Stray Kids "I am YOU" M/V

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  • Pubblicato il 22 ott 2018
  • Stray Kids(스트레이 키즈) "I am YOU" M/V
    Stray Kids 3RD MINI ALBUM "I am YOU"
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  • khawla Mehdi
    khawla Mehdi 5 ore fa +1

    I really don't now why but everytime i listen to this song i cry the lyrics make mee feel that they're really thankful to stays ,like they love us and will support us no matter what...
    And i think there in another reason i cry when i listen to this song because woojin say"i am you" i had a friend and i loved her so much she always said that she loves me and don't know what to do if i'm not with her and i had a diary in which i write my feelings and i wrote something really sad because i was depressed and wrote if you're a friend or a member of the family don't read it please she said "i will read it because i am not a friend i am not a member of the family i am you" that was one month ago
    But two weeks ago i knew that she lied that she never loved me and became my Friend just for materiel reasons...

  • shaikha !!
    shaikha !! 8 ore fa

    3:34 hYUNJIN

  • Athiyah Inayah
    Athiyah Inayah 10 ore fa +1

    Im really love this song😭❤️

  • Daisy_WDW
    Daisy_WDW 13 ore fa +3

    im a new stay can u help me,
    I can tell all of them apart (ish) apart from 2 of them who is at 2:30

    • Mader 9964
      Mader 9964 7 ore fa

      The one at 2:30 is Lee Minho also known as Lee Know...

  • mal fa
    mal fa 16 ore fa +2

    STAY let's try to get 27M by this month!

  • Kim Jordhen Woojinie
    Kim Jordhen Woojinie 17 ore fa +1

    2:53 - 2:56 Damn that visuals♥

  • Reveluv Yeri
    Reveluv Yeri 17 ore fa +1


  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 20 ore fa +3


  • Tia Mell
    Tia Mell 23 ore fa

    Maravilhoso!!!!! Amo a cada dia mais 💞

  • Idayene Carla
    Idayene Carla Giorno fa

    Como eles estão tão lindos nesse MV fofos

  • K J
    K J Giorno fa +2

    3:48 Jisung over there lookin all fine 😩

  • my way nin
    my way nin Giorno fa +4


  • Cherish Gunda
    Cherish Gunda Giorno fa +4

    I'm an ARMY but I love all the members in Stray Kids💖
    For me, there are:
    9 singers
    9 rappers
    9 visuals

    • Mader 9964
      Mader 9964 7 ore fa

      9 dorks
      9 crackheads
      9 softies

    • Plumpest Pigeon
      Plumpest Pigeon Giorno fa

      Hey fellow army, trust me, you won't regret becoming an ArmyStay

  • randymikeyjackbrooks marshmello

    Hah! Proud to be not-yet-stay-wait..😂

  • alanis alanis
    alanis alanis Giorno fa +6

    Can't get this song out of my head!!!♡♡

  • LivPurpleHearts
    LivPurpleHearts Giorno fa +5

    I love this song!

  • May Chan
    May Chan Giorno fa

    Sizi başıboş çocuklarrr

  • I love when yoongi stans go off

    Who's here after the I am:groot teaser??

  • Yaaru Gamlin
    Yaaru Gamlin 2 giorni fa +5

    I guess no one is here but i promise to stre** untill the end of my life🌸🌸 how can people even hate them

  • Chicken is life But Jae is lifer

    I just saw that they made a MV that had not yet changed the clothing until they were still wearing the clothes they were wearing.💞 I salute the staff/styles and director to make this MV simple but meaningful.💪 See you next week SKz.😍😍

  • Silverbird 3000
    Silverbird 3000 2 giorni fa +2

    Wow, I love this song so much ❤️

  • ѕt mєlσn
    ѕt mєlσn 2 giorni fa +4

    Minhoe tho😍😍

  • najaemin
    najaemin 2 giorni fa +2

    my everyday mood is loving them

  • han le know
    han le know 2 giorni fa +2

    keep streaming stay, let's 100M

  • My leader Bang Chan
    My leader Bang Chan 3 giorni fa

    el 27 es uno de mis numeros favs

  • My leader Bang Chan
    My leader Bang Chan 3 giorni fa +2

    91k más y 27M

  • mediyahoo cintata
    mediyahoo cintata 3 giorni fa +5

    Don’t worry babies, noona will keep streaming :)

