Mo’Nique and Steve Get Real: Part 2

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  • Pubblicato il 13 feb 2019
  • After a brutally honest conversation, Mo’Nique and Steve worked out their differences the way only two friends could!
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  • Andrew Concepcion
    Andrew Concepcion Giorno fa


  • Domineek Sanford
    Domineek Sanford Giorno fa +2

    2:30 Hmmmmmmm...
    ... is that the sign of thee ILLUMINATI...???

  • Brenda L. Stovall
    Brenda L. Stovall 2 giorni fa

    Funny thing is Lee Daniels wouldn't be where he's at because Monique was a seasoned actress who put her stamp on the movie and put him on the map and she truly handled this interview well. Now I have more respect for her because everything is not about the bag!

  • smudge82ad
    smudge82ad 2 giorni fa +1

    Monique, if you read this. You dont owe anyone an apology

  • Jolnash El faxtor X
    Jolnash El faxtor X 2 giorni fa

    If you wanna see the latest from Monique to aprahs go to jolnash and see the adrenalina, there she don’t like it is....

  • Terrance Baker
    Terrance Baker 2 giorni fa

    She gone be s target if she don't chill

  • Cissy Mac
    Cissy Mac 2 giorni fa

    I can't stand token ass Steve Harvey

  • DB Connor
    DB Connor 3 giorni fa

    These people had to play the game. Everyone did including Monique. The rules DID NOT change. She dud when she married that man. He became her manager and her career flopped. Now he convinced her she is being wronged. She needs to know cursing out the boss and returning to work the next day like nothing happened is never a good idea. Get what you need in the most dignified way possible then walk out. Right now you are just out.

  • Yathbeauty
    Yathbeauty 3 giorni fa +1

    Steve sold his soul ......Monique is to smart for this

  • Linda C
    Linda C 3 giorni fa

    It would seem to me, that she is a truth speaker and he is liar - a slick one at that - the kind that like to give the appearance of being 'frank and honest' but who completely twist the truth. Go Monique. Integrity all the way!

  • Santosha Padfield
    Santosha Padfield 3 giorni fa

    I love that they were able to have dialogue like this. Sounded like a healthy conversation among family. It's love.

  • KIdB35
    KIdB35 3 giorni fa


  • Moffatt Moffatt
    Moffatt Moffatt 4 giorni fa +4

    Mo"Nique will come out on top. May she be divinely covered with safety and protection. May her enemies become her footstool.

  • Bon Bobby
    Bon Bobby 4 giorni fa

    Steve was always transparent about getting money and that really being the only thing he values. He preaches god and all this nonsense but at the end of the day, his drive, his life is money. He’s always been like that. That’s your people. Wtf they do to help you!?!

  • Gus.
    Gus. 4 giorni fa

    For who, FOR WHO?

  • 44 KaL
    44 KaL 5 giorni fa

    "The best way to help poor people out is to not be one of them"

  • TheMusiqKing
    TheMusiqKing 5 giorni fa +1


    That face he makes is the "Damn my bitchass got exposed" look

  • joseph moorer
    joseph moorer 5 giorni fa +2

    Naw bruh 2:20, I know black women, that's not a look you want, that look is "you deserted me and it's too late"

    KARMA IS WATCHING 5 giorni fa +1

    She looks as though she really feels sorry for him...... Truly.. #BrainwashedSteve..😒

  • Horizon
    Horizon 6 giorni fa

    Love sounds like love. She is interested in being right and nothing else. When she stops talking...she can listen.

  • Horizon
    Horizon 6 giorni fa

    Self righteous has no pay day. Accept your part and move on.

  • The Reality check check

    Ask yourself why you can not be famous! You can not. They all are slaves to the industry.

  • Miss Basma
    Miss Basma 6 giorni fa

    The look on her face says it all.

