HERE'S THE TOUR! What did I get? A Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW

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  • Pubblicato il 17 mar 2019
  • Finally! Here is the tour of my new rig, a Class C Tiffin Wayfarer 24TW. This rig is so much better for my full-time RV Life! It's just a a bit bigger than my Class B+ Leisure Travel Van, which I traded in for this twin bed model.
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  • pjf
    pjf 7 ore fa

    She has me chained into the overhead and I was naked to boot, that's why she didn't show you the bunk.... Actually, I climbed in, removed my clothing and chained myself in...!! LOL!
    For the heavy bread it costs to buy this, they had BETTER provide GREAT service..!!

  • Connie Fox
    Connie Fox 11 ore fa

    The berkey's not there in the link.

  • Retired and Prepping

    New friend here. I found your channel and am enjoying it so much. Havee a wonderful week.

  • Anne Adams
    Anne Adams Giorno fa

    A friend had a twin bed in the back along with a recliner and a lamp. You can buy a screened in room and attach it to your RV. zip up the screens for a cozy room in the winter or keep out the rain.

  • Rob W
    Rob W Giorno fa

    Unsure of year, but general statement is this rig is well beyond what most people can afford. IMO.

  • DrgnMage2536
    DrgnMage2536 2 giorni fa

    Please, do a voiceover while you show us your rig.

  • Mahthias Fountain
    Mahthias Fountain 2 giorni fa

    I really hate to say this, but you didn't show us the interior space of your rig at all. Just facial close ups of you mainly talking. I'm sure you didn't realize it.

  • Francine Seymour
    Francine Seymour 2 giorni fa

    Question: where do you winter? What is your seasonal movement? And how do you prepare for the seasons? (I guess that was 3 questions.)

  • Kenneth Archambeau
    Kenneth Archambeau 3 giorni fa

    You are growing weed on the front bed.

  • JAnn K
    JAnn K 3 giorni fa

    Love your channel Robin, I’m a female RVer just part time right now, but will go full time as soon as I can :) Can you link me to your cute little solar interior lights? 😉

  • JPatrick Duffy
    JPatrick Duffy 6 giorni fa

    I traded in my 2017 for a new This video is a financial lesson of buy your last rv FIRST!

  • Bonnie greatorex
    Bonnie greatorex 7 giorni fa

    Hey Robin! Watch all your videos I absolutely love you and what you're doing. I'm going to be buying my own home I will soon I have a question for you, where do you keep your cat box? Thanks! Take care and happy and safe travels! Bonnie

  • E Mail
    E Mail 8 giorni fa

    I wish you would have shown us more of the motorhome! but thx

  • Eaglesoars777
    Eaglesoars777 9 giorni fa

    You really seem to have it all together! I envy you so much. One day I will be out there boon docking with you all and I hope I get to meet you!

  • Max Dunlap
    Max Dunlap 9 giorni fa

    Did you consider the 25RW?

  • Maretha Foster
    Maretha Foster 11 giorni fa

    It’s beautiful 😍 your good at picking rigs. Last one was beautiful too.

  • Olive Moskal
    Olive Moskal 11 giorni fa

    So I guess I’ll buy Tiffin

  • Justin Wylie
    Justin Wylie 11 giorni fa

    Where did you put the litter tray for your cute kitty?

  • Cynthia Sherstad
    Cynthia Sherstad 12 giorni fa

    Creativity RV I enjoy watching your videos! Question: What made you decide to go with the (class C) attached cab vs a trailer or 5th wheel?

  • George Bortnick
    George Bortnick 12 giorni fa

    Love your channel and follow you a lot. Question. Love the new rig but I see you don’t tow a car. Don’t you miss a toad once you get somewhere you want to explore? Your rig seems too big to use like a car. Tell me your thoughts. We just changed from a class B to a TT.

  • annika bee
    annika bee 14 giorni fa

    Love your hair AND your new home!

