F'n Do It

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  • Pubblicato il 18 apr 2019
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    F'n Do It · Tech N9ne · JL · Futuristic
    ℗ 2019 Strange Music, Inc.
    Released on: 2019-04-19
    Composer, Writer: Aaron D. Yates
    Composer, Writer: Jason Varnes
    Composer, Writer: Michael Summers
    Composer, Writer: Samuel Watson
    Composer, Writer: Zachary Beck
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  • Ne Vasher
    Ne Vasher 19 ore fa


  • Official N.B-ME
    Official N.B-ME 4 giorni fa

    Great track it’s three sick spitters 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Chris Sterner
    Chris Sterner 4 giorni fa

    Fuckin' dope when Tech does those alliteration bars.

  • Britni McGee
    Britni McGee 7 giorni fa

    Zander tech n9ne loveer

  • Tobias Lauruschkat
    Tobias Lauruschkat 8 giorni fa +1

    This Album Cover looks really strange to me

  • Red R.
    Red R. 11 giorni fa


  • Traves Nielcen
    Traves Nielcen 12 giorni fa


  • SBJ National. Strategized Business Journey

    Thanks for doing it. TeCh always come wit the penicillin after all the bad viruses we forced to intake.😎

  • Cavemoo
    Cavemoo 19 giorni fa +1

    Futuristic and JL killed it! So pumped to see Futuristic on a Tech track!

  • Brett Abey
    Brett Abey 20 giorni fa

    tonight I was gonna drink and still am

  • eliborio camacho
    eliborio camacho 21 giorno fa +1

    "Get shit faced like an ass eater" *WOW*

  • Kluster Phucc
    Kluster Phucc 22 giorni fa

    Getting shit faced like an ass eater. Lmao!

  • A. Bach
    A. Bach 22 giorni fa +48

    Amazing lyricist! My son got me hooked on your music and i'm 49

    • Dick Berry
      Dick Berry Giorno fa

      +Matt McKinley i have his entire discography plu all the features. Took forever to get em all. Then i get on spotify aaaannnd there they are all ready for me lol

    • Twiztid Metal7
      Twiztid Metal7 Giorno fa +2

      Lol hell yeah I got my parents jamming to tech and icp all the time now

    • Dick Berry
      Dick Berry 4 giorni fa +1

      41 here. Been a gam for 20 years tho. Can never be too many Technicians

    • Matt McKinley
      Matt McKinley 4 giorni fa +2

      how much have you listened to? he has a FUCK ton of music out. he's definitely one of the GOATS

  • John Smith
    John Smith 24 giorni fa +1

    This is JOHN from cali keep it going 9. Just let them know WELCOME TO MY WORLD

  • Jamarius Harris
    Jamarius Harris 24 giorni fa

    Interesting how I find this song a day after I said I was gonna stay sober to remember what I learned for finals week but still got lit🤔....

  • impact esports
    impact esports 26 giorni fa

    Futuristic going HAM !! , we need more JL & Futuristic collabs :D

  • Keith Calhoun
    Keith Calhoun 26 giorni fa

    JL is a legend.

  • Brian Scholefield
    Brian Scholefield 26 giorni fa

    Oaalll riggght. Imma f’n do it “why” cause fuckin tired of gettin pushed to make a fool of myself, so might aswell have an excuse to not use 😬

  • Anthony Cash
    Anthony Cash 27 giorni fa

    Rocklahomanis on tour list

  • jerome rasmussen
    jerome rasmussen 27 giorni fa +6

    I automatically like every Tech N9ne song before I hear it, because I know it's already gunna be dope.

  • fizz
    fizz 28 giorni fa

    Best KC rapper

  • Russell Koutsouros
    Russell Koutsouros 28 giorni fa

    this describes my life

  • doug disney
    doug disney 28 giorni fa

    What is the sample from? It sounds so familiar but I cant place it

    • bmap55
      bmap55 28 giorni fa

      Sampled from Ateez "Hala Hala"

  • Heisman 00
    Heisman 00 28 giorni fa

    Tech n9ne and futuristic straight killed this shit💯🔥😤

  • Chris Hartzell
    Chris Hartzell 28 giorni fa

    Who has best verse? Who cares f’n do it

  • Still Vegging Vegging
    Still Vegging Vegging 28 giorni fa

    He fucking did it! Tech N9ne is the king my number 1 forever

  • bmap55
    bmap55 29 giorni fa +3

    Sounds exactly like Ateez's Hala Hala beat in the background. Guess tech n9ne likes kpop!!!!

