Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM “I am WHO” Inst. Lyric Card 8 “Mixtape#2”

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  • Pubblicato il 1 ago 2018
  • Stray Kids 2ND MINI ALBUM “I am WHO” Inst. Lyric Card 8 “Mixtape#2”
    Stray Kids DEBUT ALBUM "I am NOT"
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  • starmyland
    starmyland 15 giorni fa

    This one has to definitely be my favorite SKZ mixtape's so beautiful :(

  • starmyland
    starmyland 15 giorni fa

    I'm so emotional wth I'm literally crying right now. Thinking about that all the members participated in the writing process, talking about all the struggles and hardships they had to face in the past, though. They did it and I'm so proud of them! :(

  • ala zatout
    ala zatout 3 mesi fa

    I love this song so much ♡♡♡

  • stay lilelfraca
    stay lilelfraca 4 mesi fa


  • y/n
    y/n 4 mesi fa


  • Queen Astrid
    Queen Astrid 8 mesi fa

    *This is my ringtone...*

  • 김Daniellè
    김Daniellè 9 mesi fa

    Issa bop

  • Andrea Molina
    Andrea Molina 10 mesi fa

    the chicken though😭🇩🇰

  • Andrea Molina
    Andrea Molina 10 mesi fa

    why can’t i see this in spotify?

  • Stay Forever
    Stay Forever 10 mesi fa


  • Queen Astrid
    Queen Astrid 10 mesi fa

    Im Dying to listen to this!it was one of the song what i was waiting😭somebody have a link?

  • Iris Rinaldi
    Iris Rinaldi 10 mesi fa

    I'm looking forward to receiving my album to listen to this track! It will take a lot of time, but it's worth it

  • Lidia Rosas
    Lidia Rosas 10 mesi fa

    omggg, una balada

  • hlm rfk
    hlm rfk 10 mesi fa

    This would be my song 😍

  • Titin Andriani
    Titin Andriani 10 mesi fa

    My fav

  • E G O T I S T I C
    E G O T I S T I C 10 mesi fa


  • 20Faye01 Vlogs
    20Faye01 Vlogs 10 mesi fa

    I need the full song😍😍 I can’t wait . I need this cause this is a perfect song to listen while studying 😍😍

  • lover jung kook
    lover jung kook 10 mesi fa +1

    나 는 마작 의 요리사 를 좋아한다

  • Annika -
    Annika - 10 mesi fa

    i already know this song is gonna make me cry
    so beautiful T.T

    LOVE KPOP 10 mesi fa

    Omagad im excited for this song!

  • art naz
    art naz 10 mesi fa

    What if they sing this today on their unveil comeback showcase.... With guitar.. 😭😭😭

  • 楊穎
    楊穎 10 mesi fa


  • michelle mae
    michelle mae 10 mesi fa

    Damn!!! This is so beautiful i wanna cry all day

  • Gara Subs
    Gara Subs 10 mesi fa +2

    Siento que esta canción te dara justo en el

  • Nicole ARMY_&_STAY
    Nicole ARMY_&_STAY 10 mesi fa

    Siento que esta canción me va hacer llorar y tranquilizar al mismo tiempo 😢😍

  • Shean
    Shean 10 mesi fa

    it sounds so cozy like mornings

  • La shora Durazno
    La shora Durazno 10 mesi fa

    Pero que hermoso💕🌸

  • Mia_lly STAY
    Mia_lly STAY 10 mesi fa

    Tão lindo mds 😢💖

  • J Ayu Setiowati
    J Ayu Setiowati 10 mesi fa

    This is nae styleya💛💛

  • care bears
    care bears 10 mesi fa


  • miriam copa copa
    miriam copa copa 10 mesi fa +1

    ○w● *♡♡*

  • Pandita Coreana
    Pandita Coreana 10 mesi fa +1

    Me llegó al corazón 😿💕

  • Pandita Coreana
    Pandita Coreana 10 mesi fa +1

    Llorando en español 😢💕

  • Pandita Coreana
    Pandita Coreana 10 mesi fa +1


  • fenia
    fenia 10 mesi fa

    i wonder what 3racha song is this meant to be?