  • Judith Coe
    Judith Coe 23 giorni fa

    The new rig looks very comfortable. I can see you are a lot happier!

  • Helen M.
    Helen M. 27 giorni fa

    OMG! Your kitty looks like mine!

  • Sheza CraftyOne
    Sheza CraftyOne 28 giorni fa

    "The Nest"

  • btapann
    btapann Mese fa

    With regards to your 40 gallon tank, the best idea for extending water usage, especially when boon-docking, was mentioned by a viewer in a school bus conversion. “Installing another water pump connected to your gray water tank to flush the toilet that way you don’t use your fresh water” Brilliant idea!!!

  • jeffisso
    jeffisso Mese fa

    What is the OCCC of your TW? I've read it's very low.

  • Pam Hanson
    Pam Hanson Mese fa

    Do you think the wind noise in the cab when driving is worse in your Class C than when you were in your Class B? We think that the overhead "nose" over the cab is what makes the wind noise in the cab so bad when we drive through the mountains in windy conditions at speeds above 60 MPH.

  • Dennis McFern
    Dennis McFern Mese fa

    don't say it is a tour,if all you do is yap away with very few shots of the rig

  • billy bob
    billy bob Mese fa


  • Phil Leo
    Phil Leo Mese fa

    Good luck with the new rig Robin! A fine choice.

  • logun24x7
    logun24x7 Mese fa

    Robin ... not seeing the link to your fold down table

  • Teri Cummings
    Teri Cummings Mese fa

    Robin, where is the link to the work desk?

  • John Meehan
    John Meehan Mese fa

    Love the reasoning for making the switch, and the customer service difference between the two brands you mentioned.

  • Smooth Operator
    Smooth Operator Mese fa

    Are you still happy with your Tiffin? I’m about to pull the trigger! Soooo exciting!

  • K Butler
    K Butler Mese fa

    Love it and you are the bomb

  • Wendy Carter
    Wendy Carter Mese fa +1

    Robin girl you were my inspiration. I am finally a nomad! I just bought my 2019 Forest River Forester 3051S class C. I love it! I am on my first journey. I am currently in NC. And I am heading out west this summer. I sure would love to meet up and chat with you. Like you, I've had issues already.... but.. You are such a sweetheart and you crack me up!! I always laugh at your expressions. Let's meet up and have a glass of 🍷. Like you, I think of my rig as "my nest"... looking fwd to hopefully meeting you in person. "Safe travels sister"

    • G. Cosper
      G. Cosper Mese fa

      Safe travels, Wendy and enjoy ! You've found the right Diva to follow, Robin is truly AMAZING!

  • carla ifera
    carla ifera Mese fa

    ......beautiful!!.......thx for sharin'.......hugs.

  • lizzy nicholas
    lizzy nicholas Mese fa

    You forgot to tell us what you named her? How much did it cost?

  • Jane: Life with Ken and Jane

    Tiffin is on the top of our list for a FT rig for the same reasons you mentioned. Congrats on your new home!

  • Jeepinmama268
    Jeepinmama268 Mese fa

    We bought a berkie for our home, and thinking about getting one for our TT for when we are on the road! Love it! Nice new rig too, can't wait to see it in more detail! (I've been a longtime watcher, but for some reason never sub'd but I am now!)

  • Eeko Aafin
    Eeko Aafin Mese fa

    I LOVE YOUR ENERGY! I really appreciate you allowing me into your world. It takes courage to video your life for public view. Thank you so much for your candor. 🤗

  • Lone Star Travelers

    Lovely tiny home... it was scary watching you in the storm... happy travels...

  • Julia PL
    Julia PL 2 mesi fa

    Why did you buy new again?

  • Umm Sabria
    Umm Sabria 2 mesi fa

    Awesome thanks for sharing!

  • Clara Romero
    Clara Romero 2 mesi fa

    👀Second time I watched this video, good information.

  • S N
    S N 2 mesi fa +8

    Never saw the rig!! This video aggravated me so much that I looked up this model and watched a tour of someone elses Tiffin.

