Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food

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  • Pubblicato il 10 gen 2019
  • Simpsons food tried by Adults.
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    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Simpsons Food | People Vs. Food
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    • Marcos Gallardo
      Marcos Gallardo 6 giorni fa

      love your show will forsure subscribe :) will you plz do a dragonball super try not to eat challenge pleaseeeeeeee & thank you 🎂👊😎👐😆😆

    • Edgar Hernandez
      Edgar Hernandez 9 giorni fa

      You guys should do one on regular show foods

    • Andythe Animator
      Andythe Animator 9 giorni fa

      Even mine

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Giorno fa +4

    You should do a willie wonka episode!!

  • thesweetienicole
    thesweetienicole Giorno fa +5

    this series makes me so hungry and i would LOVE TO DO THIS 😭💞

  • Sweet Potatowo Pie
    Sweet Potatowo Pie Giorno fa +4

    I just wished they added that hot cocoa seen in the simpsons movie

  • Bill Bort
    Bill Bort Giorno fa +1

    That’s not queso

  • ペイジ
    ペイジ Giorno fa +1


  • Jenna Francis
    Jenna Francis Giorno fa +4

    The donut 🍩 one my teacher be like *eats of all the donut* my teacher loves donuts

  • Rahsheda Perine
    Rahsheda Perine Giorno fa +7

    At Universal Studios In California there's a Simpsons restaurant. I went there and they had a lot of the food shown in the video. These foods were so good.💖😍♥️👍

  • Cristy Rosario
    Cristy Rosario Giorno fa +15

    Make them try not to eat Garfield’s Lasagna

  • Zaloze chan
    Zaloze chan Giorno fa +2

    I'm don't want to eat all of them because I'm already full drinking CocaCola.`)

  • Dayna Carbente
    Dayna Carbente Giorno fa +2


  • Fani Adji
    Fani Adji Giorno fa +5

    from korean dramaa pleaseee 😍😍😍

  • ItsJust Alat
    ItsJust Alat Giorno fa +17

    Do spongebob next

  • Iris Clark
    Iris Clark 2 giorni fa +17

    All these foods looked disgusting

    ASMR MUA 2 giorni fa +1


  • RayRayofCali
    RayRayofCali 2 giorni fa +13


  • kenna luvs you
    kenna luvs you 2 giorni fa +14


  • crazy cat lady
    crazy cat lady 2 giorni fa +4

    I'm hungry now ;-;

  • Jasmines Dulce Channel
    Jasmines Dulce Channel 2 giorni fa +2

    Do spongebob

  • Destiny Lopez
    Destiny Lopez 2 giorni fa +3


  • Colleen Dean
    Colleen Dean 2 giorni fa +2

    Harry Potter please!

  • L M Ramirez Limon
    L M Ramirez Limon 2 giorni fa


  • Athena Gikas
    Athena Gikas 2 giorni fa

    I love these vids sooo cool and funny

  • Anthony Samaniego
    Anthony Samaniego 2 giorni fa

    Omg I loved it

  • Yolanda Rios
    Yolanda Rios 2 giorni fa +3

    do adventure time

  • Swanscrossingfan
    Swanscrossingfan 2 giorni fa +1

    Didn’t Marge find that sandwich behind the radiator? Lol🤢🤮

  • Gabriela
    Gabriela 2 giorni fa +6

    Due to my allergies, I think I have a chance of winning this specific challenge

    • Gabriela
      Gabriela 2 giorni fa

      +oOxPookyxOo as good as it looks, probably not Dx

    • oOxPookyxOo
      oOxPookyxOo 2 giorni fa +1

      Ya and probably also not even being able to eat the winning dish 😏

  • Alexandria Brown
    Alexandria Brown 2 giorni fa +3

    Someone make a pun of Shant’s name bc he didn’t eat any of the food

  • Eagle High Gamer
    Eagle High Gamer 2 giorni fa +6

    Oh no..But I'm eating now...

  • smol bean
    smol bean 2 giorni fa +25

    You guys should do a Nickelodeon version. With food like Spaghetti tacos (icarly) or Krabby Patty’s

  • AgentDipsy
    AgentDipsy 2 giorni fa +3


  • Reshma Sawant
    Reshma Sawant 2 giorni fa +13

    Try not to eat friends food challenge 😂😂 you guys can use Rachel's beef truffle as punishment food and the cheesecake as winning

  • Charm
    Charm 2 giorni fa +19

    Try Not To Eat Challenge - Coraline Food

  • Corbyn’s Spouse
    Corbyn’s Spouse 2 giorni fa +9

    i don’t really like the new people...