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover 6 giorni fa

    I really understand Monique when you have been fighting all your life not only because you're a woman and you're black and people continue to make you do things you don't want to do and don't even pay you for them there is a problem with that so I agree with Monique and I really agree with Steve Harvey let's change the tune and bring some love to the table and bring some forgiveness to the table cuz we cannot lose Monique that is raw talent and I love you Monique keep it moving girl shine like a diamond

  • king k amen
    king k amen 6 giorni fa

    Steve it's a money game (wow) u ar a huge jackass

  • The Manning Mode
    The Manning Mode 6 giorni fa +1

    If Rosa Parks went about it in a different way where would we be? If Harriet Tubman went about it differently where would we be? I applaud Monique for having the guts to speak up. Change starts somewhere. We don't have to keep accepting the lower salary compared to our white peers.

  • Space Bar
    Space Bar 6 giorni fa

    Steve is a sellout

  • T Regis
    T Regis 6 giorni fa

    These self important idiots would not be missed if they died tomorrow. Wtf what are they doing for anyone but themselves?

  • mossie
    mossie 6 giorni fa +1

    Wooo 1:24 not ''cool''? NOW you see the real Steve, pissed off because she is ''rocking the boat'.

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson 6 giorni fa +1


  • Tahia Rutledge
    Tahia Rutledge 6 giorni fa +1

    Did he say money over integrity????? Wow...that speaks VOLUMES!

  • Pop Reality
    Pop Reality 6 giorni fa

    Steve a SELLOUTS

  • Nicole S
    Nicole S 7 giorni fa

    Steve a sell out...

  • Leticia Munoz
    Leticia Munoz 7 giorni fa

    She knows Steve is stupid

  • Jose ma-boy
    Jose ma-boy 7 giorni fa

    Mo was holding her own and seen right through this Mr. POTATO HEADS BS!!!

  • Jose ma-boy
    Jose ma-boy 7 giorni fa

    Steve shut the hell up and stay like that. Monique has to classed you in every way. You lost your gift a long time ago. Your still a puppet and the fact that you said if you crumble the rest of your family will crumble shows how much you lack faith and trust in them.

  • Jeanette Brown
    Jeanette Brown 7 giorni fa

    I love Mo’Nique she is real, sure she was hurt with “these People” I understood where she was coming from. Steve is OK , but like he said he has a lot going on. Sometimes it’s not good to air out your problems on national TV or social media. Do it in the privacy of these people. She is very talented, start making movies Mo, we love you❤️

  • TakeNote WithReason
    TakeNote WithReason 7 giorni fa

    She needs her own show

  • Diana Garcia
    Diana Garcia 8 giorni fa

    I don’t think he’s telling her to sell her soul. They are fighting the same battle differently. I think Steve is just saying not every move has to be done a certain way. You can move this way and still win the war. Stack your money and help your people... like Tupac said “Everyone is getting pimped but it’s how long you get pimped”

  • xXRage PRXx
    xXRage PRXx 8 giorni fa

    Steve you are a horrible human being

  • Stephen Stewart
    Stephen Stewart 8 giorni fa

    remember seeing steve with a maga hat on his head coming out of trump tower......nufff said.....

  • Soliloque 1
    Soliloque 1 8 giorni fa +1

    Steve sold out ages ago!! Monique never will!! That’s why there’s a clash!! I love how he redirects the trigger hot buttonsI can’t stand him!!

  • Briana Murphy
    Briana Murphy 8 giorni fa

    She does not need to apologize for nothing. She's a grown ass woman ,and she has to do what's best for her, and what she believes in. She's not doing what the world wants her to do ,and I love that. She is a strong woman

  • Rich Martzeni
    Rich Martzeni 8 giorni fa

    This woman is so difficult ..

  • FreeAware Spiriteyeswideopen

    I have mad love & respect for Steve & Monique. Met both of these individuals in passing. They were both normal and humble. Love Moniques genuine down to earth energy. She stood for what she believed integrity over being insulted. Steve didn't throw her under the bus. Yet gave her a platform to agree to disagree. With how she's viewed by the masses. I really feel Monique is over it already. She knows her worth and takes pride in that. I ain't mad @ her. Stand for what you believe in. Rather people accept you or not. Great interview but she is hurting still. Unfortunately it shows on her face. However I believe her redemption in all this. Will be coming through soon. For truth always brings light. Proud of her and thanks Steve for the interview.