  • Laura Tibbles
    Laura Tibbles 2 mesi fa

    I enjoyed the tour and I’m looking into getting into something I was thinking about a cargo trailer and do a conversion I’m still up in the air about it I don’t need my house it’s just to big and I want to travel

    • Laura Tibbles
      Laura Tibbles 2 mesi fa

      Any thoughts or advice you can give me I’d really appreciate it I’m 67 retired and a widow my kids think I’m crazy to want to travel alone but it’s like to see this country before I die

  • Jodi Richmond
    Jodi Richmond 2 mesi fa

    Wow, very disappointed! Calling the video"A tour". I had to go to a different website to see a tour of this rig. ☹️

  • jennie larimer
    jennie larimer 2 mesi fa

    Thanks for the tour, Robin! Can you give us a general idea of your gas mileage? Thanks : )

  • Elizabeth Beaury
    Elizabeth Beaury 2 mesi fa

    Can u do another vid of the rig? I am truly interested in how long it is, if you have a front lounge, bath, and floor plan. Thanks

  • Donna McKee
    Donna McKee 2 mesi fa

    Soo happy for you!! It's beautiful. Besides, if your baby thinks it's better then that settles it!!🤣 Thanks for sharing. Be safe, Be blessed 😉☺❤🇺🇸💙

  • Marie Jakowski
    Marie Jakowski 2 mesi fa


  • Viki Banaszak
    Viki Banaszak 2 mesi fa

    Oh, that kitchen sink wouldn't do it for me. I need a nice double sink. I am confused. Didn't I just see your tour of the B+ a little while back? I believe I have missed something. LOL I'm gonna have to go back and find out where I got lost. Of course I should say that I just saw the other one yesterday. Thanks for notifications, IT-clip.

  • Danny Gardhouse
    Danny Gardhouse 2 mesi fa

    Nice rig!
    I noticed a bottle of Canada Dry ginger Ale. Which is MY favourite Ginger Ale to drink.. I enjoy all of your videos. And your lifestyle. One of these days I’m going to have to do that again. Travel from one end of Canada to the other.,

  • Andy
    Andy 2 mesi fa

    To be fair LTVans has other models with this floor-plan layout. So why didn't consider another LTV model with a similar layout as the one you bought. You sounded super happy when you first got your LVT, except for the low clearance (which could've been fixed) so I wonder if there would be another change of heart with your Tiffin in about a year. Nonetheless, I sincerely sent you much love, great health and happiness in your journeys. Ah! many blessings to your Mom and all the best.

  • Michael Wilde
    Michael Wilde 2 mesi fa

    Loved the tour - I don't know why ppl are complaining about it. This is an RV - that is basically one space, one room - tours are "tours" when it comes to compact spaces. I can look at pics of small spaces all day, I watch your channel to see your experience and hear you talk about it. Keep doing what you're doing!

  • Arehn McCarty
    Arehn McCarty 2 mesi fa +2

    Our Burkey fell over when we stored it in the shower. How do you keep it upright?

  • Jennifer Hill
    Jennifer Hill 2 mesi fa +3

    I like what she's saying conceptually but hope she gets an opportunity to do a tour/ walk thru video later, this vid mostly focuses on where she's standing. She need to retitle this I just love my rig vs titling it as a tour

  • Omniel MiQal Starchild

    Sis u did that!!!!!! Love your Channel! Because of you I'm gonna launch out into the deep and try this lifestyle....

  • kyfarm2016
    kyfarm2016 2 mesi fa +2

    I feel like this was clickbait. I came to see the Class C, but instead of showing it, you merely described it. Disappointed.

  • Cindy Thomas
    Cindy Thomas 2 mesi fa

    Wow I priced them RV’s cost more then my house did...😳

  • addie dee
    addie dee 2 mesi fa

    Would love to see the bed in more detail please. It looked like it was super cozy bur lighting made it kind of hard to see. Thank you for this tour. Can’t wait for more details as we go!