  • Jiminizor
    Jiminizor 3 giorni fa +4

    Let's get 27M

  • Gy Mobile
    Gy Mobile 3 giorni fa +2

    ปั่นวิวค่ะๆ ทุกคน

  • Gy Mobile
    Gy Mobile 3 giorni fa +2

    พี่ฮยอนจินน่ารักอ่ะ :)

  • Anastasia Arts
    Anastasia Arts 3 giorni fa +3

    i think this is one of the most beautiful skz videos

  • Halex B
    Halex B 3 giorni fa +3

    Oh Felixxx

  • Gy Mobile
    Gy Mobile 3 giorni fa +1

    ชอบเสื้อของพี่ฮยอนจินมากอ่ะ ลายขาวดำ ;). *0*

  • queen cupcake
    queen cupcake 3 giorni fa +5

    3:30 don't worry chan i will💖💖💖

  • Plumpest Pigeon
    Plumpest Pigeon 3 giorni fa +1

    *Join a Stay Group Chat!*

  • shuurie ryuuki
    shuurie ryuuki 3 giorni fa +4

    *I can't be the only one coming back here* LIKE IF YOU VISITED ALSO 💕

  • hanan gee
    hanan gee 3 giorni fa +2


  • hanan gee
    hanan gee 3 giorni fa +3


  • i love twice and itzy love

    Str3am harder stay's the goal is 30m road to 30m figthing

  • Eliana Gaitán
    Eliana Gaitán 3 giorni fa +3

    Bang chan

  • Eliana Gaitán
    Eliana Gaitán 3 giorni fa +1

    me encanta

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa +4

    Stray Kids everywhere all around the world 💜💜💜

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa

    Jeogin 💗💗💙

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa

    Seungmin 💞

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa

    Felix 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa

    Han Jisung 💘💘💘

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa

    Hyunjin 💖💖

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa +1

    Minho (my love) 💜💜💜

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa +1

    Binnie binnie Changbin 💓💓

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa +1

    Bang chan 💙💙

  • Lona stay
    Lona stay 3 giorni fa +1

    Woojin 💕💕

  • Ahn ruxha
    Ahn ruxha 4 giorni fa


  • Ди Леди
    Ди Леди 4 giorni fa +2

    Слишком прекрасная песня ❤️ Одна из мои любимых😊
    Stray kids, i love u😋😍

  • Appreciate Hwang Hyunjin
    Appreciate Hwang Hyunjin 4 giorni fa +3

    How many people hate life
    1 like = 1 person

    GDTSI MV2 4 giorni fa +3

    Str34m I Am You, Please Thank You Stays

  • Ridding Hood
    Ridding Hood 4 giorni fa +2

    2:29 Thank Me later

  • Z-Jheyy 10
    Z-Jheyy 10 4 giorni fa +3

    I fell in love with the leader of this group Bang Chan
    Es tan Hermoso 🍀❤ Me Encanta su Sonrisa 😍

  • Phylicia Class(ST)
    Phylicia Class(ST) 4 giorni fa +3


  • Stray Kids My Loves
    Stray Kids My Loves 4 giorni fa +4

    I don't fear pain or failure anymore because I'm too grateful for the pains and failures of my past, they have made me who I am. I believe in learning and achieving as well as searching for my goals. I believe in expressing my true feelings as well as being spontaneous. We are as free as can be. And if can be you, you can be me.
    SKZ I love you so much.

  • María :v
    María :v 5 giorni fa +5

    how many people love Stray Kids?

  • Fortnite Raven
    Fortnite Raven 5 giorni fa

    Felix face when he said "I can do anything"

  • Valen Mac donel
    Valen Mac donel 5 giorni fa

    al principio creí que era my pace y se habían equivocado de nombre v:

  • syahzawany
    syahzawany 5 giorni fa +3


  • Alice Ari
    Alice Ari 5 giorni fa +4

    Lets get 27M for this bop aka the most underrated skz song

  • Amira El Batawi
    Amira El Batawi 5 giorni fa +4

    come on stays dont be lazy and stream this masterpiece!!!!!

