Disney's Jungle Cruise - Now In Production

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  • Pubblicato il 31 lug 2018
  • Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson welcome you to the adventure of a lifetime! Disney’s Jungle Cruise is now in production. In theaters October 2019.
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Commenti • 421

  • Cpt. Walker
    Cpt. Walker 15 giorni fa

    Can't stop smiling! "No I didn't!"

  • League of Pit
    League of Pit 25 giorni fa

    00:56 xdd

  • FaB92 N
    FaB92 N 2 mesi fa

    Cool and fun

  • Alvin Niel
    Alvin Niel 3 mesi fa

    Disney need to make more movie based on their rides

  • rochelimit's hangout

    Will this be set in Cambodia or Africa? Because you know, the 1950s Disney is full of stereotype BS.

  • Ajax
    Ajax 4 mesi fa +1

    This is the rock apologizing for doing Jumanji

  • Ajax
    Ajax 4 mesi fa

    This is the rock apologizing for doing Jumanji

  • Luigi Nastro
    Luigi Nastro 4 mesi fa


  • Heinrich Karg
    Heinrich Karg 5 mesi fa

    I heard that this movie is going to have a gay character.

  • Kasper Stenbom
    Kasper Stenbom 5 mesi fa

    *Emily is lovely.*

  • xenomorph hybrid123 media

    I hope Extraterrorestrial Alien Encounter Will Get A Horror Movie

  • Jeremías Pivaral
    Jeremías Pivaral 5 mesi fa

    The Rock???? again??

  • Mitchell Bradley
    Mitchell Bradley 6 mesi fa

    Hopefully John doesn't see this

  • Bella Bells TV
    Bella Bells TV 6 mesi fa

    WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT Emily blunt the wife of John Krasinski who was in the office AND THE Dwayne Johnson IN A MOVIE TOGETHER OMG and not to mention Emily and John were in a quiet place... a jungle place :3

  • MidnightCanvas
    MidnightCanvas 7 mesi fa

    If there isn't a 'backside of the waterfall' joke I riot

  • Ellie Yergensen
    Ellie Yergensen 7 mesi fa +1

    Mary Poppins and Maui?

  • Vanya Calderón
    Vanya Calderón 7 mesi fa

    Oh my God Like Since Last Year ive been Getting a bunch of Ads About Wanting To Audition For this Movie "Jungle Cruise" and oh my Lord I THOUGHT IT WAS A SCAM 😭but its real though ...man I wish I had a Agent to see if the Castings I get Are for real 😞

  • Ean Sudholtz
    Ean Sudholtz 7 mesi fa

    How many movies has Dwayne Johnson been in these past years?

  • Dragon Women
    Dragon Women 8 mesi fa

    When is that movie coming out

  • wheelzwheela
    wheelzwheela 8 mesi fa

    The Rock again?

  • venomzilla entertainment

    I want a reboot of dinosaurs by Steven Spielberg

  • LoneSoul06
    LoneSoul06 8 mesi fa +1

    Great, just don't mess with the ride. There doesn't need to be another auction scene fiasco.

    • wheelzwheela
      wheelzwheela 8 mesi fa

      +1992disney no it was all PC.

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 8 mesi fa

      Hey the new auction scene is great, you purist! They weren't trying to make the rides PC! They're just trying to fulfill what Walt wanted but never got to see and to improve the rides! Even the late Marty Skylar approved the change before he died! So either you need to accept it or shut up! And besides, it's only just one scene! It's not like they're ever going to the change the entire rides completely! I know it was a fan-favorite, but still!

  • DDKaraokeOutlaw
    DDKaraokeOutlaw 8 mesi fa +1

    I think that parents of any moral decency should boycott this film on the grounds that Disney will have an "Openly" gay character in it. Though, it is a "Character" and not a real person, doesn't mean it needs to be in a children's movie. Let Disney know you won't stand for this.

  • Adyasha Misra
    Adyasha Misra 8 mesi fa

    I actually can't wait for this movie cause it's also gonna be a turning point for Disney. They're making an openly gay character for this!

  • Ralph Cornelius Castro

    Who knew Emily Blunt could star in A Quiet Place, Mary Poppins Returns, and now this one?

  • joshua witt
    joshua witt 8 mesi fa +2

    I hope they use the infamous backside of water joke

  • knoknockok
    knoknockok 8 mesi fa

    Emily look like Ellie in Jurassic Park 1 :O

  • DownTempo
    DownTempo 8 mesi fa

    wow dwayne looks like an entirely diff person with a hat

  • Rishi Roy
    Rishi Roy 8 mesi fa +2

    Dear disney, its my humble request to please pull back your decision on fired james gunn director of marvels guardian of the galaxy vol 1 & 2
    Don't judge the book by its old torn or tatter covers.

  • Lisa Roberge
    Lisa Roberge 8 mesi fa +1


  • Lisa Roberge
    Lisa Roberge 8 mesi fa +1

    Disney movie jugel crous dayn jonsen rock

  • Madi Bendy
    Madi Bendy 8 mesi fa

    Why is The Rock in all these jungle movies recently?