  • Merry Johnson
    Merry Johnson 2 mesi fa

    I love how you modified the bed. did you say you have a video showing you how you did it? It looks like it would be really comfy, cozy and practical. Thanks again for another really great video. You are so good at this!!! :)

  • Marty Rhyne
    Marty Rhyne 2 mesi fa

    Link for hospital table?

  • Carol Fuchs
    Carol Fuchs 2 mesi fa

    Hi Robin Cant find the link for hospital table. Thinking about getting aftermarket recliners but this would work with that.

  • Judy Reel
    Judy Reel 2 mesi fa

    Thanks for your candor on your leisure travel van experiences and the decision criteria on choosing your tiffin. You definitely gave me somethings to think about. I am looking for the promised table link as it would work well with my current sofa situation. (I apologize if I missed it in your store or in the text).

  • Robert Pumphrey
    Robert Pumphrey 2 mesi fa

    Good video and I am curious if you actually looked at the Winnebago View 24v model? And, if so why you chose the Tiffin? The main reason I am looking at the Winnebago View was the consumption refrigerator and does not need to be level and you have more capacity weight than the Tiffin?

  • Andrea Murphy
    Andrea Murphy 2 mesi fa +1

    Are They Paying you for the Shout out for Tiffin ? New Panel already on a new Rig ? I would want a composter toilet since I cannot stand to dump all that stuff. Ugh. Show the fridge/Freezer ? I prefer a total small wet bath all in one. Not across the hall from each other.

  • Kitty Wallace
    Kitty Wallace 2 mesi fa

    I love it.... We have a long class A... and I want to downside and I never new Tiffin did a 24 ft... sweet

  • Aussie Bird
    Aussie Bird 2 mesi fa

    Oh Robin, I have to share my news.. I have followed you from the start & absorbed 100's hours of how to & what to vids... I RESIGNED.. Just bought a 3rd hand 23 ft RV!!! Twin beds for a friend who might want to navigate for me.. 9 working days left!! She will be my home also.. renting out my sticks & bricks.. lots of travel ahead, love your newby BTW.. so thanks for the inspiration! xx

  • Rebecca Dees
    Rebecca Dees 2 mesi fa


  • Colleen Catlady Hardesty

    Your hair looks great!!!

  • Timothy Lewis
    Timothy Lewis 2 mesi fa

    Could you say crawling all over me a a little slower and breathy? Lol

  • Jeff Thompson
    Jeff Thompson 2 mesi fa +2


  • marla andersen
    marla andersen 2 mesi fa

    Too much vid time spent focused on face and not enuf rig tour. Need S L O W tour of rig. Very disappointed.

  • Still Kicking
    Still Kicking 2 mesi fa

    Congrats on the new rig...looking forward to the tour.

  • Em Cee
    Em Cee 2 mesi fa

    Disappointing. Never got the 'tour'. Kept hoping it was coming up, maybe at the end. But no, no tour. Please don't promise (in your header) something you're not going to do. You'll lose viewers. While we enjoy what you have to say, it would be nice to see what you're talking about instead of just you.

  • Gaines B.
    Gaines B. 2 mesi fa

    Great video but I would like to have seen more of your rig. Like the inside of the fridge, for instance. Or known how big it is exactly. Although I like the size of the Class C I do not like the bed over the cab and the bulky look that creates. At 73 years I do not want to be climbing a ladder just to go to bed, or to access storage. Having said that, it looks perfect for you!

  • Kim Clark
    Kim Clark 2 mesi fa

    New subscriber, I think you are amazing!

  • Mary Kirwan
    Mary Kirwan 2 mesi fa

    This might seem like a silly question (newbie here), how do you charge the solar fairy lights, do you have the solar unit by the window (I'm assuming)

    • Creativity RV
      Creativity RV  2 mesi fa

      Yes! Check out last sunday's View Q video. I show how I put them up 🙂

  • Meffa Mass
    Meffa Mass 2 mesi fa

    Love your new home and enjoy watching your videos you have a great personality - Jim from boston

  • Maicol X777
    Maicol X777 2 mesi fa

    Did show nothing....

