Zac Efron & Lily Collins Break Down a Scene from Ted Bundy Movie | Extremely Wicked | Netflix

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  • Pubblicato il 4 mag 2019
  • Zac Efron and Lily Collins, cast of Extremely Wicked Shockingly Evil and Vile - the Ted Bundy movie told from the POV of his long time girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer - break down a scene, shot by shot. "Extremely Wicked" now streaming on Netflix.
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    Zac Efron & Lily Collins Break Down a Scene from Ted Bundy Movie | Extremely Wicked | Netflix
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Commenti • 1 850

  • Widya Ningrum
    Widya Ningrum 19 ore fa

    mom and dad 😍

  • Pusheen The cat
    Pusheen The cat Giorno fa

    Oooooo zac 😍😍😍😊😊

  • HoldFast
    HoldFast 3 giorni fa

    If you wanna see a awesomely Funny movie review ;) go check out "Holdfast Vlog" where i review this movie as well as others and have other awesome content

  • Wagner Music
    Wagner Music 3 giorni fa

    I liked how the whole time, even knowing this is a documentary of a famous killer, I wanted to believe he was innocent. And not until the end when he writes hacksaw did I realize he did all those horrible things.

    VANILLA 3 giorni fa

    Id enjoy this more without the click sounds

  • 7saany
    7saany 4 giorni fa


  • Alex Hur
    Alex Hur 4 giorni fa

    Just found out Lily Collins is Phil Collins' daughter. I am trippin out hard. Had to come back here and leave a comment.

  • Isti Ahmed
    Isti Ahmed 4 giorni fa

    Why was his arm constantly around Lily in the interview, intimate...

  • Raeline Ledesma
    Raeline Ledesma 5 giorni fa

    i ship

  • Sunita Lee
    Sunita Lee 5 giorni fa +2

    Who remembers that part when she thinks about what he was doing u dyer the blankets with the flash light, that part was like ......WOW OMG

  • Sunita Lee
    Sunita Lee 5 giorni fa +3

    I cried at the part when he's wrote *hack saw* on the window

  • Sunita Lee
    Sunita Lee 5 giorni fa +1

    I love this movie

  • kenn d011ie
    kenn d011ie 5 giorni fa +1

    He so fine 😳😩😍 omgeeeeee especially with facial hair 😩

  • kenn d011ie
    kenn d011ie 5 giorni fa

    He look so much like Ted with facial hair

  • Mary Mukamb
    Mary Mukamb 5 giorni fa

    I think this movie didn’t show all the tragedy 5/10

  • Kylo Ten - Raikerz
    Kylo Ten - Raikerz 7 giorni fa +1

    He kind of looks like...

  • Lueniale
    Lueniale 7 giorni fa

    “OUR Molly”. 😍

  • Sam Hewitt
    Sam Hewitt 7 giorni fa

    They both did so well, I’m so proud

  • Nicks second channel
    Nicks second channel 7 giorni fa

    I thought this was a sky original film... WTF

    • Iawn Cyw
      Iawn Cyw 4 giorni fa

      Sky bought it last summer for UK and Ireland. Netflix bought other regions rights after sundance. So it’s both

  • Bradley Olivier
    Bradley Olivier 7 giorni fa

    I can’t look at Zach effron the same

  • lexxy muck
    lexxy muck 7 giorni fa

    i ship themmm😍

  • merwyn macarenhas
    merwyn macarenhas 7 giorni fa +1

    He nailed the acting in this movie he should do some more serious roles👍

  • Melissa Coburn
    Melissa Coburn 8 giorni fa

    They both did a great job

    TOLUU O.B 8 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who cried at the ending

  • Endya Mitchell
    Endya Mitchell 8 giorni fa +1

    I like how they are taking actors like Ross Lynch and Zac Efron who originally we see as these Disney stars who fans have created this sense of trust with and put them in roles like Ted Bundy or Jeffery Dahmer and it kinda shocks us to think that these stars who some of us have grown up with could be so evil and creepy. It kinda leaves this haunting and chilling feeling that makes us think and I think thats a good stradegy to have while making movies like this. The casting directors really came through.

  • Melanue Giyrl
    Melanue Giyrl 8 giorni fa

    Why cant i find it on netflix?

