190123 IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - La Vie en Rose (라비앙로즈) @ 8th GAONCHART MUSIC AWARDS [2K 60FPS]

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  • Pubblicato il 23 gen 2019
  • IZ*ONE (아이즈원) - La Vie en Rose (라비앙로즈)
    190123 제8회 가온차트 뮤직 어워즈 8th GAONCHART MUSIC AWARDS [2K 60FPS]
    Live Performance

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  • 강진홍
    강진홍 12 ore fa

    민주 미모 봐 진짜 미쳤다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 개이쁘네 와 기절할거같다

  • Ellanin Abuhon
    Ellanin Abuhon 16 ore fa

    Chae yeon improved a lot... show them what you got girl.. love them💖

  • Andhrea Aquino
    Andhrea Aquino 17 ore fa

    Chaeyeon always slay😍🔥🔥

  • Gerlyv Gonzales
    Gerlyv Gonzales Giorno fa

    Sakura is shining

  • Siti Sarah Zakaria
    Siti Sarah Zakaria 3 giorni fa

    Minju really did become such a good dancer and singer 😍

  • Loubna Bel
    Loubna Bel 4 giorni fa

    Chaeyeon hair 😘

  • Bianca Lee
    Bianca Lee 5 giorni fa

    OMG CHAEYEON ❤️❤️😍😍

  • Mít con King con
    Mít con King con 7 giorni fa

    Who came in for Sakura ? 😍
    1 like= yes

  • Jaildes Ferreira Dos Santos


  • 최성현
    최성현 10 giorni fa

    민주야 진짜 너무예뻐...

  • ああ
    ああ 10 giorni fa

    사쿠라 비주얼 최고

  • WhySoSerious?
    WhySoSerious? 16 giorni fa

    I feel like Chaeyeon could have done better with that intro dance.

  • Mr Chae
    Mr Chae 17 giorni fa

    Girl crush chaeyeon

  • 문TV
    문TV 19 giorni fa


  • Madd Kamaruzz
    Madd Kamaruzz 20 giorni fa +1

    Sakura outvisualed ❤

  • Sara Koh
    Sara Koh 21 giorno fa

    Glad these girls are doing well. Happy that Chaeyeon finally debuted 😍 EunKura awesome visual ❤

  • hadrio_o
    hadrio_o 21 giorno fa

    Idk about the arrangement but dont wonyoung deserve wearing that white stuff cause she was the center🤔
    It's not like i hate sakura but it's just my opinion

  • Ana Steele
    Ana Steele 21 giorno fa +1

    Lets all wear sliver and black and not tell sakura


  • ath E
    ath E 21 giorno fa


  • Lia Hehe
    Lia Hehe 21 giorno fa

    Wahhh the tumbnail 👍👍 kurq chann 😍😍

  • Amy B.
    Amy B. 22 giorni fa +1

    SAKURA NAKO ♥♥♥♥

  • Amy B.
    Amy B. 22 giorni fa

    Seems like Eunbi had a very hard time dancing with in high heels :(

  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music 22 giorni fa


  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music 22 giorni fa

    Love izone

  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music 22 giorni fa


  • Nightcore Music
    Nightcore Music 22 giorni fa


  • adam farish
    adam farish 22 giorni fa

    chaeyeon dance!

  • Kon YG
    Kon YG 22 giorni fa

    There skin color is soooo pale like vampires 😱😱😱😱

  • Me Likey Likey
    Me Likey Likey 22 giorni fa +30

    Eunbi dancing with the chair reminded me of Irene in Be Natural

  • L E E C H A E Y E O N
    L E E C H A E Y E O N 23 giorni fa +3

    You know why Sakura is the only one who wears white here......

    Because she is the rose here

  • Syukra Nur
    Syukra Nur 23 giorni fa


  • gai lin
    gai lin 23 giorni fa

    人数太多了 团员之间特征不够明显 张元英虽然是c但是辨识度真的好低 很难找到 Sakura真的很亮眼 一眼看到

  • Inevaropa Helni
    Inevaropa Helni 23 giorni fa

    Chaeyon 😍😍😍

  • ᄒᄒᄒ
    ᄒᄒᄒ 24 giorni fa

    맨날 립싱크 질림

  • Alisa Lexter
    Alisa Lexter 26 giorni fa

    When i look at Eunbi, I see Irene

  • 1911 lq6
    1911 lq6 26 giorni fa


  • Mylyn Condrillon

    yena in ponytail?
    Lisa: who are you?
    Yena: I'm you but in IZ* ONE😆✨

  • Tess Musni
    Tess Musni Mese fa +3

    Sakura, the true center of IZONE

  • Miguel Hernandez

    Me encantan todas!!!

  • Dahlia amina
    Dahlia amina Mese fa +1


  • 오랜지
    오랜지 Mese fa

    썸네일 보구 들어왓어..ㅠㅠ

  • Nhingu yen
    Nhingu yen Mese fa +5


    BTS WIFUE Mese fa +1

    Other members except Sakura: Let's tell our stylish that will wear black and not to tell sakura
    (Sorry for bad English)

  • 이화라
    이화라 Mese fa

    이날도 채연이가 찢엇구만

  • Lee Yuni
    Lee Yuni Mese fa

    Một mình chị trắng tinh khôi!

