The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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  • Pubblicato il 20 set 2019
  • HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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  • Avalava
    Avalava 5 ore fa

    i wanna blaze with u one day jeffery :(

  • Sarah Peterson
    Sarah Peterson 6 ore fa

    Hope he reviews rude cosmetics👀👄😊💜

  • Alondra Guzman
    Alondra Guzman 6 ore fa +1

    Acrilico epoxico sika peru

    • Alondra Guzman
      Alondra Guzman 6 ore fa +1

      Guauque lindo maquiyage enseñe me ablar inglés😞😞😞😞😞

  • exposed!
    exposed! 6 ore fa

    Jeffre star should come to Ohio to do cedar point. if you did not know cedar point is the number one amusment park in america

  • Sabrina Ali-Bakari

    is it just me or does the first lip liner look used? love ya jefree x

  • Random vids By Me

    It can't be a liquid if it's a powder... I'm confused

  • Fiona McCoy
    Fiona McCoy 6 ore fa

    Would love to see yous do up someone who's not famous or anything. Just a regular guy or girl that don't have a clue what it's like to be yous

  • Fiona McCoy
    Fiona McCoy 7 ore fa

    Hi jeffrey x I love you so much x I'm a 46 year old irish woman I have 2 kids 20 and 12 . Whenever I'm down i watch your videos. I would love to be snatched like you .did you ever think of doing a swan video for one of your fans ? Think I could still be cute if I knew how .love you and nate and Shane x thankyou x

  • Dakota Halford
    Dakota Halford 7 ore fa

    jeffree: " we have a new addition to our family and its its not a pomeranian"

  • Princess Tiana
    Princess Tiana 7 ore fa

    Jeffree I’m so sorry about Daddy’s death may he Rest In Peace I give my condolences to both you and Nate you guys are strong and will pull through and Daddy will be missed ❤️❤️❤️

  • Emppos
    Emppos 7 ore fa +1

    Hi. We need JSC skincare

  • David Kuptsow
    David Kuptsow 7 ore fa

    Plz post PLZ JEFFREE

  • Greta Jones
    Greta Jones 8 ore fa

    You can make literally anything look good

    I dye❤️❤️❤️

  • Maurice_1
    Maurice_1 8 ore fa

    Are you fucking gay or something

  • Raygan Calabria
    Raygan Calabria 8 ore fa

    Jeffeestar i really like your makeup and my mom does to I think you're creative with your makeup and all sorts of ways i live in Arizona and i am 10 years old

  • Abby Palmer
    Abby Palmer 8 ore fa

    i love jeffree’s videos but his eyeliner needs a little work

  • Nikole Ribeiro
    Nikole Ribeiro 9 ore fa

    Jeffery, what do you think about a scar on a woman's face? Does it decrease attractiveness? Please give me your honest opinion!!

  • moalin
    moalin 10 ore fa

    Wruszka zęmbużrzszka?

  • Chasing the Sun
    Chasing the Sun 10 ore fa +1

    I like to watch your videos because your opinions are true, this is who you are, and I love people that shows their real face. I can't wait to have money and buy at least your Star mirror because I am obssesed with stars... Love and Subscribe from me!

  • Cine Whocares
    Cine Whocares 10 ore fa


  • Michelle Maier
    Michelle Maier 10 ore fa

    Didn’t know J.Lo did a collab. Jeffree keeps me in the loop

  • Amber Porter
    Amber Porter 11 ore fa

    "I'm here in this house so you will hear the dogs screaming."
    Me: Wait! Dogs can SCREAM?No they can't! They can bark. But can't scream

  • Mimi Bibi
    Mimi Bibi 11 ore fa

    The lipcombo looks niceee

  • Emily Glass
    Emily Glass 11 ore fa

    Can you do a review and lemon

  • Mark Mwendwa
    Mark Mwendwa 11 ore fa

    i'm not a packaging whore

  • Emily Harris
    Emily Harris 11 ore fa

    oh no ... i know im late but good god hope he dosnt tear down my queen... cmon gaga dont let me down ToT

  • Marina's Amor
    Marina's Amor 11 ore fa

    Omg 😱 Jeffrey you have to see my makeup tutorial I did not take notes like I should have lol! 😂🤣

  • Amelia Alissa
    Amelia Alissa 12 ore fa +1

    Jeffree: „i did a cute little wing“

  • Mark Mwendwa
    Mark Mwendwa 12 ore fa

    the jlo comment i needed to hear
    i just remember her sending pr to cardi b and that was it,