    • bmap55
      bmap55 28 giorni fa

      +comuga Yeah man, it's the exact beat. I sure hope he credited them on this album...

    • comuga
      comuga 28 giorni fa

      really now?

  • C Rae
    C Rae 29 giorni fa +4

    Did you credit Ateez though? Def sampled HALA HALA.

  • Triton Bunch
    Triton Bunch 29 giorni fa +5

    🔥0:00 - 3:31🔥

  • Kenneth iSpySnipes - M98B V12

    JL BRUHHH!!!

  • Jake Andrew
    Jake Andrew 29 giorni fa

    Damn futuristic killed it

  • Bradley Doriski
    Bradley Doriski 29 giorni fa +1

    The flow never end with you man keep it up and you keep the throne

  • Alex White
    Alex White 29 giorni fa


  • Tristen
    Tristen 29 giorni fa

    Yesss, been waiting on that Futuristic/Tech for the longest

  • Aaron Weaver
    Aaron Weaver 29 giorni fa

    Damn tech went hard on this album. Now we just need a metal album. Not none that ep shit

  • Ahmed Dabbas
    Ahmed Dabbas Mese fa

    2015 Shia LaBeouf : Just Do It
    2019 Tech n9ne : Fuckin Do It

  • MusicthatsStrange

    Im one of those day 1 fans like before tech really blew up and i must say this album was awesome. Im really judging it by the hooks no so much the verses because we all know tech never disappoints but my point is these hooks are dope af. Every track from start to finish.

  • Irisheyz 717
    Irisheyz 717 Mese fa

    This shit dope af! I can relate too lol 🔥🔥🔥

  • Vivian Kilgore
    Vivian Kilgore Mese fa +1

    i moshed with futuristic not too long at warp tour

  • DoodOo Mama
    DoodOo Mama Mese fa +2

    Godemis would’ve eaten this beat.



  • Лёха Кемер

    Do it...👍👊

  • Cassidy
    Cassidy Mese fa +1

    This feels like the song of the year

    • King Plex
      King Plex Mese fa

      Hit the ground runnin got this one beat but this whole project hard 💯🔥🔥

  • devanenglish67 _
    devanenglish67 _ Mese fa +1

    Futuristic the GOAT

  • Ceen Crazy Official

    this is what happens when you get futuristic on a track with Techa N9na

  • Rotten & Remixed Records

    Hit us up for the remix F'n Do It

  • Scott McKinney
    Scott McKinney Mese fa +1

    Next JRE guest: Tech N9ne

  • Michael Reynolds
    Michael Reynolds Mese fa +1

    Who cares? Pussy's good when the right one let's me hit it, It's easy just be where i'm at, money ain't an issue I know what time it is, and whatever woman I pick you'll get to get fucked i'll give you some rings and give you some hello's and knocks, uh yeah I know but you need to be in my room n live here because I'm not in smob i'm tired of no one here to ride and pickety pick picketey I ain't at you're door okay let's talk 574-322-9438 in smob but at Orchard Lane please call or leave voicemail i'll hear it anyway how many times do I have to tell you fair game, single, 33, m, mi and very kool song and beat it's hard and a real hit well but because some sites don't let me log in like www.wireclub.com take care ya'll you need to write right here with comments! Um I don't care ya know who sees that lol, I always hear no not at all goodnight sup to you to be with you're knight in shining armor hope I can see you or not see you from this message you don't have any reason why you can't connect! You're missing out hurry hurry!

