A Wrinkle In Time Official US Teaser Trailer

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  • Pubblicato il 15 lug 2017
  • Watch the teaser trailer for Disney's A Wrinkle In Time.
    A Wrinkle In Time opens in US theatres March 9, 2018.
    The film, which is an epic adventure based on Madeleine L’Engle’s timeless classic which takes audiences across dimensions of time and space, examining the nature of darkness versus light and ultimately, the triumph of love.

    Directed by Ava DuVernay from a screenplay by Jennifer Lee based upon the beloved novel by Madeleine L’Engle, “A Wrinkle in Time” is produced by Jim Whitaker and Catherine Hand with Doug Merrifield serving as executive producer. The film stars: Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Michael Peňa, Levi Miller, Deric McCabe, André Holland, Rowan Blanchard with Zach Galifianakis and Chris Pine and introduces Storm Reid.
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  • Rifat Hossain
    Rifat Hossain 9 giorni fa

    should i watch this movie?

  • julian armando pernett ceballos

    ¿ophrah? mmmm, no me parece...

  • Gautham Ananthanarayanan

    Me: This film is gonna be like awesome.
    Andy Serkis: Yes. Like Chris Pine from Star Trek.
    Me: Maybe it's same as Star Wars.
    Luke Evans: I don't know.
    David Cross: Well. Let's just see if we ask any questions that is same as Star Wars and the Avengers.


    I saw the trailer for this a lot of times ❤

  • Raffael PT
    Raffael PT Mese fa

    It was pretty nice but the ending sucked

  • Shannon Chubb
    Shannon Chubb Mese fa


  • moomal ajaz
    moomal ajaz 2 mesi fa

    The part that starts from 1:34 is probably my favorite

    AVCM'S FUTURE 2 mesi fa +1

    I'm sorry to disappoint ALL OF YOU! But I actually really enjoyed this movie. Seriously. I know it's not NEARLY as similar to the book. But it was REALLY good. And not just because the CGI was the best :3

  • 大杉魔裟斗
    大杉魔裟斗 3 mesi fa

    Please tell me this back music

  • Lulu Who Loves Blue Things

    The trailer is better than the movie TBH

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 3 mesi fa

    This movie Even didn't deserve to be pirate .

  • Firdaus Azmi
    Firdaus Azmi 3 mesi fa

    "And the only one who can stop it is you". OK enough with that bullshit. A kid? Across worlds, against the worst villain? Also, that script tho

  • bulavo
    bulavo 3 mesi fa

    you cant watch this if you are a white male...according to Brie Larson

  • Nicolas Villafuerte Diaz

    Wrinkle in Time? More like: "A Waste of Time"
    I believe that the kids in the audience got bored out of their minds
    Mommy? Can we go home now?
    Spring break wasn't a good time for cinema, and the other movies that were playing didn't seem very interesting to me

  • bradley milton
    bradley milton 5 mesi fa

    what song is this

  • Pierre Taichou
    Pierre Taichou 5 mesi fa

    The only thing faster than light is the darkness?
    That makes no sense at all since by definition darkness is the absence of light. It doesn't travel......They should have come up with something factual...or just something else....but anyway, the movie trailer is interesting.

  • Creepypasta Girl
    Creepypasta Girl 5 mesi fa +1

    This is awesome!!!

  • Larry Singleton
    Larry Singleton 5 mesi fa

    Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ Erases Book’s Bible Quotes, Cuts Jesus, Christian Figures From History
    by Tyler O'Neil-PJ Media.
    "In the transition from book to movie, many aspects get left on the cutting-room floor. Even so, these omissions proved particularly egregious, partially because they involved rewriting history."
    I'm getting sick and tired of this new and improved PC Hollywood.
    Now movies are saturated and infested with this "race" "gender" and "diversity" shit from the fascist left that has taken over our whole society.
    Read FrontPage Magazine's articles and Gatestone Institute for the truth you won't hear from the lamestream media.
    Just going back and forth with a couple of leftists. One of whom hyped this Cuban "workers paradise" bullshit.
    I simply referred him to Humberto Fontova for a reality check. "Che" and Fidel were sadistic mass murderers and torturers. This idiot after my suggestion read a single article about that "Che" movie they put out. Total, unadulterated, BullShit. Pure Propaganda.
    "Che" wasn't a "freedom fighter". He wasn't an "intellectual genius". He wasn't anything the left or media said he was. He was the worst kind of murdering terrorist scumbag.
    And now Disney is following right along.