    • A STAY in the Blue Sky
      A STAY in the Blue Sky 10 mesi fa

      moderndayhowell Even A Shadow Needs Light to Exist, one of deleted songs cuz 3Racha didn't produce it

    MABEL 10 mesi fa

    *Tengo el presentimiento que me va a dar algo, DEN LO MEJOR DE USTEDES*

    MABEL 10 mesi fa

    OMG *Estoy lista estoy lista,ya tengo todo listo para estar lista a fin de enlistarnos para tener lista la bienvenida lista de estos listos chicos listos para sacar el mixtape que ya está listo*

  • lazxli
    lazxli 10 mesi fa

    I can't... This is so.. Wow .
    My heart is not ready.. For this..
    *Waa, are so talents*

  • Zach Van
    Zach Van 10 mesi fa


  • Vanessa Hwang
    Vanessa Hwang 10 mesi fa

    I really love this one

  • huyenchau hoang
    huyenchau hoang 10 mesi fa +2 vote for Straykids please 💙

  • xjww17
    xjww17 10 mesi fa

    i'm honestly crying right now

  • •아만딘
    •아만딘 10 mesi fa

    I am actually crying

  • Niara Souz
    Niara Souz 10 mesi fa

    Felt like Im walking in rain with an umbrella in south Korea😭😭

  • keookt_
    keookt_ 10 mesi fa

    I'm lovin it already. This could be SKIZ and STAY's song. The only thing that is missing is our lightstick so STAY can proudly light our ocean. FIGHTING!!!

  • Lee know you know we know she know they know

    Not related but listening to this makes me think about country music of Taylor Swift:))

  • bovy08
    bovy08 10 mesi fa

    I love this song

  • calvin m
    calvin m 10 mesi fa +1

    This sounds like the default Samsung ring tone ajbdsunef (not in a bad way)

  • jisungs toe
    jisungs toe 10 mesi fa +1

    buckle up ladies its sad boi hours

  • chengie
    chengie 10 mesi fa +1

    this gona be that one song they sing at their 10th yr anniversary concert where all the fans r singing along and everyone is ugly crying

  • Mah_ Seesaw
    Mah_ Seesaw 10 mesi fa +1


  • Valerie Vergara
    Valerie Vergara 10 mesi fa +1

    imagine you are on the side of train's window thinking about things that makes u happy then this played,,

  • Anika
    Anika 10 mesi fa +3

    It’s got some country vibes but I’m digging it

  • Peggy Chen
    Peggy Chen 10 mesi fa +1

    They totally rewrite this song, but I think the main chorus should be the same.

  • - Jia
    - Jia 10 mesi fa +1

    I cried at the first second....I cant even...words...

  • Adithi Ravisankar
    Adithi Ravisankar 10 mesi fa +1

    I-i feel so emotional...I feel.........happiness..
    ma God, this music sounds so comforting..

    JYPER 10 mesi fa +1

    is this ASMR xD

  • Yixing's Dimples
    Yixing's Dimples 10 mesi fa +1

    In Stray Kid's song Mirror Chan says Who am I, I am not in the beginning. Who am I backwards is I am Who *mind blown*

  • Miss Musician
    Miss Musician 10 mesi fa +1

    This sooooo soft ❤️❤️❤️ I can hear Woojin, Seungmin and Jeongin's voices... That will fit perfectly 💕💕

  • Diana Kats
    Diana Kats 10 mesi fa +1

    I bet while i listen to this i will cry

  • bundlegirl 02
    bundlegirl 02 10 mesi fa +1

    Sounds beautiful ♡.♡

  • Dabin Yoo
    Dabin Yoo 10 mesi fa +3

    I don’t wanna sound rude but what’s the point joining jyp? I am pretty sure 3racha could’ve had a better future in yg not like jyp people would hype them for 2 years almost and forget about them :) people would attack me saying but “their personality “ lmao girl yg artists have great personality’s too ☺️ i just want good quality songs for straykids I can imagine how big they could be if they collaborated with mino or teddy 🔥🔥but mark my words as long as jyp don’t touch their music they will be fine

    • Yohanes M
      Yohanes M 10 mesi fa +1

      then their talents will be waste in dungeon

    • Lunar Moon
      Lunar Moon 10 mesi fa

      Juh Juggg they are good but their management tho....