  • Lance McNatt
    Lance McNatt Mese fa

    holy damn this shit goes hard

  • American made 100%

    Top five

  • Ed Rock
    Ed Rock Mese fa +25

    It's like Tech knew us middle aged fans in corporate management need an anthem too

  • Charles LLewis Nichols


  • Mary Yates
    Mary Yates Mese fa +1


  • Joe's Whatever
    Joe's Whatever Mese fa

    Who's here and is tired of fast raping because everyone that sing like that sound the same

  • Dahmers Daughter
    Dahmers Daughter Mese fa +1


  • smokinup420 toke up

    The nina is way to hard still killin shit every song

  • James Viice
    James Viice Mese fa

    suracha on every than is not good

  • godzillafan 98
    godzillafan 98 Mese fa


  • Fish Nips
    Fish Nips Mese fa

    5 tall boys for breaky i can feel it

  • The Nerf Resistance

    Tech doesnt release sub par music, but this has to be my favorite album since probably 6's and 7's. I havent heard a track thus far that I wouldn't listen to thousands of times and still not feel like it was played out.

    • CJ S
      CJ S 26 giorni fa

      Anghellic and everready are my favorite albums

    • Jeremy Williams
      Jeremy Williams 29 giorni fa

      K.O.D. and 6s and 7s....... This album is right there with them!

    • King Plex
      King Plex Mese fa +1

      J Korn right can’t forget about KOD that was really his breakthrough project

    • J Korn
      J Korn Mese fa +1

      +King Plex yessss that and Kod

    • King Plex
      King Plex Mese fa +2

      All 6s and 7s the best tech album in my opinion

  • Mayank Mendiratta
    Mayank Mendiratta Mese fa +38

    Raise ur hands who wants worldwide choppers 3

  • Radel S
    Radel S Mese fa

    ya kuplyu tvoy al'bom

  • Godswolf 3
    Godswolf 3 Mese fa

    ftw! wtf! yayayayayayayayayaya

  • Ruodnoc Christensen

    Peep this👀m.it-clip.net/video/jNsyaEb8qUU/video.html

  • Jh Ishere
    Jh Ishere Mese fa

    The song is missing a kutt verse

  • Tiffany Dame
    Tiffany Dame Mese fa

    I love this dude! No matter what the fuck he's doin! lol😉😉

  • Maximillian Wolfe
    Maximillian Wolfe Mese fa +3

    Futuristic was my most anticipated feature as my 7th fav rapper in the game, and damn he hit hard

  • Allen Busker
    Allen Busker Mese fa +1

    Get shit faced like a ass eater 😂😂

  • A Dubbs
    A Dubbs Mese fa


  • ed
    ed Mese fa +2

    JL and futuristic are under appreciated

  • LeShon Jr.
    LeShon Jr. Mese fa

    Idk how people even fix they thumbs to say sum dumb sh*t like a 👎. Keep killin it Tech!

  • SentimentalSins
    SentimentalSins Mese fa +40

    Oh shit Futuristic and JL on a track with Tech???? REPEAT BITCHES!!

    • rapping corner
      rapping corner 28 giorni fa

      Fr homs

    • King Plex
      King Plex Mese fa +1

      SentimentalSins you forgot Tech lmao but yeee they snapped

  • F.T.W Bitch
    F.T.W Bitch Mese fa +1


  • Anton & Susan 970
    Anton & Susan 970 Mese fa +1

    Yo tech cant wait for your show in denver its gonna be dope

  • Jake Hayes
    Jake Hayes Mese fa +44

    Futuristic is so slept on

    • Jake Hayes
      Jake Hayes Mese fa +2

      Of course I have. Futuristic is one of the few rappers I listen to so I'm familiar with a bit of his work

