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  • 유민준/유자차

    요즘 왜 노래 안올려요?

  • Jem
    Jem Ora fa

    I love Christmas kpop MVs they’re always so soft 💗
    0:54 them watching the vlog clips is so sweet 💞
    2:14 aghfdbs this bit of vocals 💓
    0:10, 2:50, 3:14, she’s like a young Carol making me feel gay at Christmas 🎄🌈

  • 後藤ゆうと
    後藤ゆうと 5 ore fa


  • 박민서
    박민서 7 ore fa

    내 최애곡이다

  • nam namthara
    nam namthara 7 ore fa


  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou 7 ore fa +2

    4/20 0.00KST 29,146,542
    4/21 0.00KST 29,191,015
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  • Md. Hossain
    Md. Hossain 8 ore fa

    Man this is too underrated

  • Sarina's World
    Sarina's World 9 ore fa +1

    Anyone noticed that at 0:15 the Background looks like the one from BTS M/V of Spring Day?
    OK it's unnecessary but still it just caught my eye xD

  • 크로뱃
    크로뱃 11 ore fa +1


  • GachaChan
    GachaChan 12 ore fa +1

    This is literally that one song that has the most lesbian moments or ships

  • Twice Tv
    Twice Tv 12 ore fa

    One in a millon

  • YoSoy KenKaneki
    YoSoy KenKaneki 15 ore fa

    Hermosas como siempre 😍😍

  • 우에
    우에 15 ore fa

    트와이스 존예

  • alifadwi Anggraeni
    alifadwi Anggraeni 16 ore fa

    Mina love

  • minatozaki사나
    minatozaki사나 17 ore fa

    Who I Sana fan ❤😀
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  • 배성환
    배성환 18 ore fa +2

    Twice is forever~~~~~♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Tzuyu ah
    Tzuyu ah 19 ore fa


  • Tzuyu ah
    Tzuyu ah 19 ore fa

    The best thing I ever didddd

  • diya
    diya 21 ora fa +3

    Once 22/4 is coming in 😄💕💪 be readyy 💖👌 By the way watching this mv always remind me the purpose of everything why I love Twice so much 😢❤ Figtingg Once!

  • Dlan Play
    Dlan Play 22 ore fa +2

    Come on ONCE. Stream to 50 M VIEW!! Fighting 🔥🔥🔥

  • iii. bow
    iii. bow 22 ore fa +1

    Love twice!!!

  • blah blah
    blah blah Giorno fa +2

    Hands down, Best Song of TWICE

  • lol wat?
    lol wat? Giorno fa +1

    Aww is this a flashback music video?

  • lol wat?
    lol wat? Giorno fa +1

    I didnt know this existed Oof-

  • Vita taehyung
    Vita taehyung Giorno fa


  • Kennedy Cameron
    Kennedy Cameron Giorno fa

    Why does this song seem like a song kpop groups would put out when they are about to disband?🥺👀

  • Celia Annetta
    Celia Annetta Giorno fa +1

    this one of my favourite mv . They seem very relaxed and natural here

  • 김태희
    김태희 Giorno fa

    12월을 맞이한 노래ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou Giorno fa +3

    4/19 0.00KST 29,106,916
    4/20 0.00KST 29,146,542
    Today 39,626 views
    JYP Subs 12,335,553(+18,877)
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  • Angeles Rosewood
    Angeles Rosewood Giorno fa

    this is so much uwu

  • 張 張
    張 張 Giorno fa


  • Ciklung Gm
    Ciklung Gm Giorno fa +1

    SANa....shy shy shy shy,,,,

  • Bing Bang
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  • Lara Diaz
    Lara Diaz Giorno fa +3

    I love you geon jeon

  • Walter one in a million

    Please stream *The Best thing I Ever Did*

  • Carlos Guillermo May
    Carlos Guillermo May Giorno fa +2

    Me gustan mucho sus canciones

  • haliuka haliunaa
    haliuka haliunaa Giorno fa +3

    TWICE i love you

  • Zildjian Dela Vega
    Zildjian Dela Vega Giorno fa +2

    Neureul mannan goet?