  • Dave Scott
    Dave Scott 8 giorni fa

    Steve is great when he breaks out the ghetto voice. Keepin it real baby!

  • Enutty Lawrence
    Enutty Lawrence 8 giorni fa

    Brother and sister relationship

  • Edna Davis
    Edna Davis 9 giorni fa

    Mo'Nique isn't ready yet...she still has the look of anger in her heart. It's really sad because she is one of the best, and I truly miss seeing her in action. Not sure why she is willing to keep this mess up when her career is in the balance. Just let it go and get back to acting, my Goodness, is it that bad?

  • Jenny Lundy
    Jenny Lundy 9 giorni fa +2

    Yes, Monique!!!!!!
    Integrity.... Very humble woman... Money ain't everything 🙌

      TRIPLEX_T2URAW 7 giorni fa

      & The Same Reason Why She's Up Their Because Of The Netflix Money Deal. 🤦‍♂

  • Douglas Pittman Jr.
    Douglas Pittman Jr. 9 giorni fa

    Monique busted you. She read you Steve page by page. Now deal with it.

  • Noe Berengena
    Noe Berengena 9 giorni fa +1

    Why do these people think they are so valuable? Everyone... EVERYONE is dispensable in the entertainment business. We have no real insight into the souls of any people on television and we will never know what conversations take place behind the scenes. It's a shady business and you get into it with that foreknowledge. There is no such thing as 100% transparency in show biz.

  • AskApril LPC
    AskApril LPC 9 giorni fa

    Monique not getting Steve's point. He is absolutely right she should have said what she said with a better delivery. They already look at black people as angry, ignorant, and crazy. Everything is about delivery you can't go around giving everybody a piece of your mind we have to stop that you will never get anywhere like that. She has to learn that and understand that first. No one owes you nothing and no one has to sacrifice themselves for you period. Handle yourself differently then you get different results she was wrong saying they could suck her d*;k if she had one. She could have went to each of them and had a private conversation so now she has to lie in the bed she made.

  • Ryan Hodge
    Ryan Hodge 9 giorni fa

    Mo is a powerful black woman and they dont like it

  • Bonita Kuzzi
    Bonita Kuzzi 10 giorni fa

    Messed up world we live in..

  • NeomiStar
    NeomiStar 10 giorni fa

    Steve wanna save her... But Steve sold out. They both right and wrong

  • LaTosha Adams
    LaTosha Adams 10 giorni fa

    When enough people in positions of influence stand up for inequality in PUBLIC, there will be no need to pick money over integrity! But I agree with Steve that you don't cure darkness with darkness.

  • lisa K
    lisa K 10 giorni fa

    I love Mo’Nique..she’s authentic. Stay strong sister.

  • Debra Lewis
    Debra Lewis 10 giorni fa

    HE IS L.......

  • 5StarFilmz
    5StarFilmz 10 giorni fa +1

    The Monique Network??? I'd watch...

  • Dwayne Meyers
    Dwayne Meyers 10 giorni fa

    Great job Steve and Monique

  • Shavona Hubbard
    Shavona Hubbard 10 giorni fa +1

    The same way us everyday people go to work for our own families. We shut our mouths and take the money. We don't survey the workplace to ask who gets paid what and start a fight with our boss. I don't want to see her LEGACY go to waste! 😣

  • Shavona Hubbard
    Shavona Hubbard 10 giorni fa

    I have been with QUEEN MONIQUE since the QUEENS OF COMEDY, THE PARKERS, FATT GIRLS. I here 4 it. But she has ruined her legacy. The PROMOTINAL tour was about securing the bag. She would not have had a chance to win the Oscar if she had not been casted. I LOVE MONIQUE. Bt is HOLLYWOOD you have to put your pride aside and nt lay your career on the line.

  • Cynthia Bah
    Cynthia Bah 10 giorni fa

    Monique only looks out for herself not anyone else... this is her come around for doing that sorry ass movie in the first place !!!! Nothing positive came out of the image of the black woman from that movie.