    • Melanue Giyrl
      Melanue Giyrl 5 giorni fa

      @Bats ok thank you

    • Bats
      Bats 5 giorni fa

      Melanue Giyrl
      They probably didn’t add it to Netflix yet

  • Gracie Cook
    Gracie Cook 8 giorni fa

    the movie was so good. Like the way at first ted was so “likeable” and then he gets worse and worse it kind of takes you through the mindset of the victim

  • Chiara Boccalatte
    Chiara Boccalatte 8 giorni fa

    6:06 love is in the air

  • Isabel Bui
    Isabel Bui 8 giorni fa +2

    He’s so in love with lily 💗

    • Bats
      Bats 5 giorni fa

      Isabel Bui
      Well lily is already in a relationship

  • mike
    mike 8 giorni fa

    I bet Zac has a small penis.

  • music lover
    music lover 8 giorni fa

    Why cant i find this movie on netflix

  • 741923bm
    741923bm 9 giorni fa

    THIS WAS A JOKE......................................

  • Sarah Williams
    Sarah Williams 9 giorni fa +20

    Is it just me or did Zac and Lily have SO much chemistry?? I ship it

  • yoshidances
    yoshidances 9 giorni fa

    the channel let me explain said this really well about zac and his performance, but it was an incredibly smart choice for the casting team to choose him to play ted bundy. we all know zac as this funny, witty, pretty boy in every movie we see him in, but this role really showed us a terrifying side of him. it was exactly like this in real life. ted bundy was a smooth talker and a charming guy. someone no one would expect to be a killer, and that’s exactly why he got away with it for so long. perfect casting choice

  • jeff lol
    jeff lol 9 giorni fa

    I didn't like how this film was a sky cinema original in the UK

  • Clarissa Salazar
    Clarissa Salazar 9 giorni fa

    Hey people scrolling down the comments!😁💗

  • Troy Marchant
    Troy Marchant 10 giorni fa

    God damn lily collins is beautiful!!!!

  • Lildevility
    Lildevility 10 giorni fa

    They are my parents

  • Pip 1984
    Pip 1984 10 giorni fa

    I can’t believe James Hetfield was in this! What was chilling about this is the fact is was a real case

  • Nick Pearson
    Nick Pearson 10 giorni fa

    This movie was was messed up.

  • Demonitization
    Demonitization 11 giorni fa +2

    I love Zach Efrons hair

  • TheBoyBoyKermit
    TheBoyBoyKermit 11 giorni fa

    Lilly looks like poppy

  • Harald Emerson
    Harald Emerson 11 giorni fa +3

    Wait, Ted Bundy lived in Utah? I live in Utah...

  • Riley M
    Riley M 11 giorni fa

    I love the way he looks at her

  • animeclub unknow
    animeclub unknow 12 giorni fa +5

    He played ted so good that i really thought ted was innocent

  • ST4RK in the North
    ST4RK in the North 13 giorni fa

    I've studied bundy quite a bit. Shockingly efron is amazing as him in this

  • Samson Reang
    Samson Reang 13 giorni fa

    Fuck Netflix for not releasing this movie in india

  • Get Good
    Get Good 14 giorni fa

    Why is Zac present for this breakdown? He barely gets to speak, when he opens his mouth Lily cuts him off! So rude!

  • Stell a
    Stell a 14 giorni fa


  • Tanzina Yasmin Tani
    Tanzina Yasmin Tani 14 giorni fa

    zac efron, you were outstanding. what a performance!!

  • The Raven
    The Raven 14 giorni fa

    Lily is such a GOOD actress love her

  • Sakuraka
    Sakuraka 14 giorni fa

    Oh my fucking god u guys ever had those hearing test with the beeps? One of my ears literally Rang for 2 second during this scared the shit out of me 💀

  • Joelma Teles
    Joelma Teles 15 giorni fa

    Primeiro papel importante dele e de difícil atuação. Mostrou que não é só um homem bonito, mas que tem talento também.

  • Scottie Alexander Darbishire

    A most remarkable movie...the acting it totally captivating throughout!