    • Isaiah Jones
      Isaiah Jones Mese fa +2

      Ever heard Devon terrel? Him and futuristic used to make bangers

  • Hutch Jr.
    Hutch Jr. Mese fa +29

    Lyrics :
    [Intro: Tech N9ne]
    What's with it?
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Tech N9ne, big shit
    I wasn't planning, no, no
    This thing is jamming so I can feel it
    [Refrain: Tech N9ne]
    (In the air)
    I can feel it, I can feel it (In the air)
    I can feel it, I can feel it (In the air)
    I can feel it, I can feel it (In the air)
    Ayy, tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    [Verse 1: Tech N9ne]
    Do it, do it, 'cause I elevate
    Do it to it 'cause I sell estates
    Do it fluid, I'ma celebrate
    'Cause I rock a lot and pocket hella cake
    If I don't do it then I delegate
    Then you do it while I get my fella ate
    Then I gel her face
    Damn, the Tech is undetected like when you don't smell a vape
    We the party
    Smoke a lot of weed, be Marley
    If you meddle with the cheese, he tardy
    Time to kill, indeed, see Carly
    I don't be playing, I'ma be spraying
    Fuck with the N9na, your body decaying
    Hold up, we talking 'bout drinking, yo, what am I thinking?
    This 'Bou Lou thing is really paying
    I knew it (Hell yeah), I pursue it (Fuck yeah)
    Hit the hammer, have 'em hit a Howard Hewett (Huh, huh)
    Don't misconstrue it, at first I said I wouldn't drink no fluid
    But I couldn't resist, I blew it
    [Chorus: Tech N9ne]
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    [Verse 2: Futuristic]
    Whatever I wanna do
    Swimming in liquor like pools
    I get to the business, my digits, I flipped 'em
    No really the kid making moves
    I do it like checks on my shoes
    I don't notice when checks coming through, yeah
    She give me long neck like giraffes
    I swear that they head from the zoo
    Told Tech gotta keep up
    Shots to the chest, goddamn, make it heat up
    Somebody talking I put 'em right in the carpet
    If they starting a problem, I call Muggs, they get beat up
    Told him he got four more for sure
    Flow cold, snow-globe
    More slope out my mag, that's how I treat them
    Hit 'em with a Speedom
    He didn't wanna do it, but I got a little fluid in me, so a nigga eat 'em
    I'm on Ciroc or the Henny, yeah
    How much you got? I got plenty, mmh
    She from the block just like Jenny, yeah
    Swear that I'm on with no penny, mmh
    That's a fact or a Vinnie (Yup)
    Hit it from the back when I'm cracking a jimmy (Yup)
    Ass look fat, then I smack when I'm hitting, get it?
    [Chorus: Tech N9ne & Futuristic]
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it (Do it)
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it (Do it)
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it (Do it, yeah)
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it (Do it)
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it (Do it), do it (Do it), do it (Do it)
    What you waiting on?
    Do it (Do it), do it (Do it), do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it (Do it), do it (Do it), do it (Do it)
    What you waiting on?
    Do it (Do it, do it)
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    [Verse 3: JL]
    I'ma just have one, make it a double
    I'ma just sip mine, I'm tryna stay out of trouble
    Here's the humble beginnings, then I'm done after this
    Or I'm having mixed drinks about feelings now, damn, ain't that about a bitch?
    Said they cut off of all beverages
    Right back at it like a bad reader
    Get shitfaced like an ass eater
    You can tell that I'm blown like a bad speaker
    Happy to sag with it out, savvier
    Got bad habits, I'm a gas leaker
    Had a half from 'em, looking magnesia
    But don't have what she's had, 'nother bag eater
    Can I get a cold 'Bou Lou in a coozie?
    Jack D, back to back shots of Coolie
    Then chugging the backwash of a brewski
    Get the crew, we grouping with a doobie
    With the shits, bro, get to it
    Get twisted with the whole hood
    Once it hits your lips, it's so good
    [Chorus: Tech N9ne]
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it
    Ayy, ayy, fucking do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it, do it, do it
    What you waiting on?
    Do it
    Tonight I wasn't gonna drink, but I'ma do it

    • cody 101
      cody 101 7 giorni fa +1

      Broooo thank you so much real MVP right here

    • DoodOo Mama
      DoodOo Mama Mese fa +1


  • kyler ford
    kyler ford Mese fa +1

    This album and trunk muzik 3 are the top rn

    • K1 Khrolik
      K1 Khrolik Mese fa

      kyler ford Trunk Muzik was definitely not his best and wasn’t even that good imo, maybe I just listen to 90s hip hop and don’t like it but that’s just my opinion.

    • kyler ford
      kyler ford Mese fa

      My trunk love it lol

    • kyler ford
      kyler ford Mese fa +1

      I feel it, it’s definitely not some of his best work but he still goes off

    • Justin Schmink
      Justin Schmink Mese fa +1

      TMIII kinda upset me the freestyle hype from yela I feel was better

  • Adam Moore
    Adam Moore Mese fa +9

    You never fail with the choppers!

  • GabeAugust
    GabeAugust Mese fa +3

    this album is fking fire

  • Steven Vialpando

    Is this song a sequel to drink up?