  • Austin Dickerson
    Austin Dickerson 8 mesi fa

    Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?!?!?!

  • Vaken Dek Otro
    Vaken Dek Otro 8 mesi fa +1

    la roca!!!

  • Jose De La Rosa
    Jose De La Rosa 8 mesi fa

    Emily Blunt = 👍🏼 Soooo Pretty

  • Eipa
    Eipa 8 mesi fa


  • Flebby
    Flebby 8 mesi fa

    Jumanji 2

  • Molly Clarke
    Molly Clarke 8 mesi fa

    When he said "Welcome too..." I legit thought Dwayne was gonna add as a joke "JUMANJI!!"

  • OathOfTheThirteenth

    Only took 10+ years.

  • sub bassline
    sub bassline 8 mesi fa +1

    Can we stop making any more movies with the rock??? He became the white Samuel Jackson... He is literally in every movie... Got dammit Hollywood...

  • Branson Young
    Branson Young 8 mesi fa

    It's about time we saw the backside of water on the big screen!

  • The Watchful And Harmonious Subsriber

    I’m Going To Be Honestly Blunt
    Kinda Getting Tired
    Of Dwayne Johnson Playing The Same Contrived Version
    Of Himself In Every Movie

  • techimonkey
    techimonkey 8 mesi fa

    Another jungle movie with Dwayne Johnson?

  • R.A.C Corp Studios
    R.A.C Corp Studios 8 mesi fa

    I wonder how they’ll adopt this ride into a movie! It will be very interesting

  • GeekyNerdTheatre
    GeekyNerdTheatre 8 mesi fa +3

    If there isn't a pun every 5 seconds in this film I'm walking out.

  • Nicholas Purcell
    Nicholas Purcell 8 mesi fa

    I don't mind the Rock as an actor but casting him in the lead role for this so soon after Jumanji seems dumb

    • Frank Smith
      Frank Smith 8 mesi fa

      Patrick Lange Maybe the next one will be based on Zathura. That way it would separate these movies.

    • Nicholas Purcell
      Nicholas Purcell 8 mesi fa

      Patrick Lange I heard the original plan was to cast Tom Hanks and Tim Allen in this... don't know if that would have been better but at least it would have been something different

    • Patrick Lange
      Patrick Lange 8 mesi fa +1

      Nicholas Purcell I heard the next Jumanji movie comes out next year as well. So, there will be two Jungle movies with The Rock next year.

  • Mymy648
    Mymy648 8 mesi fa

    damn rock is in a lot of jungle movies

  • James Ward
    James Ward 8 mesi fa

    The Rock gets no sleep and how does he have time to go the gym

  • z33511
    z33511 8 mesi fa

    Considering the grief Disney's taking over Lasseter and Gunn, who thought the fake pinch at the end was a good idea?

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 8 mesi fa

      They deserved to be fired and never come back to Disney EVER!

  • Demoth
    Demoth 8 mesi fa

    He dont realize how big the rock is until he stand next to a regular person

  • Douglas Rickard
    Douglas Rickard 8 mesi fa

    Oh I am liking this instantly! A romance is going to make it fun and aren't they good together! Very funny.

  • Darth Dulla
    Darth Dulla 8 mesi fa


  • Damned Opinions
    Damned Opinions 8 mesi fa

    Looks like costumes from The African Queen. I wonder if the story is borrowed too. Great movie. Check it out.

  • far22186
    far22186 8 mesi fa

    John needs to kick his ass for macking on his wife

  • Purefoldnz
    Purefoldnz 8 mesi fa +1

    Okay Disney has officially hit 'Rock' bottom with this film.

  • ironfist941
    ironfist941 8 mesi fa

    The Rock in yet another jungle sigh.

  • PerrySport
    PerrySport 8 mesi fa

    The Rock is getting some serious over exposure. He's only good in small dosis.

  • Amanda Christy
    Amanda Christy 8 mesi fa

    What in the world is Mary Poppins doing in the jungle?

  • Vile Crocodile
    Vile Crocodile 8 mesi fa

    I'm definitely watching this

  • MG Rogue 2018
    MG Rogue 2018 8 mesi fa

    Too many Dwayne Johnson movies...

  • Christopher Cervantes

    When are we going to see the Haunted Mansion?!

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 8 mesi fa

      It already exists. It was released fifteen years ago with Eddie Murphy in it. See for yourself.

  • Amanda Rodriguez
    Amanda Rodriguez 8 mesi fa

    Wow wow wow I can’t wait for this film. It looks promising with this wardrobe. Love those two!

  • Ða Young Bhotu
    Ða Young Bhotu 8 mesi fa

    The Rock love jungle movies

    BEAST WOLF 8 mesi fa +1

    So can anyone explain to me wats jungle Cruise

  • Djreray Aloha!
    Djreray Aloha! 8 mesi fa +1

    Next year "It's A Small World" staring the Rock.