  • Jay'lon Carroll
    Jay'lon Carroll 15 giorni fa +8

    Zac Efron is a beautiful man

  • Lydia Alonso
    Lydia Alonso 15 giorni fa +1

    People are sleeping on zac efron they only see him from hsm and thats it but he is a amazing actor and has done amazing work and only like him for his outside but he seems like a shy funny and cool guy to be around and im glad he is in this business because he is good at what he does and people need to see that

  • MGG Celtic
    MGG Celtic 15 giorni fa +1

    Lowkey the movie was good but a L at the same time because it like doesn’t even show the each or at least some victims deaths or attacks so if u don’t or didn’t know who ted was before u watched it, u would actually think he is innocent during the movie

    • R a c h e l
      R a c h e l 11 giorni fa

      they obviously couldn’t show much due to the brutality, if you want to see the genuine gore then watch the Netflix documentaries or read about them online

  • valerie vautour
    valerie vautour 15 giorni fa

    Zac Efron’s performance made me want to like Ted Bundy (but that’s because I loved Zac, I would never actually admire or like someone Ted), his portrayal as the perfect nice guy who could never hurt anyone was beyond incredible.

  • Jennifer Tilly
    Jennifer Tilly 15 giorni fa

    I want her shirt

  • princematchu
    princematchu 16 giorni fa

    Great job on the movie was captivating.

  • Isaiah Tamayo
    Isaiah Tamayo 16 giorni fa +3

    Is Elizabeth kloepferl dead or alive today?

    • x x
      x x 14 giorni fa

      Isaiah Tamayo I think she’s still alive

  • Monica Beales
    Monica Beales 16 giorni fa

    this movie literally destroyed my emotions

  • Gavin Hoy
    Gavin Hoy 16 giorni fa

    I was a huge fan of Zac before this movie but now even more so. Lily is amazing is this movie too. great film!

  • Laura JH
    Laura JH 16 giorni fa

    lily is really passionate about film making and you can just tell from the technical way she talks about what the shots portray

  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown 17 giorni fa

    Im from Utah and it’s so weird but cool to hear zac efron say one of the towns here 😂 Murray

  • redhot
    redhot 17 giorni fa

    Zach was so good at this that I have a hard time looking at him the same now without seeing some kind of evil in him LOL that's how you know a good actor !!

  • Ava Bell
    Ava Bell 17 giorni fa +1

    You can tell Zac Efron really adores this girl and respects her a lot! Not sure if there's a relationship there but he would welcome one by looks of it. Great great movie and two perfectly cast actors for the role

  • Madison Holman
    Madison Holman 17 giorni fa +2

    Lmfaoooo I’ve been here since high school musical and the mortal instruments get on my level.
    ALSO, zac keeps putting his arm around her//on the chair and it’s so cute

  • Morena Pomilio
    Morena Pomilio 17 giorni fa

    O fuck

  • Andre Austin Trabajo
    Andre Austin Trabajo 17 giorni fa

    Why is this not in my netflix huhu

  • Josh
    Josh 18 giorni fa +1

    Isn't this a sky original movie?

    • R a c h e l
      R a c h e l 11 giorni fa

      it is on Netflix in America but not in the UK, it’s on sky movies and in certain cinemas

  • Amanda Rickert
    Amanda Rickert 18 giorni fa

    I loved this movie. I didn't think I would because i figured zack would be awful but actually he was great. I was happy to hear thst most of the movie was true. This is a side of ted bundy that a lot of us didn't know. I felt almost sorry for him and could see how liz would have wanted so badly to believe him. This was a story that I'm glad was finally told...

  • xXTaco TimeXx
    xXTaco TimeXx 18 giorni fa

    I love Zac with all of my heart but I look at him differently now. I think a lot of people do. I watched the movie and it gave me chills with the acting. Now whenever I think of zac I think of this movie.

  • Teja Hawthorne
    Teja Hawthorne 18 giorni fa

    That movie almost made me cry because if you really think about Ted Bundy was doing this to real people and I wanted to cry thinking about but when he said “ HACK SAW” that really got me I was real life crying

  • Leticia Santos
    Leticia Santos 18 giorni fa

    When is it going to be released on Netflix?

