How I got my trash cat Luigi

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  • Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
  • ▶do you have a cat? i do. his name is Luigi and he likes to eat trash.
    ▶grab a shirt or plush before they're gone!
    ▶Rebecca Parham voiced lines in this video! Check her out:
    I USE:
    ▶ ToonBoom Harmony Premium - to animate
    ▶ Adobe Photoshop CC - backgrounds, illustrations, thumbnail
    ▶ Cintiq 16 Pro - screen tablet (but I recommend basic cheap pen tablets from Wacom)
    ▶ MERCH:
    - I'm sorry, I'm not available to do lines for videos anymore; I've gotten really busy :(
    - I am NOT looking for animation or video help! I appreciate your kindness. I'm not in a place where I need to hire people, not even for free.
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  • illymation
    illymation  24 giorni fa +4850

    i in fact do have another cat! her name is..............

    junie :^) like my comment if this bothers u or you want me to make a video about her too :^)

  • Blades Of Derp
    Blades Of Derp 17 minuti fa

    Frickin Luigi!

  • Alex
    Alex 2 ore fa

    i had a cat that sucked on everything, got him a baby pacifier and it was both efficient and adorable

  • Desiree Hilton
    Desiree Hilton 5 ore fa

    Small Oowo baby bones ❤️

  • cb bullos
    cb bullos 6 ore fa

    bob cats r carnivores maybe
    for me if I were u I would do BOB cuz of BOB ROSS

  • Lily Pyle
    Lily Pyle 6 ore fa

    Horror stories for cats
    Once upon a Time, there were DOGS
    Once upon a time, there was a RUNNING SHOWER
    Once upon a time, there was a CUCUMBER

  • Bloodbath 666
    Bloodbath 666 7 ore fa


  • Anchenqwerty
    Anchenqwerty 7 ore fa

    Why do I have to choose one dog or cat

  • Aiden Jones
    Aiden Jones 8 ore fa

    H bday

  • Devastator 87
    Devastator 87 8 ore fa

    Ha ha my favorite part in the video when u say my cat my son

  • the confused
    the confused 9 ore fa


  • the confused
    the confused 9 ore fa


  • Legends of Aqua and Pyro

    Why does nobody pay attention to weegie

  • Gingerkat 367
    Gingerkat 367 9 ore fa +1

    2:10 Is that Rebecca?

  • Emilie Smith
    Emilie Smith 11 ore fa

    He is a eunuchitty

  • Giavanna Robertson
    Giavanna Robertson 11 ore fa

    Did any one realize her house number is 420

  • Red Spy
    Red Spy 12 ore fa


  • ホタル
    ホタル 12 ore fa

    My old cat grinder also had the same problem with being neutered to early, he also sounds like a lil boo

  • Broccoli
    Broccoli 13 ore fa

    1:50 isnt aloud to get a cat because choosing to euthisneize (great spelling) it instead of letting the cat suffer.

    4:05 my goodness my cat has the same voice too

  • xd slendy po and bendy veo

    My black cat name mario

  • Dolls World Flower
    Dolls World Flower 16 ore fa

    You know what they say Curiosity killed the cat

  • Starry Unicorn
    Starry Unicorn 17 ore fa

    You remind me of pidge from voltron lool

  • Roblox Lolbit
    Roblox Lolbit 17 ore fa

    I'm glad he's ok
    Also my uncle's cat won't stop meowing when everyone's trying to sleep he is very talkative
    And kinda annoying sometimes but he's fine

  • Vallie And The Puppies

    true tho :P

  • Gina Soque
    Gina Soque 20 ore fa

    Villager at night mehhhhhhhhhh

  • Andross The evil mad scientist

    You like cats over dogs because of Luigi.
    Not talking about the little cat.
    Talking about the little green man.

  • Shyle tendras
    Shyle tendras 20 ore fa

    Like my new if ur pet needs to be away for long time
    My pet must go away for a long time my dog was give me to are farm my dog was given food water and a shelter still today not came back because of widening we only got to remove are planters

  • UltraPrincessKenny
    UltraPrincessKenny 21 ora fa


  • I’m totally not Basic


    I died.

  • Hot steamy GÄRBÂGÉ

    He just want love

  • Cat Lady Lover
    Cat Lady Lover Giorno fa

    I have three luigis in our house

  • Willow DoesStuff
    Willow DoesStuff Giorno fa


  • Aria&Jay toys and gacha jay

    He poop it out

  • Elias Durgin
    Elias Durgin Giorno fa


  • My Partner Eevee
    My Partner Eevee Giorno fa

    happy bday!

  • pink pony squad
    pink pony squad Giorno fa

    I love the part where u have spent SOOO MUCH TIME ON then the “that’s a one for me” part I love that

  • Christian Brash
    Christian Brash Giorno fa

    This was posted on my birthday just to say please like

  • Smantha Montanez
    Smantha Montanez Giorno fa

    That's how my cat sounds.

  • Peyton Finn
    Peyton Finn Giorno fa

    *B O B , WACK , L U I G I , SNACCC*

  • brenni
    brenni Giorno fa

    happy birthday!!!!

  • TheOfficialSCP096
    TheOfficialSCP096 Giorno fa

    3:41 If you look in the background, it says 420 on her house. XD

  • Mario Lopez
    Mario Lopez Giorno fa

    the cat is my brother because my name is mario

  • Jenny Jinkins
    Jenny Jinkins Giorno fa

    You are talking about an dog

  • Mitzi Morales
    Mitzi Morales Giorno fa

    0:56 not the little green man
    Luigi: am I a joke to you

  • Mazie Hyer
    Mazie Hyer Giorno fa

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU ARE THE BEST IT-clipR IN THE WORLD! I hope you have an amazing birthday and I hope Luigi helps you celebrate it! Ur the best!!!❤️❤️❤️🤪

  • Lucky The Ink Cat
    Lucky The Ink Cat Giorno fa

    Luigi from smash.

  • Madison Geter
    Madison Geter Giorno fa


  • Shidonī-Chan :3
    Shidonī-Chan :3 Giorno fa +3

    Petsmart is a piece of shi-

  • Weeaboo32
    Weeaboo32 Giorno fa


  • Dynamite Kitty 2
    Dynamite Kitty 2 Giorno fa

    2:16 **fbi open up!

  • TheRandomNPC
    TheRandomNPC Giorno fa

    My family has a cat, she's barely 3 months old she's real cute, runs around the house real fast sometimes. One time she slept next to me, that was fun.

  • Logan Rose
    Logan Rose Giorno fa

    Happy birthday

  • GoonCartoons
    GoonCartoons Giorno fa

    Very fun!! I like your channel and admire your tenacity to create your own animation on such a steady schedule!!! CHEERS!! from GOON CARTOONS!

  • Omega Egg
    Omega Egg Giorno fa

    i love the way you say luigi

    Bob: WACC
    Looigi: SNACC

    ik its luigi its just what it sounds like when she says it

  • Lavender Krackerz
    Lavender Krackerz Giorno fa

    1:26 Mazz Cat.

  • Kasey Miller
    Kasey Miller Giorno fa

    I actually have a kitten named Cheeto

  • Dennis Mcgarry
    Dennis Mcgarry Giorno fa

    3:43 *4 2 0*

  • EG Girl
    EG Girl Giorno fa +2

    My cat, my son, LUIGI!!!!

    Bob, whack Luigi SNACK!!

  • Gåçhå Čhå0s
    Gåçhå Čhå0s Giorno fa +1

    OMG LUIGI LOOKS LIKE MY CAT but i named her bear :>

  • Pree Phak
    Pree Phak Giorno fa

    if you have another cat name it mario.