  • destinee winter
    destinee winter 2 giorni fa +13

    can u guys please do a try not to eat spongebob version

  • Agus Supriatna
    Agus Supriatna 2 giorni fa +3

    Please don't invite the same person... just PICK ME UPPPPPPPPP

  • kacey rose
    kacey rose 2 giorni fa +2

    Doesn’t it make more sense to eat all of them and just take the challenge over one good one because I mean like they’re all good

  • Valentina Isabeau
    Valentina Isabeau 2 giorni fa +10

    The spaghetti bar looked disgusting

  • SuShI yUm YuM
    SuShI yUm YuM 2 giorni fa +7

    Sponge bob food

  • AllSeeingEye20
    AllSeeingEye20 3 giorni fa +1

    I say its a win-win situation. That punishment is still a food from "The Simpsons".

  • Marlys Fransen
    Marlys Fransen 3 giorni fa +7

    Can they give us the recipe for all of these

  • Jahvonni Robinson
    Jahvonni Robinson 3 giorni fa


  • Wendy Gonzalez
    Wendy Gonzalez 3 giorni fa +5

    Who else related to Johnathan when he took a "sensible bite" of the moon waffle bcz same

  • Nooria Ainy
    Nooria Ainy 3 giorni fa +3

    That ribwich though🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Isaac Vivar
    Isaac Vivar 3 giorni fa +9

    you could've bought the donut at dunkin donuts

  • Tania lopez
    Tania lopez 3 giorni fa +9

    Somebody toucha mah spaget!

    PUMPKINIII 3 giorni fa +8

    If you're resisting food to try to win a challenge it's not a win at all because it's a loss for your stomach

  • y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE
    y0u D0n'T Kn0w mE 3 giorni fa +25

    Who else thinks the sauce on the spagetti bar looks grose?

  • jame Am Flash AM BABY
    jame Am Flash AM BABY 3 giorni fa


  • Whitesiberianhusky .d
    Whitesiberianhusky .d 3 giorni fa +1

    Oh cool

  • D M
    D M 3 giorni fa +6

    People vs Mr. Beans foods

  • Emily McDonald
    Emily McDonald 3 giorni fa +7

    People vs Christmas movie foods

  • Emma Thibeault
    Emma Thibeault 4 giorni fa +5

    people vs food family guy food!

  • Sergio Ramirez Ramirez
    Sergio Ramirez Ramirez 4 giorni fa +4

    I loved this show as a kid and rethink what i was doing when i was a child

  • Izzy S
    Izzy S 4 giorni fa +6

    You guys mean business when you say punishment. 😬

  • nicole jeannotte
    nicole jeannotte 4 giorni fa

    Ary eats everyone on everyone one of these videos 😂

  • gabriel gaming
    gabriel gaming 4 giorni fa

    This is one where its good to win

  • Frannchelle Official
    Frannchelle Official 4 giorni fa +1

    I’ll eat all of them 😂 also the punishment idc👌🏽👌🏽

  • بكر كيمز
    بكر كيمز 4 giorni fa +8

    TOM and JERRY foods

  • hiphop4427
    hiphop4427 4 giorni fa +3

    People vs Food - Family Guy Food!!!! PLZ!!!!

  • cmndrkool321
    cmndrkool321 4 giorni fa +20

    I would have done Flanders' hot cocoa or a tall glass of official Duff beer.

  • Kayla Contreras
    Kayla Contreras 4 giorni fa +3

    Is that Jim on here also on Nailed it!?!🤯🤯🤯

  • Farah Hussin
    Farah Hussin 4 giorni fa +2

    Best show!

  • Nikolai Dacapias
    Nikolai Dacapias 4 giorni fa +11

    Why do I feel like the staff of this channel and boss is really rich

  • Favu Perez
    Favu Perez 4 giorni fa +1

    Shant is gorgeous ! 😍

  • Abril Gameplays
    Abril Gameplays 4 giorni fa +15

    I just want the Krabby Patty and I'm satisfied

  • Erica Sunly
    Erica Sunly 5 giorni fa +11

    I always wanted to try the 90s cartoon hot dogs

  • JD_smoOvE_305
    JD_smoOvE_305 5 giorni fa +3

    Now I’m hungry

  • Gabby Cabarcos
    Gabby Cabarcos 5 giorni fa +12

    I would eat ALL them

    • Hannah is a human
      Hannah is a human 4 giorni fa +1

      Where have I seen may just be your profile but you seem familiar....WELP I ADOPT YOU AS MY BEST FRIEND EVEN IF IM WRONG

      *because I would do the exact same thing as you*

  • The Bit Gamer 2
    The Bit Gamer 2 5 giorni fa +4

    I’m here for the flaming moe and nacho hat

  • Caroline Ludemann
    Caroline Ludemann 5 giorni fa +1

    excuseth me but does anyone kno alberto’s @?