    • R a c h e l
      R a c h e l 11 giorni fa

      Tengy not in England, it’s in certain cinemas and on sky movies :)

    • Tengy
      Tengy 18 giorni fa

      Leticia Santos it’s been on Netflix

  • Diego Robles
    Diego Robles 19 giorni fa

    Am I the only one who didn’t like Zac Efron as Bundy?? He did fine but I don’t think he was too sure of how to get into Bundys mind, I felt his portrayal was off

  • Emanuelle Santos
    Emanuelle Santos 19 giorni fa

    Sou super fã da Lilly e do Zac
    Louca pra esse filme chegar logo no Brasil❤

  • Butt Hole
    Butt Hole 19 giorni fa

    wtf i didn’t know James was in the movie. I couldn’t even tell lmao

  • Nikki Dang
    Nikki Dang 19 giorni fa

    A few months ago I finished one of Ann Rule's books, it's called "The Stranger Beside Me". All about Ted Bundy, facts and old pictures and names... That book gave me lots of chills. When this movie came out I was pretty excited because I was thinking that Zac probably would do great, besides looking so much like the real Bundy. He nailed it, and I was thrilled while watching it, remembering details of those murders from the book. Zac deserves an award.

  • Alejandra Nuñes
    Alejandra Nuñes 19 giorni fa

    Why this movie is not on Netflix Latin america?

  • TCK Steph
    TCK Steph 19 giorni fa +1

    Bruh we waiting for Zac Efron to play Adam Warlock in Guardians of the Galaxy 3

  • Chris P.
    Chris P. 19 giorni fa

    He totally looks like Ted Bundy. Great work on that.

  • Aseel Al-Bokhari
    Aseel Al-Bokhari 19 giorni fa +5

    I’m hunting for these interviews. 😂😇😇

  • clarkewi
    clarkewi 19 giorni fa

    Great actors.

  • Ellie Tinnell
    Ellie Tinnell 20 giorni fa +7

    Zac did an amazing job in this movie. Lilly is such an underrated actress. I could legit feel her characters pain. Great job guys! ❤️👏🏻

  • 215 •
    215 • 20 giorni fa +6

    Who else was feeling bad for Ted & thinking he was Innocent , 😳

  • Apeksha G
    Apeksha G 20 giorni fa +1

    Wish I could watch the entire thing with them so they could explain their emotions and ideations of their roles!

  • mary
    mary 20 giorni fa

    Wonder if she met the real Liz?

  • Destiny Martinez
    Destiny Martinez 20 giorni fa +1

    They need to date

  • Ben Hackett
    Ben Hackett 20 giorni fa

    Is it on Netflix uk

    • emma
      emma 20 giorni fa


  • רום אטיאס
    רום אטיאס 20 giorni fa

    When this movie will be on Netflix?

  • bts jungshook
    bts jungshook 20 giorni fa +1

    was he even the highschool musical guy ?!

    • Bats
      Bats 17 giorni fa

      bts jungshook yes he was
      People move on to do other stuff

  • Eric Salles
    Eric Salles 20 giorni fa

    The entire film (for me) was like watching a Master Class in Acting. The tightrope act that Zac Efron and Lily Collins pull off in this brilliantly directed film is so rarely seen in modern films. I am also very grateful that they didn't (like some true-crime stories do) "show" any of the violence. This character story tells it all. I have some personal questions (as an actor myself) to ask both Zac and Lily if I had the privilege to interview them. Nevertheless, to the cast and crew.....TAKE A earned it.

  • Lois Loves Cheese
    Lois Loves Cheese 20 giorni fa

    so cute honestly

  • Cooper Curry
    Cooper Curry 21 giorno fa

    Where is his shirt from?

  • Abby Skl05
    Abby Skl05 21 giorno fa +1

    My uncle was in this movie ☺️

  • Michael Soo
    Michael Soo 21 giorno fa +1

    One of the better true crime movies. Even the supporting players were good. Ironic that the only woman, that Bundy loved helped to bring him down.

  • Cyborg 69
    Cyborg 69 21 giorno fa +69

    Man Zac is such a good actor he actually made me start to feel bad for ted but then I remember it’s Ted Bundy

  • Zoya
    Zoya 21 giorno fa

    Zac is so humble for looking like that

  • Lisa Chlastawa
    Lisa Chlastawa 21 giorno fa

    I just saw this movie today it was good