    • Larry Singleton
      Larry Singleton 5 mesi fa

      I'm sure people will scream "Raaaacist!"
      But I'm wondering how many of these black actors in the movies match up with the characters in the book. Were they white?
      Just saw this new animated "Spiderman" ad. Spiderman is now black.
      Blacks are even in these movies about "Nordish" heroes or fairy tale characters.
      Leftists have hijacked Martin Luther Kings Civil Rights and perverted it to its own political agenda.
      Please ask me about "slavery". About how Muslims have hijacked civil rights for their own use constantly citing American slavery. please, Please, PLEASE ask me about this.

  • Matt H
    Matt H 5 mesi fa +1

    How could such an incredible trailer promote such an awful film

  • Ricky Vittar
    Ricky Vittar 5 mesi fa

    I love so much this movie 💚💚💚💙

  • Kelly Norman
    Kelly Norman 6 mesi fa

    Very interesting movie I've seen it and Oprah is kinda cute

  • Sebastian Cristan Bellarmino

    The film is just an utter mess. No more no less.

  • Matthias Walter
    Matthias Walter 7 mesi fa

    What song is this, this has to become a soundtrack

    • ojo ojos
      ojo ojos 7 mesi fa

      Don't know the title but it's been out for 9 years

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley 7 mesi fa +1

    Film needed another 20 minutes for story details, etc. Would've helped. ☕🎄 _c.

  • Geza Ladanyi
    Geza Ladanyi 7 mesi fa

    nagy szar

  • michaeljfiorito
    michaeljfiorito 8 mesi fa

  • Bart
    Bart 8 mesi fa

    This is definitely not a Christian movie.

  • A.イニエスタ【公式】


  • epf1961
    epf1961 8 mesi fa +1

    Started watching this (Netflix) and it seemed pretty hopeful until they all went to another planet (or at least it seemed like something to that effect), and the special effects started taking over, and then me and my whole family, including my 13 year old daughter (who read the book), started to doze off and actually began to giggle over how stupid it became. Snoozer/switched off!! Maybe this is fun for little kids, but if you're over 13 you just can't take this seriously. Don't waste your time and/or money.

  • TayJon El
    TayJon El 9 mesi fa +1

    I was a really good movie

  • Shuli003 Kinda
    Shuli003 Kinda 9 mesi fa

    Name is shlomit, win

  • Happy Tiger
    Happy Tiger 9 mesi fa

    I do not think I would like this movie. It looks bad

  • Claudio montaño
    Claudio montaño 9 mesi fa


  • DeLaney Prosser
    DeLaney Prosser 10 mesi fa

    wheres charles? i didnt see him the whole trailer

    • ojo ojos
      ojo ojos 7 mesi fa

      @Tanner Grant He... didn't rant

    • Tanner Grant
      Tanner Grant 7 mesi fa

      Acutally sis. He's there at 0:55, 1:01, 1:03, 1:08, 1:11, 1:19, and 1:28. So calm your titties. Maybe next time, you should..... oh wait. Let me put it in an instruction format for you.
      1. Watch the trailer
      2. Look up the actor
      3. Rewatch the trailer
      I hope this will help you and our other fellow commenters that are having this problem. Or maybe next time just watch the movie. Easier then ranting in the comments.
      Sister Tanner