  • Chocolate Candy
    Chocolate Candy Giorno fa +5


  • Quiin AhgaStayOnce
    Quiin AhgaStayOnce Giorno fa +5

    29.1M keep streaming!

  • Lina Chen
    Lina Chen 2 giorni fa +2

    Can you please post a new music video

    • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
      MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay 10 ore fa

      Their comeback Fancy is coming out on the 22nd of April

    • I Am Once
      I Am Once 17 ore fa

      They will comeback on 22.4
      Support them please💜

  • Lina Chen
    Lina Chen 2 giorni fa +2

    Black pink is my 2# favorite

  • Lina Chen
    Lina Chen 2 giorni fa +2

    BTS is my favorite

  • Lina Chen
    Lina Chen 2 giorni fa +4

    So cute

  • Na bong
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  • Na bong
    Na bong 2 giorni fa +1

    Yeahhh the best thing I ever did

  • Mạnh Đức
    Mạnh Đức 2 giorni fa +1


  • Nat k
    Nat k 2 giorni fa +2

    Es tan hermoso :D

  • 또링은
    또링은 2 giorni fa +4

    트와이스 사랑해얌♥♥

  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou 2 giorni fa +4

    4/18 0.00KST 29,068,472
    4/19 0.00KST 29,106,916
    Today 38,444 views
    JYP Subs 12,316,676(+10,417)
    TWICE Vlive 4,894,277(+4,196)
    TWICE Subs 4,542,348(+6,177)
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  • Twice is love twice is life

    I love Twice, the best thing i ever did was been in love for you girls

  • Twice is love twice is life

    I love you Mina

  • 大塚美有
    大塚美有 2 giorni fa +1

    Twice の曲には「おっとけ」が多い説w

  • 눈설
    눈설 2 giorni fa +3

    It's so pretty.

  • blink army lizkook
    blink army lizkook 2 giorni fa

    I don't like twice 😝😝😝😝😝

    • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
      MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay 9 ore fa

      Then go to bp's mv

    • Zakia Sultana
      Zakia Sultana Giorno fa +2

      I also don't like Blackpink 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😏

    • _peanuts ky
      _peanuts ky 2 giorni fa +3

      +blink army lizkook oh, I thought you want a cookie or something😂
      I dont know them, not a kpop fan just a TWICE fan😉

    • FN
      FN 2 giorni fa

      That's ok but you should spend your time for groups you like

    • blink army lizkook
      blink army lizkook 2 giorni fa

      +_peanuts ky nothing
      Who's your bais black pink?

  • Puspa Rianasari
    Puspa Rianasari 2 giorni fa +1

    This song its the best song!!

  • RoseMilk Subliminals
    RoseMilk Subliminals 2 giorni fa +2

    We are almost at 30m! Great job once♡♡

  • シウイ
    シウイ 2 giorni fa +2

    (◕‿◕✿) 언니 너무 이뻐요~~

  • Sky ERS
    Sky ERS 2 giorni fa

    Hey hey guyss:)) Check it out we cover “Dance The Night Away” ❤

  • Nga Nga
    Nga Nga 2 giorni fa


  • Lisa777 Manoban
    Lisa777 Manoban 2 giorni fa

    I love you TWICE once fighting😍

  • Jilyn Park
    Jilyn Park 2 giorni fa +2

    It will break my heart so much if Twice will ne disbanded😨

  • Jilyn Park
    Jilyn Park 2 giorni fa +3

    Should We play this in our graduation song Grade 12?

  • Na bong
    Na bong 2 giorni fa


  • Na bong
    Na bong 2 giorni fa

    Las amo preciosas

  • Clara Canova
    Clara Canova 2 giorni fa

    Is Jeongyeon your bias?
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  • Potato Tomato
    Potato Tomato 3 giorni fa +5

    Protect our girls at all cost I don’t want any toxic blinks and army ruin our girls come back

  • ayaka
    ayaka 3 giorni fa +1


  • Waad Hi
    Waad Hi 3 giorni fa +2

    We Love You ALL 💖❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💛💛💛💛⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  • Chocolate Strawberry
    Chocolate Strawberry 3 giorni fa +2

    Who's still watching this?
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  • Zualtei Khawlhring
    Zualtei Khawlhring 3 giorni fa

    I'm still in love with this song💕💕💕

  • Asim Sindhu
    Asim Sindhu 3 giorni fa

    This music video made me cry and I remembered the day I spent in Muree with my mother and father.