  • GH K
    GH K Mese fa

    정말 난 센터 장원영...

  • dede andriansyah
    dede andriansyah Mese fa +1

    Love the camera movement

  • Thi Trần
    Thi Trần Mese fa

    Chaeyeon ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  • RohaNee [러하니] PinkPanda Thailand

    Sakura and Chaeyeon ❤😙

  • ᄋᄋ
    ᄋᄋ Mese fa +1


  • Sharlyn Hechanova
    Sharlyn Hechanova Mese fa +2

    Chaeyon! ❤

    KPOP 4EVER! Mese fa +2

    Who died from Chaeyeon's hair?

  • Celine Celine
    Celine Celine Mese fa +1

    You know, I bet you don't, Sakura always wears different color of clothing like others are wearing black and she is all white their pick me up video all were wearing black and she's wearing pink,like girl your pretty I know that


    minju 💕😍

  • 망개하지민[아미버디]


  • Ngân Dolly
    Ngân Dolly Mese fa

    Chaeyeon ❤️❤️❤️

  • Vỹ Bùi Phạm Phượng

    I’m really simple. I saw Sakura, I clicked.

  • r np
    r np Mese fa

    0:31 채연등장

  • r np
    r np Mese fa

    채연이 등장하는거 존멋...

  • cendra roni
    cendra roni Mese fa

    EUNBI 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Monica
    Monica Mese fa

    2:38 looks the feather hair of chaeyeon :3

  • Mayette Solarte Parcon

    Itzy watch this omg

  • Afiq 96
    Afiq 96 Mese fa +1

    My fav group blackpink and izone i stan both group hahaha izit logic?

  • Frandzle_ 15
    Frandzle_ 15 Mese fa

    Why does Chaeyeon always make waves using her hair, it's very beautiful

  • Ritsuki Miyu
    Ritsuki Miyu Mese fa

    I don't like how the camera moves... it moves too too fast and makes me dizzy.

  • Salsabila Putri
    Salsabila Putri Mese fa +1


  • Nana
    Nana Mese fa +3

    Me:Sees everyone with black
    *Then an Angel appear*
    Me:Sakura You....SUCH OF AN ANGEL

  • Vi Nguyen
    Vi Nguyen Mese fa +1

    2:26 I keep replaying 😭

  • phimutz382
    phimutz382 Mese fa +2

    Sakura ❤️ Chaeyeon ❤️

  • sister twins
    sister twins Mese fa +4

    OMG 1:51 SAKURA is so beautiful

  • Kwinbwi ii
    Kwinbwi ii Mese fa

    F*cking hot Eunbi❤️

  • nana kichi
    nana kichi Mese fa +1


  • Hang To
    Hang To Mese fa +2

    sakura look like angel

  • Hey Wassup
    Hey Wassup Mese fa +1

    Minjoo is most beautiful for me 💖

  • Park Naras
    Park Naras Mese fa

    Just me is yuri stan?:(

  • Henry G
    Henry G Mese fa +1

    0:34 y’all telling me she got 12th place.. 12th??

  • Junn
    Junn Mese fa

    Is this pre recorded? I can hear the auto tune. I’m not hating just pointing that the girls needed that. Especially Chaeyeon she danced with the energy of ten years of my life. So she must’ve been tired even if she’s stable.

  • Denise Scarlett
    Denise Scarlett Mese fa

    Chaeyeon hair moves with her too 💕

  • Rafaela Quevedo
    Rafaela Quevedo Mese fa

    chaeyeons hair dance porn

  • Derek Espiritu
    Derek Espiritu Mese fa +2

    Everyone except Sakura: Hey let us all wear Black and not tell Sakura!!!😂😂

  • Derek Espiritu
    Derek Espiritu Mese fa

    Jinjja Nice Body!!

  • ᄒᄒᄒ
    ᄒᄒᄒ Mese fa

    썸네일보고 들어왔습니다

  • john kevin de villa

    jang wonyoung ,jo yuri ,kwon eunbi💕💖

  • john kevin de villa

    izone kooooooo😍💕

  • Tyrant Jhordan
    Tyrant Jhordan Mese fa +2

    Sakura and the backup dancers.

  • Kirsten Gutierrez

    my bias is really chaeyon's hair

  • shi no
    shi no Mese fa +1


  • Anthony Estrera
    Anthony Estrera Mese fa

    hye won

  • mmm nrtky
    mmm nrtky Mese fa


  • 趴趴趴
    趴趴趴 Mese fa +3

    🌸🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸 🌸🥰

  • Nguyễn thuỳ Dương

    Sakura dc thiên vị hả trang phục khác

  • NANASY / Cod実況


  • なみだ。
    なみだ。 Mese fa +1


  • iiewze’ NF
    iiewze’ NF Mese fa

    ❤️ซากุระ สวยมากกกกกก

  • あの
    あの Mese fa +1


  • Novita Agustina Maharani

    That opening😍😍😍

  • Nyx Reyes
    Nyx Reyes Mese fa +4

    Saku chan so perfect here. Aahh

  • jiwon kang
    jiwon kang Mese fa +1


  • Jared Nuguid
    Jared Nuguid Mese fa +1

    Sakura is outstanding compared to other members because she is wearing white

  • 화랑백두산엔
    화랑백두산엔 Mese fa +1