  • hyejinniev
    hyejinniev 5 giorni fa

    How many people love pizza?

    1 Like = 1000 People

  • hyejinniev
    hyejinniev 5 giorni fa +4

    Everyone's with the hOw MucH dO yOu LovE ...

    Meanwhile I'm here eating my pizza and singing along,
    even tho I can't speak korean :>

  • Plumpest Pigeon
    Plumpest Pigeon 5 giorni fa +3

    *Feel free to join a new Stay Group Chat!*

  • Alía Montes
    Alía Montes 5 giorni fa

    Tenemos que llegar a los 30M
    I am you merece más, es una de las mejores canciones que he escuchado !!

  • Alía Montes
    Alía Montes 5 giorni fa +4


  • kookie the rapper
    kookie the rapper 5 giorni fa +5

    Minho looks like someone from exo (I'm not an exo-L so I'm not sure who) let me know who it you think he looks like ¿¿¿¿

    • COOKIES _
      COOKIES _ 2 giorni fa

      kookie the rapper He kind of looks like Luhan, albeit Luhan is not a member of Exo anymore. :

  • Riley Orton
    Riley Orton 5 giorni fa +6

    4:02 They're looking off into the distance... Into the city... the maze..... the M I R O H 👀👀👀

  • c va :v
    c va :v 5 giorni fa

    Vamos por el 1M de likes :)💗

    CHOU TZUYU 5 giorni fa


  • Naír Samudio
    Naír Samudio 5 giorni fa

    Can somebody explain why felix has such little protagonism on their songs?

    • 100% Felix biased but also an OT9 stan/9 or none
      100% Felix biased but also an OT9 stan/9 or none 4 giorni fa

      Hi! Are you a new Stay? So here's the thing. Felix is still improving his Korean. Felix is Australian and English is his native language. He's a rapper so he should be able to rap with clear Korean pronunciation. Also, his voice is unique and it's hard to fit into some songs. But I still really hate that he gets so little lines. Like, I've been here since predebut and I'm getting sick of that fact.

    ANNE MADELEINE 6 giorni fa

    su letra te llega, el sentimiento que refleja, el amor que tiene, esta canción es oro y siempre la voy a amar. Es mi favorita. Solo oir a Jeongin decir QUEDATE A MI LADO ALV!
    Su cambio radical de su Comeback fue uffff.

  • Rachel Alvarez
    Rachel Alvarez 6 giorni fa +1

    T-T T-T T-T this guys make me so happy

  • autcmnleaves
    autcmnleaves 6 giorni fa +5

    i am you deserves so much better

  • Prerana Gurung
    Prerana Gurung 6 giorni fa +3

    I LOVE this genre. I literally got chillsss like I've got goosebumps m8. An' why do I feel like I could cry rn lol? The lyrics are so heartfelt and touching :(( LOTS OF LOVE FROM STAYYY