    ONCE/ BLINK 3 giorni fa

    My Bias( Momo,Mina,Chaeyoung, Dahyun,Nayeon)
    My Bias Wrecker( Jihyo,Jeongyeon, Sana,Tzuyu)
    I become ONCES from SIGNAL, BDZ, KNOCK KNOCK and TT song .I Love Twice ^-^
    All Twice Song Cutes and Catchy , i think TWICE Comfort with Cutes style ^-^
    That why I Love Every Twice Song ^-^
    This song really2 Sweet and touch my heart ^-^
    Who love Twice???
    👇 hit this Button ^-^

  • Dimas Galih
    Dimas Galih 3 giorni fa


  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best 3 giorni fa


  • Brian Ou
    Brian Ou 3 giorni fa +3

    4/17 0.00KST 29,027,409
    4/18 0.00KST 29,068,472
    Today 41,063 views
    JYP Subs 12,306,259(+11,114)
    TWICE Vlive 4,890,081(+4,791)
    TWICE Subs 4,536,171(+6,617)
    TWICE Twitter 3,424,683(+3,845)
    TWICE JPN Subs 1,813,640(+1,131)

  • Anudari Anudari
    Anudari Anudari 3 giorni fa

    My beautiful country ❤

  • Bayar Bayarmaa
    Bayar Bayarmaa 3 giorni fa +1

    this is Mongolia

  • kim shian
    kim shian 3 giorni fa

    this song really drives me into a Christmas presence :).
    even if it isn't christmas.

  • サイダーTWICE
    サイダーTWICE 3 giorni fa


  • Crystal poop
    Crystal poop 3 giorni fa +1

    I haven't kept up with K-Pop at all!
    I didn't know twice made a come back!

    • MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay
      MariaakaAnnie - Cosplay 9 ore fa

      Not that wierd😊 This wasn't a full comeback, it was a repackage of their Yes or Yes album, and the song + MV was a gift to fans. So there were no promotions or performances on music shows. However they are having a full comeback on the 22nd of April with their new song Fancy, which has a new concept ❤🍭Please support when they come back in a couple of days!

  • Khánh Duy Dương
    Khánh Duy Dương 3 giorni fa

    hay kinh khủng

  • Jihyo made me GAY
    Jihyo made me GAY 3 giorni fa +1

    Hope we get more Mvs like this...I mean the other ones are great but the ones with twice' memories are the best


    Rip ph onces

  • Uyên Lương Thị Tú

    U love twice so much

  • Phillip Shin
    Phillip Shin 3 giorni fa

    Mina's the only good one of the group. They need to save her and stop the other ones from getting her all retarded and shit.

  • 【動画投稿】メルケン

    in 🇲🇳

  • Ju Leha
    Ju Leha 3 giorni fa

    ini tomi

  • Ju Leha
    Ju Leha 3 giorni fa +1


  • Ju Leha
    Ju Leha 3 giorni fa


  • Ju Leha
    Ju Leha 3 giorni fa


  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best 3 giorni fa

    So cuteeee

  • Army Is the best
    Army Is the best 3 giorni fa


  • Mimi ladies
    Mimi ladies 3 giorni fa

    Come on once are you sleeping?

  • ân phan
    ân phan 3 giorni fa

    Lets go to 3Om

  • Rizz Bayo
    Rizz Bayo 3 giorni fa

    Why does I always get emotional in this mv?

  • Lei Anne L.
    Lei Anne L. 3 giorni fa +1

    my favorite song

    THAI NAM 3 giorni fa

    i love you, TWICE

  • Prk Jhy
    Prk Jhy 3 giorni fa +1

    Twice el gg de la nación

  • Prk Jhy
    Prk Jhy 3 giorni fa +1

    Jamás volveré estar solo grácias a twice