  • White Phoenix of the Crown

    She is 100% beautiful. I absolutely disagree with Steve. He might trying to help her the way he can but she did nothing wrong so I don't think she should apologise for anything. She should get a reward for it.
    A hundred+ million dollars would do just fine.

  • Anthony Vassell
    Anthony Vassell 10 giorni fa

    Ethopian orthodox lent

  • cyorkgo
    cyorkgo 10 giorni fa

    She said we are having a brother and sister conversation and moma and daddy aint here and Im about to punch you in the mouth! Now thats real! That is me and my siblings growing up ..LOL

  • Terry Williams
    Terry Williams 10 giorni fa

    Steve Harvey is not willing to risk anything for a paycheck

  • King Deo
    King Deo 11 giorni fa

    They’re our enemies, there will be no peace.

  • 1Ave7_ Brucey
    1Ave7_ Brucey 11 giorni fa

    Monique so sexy

  • Toni AmiLaShon Power
    Toni AmiLaShon Power 11 giorni fa

    I don’t think Mo should put down her integrity. Where is Steve’s? Is he saying it’s okay to put down your integrity for a dollar?? When will we ever move forward if we keep moving to the tune of a dollar and leave our integrity at home?

    BETSY SINDANI 11 giorni fa +1

    I am writing from Africa and a fan of Steve Harvey, and Monique, and the Jacksons. On this one Steve you failed big. Monique is a nice open-hearted lady. People always judge straight talkers like Monique but they are the best coz they dont hide evil stuff. Oprah is the one who is cunning, manipulative opportunist who uses her show to belittle others depending on who she wants to please or break. She is a backstabber. See how like Bashir she pretended to be a friend to MJ, his brother Jacky and emphathetic to Catherine only to turn around after MJs death and stab the Jacksons right where it hurts without caring about the pain it will cause MJs children by siding with HBO to mock MJ in his death. WHO DOES THAT? ONLY OPRAH AND BASHIR AND SAWYER are cold hearted enough to do that. Oprah has to know that she is not a saint to judge even the DEAD. Let her REPENT otherwise hell awaits the proud, arrogant and those who judge their brothers unfairly in the name of speaking out.

  • God servant
    God servant 11 giorni fa

    Steve is so grown and mature. Am proud of both of you.

  • Mexi M
    Mexi M 11 giorni fa

    Steve 👌💕💖💞

  • MA RIO
    MA RIO 11 giorni fa

    If he hate it so much why he didnt stand up for her from the jump. Oh yeah he cant risk his income for a statement. #plantationmentality

  • Virgina Powell
    Virgina Powell 11 giorni fa

    I don't think Monique should apologize for anything. I think Oprah did her wrong having her family on the show. I've never been an Oprah fan or a Steve Harvey fan. Monique is A-1 with me because she's not a sellout. Money can't buy me or my morals either. Keep standing strong 💪

  • Love, Lale
    Love, Lale 11 giorni fa

    Well that’s the thing. There’s being right, and then there’s perception. Monique is being asked to “Pick one”.

  • Soul Beautiful
    Soul Beautiful 12 giorni fa

    Steve Harvey is a joke and a joker... He's on [their] code and playing the game. He's shown his true colors. When they play the n***** card at him, I am going to laugh hysterically - because it's coming. It's coming for all of them (Tyler, Oprah, and Lee).
    After strategically and deliberately attempting to abash her (and I say "attempt" because he failed...Mo'Nique knows who she is and it shows), he at last (waiting 'til the very end to do so) recognized his shortfall and apologized for it; when, that's all Mo'Nique wanted. By then, she looked unamused and disgusted, which I don't blame her for one bit.
    It takes spiritual discernment to understand what's really at play here.

  • Reagile Rey
    Reagile Rey 12 giorni fa

    It's hard being a sister of color in thos every field of work actually and it's so sad when those close to you turn their backs on you in times of need....Love Mo and the persistence she has

  • Anisia Hampton
    Anisia Hampton 12 giorni fa

    Love me some Monique. Always kept it real.

    ILL BOMBER! 12 giorni fa +2

    I wanted to hear Monique talk! I love Monique! I want my daughter's to be strong like HER!!