  • Abraxas oof why do i need a last name on here

    3 quality rappers 1 track 👌👌👌👌👌

  • holdin mgroin
    holdin mgroin Mese fa

    Just listening to techs new album thus song is how I feel wasn't gonna drink tonight fuck I did it now in twisted

  • Alex Arbis
    Alex Arbis Mese fa

    Yo whoever brought that triplet and ay-flow ruined this track man

  • smokey Mcpot
    smokey Mcpot Mese fa


  • vapordub
    vapordub Mese fa +1

    Here nb4 all the reviewers blow this song up.

    VGSR PLS Mese fa


  • James Schultz
    James Schultz Mese fa +6

    About halfway through the album... I'm thinking it might be Tech's best.

    • Kalamitous _
      Kalamitous _ Mese fa +3

      +Lynx Gaming yes K.O.D Is a fantastic album too

    • Lynx Gaming
      Lynx Gaming Mese fa +4

      My favorite is K.O.D

    • Kalamitous _
      Kalamitous _ Mese fa +3

      All 6s and 7s/Everready tier album FOR SURE but yeah. Maybe even better.

  • Daniel C.
    Daniel C. Mese fa +2

    Futuristic kinda sounds like he took joyners flow in this one.. only one?

  • Chance Reed
    Chance Reed Mese fa

    "get shitfaced like an ass eater" 😂

  • D Boltz
    D Boltz Mese fa +1

    WTF happened to tech. Evil side was better g. Sounds like your going main g

    • D Boltz
      D Boltz Mese fa +1

      I'm more on the kod style bros. I've heard all of em. From old to new. I listened to tech since I was 14. Now 26 haha. You line is dope tho

    • SawdoffGaming inc.
      SawdoffGaming inc. Mese fa +2

      I guess you didnt hear "like i aint"

    • Sheldon Junior
      Sheldon Junior Mese fa +9

      Tech just having his fun, homie! We all know mainstream will go Tech.

  • Renato ProtoC2
    Renato ProtoC2 Mese fa

    jizus kristus this album is sickus

  • josh smit
    josh smit Mese fa +3

    wasn't sure who this JL guy was, part of me was hoping it was Joyner Lucas going under a different name.

    • K1 Khrolik
      K1 Khrolik Mese fa

      D Sc no problem son.

    • D Sc
      D Sc Mese fa +1

      +K1 Khrolik okay dad

    • K1 Khrolik
      K1 Khrolik Mese fa

      D Sc try hard? Hahahah. I bet ur one of them that calls all lyricists corny. Joyner is way better than this JL kid. U don’t even listen to proper hip hop. People like NF, Token, Joyner are gonna be the next ones. U just listen to rappers who rap fast with no context. Hip Hop is about telling a story, if u go back and listen to 90s hip hop, u would know. Rapping fast with no content is basically mumble rap cuz u can’t hear what they’re saying and it has no context. People like Joyner and NF and Token are great for that reason, they can rap fast but can and also have content. This JL guy is absolute trash and doesn’t deserve shit. And what’s wrong with being a tryhard? Tryharding for ur fucking job, Rap is their job. If ur tryharding for study or ur job or something important, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. Now stop running ur uneducated mouth and go back to playing fortnite with ur “tryhard”.

    • D Sc
      D Sc Mese fa +1

      +Chance Kirk is it better if I call him lame or a tryhard... Lol

    • Kromazone Music
      Kromazone Music Mese fa

      If you been sleepin on JL, you been missing out. Way more diverse then Joyner imo





  • Redant23
    Redant23 Mese fa +6

    Usually don't like Futuristic but he killed it, whole song is great!


      Just cause your an artist sounds corny sometimes doesn't make them a bad artist. But everyone has different opinions.

    • Redant23
      Redant23 Mese fa

      +BILLY THE KID BONAR no many agree he is corny often, but i give credit when it is due. Truth hurts sometimes


      Sleeping on the man then

    • Redant23
      Redant23 Mese fa

      +Knowah Hestetune agree

    • Knowah Hestetune
      Knowah Hestetune Mese fa +2

      Futuristic can be pretty corny, here he wasn't.

  • Josh K
    Josh K Mese fa +1


  • Eazy Rolla
    Eazy Rolla Mese fa +8

    JL murdered this

  • Chris McGraw
    Chris McGraw Mese fa +1

    Goat Factss