  • tweekbebe
    tweekbebe 2 mesi fa

    Hi Robin! Congratulations on your Tiffin! My husband and I bought a 2013 Tiffin 36LA two years ago, and travel about nine months every year with our three cats. We have had issues as everyone does, but are so happy with our choice. The service techs at Tiffin have helped us over the phone so many times. We also went to Red Bay last December to get a few things fixed. We could not have been treated any nicer and the service techs do a great job. Love your videos! There is always more to learn, so thank you for sharing. Safe travels! Lynn M

  • The Grateful Gardener
    The Grateful Gardener 2 mesi fa +6

    The MSRP on this model is $145k! YIKES!!!

    • Ric G
      Ric G 22 giorni fa

      yeah - nothin like "roughin' it"! LOL

  • LadyGecko
    LadyGecko 2 mesi fa

    Where was the 'tour'?

  • Avivamae
    Avivamae 2 mesi fa +23

    Sorry but this was not a tour, it was a 12 minute close up of your face with a few seconds of sub-par photos that disappeared way too fast. Disappointing, when all you had to do was pan the camera around a little while talking.
    It felt like you were more focused on hiding things for future videos then on actual showing us this rig. Sorry to be negitive, I've never left a comment like this before but I'm bummed out by this, I kept watching and expecting the tour but it never happened. :(
    Also I can tell what you're doing in the over cab area but I won't say because I don't want to spoil it, but it's a really cool idea, definitely interesting. Glad you are enjoying your new rig and that your kitty likes it too.
    I do hope you take on our constructive criticism for future videos. I'm new to your channel and this kind of video lacking content is a huge turn off to new people and doesn't drive people to subscribe. Best of luck with everything and enjoy your travels. Cheers

    • Lana Kane
      Lana Kane Mese fa +1

      Avivamae I agree. Same thing with rest of her videos. I was waiting for a “TOUR” but she is more focus on her next upcoming videos.

  • Jana Thomas
    Jana Thomas 2 mesi fa

    I like this rig a lot better than your last way more. But more showing on the subject of the van and less 'face time', didn't really get a good feel at what it even looks like.

  • A merica
    A merica 2 mesi fa

    Great video. Amazing new home :)

  • I Peter
    I Peter 2 mesi fa

    Wow only the rich can get that

  • Flower
    Flower 2 mesi fa

    First off glad your mom is doing well. Loved your RV ...fill up your water tank for extra weight...stay safe.

  • Cooking Cronies
    Cooking Cronies 2 mesi fa

    You are living the dream! Love your new rig.

  • kristi wilmoth
    kristi wilmoth 2 mesi fa

    We are headed that way would love to meet

  • Nancy Durrett
    Nancy Durrett 2 mesi fa

    So glad your mom is ok!

  • Debra Altizer
    Debra Altizer 2 mesi fa

    It would have been nice to actually see a tour of the vehicle instead of just your face while you were describing everything!

  • Estrella Perez
    Estrella Perez 2 mesi fa

    Show us the new rig!!!!

  • jaydavee
    jaydavee 2 mesi fa

    over in the About part of your channel, it still says B+ instead of C.

  • pat c
    pat c 2 mesi fa

    How is it going with the driving. Are you having any problems backing up using the cameras? I am picking up my wayfarer in May.

  • Ingrid Kindred
    Ingrid Kindred 2 mesi fa

    More talking than actually showing the rig

  • tehamill1
    tehamill1 2 mesi fa

    Love your videos!

  • TheSkeetergirl
    TheSkeetergirl 2 mesi fa

    I couldn't really tell much. I did get the impression that there was too much clutter. You have a delightful personality, so I will come back to see more.