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  • Maryam Alyazeedi
    Maryam Alyazeedi 6 minuti fa

    Wow perfect 💖💖💋💋💖💖💖💋

  • f a n n i
    f a n n i 59 minuti fa


  • Kim naya_
    Kim naya_ 3 ore fa

    Lia looks like Song Hye Kyo and Hyoyeon😁That's just my opinion✨

  • Alika putri deharani

    Im still young
    Who is 2007 line

  • Smiling Death
    Smiling Death 5 ore fa

    I want them to step on me-

  • W-Harmony
    W-Harmony 13 ore fa

    Me too I'm like yeji me too I was born in 26/5/2006

  • Yara kpop
    Yara kpop 13 ore fa

    2003 im shocked 😐😐😐😐

  • Naty Angel
    Naty Angel 15 ore fa

    Mostrando su talento itzy que lindo

  • Javiera Mansilla Cofre

    Omg their ages, i feel so old, I think I'm gonna watch some redvelvet videos right now to feel younger

  • A cup of tae with suga With a kookie

    Tbh Yeji can’t sing but she can dance

  • Farah Vlog's
    Farah Vlog's 20 ore fa

    Is it just me who JUST NOTICED NOW that ryujin was the one on LY?

    COOKIE GEEKS 23 ore fa

    Im a Filipino and I wish I would be a kpop star one day... but I know that people wont accept me so...

  • Linda Apriliani
    Linda Apriliani Giorno fa +3

    Ryujin's birthday is the same as mine. Ryujin 17.4.2001 and I 17.4.2005

  • Stephany Ribeiro
    Stephany Ribeiro Giorno fa

    I'm older than them all, I'm almost 20 and don't have any artistic talent haha so sad :(

  • ilovetacos 0724
    ilovetacos 0724 Giorno fa

    Yeji kinda reminds me of jin jin (astro) but girl ver

  • Deya P.G.
    Deya P.G. Giorno fa +1

    1:30 impaktada v: xddd

  • Kpop LOVERRR
    Kpop LOVERRR Giorno fa

    Wow.. I’m 16 and literally have no life. I don’t have a job and I’m really scared to get one cause I’m pretty shy, I stay home a lot bc I don’t really have friends and I’m struggling with school atm. Whyyyyyyy

  • _OTAKU ;3
    _OTAKU ;3 Giorno fa


  • Rosie D
    Rosie D Giorno fa

    I love Ryujin’s voice

  • yeolmae
    yeolmae Giorno fa

    Yuna was also in BTS’ Highlight Reel with Ryujin

  • jennie_Blackpink k
    jennie_Blackpink k Giorno fa

    Lia 😍😍😍😍😍😍👑👑👑👑

  • *JK* *JK*
    *JK* *JK* Giorno fa

    *Yuna is just one year older than me*

  • Dr. Rosie rosie 로지

    Ryujin and Chaeryeoung 😍❤️

  • Soso LovesBangtan
    Soso LovesBangtan Giorno fa

    i was born the same day and jear as lia ... lol

  • Jimin-ie pa-bo
    Jimin-ie pa-bo Giorno fa

    1:43 is it really Ryujin???

  • gay ct
    gay ct Giorno fa

    omg Lia's voice is so beautiful i hope they do more songs that suit her voice

  • Happiness 77
    Happiness 77 Giorno fa

    Wow Yuna is younger than me...

  • Sad Hyungs
    Sad Hyungs Giorno fa

    My bias is yeji

  • 소녀레이
    소녀레이 Giorno fa

    Yuna is 7 months smaller than me...😂Wow.

  • Until now TT is my PRIORITY

    Somehow I wanna be an idol right now

  • Monica Tan
    Monica Tan Giorno fa

    Yeji oh my god

  • aya V
    aya V Giorno fa

    Yuna was also in highlight reel with jungkook

  • 彡미츄
    彡미츄 Giorno fa +1

    0:18초에 예지가부른노래 제목아시는분 아무나 알려주세요 ㅠ

    • 彡미츄
      彡미츄 Giorno fa +1

      +이정민감사합니다 😊

    • 이정민
      이정민 Giorno fa +1

      彡미츄 Ain’t my fault욥 lil yachty가 피처링 한 곡으로 들어보세요 그게 더 좋음

  • bts paved the way
    bts paved the way Giorno fa

    i remember when highlight reel dropped, everyone had a crush on ryujin. i was one of them and i still do 💞

  • Nina
    Nina 2 giorni fa

    they did that

  • g w n l c x
    g w n l c x 2 giorni fa

    They're talentedd!

