Senegal builds 'biggest mosque in West Africa' | AFP

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  • Pubblicato il 25 set 2019
  • Senegal's influential Mouride Brotherhood on Friday will inaugurate a 30,000-capacity mosque in the capital Dakar, touted as the largest in West Africa and rivalling its opulent peers in Arab nations.

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  • Deug Deug 1
    Deug Deug 1 Mese fa

    The first one in west africa initiate by mourid. I am senegalese not mourid but i like them they alway do good for our country

  • Fallou galass Lo
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  • Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali Mese fa +12

    Love to my Senegalese brothers and sisters from India

  • Basharat Ali
    Basharat Ali Mese fa +6

    May Allah bless all Muslims

  • Mahamadou Diouf
    Mahamadou Diouf Mese fa +5

    Merci Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba 💚 IL existe un seul et unique Dieu et Mohamed psL est son message CheikhouL khadim tu est le serviteur du Prophète après ces compagnons

  • Abu Nice
    Abu Nice Mese fa +2

    Mashaa Allah Beautiful mosque may Allah bless you all who invested ameen

  • Moustapha Seck
    Moustapha Seck Mese fa +2

    macha allahou diereudieufeti cheikhoul khadim

  • Samb Fallou
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  • Thiare Bassirou
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  • Gluluman
    Gluluman Mese fa +7

    It is important to note - Whenever I see or hear of Black African and Islam, I wonder if they know how they got under this sad predicament. Facts: The first Europeans (Portuguese and Dutch) arrived in Africa in 1460, before the French and the British. And 1200 years before the Europeans arrived in Africa, the Arabs, the Moors, the Berbers have been enslaving, brutalizing, and exploiting Black Africans for centuries. Forcefully conversion to Islam, rape, pillage and indoctrination; Africa’s religion is holistic, supernatural, traditional, primitive, mystical, spiritual and in rapport with nature. Not Christianity and definitely Not Islam. They (the Arabs) turned the African man into a “Hunis” or “Dir” his testicles removed to increase his bulk and size, in a sense make him bigger and stronger workhorse, a master slave. While the women were turned into “Harem or Haram “ black prostitutes, concubine, sex object and housemaid, servants the people of (modern day Somalia, Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Guinea, Djibouti etc… are their descendents. In fact all the countries North of the equator eight degree longitude are Islamic and countries South of the eight degree longitude are Christians, animist or African beliefs. The ethnic-hybrid throughout the Sahel knows as the Tuarec, the Fula, the Hausa, the Peule, Fulani, and many others are in part or in full mix Arab breeds, or mutts). The African Muslim is as oxymoronic as a black Japanese. There is No such thing as an African Muslim. Clearly this is the result of centuries of brainwashing, indoctrination, and ignorance. Clearly the Africans Muslims are devoid of their own history, and past indeed the true victim of human civilization. The dichotomy of Africans and Islam is as absurd oxymora as a Zulu claiming to be of blond hair, bleu eye Viking ancestry. Claiming Islam in lieu of their own African culture and indigenous religion is not only cruel to Africans alone but humanity as well. It’s heartless and callous to all citizens of world, M.J Herkovits Ph.D and Dr. Akinjogbin summarized this truth in their book entitled “Dahomey and Its Neighbors” Lond. Oxford. And in a nutshell, comparing Europeans slavery to Arab slavery would be as fruitless as comparing Adolph Hitler to Mother Teresa. Arabs slave traders were 1000 times more brutal, more savage, more cruel than anything we have ever seen”. All we can say is lack of knowledge breed ignorance and misery, and for a Black Africans to defend Islamic as his religion in lieu of his own African religious and culture, would be no different than a Jew defending Nazism. It is in indeed bewildering considering twelve-centuries of savagery, brutality, brain washing, forceful conversion, they [The Africans] have endured under the savage hand of the Arab Muslims. In effect, 1400 years ago “Bilal” an African slave Muslim in [their prophet mehmed] era was not allowed to practice Islam, because of his darker complexion & African heritage. Sadly this practice still goes on in places like Mauritania, Niger, Sudan, Somalia, etc....…. In fact the Arabs not only enslaved and brainwashed the Africans, they enslaved and programmed entire nation states: the Turks, Greeks, Bulgarians, Armenians, Serbians, southern Russians, Ukrainians, Georgians, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh all of Eurasia including Kazakhstan, South Asia country of Indonesia and Malaysian known as (Borneo-man), the Philippines island of Mindanao etc…reason why all those southeast Asian countries listed above have funny sounding, misspelled or altered Arabic sounding names. In their Koran verse, known as the "surath” they encourage older Muslim men (39-70 years of age) to take several brides included very young girls as brides: … their own prophet marry twelve wives and two of whom were under 6 years of age. And Saudi Arabia’s ruling al-Saudi dynasty, where King Abdulaziz (who founded the State, in 1932) fathered some 45 sons, over 60 daughters with at least 22 wives. At the time his wife, Hassa bint Ahmad al-Sudairi, of the powerful Sudairi family from Saudi Arabia’s central plateau region of Nejd, where the fundamentalist Wahhabi ideology emerged some 300 years ago was only as 9 years of age when she marry the king. And sadly this practice still goes on today in Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nigeria and various Arabs and Muslim nations. Islam is certainly not compatible with the African culture, tradition and way of life. Africans have their own religion and they should return to IT.

    • Aquarian Aged7
      Aquarian Aged7 8 giorni fa

      @manchester city real fan : The strategies and manipulative tactics used by European
      Imperialism is over !! Nothing the European has ever given to enslave a people
      for the benefit of themselves and the glorification of the "Whiteness" of skin can
      aid in anyway to uplift the "Consciousness" of others. This is solely utilized
      for the benefit of the fulfillment of "Land Resources" for "Power & Control" !!
      When have these people ever lived in accord to the " Golden Principle" of Christianity,
      which is "LOVE" ? The KKK are a prime example of the collective darkness which
      resides in the psyche of many of their so-called social "CLAN / Klan".

    • manchester city real fan
      manchester city real fan Mese fa

      @Basharat Ali
      Islam isn't like Judaism where only Jews can follow the religion. Islam is a better version of it and doesn't require a human sacrifice or trinity etc but to worship the creator who is worshipped my Moussa, Issa (Jesus), David, Ibrahim, MUhammad (PBUH them all).

    • manchester city real fan
      manchester city real fan Mese fa

      @Meg Beach

    • manchester city real fan
      manchester city real fan Mese fa

      Coming here spreading hate on Arabs but you seem to think all Arabs are all Muslim and forget that Arabs are Christian also. Africans were Muslim (ethopians) first and Islam was the only religion that arrived in West Africa without force and this is proven by many scholers because if it was then the whole of West Africa would have been all Muslim and the traditional religions wouldn't exist. Sadly the African religions are declining and that is due to the colonies and the misoonaries forcing Christiainity and white Jesus to others.

    • altGoolam
      altGoolam Mese fa

      Manufactured history. No Arab army ever set foot in Senegal.

  • Mahamed Aden
    Mahamed Aden Mese fa +5

    يارب اغفر لنا وجميع المسلمين ونصرنا على الكافرين

  • Mahamed Aden
    Mahamed Aden Mese fa +6

    ما شاء الله
    سبحان الله وبحمده

  • Mahamed Aden
    Mahamed Aden Mese fa +9

    الله أكبر
    الله أكبر
    الله أكبر
    الله أكبر
    الله أكبر

  • Aku Melayu
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