    • Liz
      Liz 8 mesi fa

      DeLaney Prosser 1:20

  • sue king
    sue king 10 mesi fa +1

    I saw the movie, and I loved it. I don't care if anyone hates this, more people like this than you think. I also don't want anyone opinion near me. I'm with the people who like this movie. People never appreciate new movies which is depressing. 😔😣

  • Serena C
    Serena C 10 mesi fa

    i read this book before

  • Jarco Studios
    Jarco Studios 10 mesi fa +1

    The book is always better

  • M.A.S
    M.A.S 10 mesi fa

    what this song please

    • Nithin
      Nithin 10 mesi fa

      Song Name: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

  • M.A.S
    M.A.S 10 mesi fa

    what this song please

  • Davide Fun
    Davide Fun 10 mesi fa +1

    I hope someone noticed the “Papaoutai” reference which is pretty accurate 😍

  • linda ledbeter
    linda ledbeter 11 mesi fa

    I will be there with 2 grandchildren.

  • Nig Games
    Nig Games 11 mesi fa

    1:49 music name? plis

    • Nithin
      Nithin 10 mesi fa

      Song Name: Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
      here it is - it-clip.net/video/xckrrXdUFBk/video.html

  • Ryan Flood
    Ryan Flood 11 mesi fa +2

    not to be that guy.. but the book was better..

    • apology89
      apology89 10 mesi fa

      Ryan Flood we all know...

  • Josh Tellis
    Josh Tellis Anno fa

    Big shaq

  • Austin Fahrenbrook

    I've read the book and it was great but this movie sucks

  • Sterling
    Sterling Anno fa

    I'll wait for the dvd release.

  • Vincent Voelz
    Vincent Voelz Anno fa


  • Butterfly Girl
    Butterfly Girl Anno fa

    UGH..everywhere i look there is oprah...i would watch this if she wasnt in it..oh well..

  • loraleiful
    loraleiful Anno fa


  • Julio Xd
    Julio Xd Anno fa

    A música é essa?

  • Ms. Bowdry
    Ms. Bowdry Anno fa +2

    This was Not a good movie to me! Very disappointed!

  • GamingWithMarialand


  • D Son
    D Son Anno fa +4

    I'm only here for the beat

  • owijefro3ihop
    owijefro3ihop Anno fa

    that sameeeee story that hollywood sells oooverrr aaand over again!

  • Hayden Bale
    Hayden Bale Anno fa

    One of the worst Disney movie ever...I don't know what is worse , directing, acting or CGI ?!

  • tyler morgan
    tyler morgan Anno fa

    horrid atrocious horrendous

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    Movie Download Anno fa

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  • Karl Velazquez
    Karl Velazquez Anno fa +4

    This trailer is better than the movie

  • Salim Chafia
    Salim Chafia Anno fa +1

    Talk of potential

  • psygn0sis
    psygn0sis Anno fa +4

    Oprah refused to do the movie unless they made the costar a colored female.
    Way to go RACISM!

    • Dave M
      Dave M 5 mesi fa

      psygn0sis It's because Ava is her best friend.

  • video jeffproit
    video jeffproit Anno fa

    this music like feel quicksilver from X-man

  • frknlazy
    frknlazy Anno fa

    i read the book and its pretty much the same although there in a kiss scene between meg and calvin which sence i havent seen the movie so i dont know if its there

  • hi32318
    hi32318 Anno fa

    This was a super good movie. I read the book a year ago and I watched the movie a couple of days ago. I was having doubts about it cause I thought it wouldn't be as good as the book but it's amazing I recommend watching it

  • gatedancer17
    gatedancer17 Anno fa +1

    'From Visionary Director Ava.....' Visionary? That kind of summarizes the problem with this movie - it's totally pretentious. And a 'visionary' bomb, that lost 100 Million bucks.