    • P Ho
      P Ho 10 mesi fa +3

      Their talent would be wasted and hidden in the dungeon

    • A STAY in the Blue Sky
      A STAY in the Blue Sky 10 mesi fa +4

      It's fate. I think if Bang Chan joining another company, he would already debuted long ago, so it means 3Racha will never born

  • WhereWe STAY
    WhereWe STAY 10 mesi fa +1

    Does anyone know what time theyre having the comeback? I only know the date but not time

  • Genei Yang
    Genei Yang 10 mesi fa +2

    i cant waitt any longer i am exited😄😄

  • Lili BricoleJoue&Rigole

    I will love this album I'm as sure as I am a Stay

  • 4419 skz
    4419 skz 10 mesi fa +1

    Why i feel so emotional when I'm listening to this😭

  • tae af
    tae af 10 mesi fa +1


  • michelledoesstuff
    michelledoesstuff 10 mesi fa +1

    This is exactly my style.

  • Anna park
    Anna park 10 mesi fa

    อันนี้คือดีมากเว่อ รักมาก #STAY #STRAYKIDS

  • i know lee know you know


  • ΣӀҼ'1_ʍíɾօհ ՏƘՀ

    Why im crying😭😭😭😭

  • Niranjana S
    Niranjana S 10 mesi fa +1

    Can someone please explain?
    'Cuz in I AM WHO INTRO:1, it was shown like they were recording "Even Shadow Needs Light To Exist"
    Is this Mixtape#2 that song?

  • Angel Gastardo
    Angel Gastardo 10 mesi fa +1

    I like this one. Very sentimental. Chill chill

  • lino enthusiast
    lino enthusiast 10 mesi fa +1


    BLACKJACK #2NE1 10 mesi fa +1

    Wow 7 songs?!💚

  • Ari Lestari
    Ari Lestari 10 mesi fa +1

    so soft and beautiful song♡

  • Aldebaran ahn
    Aldebaran ahn 10 mesi fa +1


  • Faith Nightcore π
    Faith Nightcore π 10 mesi fa +1


    MY NAME IS PILIKS 10 mesi fa +1

    omaygadd cant wait

  • e wongton
    e wongton 10 mesi fa +1

    I have never been so ready and unready for something at the same time.

  • Bella Melisa
    Bella Melisa 10 mesi fa +1


  • Maharani Maharanigood
    Maharani Maharanigood 10 mesi fa +1

    semoga lagunya bagus2 ngga cuma full rap doang tapi ada lagu yang menunjukan kualitas suara mereka


    I'm excited for the OT9 version of Even A Shadow Needs Light To Exist! Hope it'll be on soundcloud like Mixtape #1 is!

  • Soledad Starcrown
    Soledad Starcrown 10 mesi fa +1

    So beautiful 😍😍

  • Mingming Rain
    Mingming Rain 10 mesi fa +1

    Sounds like an ost

  • 로제
    로제 10 mesi fa +1

    My kind🌸

  • violet703
    violet703 10 mesi fa +1

    My heart STAYS here..

  • Nisha Lor
    Nisha Lor 10 mesi fa +1

    this melody is so sweet and damn i think i cried

  • rzl her
    rzl her 10 mesi fa +1


  • Jen Zamoranos
    Jen Zamoranos 10 mesi fa +1

    I. DIED.

  • Shizuka
    Shizuka 10 mesi fa

    Their comeback is right after my birthday💜

  • Tub Hirai
    Tub Hirai 10 mesi fa +1

  • pequena A.R.M.Y Directioner

    I'm a "stay"♥♥

  • Erwin Pardede
    Erwin Pardede 10 mesi fa

    Dont forget on August 6th okayy

  • Erwin Pardede
    Erwin Pardede 10 mesi fa +1

    I'm STAY ONCE. Who still stay once here?✋

  • Erwin Pardede
    Erwin Pardede 10 mesi fa


  • Alvy Makeup
    Alvy Makeup 10 mesi fa

    This is my fav and the best song from this album❤️

  • Michelle Thao
    Michelle Thao 10 mesi fa

    I can feel it already. I'm gonna love this album.

  • Syg Pacheco
    Syg Pacheco 10 mesi fa

    This sounds like "Tonight" by Fzm static i feel sooo emo im cryinggg

  • aceito coxinha
    aceito coxinha 10 mesi fa +1

    AAA não tenho psicológico pra isso