  • michelle massey
    michelle massey 12 ore fa

    Your channel is unique maybe because the way you convey your thoughts. Highly important *you are natural* .
    Would love to see you in person and learn few makeup tips.
    Lots of love
    Michelle ❤


    I just Bought your new pallet and I fricking love it and I love you so much your a big inspiration to me I have been watching your videos for 2 years and keep doing your thing much love ❤️❤️❤️💜💜🥰🥰😘😘😍😍

  • Linzi Chenault
    Linzi Chenault 12 ore fa

    I wear Fame every single day. It's my signature scent! Nobody else wears it 🥰 I buy another bottle as soon as I get 2/3 through a bottle!

  • Forever More
    Forever More 13 ore fa

    Why does Jeffree look so different

  • Bruse
    Bruse 13 ore fa

    Jeffree please try doing the korean 10 steps skincare routine

  • Megan Kelly
    Megan Kelly 13 ore fa

    Jeffree: I have to visit Nate's grandma later...
    Also Jeffree: puts on the craziest makeup combo ever...

  • Abdullah Abdullsh
    Abdullah Abdullsh 13 ore fa

    Junge bist du Schwul lannnn?😂😂😂

  • Ida-Lina Frisell
    Ida-Lina Frisell 13 ore fa

    Hi i love your videos so much ❤️❤️

  • Regina Hayes
    Regina Hayes 13 ore fa

    Jeffree: hi I'm Jeffree star I've been a makeup artist since I was 12 years old
    Me being 12 years old: omg I'm following his footsteps 😍

  • Treehuggerlark
    Treehuggerlark 14 ore fa

    I swear I watched the whole video just for those NAILS!!!!!!! Omg the nails!

  • Queen La Queefa
    Queen La Queefa 14 ore fa

    Isnt it weird how all the biggest makeup IT-cliprs are men

  • kribums
    kribums 14 ore fa +1

    that lip looks fucking gorgeous- wHAT?

  • Hanley Shin
    Hanley Shin 14 ore fa

    Hi please do a review for the new MAC x Pony Park collection 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • April Collins
    April Collins 14 ore fa

    Jeffree star if u have a at home decor store around u they have there on makeup line there love to see a review

  • Polo
    Polo 14 ore fa

    this nigga gay

  • Travis Jenkins
    Travis Jenkins 15 ore fa

    OMG I love your nails

  • Caroline fløe
    Caroline fløe 15 ore fa

    Got a too faced ad on this, love the irony

  • Meli Bhoo
    Meli Bhoo 16 ore fa

    We need a “full face using only jeffreestar cosmetics” video 💖

  • Emma b
    Emma b 16 ore fa

    I'm so sorry to hear about daddy star your in our prayers jeffree and nate ❤❤❤

  • Meli Bhoo
    Meli Bhoo 16 ore fa

    We need a “full face using only jeffreestar cosmetics” video 💖

  • Imama Nasir
    Imama Nasir 16 ore fa

    It’s 12:27 am and the first day of school stars in about 6hrs and I’m watching jeffree what does this say about me?

  • tea sisters
    tea sisters 16 ore fa

    PLS review florence by mills!!!!!!

  • hamfx AF
    hamfx AF 16 ore fa

    Your so cringey and gay

  • AllieAndPeach
    AllieAndPeach 16 ore fa

    I wanna see jeffree and gaga in an ahs season together

  • Emilee Sheffield
    Emilee Sheffield 17 ore fa

    Is it jeffree star approved

  • Bri Lash
    Bri Lash 17 ore fa

    Ive been so slack sorry jeffree but i am dedicating hours tonight to catching up on all your vidz you are and alwayz will be my fave makeup artist thanks for being you and teaching us makeup lovers how to apply like queens 👌💚✌💋

  • Emma Crume
    Emma Crume 17 ore fa

    Is it a cat

  • Emma Crume
    Emma Crume 17 ore fa

    Is is a car

  • Mei Leong
    Mei Leong 18 ore fa

    Just wondering do u ever want kids bc a little star would be so cute

  • Piper :3
    Piper :3 18 ore fa

    Who thinks she should make a pallet forming the 60’s?

  • Carie Smith
    Carie Smith 18 ore fa

    I really enjoy your videos. I hope you have a great day