  • Crystal Maenes
    Crystal Maenes Anno fa +1

    1:11 gives me nightmares

  • Aeneas O'Sullivan
    Aeneas O'Sullivan Anno fa +1


  • IAmAStreamerToo
    IAmAStreamerToo Anno fa

    Anyone else get a little... Triggered... when they said the only thing faster than light is darkness?

  • ConservativeAnthem

    This failed because of OKRAH WINFREE

  • ctrain 8
    ctrain 8 Anno fa

    Sorry but I don't read the book but I lost my shit when the lady told her to be a warrior. 😂

  • Faithlynn 4 Life

    I'm probably watching this tomorrow with my bff

  • Izzy
    Izzy Anno fa +3

    Yass Levi miller

  • John Smith
    John Smith Anno fa +1


  • Rupali Ramteke
    Rupali Ramteke Anno fa

    I have read this book and it's amazing

  • Deb Gang
    Deb Gang Anno fa

    The book better then thissss

  • Irene Guzman-Rothwell

    i have read the book and i love the trailor better than the movie!

  • laure malaeb
    laure malaeb Anno fa

    I watched the movie it is so good

  • hhmmm
    hhmmm Anno fa +2

    I had to leave the cinema, it was that bad. This trailer is false advertising it was nothing like this

  • Xx PotatoEntertainment xX

    I’m going to see this today 😸

  • qrtsie bitch
    qrtsie bitch Anno fa +1

    the trailer made me exited to see the movie. When I did see them movie I got pissed cuz it wasn’t even good.
    -like if you agree-

  • SuperKooks
    SuperKooks Anno fa

    Did he say 91 billion or million?

  • fanny chica
    fanny chica Anno fa


  • fanny chica
    fanny chica Anno fa

    I just watched the movie and it is SO GOOD.. I wasn't excited at all to watch it but I ended loving it. I didn't even liked the trailer when it came out but believe, you will love this movie.

  • А. Энхбаясгалан


    • beast claw
      beast claw 8 mesi fa

      it-clip.net/video/fZJ0bR6vwHk/video.html there ya go buddy!

  • john lorick ignacio

    March 9 2018

  • john lorick ignacio

    A wrinkle in time
    Only Cinemas in 2018

  • Parking Jimin
    Parking Jimin Anno fa

    Hmm looks good

  • Charlotte Louise
    Charlotte Louise Anno fa +1

    Looks really good.

  • :D
    :D Anno fa


  • Candy Egan
    Candy Egan Anno fa

    Yessss I can't wait!

  • Albert Mag
    Albert Mag Anno fa

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    I'm downloading it now off BitLord torrents ( the link above ) **You can download or stream many people have posted thier torrents here so pick a more recent one with lots of Seeds every seed is a person with this particular torrent so the more seeds the faster your download will go & your stream will plat ,,,Cheers ,,,Oh ~ its free no BS credit card crap
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  • Da TROLL!
    Da TROLL! Anno fa +1

    I know the movie sucks, but you gotta admit, the trailers are REALLY good

  • K C
    K C Anno fa

    Nobody will understand it very well if they haven't read the book. So please, stop complaining if you haven't atleast read the first one.

  • generalnikkerson

    Count me in !

  • Junja Pan
    Junja Pan Anno fa

    What's the background song

    • beast claw
      beast claw 8 mesi fa

      it-clip.net/video/fZJ0bR6vwHk/video.html there ya go ma dude!

  • alucard4915
    alucard4915 Anno fa


  • Ghetto Honky
    Ghetto Honky Anno fa

    I’ve given up on Disney. That movie was awful. I guess it might have made more sense had I taken a bunch of peyote and LSD

  • Quibble S
    Quibble S Anno fa +1

    The TRAILER looks incredible, I wish the movie was also

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    InStyle-Decor Anno fa

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  • Andres Ospina
    Andres Ospina Anno fa +1


  • Quintessence Nevermore

    Technically, darkness isn't faster than light. Darkness is the absence of light, and therefore is something that does not move at all.