  • taeluv
    taeluv 2 giorni fa

    enak banget jir jadi ryujin rebutan jhope jimin :')

  • scintillately
    scintillately 2 giorni fa

    Excuse me???I'm 7 months younger than YuNa Im-

  • taeyong -ah
    taeyong -ah 2 giorni fa

    i’m the same age what the hell and they’re already successful in their lives what am i doing with mine

  • Lucy Urich
    Lucy Urich 2 giorni fa

    Yuna was in Jungkook’s Love Yourself highlight real video

  • get rekt
    get rekt 2 giorni fa


  • HeyItsMeeTee
    HeyItsMeeTee 2 giorni fa

    yuna was also in bts' highlight reel for jungkook

  • loving it .
    loving it . 2 giorni fa

    All of them are around my age...wth...???

  • loving it .
    loving it . 2 giorni fa

    BbG was from the Bts teaser video thing? I always thought she was cutee!!❤❤❤

  • M.A. Montealegre
    M.A. Montealegre 2 giorni fa

    I like yeji🥰😻😍✨

  • Zocker
    Zocker 2 giorni fa

    Still can't believe I'm older than Yuna, meanwhile, my girl classmates be looking like kindergarteners compared to her lmaoo

  • Miranda Agussyam
    Miranda Agussyam 2 giorni fa


  • person people
    person people 2 giorni fa

    I'm only a few months younger than yeji and lia. Man I feel bad about my life.

  • delfina marturet
    delfina marturet 2 giorni fa +125

    Can we talk about the fact that Rhujin was like 14 when she appeared on the BTS MV landiandbs

  • 임동현
    임동현 2 giorni fa

    2000년대 누나들이당

  • Mochi and Clumsy
    Mochi and Clumsy 2 giorni fa

    Wtf I'm older than yuna

  • Aly Alexandra
    Aly Alexandra 2 giorni fa

    ryujin's deep voice oml yesss

  • Dian Zoy
    Dian Zoy 2 giorni fa

    Yeji so cool and so pretty

  • Lau :v
    Lau :v 2 giorni fa

    Mis bias son ryujin y Yuna :3

  • La petite soeur de Grippe-Sou

    Yeji is just beautiful :)

  • Quynh Nguyen
    Quynh Nguyen 2 giorni fa

    Ryujin Yuna 💕💕💕💕

  • Dark Forest
    Dark Forest 3 giorni fa +2

    Song at 2:46?

  • Daniele Mariz Crystelle Juan Dulay

    Yeji is my age but...

  • may_ lys
    may_ lys 3 giorni fa

    Wait WHAT??
    I have the same age of yuna 😂

  • Meri Nikoghosyan
    Meri Nikoghosyan 3 giorni fa

    Now that I think about it, it's so weird that Yuna and Ryujin were in BTS' highlight reel and at that time were younger than now and that people actually shipped the girls with the boys although the girls are way younger...🤢

    • Meri Nikoghosyan
      Meri Nikoghosyan Giorno fa +1

      +Davis TM I don't really know tbh. I mean, there's nothing wrong for them to act with bts since there are many child actors, but you know how fans love to ship...

    • Davis TM
      Davis TM Giorno fa

      that's what I'm always talking about lmao, like, they're a minors why did they cast them? that's so creepy

  • Febe Coloma
    Febe Coloma 3 giorni fa

    Ryujin sounds like Moonbyul😍

  • MysteriousGirl
    MysteriousGirl 3 giorni fa

    Lia so pretty 💖 plus a really nice voice

  • Eliana Elazar
    Eliana Elazar 3 giorni fa

    No way. I had no clue that girl from Itzy was the one from the BTS highlight reel. Soo cool

  • jhem jhe weok
    jhem jhe weok 3 giorni fa

    I can't wait for Itzy and bts interaction...
    I Stan itzy💕

  • razan tv
    razan tv 3 giorni fa

    يا قهره امي دي في واحده اصغر مني بسنه

  • Bayb.k
    Bayb.k 3 giorni fa

    Im like 5 months older than Yuna. No idol has ever been younger than me. Or my age

  • I ♡ YERI
    I ♡ YERI 3 giorni fa +1

    Damn LiA did that! That voice is superb

  • Les_smore ___smore
    Les_smore ___smore 3 giorni fa

    I thought chaeryoung is in I-zone?