  • Xiofo XOX
    Xiofo XOX 5 giorni fa +5

    Jim’s a officer?

  • Once Upon A Blink
    Once Upon A Blink 5 giorni fa +4

    I think this is the only challenge so far that I would’ve won I don’t even like sandwiches so I would’ve just eaten the ribs off the ribwhich

  • Aiden Albertsen
    Aiden Albertsen 5 giorni fa +16

    You forgot Flanders hot cocoa

    • audrey l
      audrey l 5 giorni fa

      lol Flanders is my last name

  • Brooke K
    Brooke K 5 giorni fa +5

    That waffle though. Yummy.

  • Aesthetic Moon
    Aesthetic Moon 5 giorni fa +3

    Why does Alberto look like Junior from under the dome?

  • Montana Servick
    Montana Servick 5 giorni fa +7

    Next Try NOT to Eat should be food from Pokemon and the end reward should be something Brooke made!!!

  • Audrey Cline
    Audrey Cline 5 giorni fa

    Alberto looks like DIGGIE from Liv and Maddie

  • Felicia Aurelia
    Felicia Aurelia 5 giorni fa +1

    U know im going to win this.
    Just imagine the food is treated the same way from the movie.

  • Khanya Thwala
    Khanya Thwala 5 giorni fa +5

    Why does Ary look like JoJo's but in a gothic way...

  • Shawn Hendricks
    Shawn Hendricks 6 giorni fa +3

    Every every Sunday made my brother my mom we would get up by the TV and wait for the symptoms to come off it was so much fun watching it every single Sunday it was amazing best Sundaes in my life

  • Clout God
    Clout God 6 giorni fa +26

    “You guys are not kidding when you say it’s a punishment” 😂

  • Danilo Cervellini
    Danilo Cervellini 6 giorni fa +25

    As Italian the spaghetti bar is like a knife inside the heart

  • PetiteToxin
    PetiteToxin 6 giorni fa +11

    Ary is literally me, she just came for the food 😂

  • MrGreen
    MrGreen 6 giorni fa +26

    Sadly I get to pass on every meal, in every episode and still not getting anything..😩😭

  • Ms. Random JAZ
    Ms. Random JAZ 6 giorni fa +6

    Kung fu pandas dumplings

  • Serena Lizzy Cros
    Serena Lizzy Cros 6 giorni fa +6

    I was definitely going to win

  • makayla nicole
    makayla nicole 6 giorni fa +24

    That food was a snack
    But Alberto is a bigger snack

  • A
    A 7 giorni fa +46

    Do krusty krab menu

  • Mangle’s OOFF
    Mangle’s OOFF 7 giorni fa +9

    This kinda makes me wanna throw up because I already ate and now this makes me too full 😂

  • Rhalp Dizon
    Rhalp Dizon 7 giorni fa +29

    FBE it is better if you try to give the winner a chance to pick another dish from the challenges additional to the final reward. Just to compensate them more. Haha more power!

  • Kristin Kamel
    Kristin Kamel 7 giorni fa +21

    Do the hunger games capitol edition please.

  • Johnny Skyfire
    Johnny Skyfire 7 giorni fa +9

    I could really go for a ribwich right about now

  • Cristy
    Cristy 7 giorni fa +18

    You should make one of Adventure time!!! Pls!

    • Not Shabab
      Not Shabab 5 giorni fa

      +Cristy Yesss i love thattt

    • Not Shabab
      Not Shabab 5 giorni fa

      +kristen mathews hahah same

    • S A
      S A 5 giorni fa +1

      Bacon pancake, bacon bacon pancake! Bacon pancaakee~~

    • Cristy
      Cristy 5 giorni fa +1

      +Not Shabab Yeah!, I remember😋!
      I want to try the omelet sandwich made out of alive ingredients, that Bmo made!

    • kristen mathews
      kristen mathews 5 giorni fa +2

      I just wanna eat the candy people tbh😂

  • Jayden Parker
    Jayden Parker 7 giorni fa +8

    Jim was on nailed it

  • KT breathe
    KT breathe 7 giorni fa +8

    Alberto's arms are just getting bigger and bigger as his shoulders get wider and wider. This kid is huge lol

  • yunglingling
    yunglingling 7 giorni fa +8

    who’s the chef I wanna book them 😭😭

  • Master Ambassador
    Master Ambassador 7 giorni fa +14

    Try not to eat Scooby Doo edition please

  • Cogsworth !
    Cogsworth ! 7 giorni fa +5

    Try not to eat: Simpsons
    Try not to eat The Simpsons
    Try not to eat Simpsons

  • NaCl H2O
    NaCl H2O 7 giorni fa +12

    Why is almost everyone that does theses are hipsters