  • Hector Lopez
    Hector Lopez 12 giorni fa

    When Monique saying it’s making it worst for who and Steve can’t even answer her because he can’t tell

  • Mica Martinez
    Mica Martinez 12 giorni fa


  • Valencia Owens
    Valencia Owens 13 giorni fa

    Salute to Monique! 100% We need more people like her. The industry has gotten to messy and 'fake.'

  • Darlene Smith
    Darlene Smith 13 giorni fa

    So what does Steve have to say about Oprah now, since she’s bashing a DEAD MAN Michael Jackson🤔🤔 Mo’Nique was RIGHT about Oprah’s ass😡

  • Ms. Adorah
    Ms. Adorah 13 giorni fa

    Steve Harvey is FULL of CRAP! He’s a Candyland house $&@?!

  • Ty Stewart
    Ty Stewart 13 giorni fa

    This is the main reason why I like Monique just because she's so blunt and she tells you like it is no matter who it is. She wasn't even afraid to tell the truth against the so-called powerful people, you gotta respect her for that. people like her will always get problems in businesses because they don't want to work for free and become a slave. Smh. 🤷💯

  • K.IN.G
    K.IN.G 13 giorni fa

    If y'all notice, Steve never "officially" apologized for hurting her... SMH 🤦🏽‍♂️
    Listen fellas. As men, we have to learn to apologize simply for hurting a woman. Has nothing to do with who was right or wrong. Apologize for the hurt u caused. Women do some crazy/emotional things and constantly make questionable decisions, fair enough. However, that doesn't a absolve us as men for two reasons 1) we make ignorant decions too 2) woman's emotions does not make her unworthy of sincerity.
    With all that said, just like we can be real and body a dude that crosses us wrong....step up and apologize to the lady.🤷🏽‍♂️

    • K.IN.G
      K.IN.G 13 giorni fa

      My bad y'all. I felt compelled to say that, but it's not that serious 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • patricia dejohn
    patricia dejohn 13 giorni fa

    This is an example of letting bitterness take control of your life. It eats at you in all you do it is blinding. We all in life have felt mistreated, not appreciate and not paid our worth. what I say to you Monique let it go the past no one can move to the future looking back! I think you are very talented show us! Because all I see is anger and you are mad I get it! But get back to what really matters not the people that hurt you we get it, get back to the talented sister you are. Eddie Murphy spoke against similar things as far as movies for Blacks but the difference is he did something he started producing his own movies. Do Something !

  • Greater Purpose
    Greater Purpose 13 giorni fa

    Shut up Steeeeve 🙄 He the last person that should be handing out advice to ANYBODY anymore. She better continue her mission as soon as she exits his stage, because that sh... wasnt friendly advice, info or love.

  • Jorge Briseno
    Jorge Briseno 13 giorni fa

    I love you Mo’nique !!!

  • Jamila Bembry
    Jamila Bembry 13 giorni fa

    Monique seems angry. Even when we disagree, it is not right to be rude to anyone. Monique - don't to evil for evil.

  • Justin Bakuo
    Justin Bakuo 13 giorni fa

    Steve CANCELED

  • LSH TV
    LSH TV 13 giorni fa

    I'm with Monique.....!!!

  • Nanoblu Lovaolution
    Nanoblu Lovaolution 14 giorni fa

    Props to Steve for trying to be caring here.

  • Valencia Robinson
    Valencia Robinson 14 giorni fa

    I hate that Steve constantly put his hand on her to demean and silence her. If she had even pushed his hand back she would've again been called difficult.

  • Charles Polm
    Charles Polm 14 giorni fa +1

    I love mo I've always been on your side

    MELO MAC 14 giorni fa

    Steve super fake

  • Ruwayda Butler
    Ruwayda Butler 14 giorni fa

    U stick with who you are Monique Steve Harvey is a sell out

  • tbyjb
    tbyjb 14 giorni fa +1

    Netflix wanted to pay Amy Schumer 13 million and 500k for Mo

  • Perez Malone
    Perez Malone 14 giorni fa

    Steve is a vagina Monik too reeel