed
    Ijaz Ahmed 3 giorni fa

    Watch this to boost your drug trip. It works. 😇

  • dAnya
    dAnya 3 giorni fa

    Say music pls

  • Josh _101
    Josh _101 3 giorni fa

    If only there game was as good as their advertisement

  • Mohammed Alruhaish
    Mohammed Alruhaish 3 giorni fa

    Fifa 14 is the best

  • Afonso Morais
    Afonso Morais 3 giorni fa

    The problem nowadays is knowone cares about what the fans want ea just wants the money
    But if fifa keeps getting " updates " like this PES will eventually become more profitable because they work on everything

  • MLG Compilation
    MLG Compilation 3 giorni fa

    Players : FIFA . there are some bugs
    FIFA : footi, footi, footi,footi

  • Bradley Tynan
    Bradley Tynan 3 giorni fa +1

    I’m thinking about starting a petition to boycott fifa 20. Anyone wanna sign it?

  • Chriss
    Chriss 4 giorni fa

    They should add a an option where you can select the stadium capacity to small medium and large when you play a game

  • лол кек
    лол кек 4 giorni fa

    Кто после генчика?

  • Salam Mohamed
    Salam Mohamed 4 giorni fa

    Timed finshing?

  • Alex Bard
    Alex Bard 4 giorni fa

    Одни нигеры и телки

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 4 giorni fa

    i got a Surprise mechanic for you EA, it's called "YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE LOOTBOXES IN YOUR GAMES ANYMORE"

  • Dankz
    Dankz 4 giorni fa

    0:49 who else blinked

  • smanslam1
    smanslam1 4 giorni fa

    What sort of wasteful ad is this?!
    Nothing about the product...

  • Darren Siegmeister
    Darren Siegmeister 4 giorni fa

    Streets to Stadium anyone????

  • Waxyserge
    Waxyserge 4 giorni fa +4


  • Guilherme J
    Guilherme J 4 giorni fa

    Where os the change? ALL i see os FIFA 19 with FIFA street.cmon EA we dont want FIFA street we want New things

  • Daily Fifa Tips and Tricks

    0:34 pizczecks arm goes through his leg ea gon messed up this trailer 😂

  • barca 123
    barca 123 4 giorni fa +1

    Add algeria plz

  • it's Ross Dee!
    it's Ross Dee! 4 giorni fa

    not impressed
    not bothred
    not Good

  • Official SyM
    Official SyM 4 giorni fa

    If career mode isn’t changed what’s the point ffs add online career mode👍🏽

    • john stevens
      john stevens 4 giorni fa

      Official SyM they need to fix gameplay first

  • zLyon 88
    zLyon 88 4 giorni fa

    Hala Madrid!!

  • Stock !
    Stock ! 4 giorni fa

    Song name plz???

  • De todo Un poco
    De todo Un poco 4 giorni fa


  • Dakrtz No u
    Dakrtz No u 4 giorni fa

    Almost everyone in the comments section :fix career mode

    Ea: tiktoktiktoktiktok

  • Chris Fuentez
    Chris Fuentez 4 giorni fa

    Im not buying it if pro clubs is not a change. I didn’t buy 19 thankfully so, hopefully they can actually do some changes this year

  • bulkarik
    bulkarik 4 giorni fa

    Фаны: EA, улучшите режим карьеры
    EA: тутутуруутууу тутутурууту

  • Prapta Panjaitan
    Prapta Panjaitan 4 giorni fa

    Is it only me who doesn't care about Volta, Street Footbal or whatever but
    'Carrer Mode?

  • Caolan McGlinchey
    Caolan McGlinchey 4 giorni fa +1

    I think I’m the only person that’s actually excited for volta football

  • Jayden P
    Jayden P 4 giorni fa

    Will there be the fifa club World Cup

  • Anh Quốc Lê
    Anh Quốc Lê 5 giorni fa


  • Nenad Jelesijevic
    Nenad Jelesijevic 5 giorni fa

    what's the name of this song??