  • Youtube Channel
    Youtube Channel 8 mesi fa

    A strange pairing but it looks like it could work.

  • ToonStar Inc.
    ToonStar Inc. 8 mesi fa +1

    W-wait...WHAT??? I thought it was a joke when I heard about a jungle cruise movie staring the Rock, I don’t even know what to think about anything any more

  • AWorldWithoutTenors
    AWorldWithoutTenors 8 mesi fa +3

    This movie is SO unnecessary. Why can't Disney let their ride be stand-alone adventures that aren't in any way connected to a movie? So help me, they better not change the ride to match the movie more... Also, Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson? Really? I'd have preferred the original proposal of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen. Or just Tom Hanks. Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson are ridiculously over-used.


    The rock is all the hype I need.

  • rowelle
    rowelle 8 mesi fa

    Wow these two just keep doing movie after movie after movie! Very happy for their success!

  • Jos Santillan
    Jos Santillan 8 mesi fa +1

    And the fucking nutcracker trailer?

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 8 mesi fa +1

    Still waiting for a Big Thunder Mountain movie.

  • PanickedPixel
    PanickedPixel 8 mesi fa

    I’m here for Emily Blunt.

  • Findecanor
    Findecanor 8 mesi fa

    Welcome to the Jungle Cruise, starring the guy who starred in Welcome to the Jungle and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

  • Merran Vlogs
    Merran Vlogs 8 mesi fa


  • Mr Ken No
    Mr Ken No 8 mesi fa +1

    Love her but...meh. the rock. Too much rock. Then he's all trying to kiss her #metoo rock

  • Lunar9p
    Lunar9p 8 mesi fa

    Not Dwayne again🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Amorphous Root
    Amorphous Root 8 mesi fa

    They don’t seem to have much chemistry together unfortunately.

  • Joe Snaffer
    Joe Snaffer 8 mesi fa

    *another dwayne johnson jungle movie?*

  • ThisIsTheEndPt2
    ThisIsTheEndPt2 8 mesi fa


    VTV STUDIOS 8 mesi fa

    Did the rock just kiss john krasinskis wife emily blunt

  • A!V3n . .
    A!V3n . . 8 mesi fa

    😬Wow, The Rock has already been casted for "Despacito 3 ft. Bumble Bee and Mantis "! Why is he everywhere ?!

  • Smash Shane
    Smash Shane 8 mesi fa

    I'm excited for this movie! Especially since Emily Blunt's in this one. I can't wait until this one comes out.

  • Disney65Fan
    Disney65Fan 8 mesi fa

    Well this would be fun Dwanye and Emma in the same film. Let me guess Kevin Hart is gonna be in this

  • andrewkful
    andrewkful 8 mesi fa

    ... you know somehow even before seeing any footage or thumbnails or images online or anything about this movie ........ I KNEW Dwayne Johnson would be in it.

  • Bam768 TV
    Bam768 TV 8 mesi fa

    How does Wall-E’s theory get #3 on trending and this doesn’t?

  • ConnerKent
    ConnerKent 8 mesi fa

    Plot twist: first part was real. the last part acting.

  • Mark Prosper
    Mark Prosper 8 mesi fa +1

    Fucking Dwyane Johnson, the guys talented but he's been in everything, jesus christ

  • Justin Harvey
    Justin Harvey 8 mesi fa +1

    How about instead of this, we get an actually decent Haunted Mansion movie with good actors this time?

  • alma carreno
    alma carreno 8 mesi fa

    The rock in a another disney movie......um YES

    CUTE GOMEZ 8 mesi fa +1

    OMG Disney.,

  • Festive Skeleton
    Festive Skeleton 8 mesi fa

    “Starring the Rock, here comes the flock”
    This is true

  • juan granados
    juan granados 8 mesi fa

    Another Dwayne Johnson movie set in a jungle....riveting

  • Maximus Prime
    Maximus Prime 8 mesi fa

    Ugh, a movie starring two people who could really use a break. Seriously, Dwayne Johnson must've cloned himself with how many productions he's involved in.

  • Old Hattie
    Old Hattie 8 mesi fa

    How about a haunted mansion movie?

    • 1992disney
      1992disney 8 mesi fa

      There already was one in 2003 with Eddie Murphy in it.

  • Needs More Flash!!!

    I cant wait for the part of the movie when the natives are hanging like stackables on the totem pole.

  • Vincent A
    Vincent A 8 mesi fa

    k great... BUT i want the aladdin trailer now

  • Wesley Whiteside
    Wesley Whiteside 8 mesi fa +2

    Me: I guess I'll apply for a new job once I get the time to do so.
    The Rock: Yeah, sure I'll shoot another film this year. I'm only doing like 6, I'll find the time.
    Me: Gosh dangit, The Rock.

  • The Disney Dads
    The Disney Dads 8 mesi fa +1

    I can’t remember the last time I saw movie ....that did not have the Rock in it! 😆

  • Wander Dragon
    Wander Dragon 8 mesi fa +1

    Disney is making a movie based on there ride and my one question is how is disney gonna pull this off?