  • Suzy susanti
    Suzy susanti 6 giorni fa +2

    don't stop st543mng stay,,,let's 30M

  • Jung Ah Mi
    Jung Ah Mi 6 giorni fa +2


  • Riza
    Riza 6 giorni fa +3

    내 빈자리를 채워줬던 너
    그 빈자릴 채울 수 있던 너
    그저 내 곁에 있어 준 것만으로도
    내겐 힘이 돼
    고맙단 말밖에 못 하던
    내가 널 향해 손을 내민다
    그 손을 잡은 너와 함께
    전보다 더 큰 꿈을 외친다
    내가 널 위할 수만 있다면 뭐든 할 수가 있더라고
    네가 더 빛날 수만 있다면 내가 어둠이 되더라도
    너의 곁에 내가 있어 줄게
    나와 같은 곳에 있어 줄래
    창밖은 너무 추워 나 혼자 남아있기엔
    여긴 네가 있어 따듯해 지나 봐
    I am YOU, I see me in you
    너와 있을 때 난 알 수 있어
    같은 공간 속에서, 같은 시간 속에선
    뭐든 이겨 낼 수 있어
    I found YOU, I found me in you
    그 안에서 나의 모습이 보여
    같은 공간 속에서, 같은 시간 속에서
    Let me run, let me run, let me run along with YOU
    나도 잘 몰랐던 내 자신을 비춰줬어
    나도 날 몰라서 혼자 헤매었어
    근데 어느 순간부터 유리창 너머로 보여
    나와 같은 시간 같은 하루를 보내곤 해서
    이제 나의 질문과 너의 대답이
    퍼즐처럼 잘 맞거나
    나의 고민들과 너의 고민들의
    교집합 점을 다 찾아가
    우린 환상의 케미 every moment
    모두 완벽해서 그래 함께라면
    너를 통해 나를 보고 너도
    나를 통해 너를 보는 멋진 장면
    너의 곁에 내가 있어 줄게
    나와 같은 곳에 있어 줄래
    창밖은 너무 추워 나 혼자 남아있기엔
    여긴 네가 있어 따듯해 지나 봐
    I am YOU, I see me in you
    너와 있을 때 난 알 수 있어
    같은 공간 속에서, 같은 시간 속에선
    뭐든 이겨 낼 수 있어
    I found YOU, I found me in you
    그 안에서 나의 모습이 보여
    같은 공간 속에서, 같은 시간 속에서
    Let me run, let me run, let me run along with YOU
    Yeah 내 곁에 있어 줘
    Yeah I need you right by my side now
    내 편이 돼줄래 발맞추면서 달리자고
    We’re going side by side 난 너랑 같이
    가고 싶어 약속해줘
    I see myself in you
    Stay together
    You and I, you and I, you and I, 난 너의 곁에
    Always 너와 같은 곳을 향해가
    너와 나, 너와 나, 너와 나
    그 누구와 너를, 비교할 순 없어
    Stay together
    You and I, you and I, you and I, 난 너의 곁에
    Always 너와 같은 곳을 향해가
    너와 나, 너와 나, 너와 나
    그 누구도 너를 대신할 순 없어
    I am YOU

  • SavageSuga
    SavageSuga 6 giorni fa +4

    why is this masterpiece not 30M views yet

  • Rose Miralles
    Rose Miralles 6 giorni fa +4

    Hey how about felix?? I love this guy.. So plz don't change.. Stay of who you are from the very start... 😘

  • queen cupcake
    queen cupcake 6 giorni fa +4

    chan ur too cute STOP IT!!!

  • OLD but GOLD
    OLD but GOLD 6 giorni fa +4

    Stan them because you love them all not because of only your bias.They are stray kids and they consists of 9 members.You arent STAY if you are leaving someone behind.

  • Ayebeecee
    Ayebeecee 6 giorni fa

    Stop commenting 1like=1person please

  • Sanita Oktari A
    Sanita Oktari A 6 giorni fa

    1:04 who is he?

  • la loca por los coreanos :3

    Ahhhhh HH, estos chicos son mi vida entera 😍😍😍💕

  • Le Know My Boy
    Le Know My Boy 6 giorni fa +3


  • Veronica Trinh
    Veronica Trinh 7 giorni fa +4

    omg, what if at the end, the boys are planning to overthrow the government in THAT city they’re looking at? MIROH??

  • Alan Antonio Bacsa
    Alan Antonio Bacsa 7 giorni fa +2

    i love this song uwu

  • syix luc
    syix luc 7 giorni fa +6

    wtf why so my many " how many love bla bla bla bla " do you want likes or something ?

    • Mader 9964
      Mader 9964 7 ore fa

      Yeah... Sometimes it's irritating to see those comments...

  • Sirada Saewang
    Sirada Saewang 7 giorni fa +2

    I am you~~~❤❤❤ #I found you~~~😊😊😊

  • queen cupcake
    queen cupcake 7 giorni fa +2

    0:47 stick ur tongues in

  • who am i
    who am i 7 giorni fa +2

    26M 😩😩😩😩 whyyy

  • infinitelyfinite
    infinitelyfinite 7 giorni fa +8

    i love this song but hearing (reading with english subs lol) the lyrics makes me love it even more somehow, i never fail to be amazed by how amazing their songs are performance and lyric wise

  • star sank
    star sank 7 giorni fa +3

    30M come on guys!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kimroxi
    Kimroxi 7 giorni fa +5

    Going through their songs, Stray Kids only releases bops

  • Monique Perez
    Monique Perez 8 giorni fa +1

    Who's the one singing at 1:19 he's cute I like him