  • Yvonne Kuo
    Yvonne Kuo 3 giorni fa


  • Geminilicious
    Geminilicious 3 giorni fa

    They are all *minors* ?! And Fanboys be sexualizing & fapping to them?!

  • Taecafé
    Taecafé 3 giorni fa

    im 11 and i wanna try auditioning.. ive been dancing for 6 years and singing for 3... should i try???

  • Yai7
    Yai7 3 giorni fa


  • bangtan bish
    bangtan bish 3 giorni fa

    I thought YuNa was like 19 but she is barely older than by me like not even a year...

  • Good noodle -
    Good noodle - 3 giorni fa +5

    I’m just a 11 days younger than Yuna...I feel like I’ve failed in life

    • Dora Sertic
      Dora Sertic Giorno fa

      Good noodle - I’m 22 and I think the same

  • Kpop _trash
    Kpop _trash 3 giorni fa

    I wanna see bts reaction when they see yuna and ryujin in itzy🤗🤤

  • mina '
    mina ' 3 giorni fa


  • Mariña Castelao
    Mariña Castelao 3 giorni fa

    ryujin was with Bts omfg hecoihfuehduwhdfuewhfuegdhwesdbcgfyewgfr7e with jhope my fucking bias wbdcfiuewsd

  • Rem Rawt
    Rem Rawt 3 giorni fa

    I like the tomboyish style of Ryujin.😘😘

  • 藍寶堅尼
    藍寶堅尼 3 giorni fa

    Like yuna

  • Erica Yuki
    Erica Yuki 3 giorni fa

    The fact that all of them are around my age, but so beautiful, talented and hardworking and wheres iam a dancing potato!

  • Arisa Changkeha
    Arisa Changkeha 3 giorni fa


  • LPS lyra
    LPS lyra 3 giorni fa

    oMg I nEvEr kNeW jImIn lIkEd rYuJiN- jk but seriously IIII NEVER KNEWWWWW IT WAS HERRRR

  • SoNotSassy
    SoNotSassy 3 giorni fa

    I recognized Ryujin 😇

    ANIME PORTALI 3 giorni fa +4

    OMG... Yuna in 2003 , I in 2002 she looks like 23

  • javie forever my baby
    javie forever my baby 3 giorni fa

    They are talented and pretty. hope they success.. fighting..

  • Ayu_05
    Ayu_05 3 giorni fa

    I'm more younger than all of them😂

  • Amy Gachie
    Amy Gachie 3 giorni fa

    For the Stray Kids survival show, I think that JYP already knew who he wanted to debut. if you watch their deciding performances, the boys made so many mistakes. They could even hold their microphones 😷. But JYP made some crap excuse. It was something like that he is more hopeful for the boys 🙄🙄🙄.

  • SNASRH소닉아사랑해
    SNASRH소닉아사랑해 3 giorni fa +3

    J-HOPE ?

  • Ma Aa
    Ma Aa 3 giorni fa

    Too young 😭😭


    Wuuu quede asombrada con el talento de éstas niñas me enamore encerio quede Omgaaaaa son geniales, por donde lo veas

  • 박 Eunmi _ كيبوبية اكسولية Exol Exokings

    2:00 pls the music's name 💕

  • zahra
    zahra 3 giorni fa

    Am i the only one who finds the fact that the overall debut age lowering is kinda wrong ... idk it just takes away some of what you could say 'normal life at such a young age' like damnnnnnn but all support to itzy . But its kinda creepy since how many times did you change what you wanted to be when your're older growing up , idk

  • 林娜璉
    林娜璉 3 giorni fa


  • Emma Watson fans
    Emma Watson fans 3 giorni fa +1


  • Pặc Chim Lùn
    Pặc Chim Lùn 3 giorni fa +2

    1:32 J-hope
    1:40 Jimin

  • グク・チェヨン寄りのallペン


  • Ouiam Mimouni
    Ouiam Mimouni 3 giorni fa

    Ryujin no wonder she kinds seemded familiar
    Or not familiar
    More like
    I just really lied her looks and her charisma
    Maybe dhe learned it from them i dont know

  • Vickie Vee
    Vickie Vee 4 giorni fa

    I'm not used to be older than all of the kpop idols or celebrities in general

  • justrandom zens
    justrandom zens 4 giorni fa

    When you realize that you are older than them 😂